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The TRUTH on THE WACO MASSACRE AND JANET RENO, part 2 SENATE PANEL NOT INTERESTED. Now, if these allegations by Attorney Jack Thompson are true, it should have been a piece of cake for investigators of the Senate Judiciary Committee to determine the facts. Scores of actual eye witnesses to Janet Reno's unseemly behavior could have been made available to the Senate panel. Reno would have been quickly declared unfit to hold high office, especially the post of attorney general of the United States. In fact, Jack Thompson officially requested the Senate Committee allow him to appear as a witness under oath. In a letter to Chairman Joseph Biden (D-Maryland), Thompson wrote, "I hereby put my good name, my entire legal career, my duties as a citizen and as a Christian compelled to tell the truth, on the line..." Thompson also provided the Senator with the names of at least 12 other reliable people who could testify as to the veracity of these things. Instead of calling Jack Thompson as a witness, the corrupt chairman of the Senate Committee announced that he had the FBI investigate the charges by Thompson and others of misconduct by Janet Reno, and the FBI found them "unfounded and scurrilous". This was the same liberal Senator whose committee, just a year previous, had unmercifully grilled Judge Clarence Thomas after the Judge was accused by Anita Hill of the most ridiculous of sexual harassment charges. Thompson personally contacted each of the 12 people whose names he had furnished Senator Biden. He discovered that NOT ONE PERSON OF THE 12 HAD BEEN INTERVIEWED BY THE FBI. NOT ONE! Obviously, Senator Biden simply had told a bald-faced lie to cover up his committee's disgraceful action in approving Ms. Reno for her high-ranking cabinet position. The national media, including top newspapers, news magazines Time and Newsweek, and the three major TV networks, have refused to investigate or report on Janet Reno's past record of lesbianism and her alleged criminal activities. Yet, Attorney Jack Thompson refuses to back down. In fact, on a popular Miami talk show hosted by a fellow Christian, John Thompson (no relation), he issued this public challenge to Janet Reno: He challenged her to sue him for defamation and libel. "You won't sue me, Janet," Thompson boldly announced, "because you know I'm telling the truth." JANET RENO AND THE WACO MASSACRE It was her order to murder and burn alive the 86 members of the Branch Davidian religious group in Waco, Texas that earned for Ms. Reno my moniker of "Duchess of Doom". Possibly, she deserves a formal name change as well. Transposing the letters could produce the surname Nero instead of Reno. After all, it was the Emperor Nero who at first falsely accused the early Christians of vile acts, and then went on to burn the city of Rome to the ground and blame it on the innocents. Bill Clinton and Janet Reno insisted that they ordered the attack on the Waco compound because they were concerned that "child abuse" was going on. Well, they can rest easy now--those kids will never be abused again! [H: However, worse, is the fact that Reno has now admitted there were no grounds for the accusations of child abuse in the first place!] Here, then, is another recklessly dangerous attempt to commit a violent criminal act and then excuse its commission by saying, "I did it for the kids." Is this what Hillary and Bill Clinton, Donna Shalala, and their friend Janet Reno shamelessly call "children's rights"? HOW THE GOVERNMENT ABUSED THOSE KIDS In fact, during the weeks of siege against the men, women, and children barricaded inside the Branch Davidian building and terrified for their lives, Janet Reno herself abused these kids over and over. She had armored personnel carriers and tanks run over and crush their go-carts and bicycles just outside their windows. She had her Gestapo agents play amplified, hideously occultic sounds of rabbits being slaughtered and Tibetan Buddhist monks chanting to their demon spirit guides, scaring the children and depriving them of sleep. Reno's SS brigade held the press back to a three-mile distance so no one could find out the awful facts about her mental and physical torture of these helpless children. She then cut off their food, their milk, their water, their electricity, their plumbing. At night she bombarded their bedroom windows with blinding, high-intensity lights. She left the dead body of one man, a Branch Davidian killed by her agents, hanging for days on end draped over a fence in plain view of the children inside the compound. The children must have suffered terrible visions because, reportedly, vultures and other beasts of prey devoured parts of his body (the man's distraught wife was also inside the compound). Reno's troops eventually sent in a helicopter that picked up the remains off the fence with a grappling hook and flew them away. Finally, Janet Reno cared so much for the welfare of these desperate kids that she ordered tanks to ram and batter the walls of their home, puncturing holes in the structures, knocking the buildings off their foundations. This caused doors and windows to become stuck and inoperable, and stairways to collapse so that the children and adults could not escape the fiery holocaust soon to come. Ms. Reno next directed her ATF and FBI storm troopers to pump CS gas into the building housing these children--a type of gas so virulent and harmful its use is outlawed in international conflicts by the Geneva Convention, an international treaty. Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler had refused in World War II to use chemical weapons against his opponents, even though the very fate of his nation and his own life were at stake. Yet, a hell-bent Janet Reno gave the green light to her hundreds of military forces camped outside the Branch Davidian complex to torment the men, women, and children with this chemical agent originally invented in the very pit of hell. Chemical warfare experts have testified that CS gas, an inflammatory agent more lethal and insidious than the tear gas used by police in riot situations, should never be used in en-closed spaces--A FIRE MAY RESULT. CS gas is also known to produce these horrendous effects in its victims: burning eyes, severe nausea and vomiting, dizziness, unconsciousness, headaches, stomachaches, rashes, and mental confusion. Yes, Janet Reno, that's what YOU DID to those children. [H: This all, of course, is AFTER the killing of some innocent people at Ruby Creek, Idaho in the Weaver debacle by some of the same "agents"! It seems Ms.(??) Reno likes, preferably, to KILL WOMEN (MOTHERS) AND CHILDREN!] Not satisfied with the torture and pain she had already inflicted on the kids inside the compound, I believe that, in spite of her statements to the contrary, Reno gave the order for the FBI and ATF to set the compound on fire--to mutilate and burn the kids alive. Evidently, federal sharpshooters and goon squads were also sent in prior to the fire to assassinate sect leader David Koresh and top lieutenants. They and over 20 other Koresh followers were found shot in the head, according to the official coroner's report. TARGETED FOR EXTERMINATION The Clinton/Reno message was made loud and clear: In the future there are at least three reasons why individuals or groups may be targeted by the Clintonistas for intimidation and, possibly, death: (1) Ownership of guns: It doesn't matter if the firearms you own are legal because the Clintonistas want to disarm all Americans. Why? For purposes of government control. (2) Christian faith: According to Bill Clinton and the femiNazis any group that can even vaguely be described as "Christian fundamentalist" is not fit to exist. Such groups are considered a threat to the New Age, New World Order. Especially hated and condemned are pseudo-Christian groups which claim to be "Israel" or "Jewish". The Koresh sect, for example, professed to be "Jewish", and came complete with a "Jewish Messiah" (Vernon Howell aka David Koresh) and a Jewish Star of David flag flying atop their compound. The Branch Davidians also observed Jewish High Holy Days. JEWISH ADL BOARD OF DIRECTORS I believe it is significant that Attorney General Janet Reno, who is Jewish, was on the Board of Directors of the Jewish Anti- Defamation League (ADL). The ADL, which has been accused of being a terrorist organization with ties to Israel's Mossad spy agency, is known to keep voluminous computer files on hundreds of organizations the group considers its ene-mies. Included are many reputable Christian and pro-life ministries and organizations. The ADL also employs private investigators to do its dirty work and, reportedly, some police officers in cities across the U.S.A. are covertly in its hire. In 1992, the ADL's offices in San Francisco were raided by the police and their files were seized after a valid search warrant was obtained. Possible indictments against ADL officials are expected. Documentation is also available that the ADL pressured the FBI and the federal government to take action against the Branch Davidians. In fact, Herb Brin, an ADL official, boasted in a Los Angeles area Jewish community publication, Heritage, "U.S. and Texas authorities have precise documentation (from the ADL of course) on the Branch Davidian cult in Texas." (3) Race or Social Ideology: The Clintonistas believe that white people especially, but also groups of all races and ethnic origins who wish to be separatists, must be dealt with harshly because they are a threat to the multiculturalism ideology. Muslims and Orthodox Jews, also because of their separatist beliefs, are despised by the Clintonistas. But in the case of the Orthodox Jewish groups, Clinton administration officials are unable to move against them because they fear the powerful Jewish lobby. This may change very soon. Islamic groups are also a daunting target. Black Muslims in America are very militant and would fight back if attacked. They also have strong support from the African-American com-munity and from the