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The TRUTH on THE