leaders of civil rights groups. Foreign-controlled Islamic groups based in America are an easier mark, especially if the feds can goad their radical leaders into perpetrating highly visible acts of terror such as the bombing of the New York World Trade Center. However, the persecution of such groups must be handled in a most delicate way so as not to upset the Arab and Moslem world community. What's left, then, as the easiest marks are the Christian fundamentalists, the white separatists, and gun owner groups and individuals. Therefore, we can expect that more and more of these groups will suffer from Reno's propaganda squads, her black-hooded, SWAT team raids, and her murderous Gestapo attacks in the future. The perfect candidate for Clintonista extermination is thus the Christian (or pseudo-Christian) fundamentalist group that owns guns and practices separatism. If children are available to be used as a pretext for the assault, so much the better. Neo-Nazi skinhead groups, identity churches, America First organizations, and even solid, old-fashioned, Gospel-preaching churches and pastors are high up on the Clintonista agenda for police action. Even though these groups have widely divergent views, the Clinton people put them all in the same bushel basket. Some may rejoice that groups with strange or unorthodox views and beliefs are the targets for persecution, but note this: Once these groups are snuffed out without a sizeable whimper of complaint from the citizenry at large, then all the others mentioned above will next be targeted. Eventually, anyone and everyone who disagrees with the fascist regime in the White House might find themselves in dire jeopardy. Yes, the bell may toll for you, too, in due time! THE WACO MASSACRE A NAZI ATROCITY? If identifying the Waco tragedy as a Nazi atrocity sounds overly dramatic or sensationalist, please understand that, though the mass media generally refuse to give them a hearing, there are many outstanding Americans concerned about the implications of Janet Reno's unconstitutional assault on the children and adults in Waco. Respected national columnist Alexander Cockburn, author of several highly acclaimed books and a contributor to Nation and many other publications, wrote a column for the Los Angeles Times in which he put the Clinton/Reno massacre in the same category as the Salem witch hunts and the Nazi atrocities of fascist Germany. By labeling the Branch Davidians a "cult", said Cockburn, Janet Reno, Bill Clinton, and their heavily armed assault squads, claimed exemption "from justice and compassion". Cockburn also roundly criticized Janet Reno's unfounded propaganda claim that she had only done it to prevent child abuse: To call someone a child abuser these days is like calling someone a Communist in the 1950s or a witch in the 17th century. Normal standards of evidence or reason don't apply. There was compelling evidence, claimed President Clinton's spokesman George Stephanopoulos, that the children were being abused...In fact, the FBI had conceded that there's no evidence for these chilling claims. But child abuse is a headline grabber and conscience-absolver, as Reno knows well from her days as a prosecutor in Dade County. Alexander Cockburn's noteworthy, heavily documented article then went on to recount several instances in which Janet Reno, as a Miami, Florida prosecutor, had used "children's rights" as a pretext for terrible abuse of judicial restraint. Cockburn further noted that the "appalling event" in Waco "took place on April 19, 1993, the 50th anniversary of the Nazi assault on the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw." Cockburn wrote that, The Nazis, too, regarded cults as ripe candidates for persecution. On July 20, 1937, the SS Reichsfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich ordered the banning and persecution of small religious sects." What happened in Waco, says Cockburn, was "a saga of Nazi-like affront to religious tolerance". Worse, he writes, is that the "deprogrammers" of such unsavory groups as the Cult Awareness Network, who, early on, promoted the government attack on the Davidians, now want the Clinton administration's Janet Reno and her federal prosecutors to let them "exercise their dark arts on the burned Davidian survivors so that they testify correctly and desist from maintaining--as they have--that no mass suicide was under way." "Onward to Salem: gas, fire, and brainwashing, courtesy of the Justice Department," Cockburn admonished. ETHNIC CLEANSING: A VULGAR DISPLAY John Ed Pearce, writing in an Indiana newspaper, The Courier-Journal, branded the Reno atrocity as "Ethnic Cleansing--Texas Style". Pearce sarcastically observed that the feds, who assaulted the Davidians with their tanks and assault rifles, felt they could not let David Koresh keep guns within his compound--not in a place like Texas, "where there are more than four guns to every citizen. It could give the place a bad name." Janet Reno, Pearce wrote, did not just sit idly by doing her knitting. She: "...passed the word sternly: Gas 'em...Get this over with. And President Clinton, after being informed of the lethal plans and nodding his approval, wallowed in sorrow, poor fellow, as the flames consumed the cultists (formerly humans). But that's what happens to fanatics, he warned (fanatics being people who believe deeply in things the majority does not believe.)" Former Waco District Attorney Vic Fazell, who had arrested Koresh several years before the Reno massacre and tried him on state charges (of which Koresh was acquitted by a jury), commented that the siege by Reno and her federal agents "was a vulgar display of power. If they had simply phoned Koresh and talked to him on the phone," said Fazell, "the Davidians would have given them what they wanted." True, Koresh would have generously allowed the ATF to search his premises, for there were no illegal weapons whatsoever in the compound--no machine guns, no 50 caliber, no Stealth bombers or nuclear weapons. Just a few hundred, regular old rifles and firearms, the same types possessed by millions of other law-abiding Texans. [H: Well, I wouldn't go quite so far as that statement.] However, to merely search the premises was not what the feds wanted to do! Otherwise, they could have phoned Koresh and then went in unarmed to accomplish their work at the compound. No, they intended to kill Koresh and his top people. That is why, early that morning, they went in with assault weapons blazing and helicopter gunships overhead firing high-caliber rounds straight through the roof, killing some women and children as they lay peacefully sleeping in bed. That is why they rehearsed and practiced the military-style assault for months on end. That is why the feds invited some of their friends in the news media to accompany them on their deadly raid. The federal agents were convinced that Koresh and his people, reputed to be peaceful and friendly, would neither struggle nor return their murderous fire. That is why the woman press agent of the ATF, immediately following the initial, failed assault, expressed shock and surprise. "We were outgunned," she said. Tragically, the tapes of this incident, even after some fancy editing by Janet Reno's storm trooper technicians back in their Washington, D.C., FBI labs, nevertheless still contain this revealing--and heart breaking statement. Koresh's voice is heard as he exclaims: You brought a bunch of guys out here and you killed some of my children. We told you we wanted to talk...I don't care who they are. Nobody is going to come to my home, with my babies around, shaking guns, without a warrant, in their face. That's just not the American way. "THAT'S JUST NOT THE AMERICAN WAY", "That's just not the American way," said David Koresh. What an indictment of the Nazis who raided his home and savagely murdered those poor children! "That's just not the Ameri-can way." [H: Not so, readers, IT HAS BECOME EXACTLY THE AMERICAN WAY!] But it is the way of the future, as "pink beret" Janet Reno and the Clinton team consolidate their hold on America and become more and more audacious in their assaults on our liberties and our way of life. As I write this, the government is preparing a "show trial" of the 12 remaining survivors of Reno and Clinton's Waco massacre. Stalin and Hitler also had their purges and their show trials of the innocent who had been selected out as examples to instill fear in the masses. If, as citizens, we do nothing to stop this horrible injustice, we are not deserving of the name "Americans". [So, we have come full circle since this is why THIS article.] Yes, dear reader, you and I are Americans, citizens of a great nation whose Constitution, abused by some in power, is still a living, breathing document guaranteeing individuals and groups of widely divergent views--Christians, the David Koreshes, atheists, Neo- nazis, Jews, New Agers, Black Muslims, and others--freedom and liberty from government tyrants who would oppress them. [H: Want to bet?] I believe that we must regain our moorings as a Christian nation; yet, as Christians, we do not discriminate nor do we persecute others. [H: I take exception to this statement also--as "Christians" there is more selective persecution than through almost any other RELIGION. It just doesn't show as much.] Moreover, if the government abuses one of us, it abuses all of us. Isn't it time, therefore, that we act like Americans and peacefully, yet with courage and determination, put an end to this oppression? END OF COPY FROM BIG SISTER IS WATCHING YOU. We are very appreciative for the allowance to run this portion. I would like to remind ALL OF YOU that all this cult garbage, political lies and projections under cover of lies--is going to end, ultimately--for it is now the DAY OF THE LORD. Translated that means: There is going to be alot of answering for a LOT OF THINGS! In the Justice Department--the facing off will be GOD and the enforcers will be his HOSTS. By the way, to ENFORCE DOES NOT MEAN USE OF "FORCE". SO BE IT. -- PJ 88 -- page. 29 --  36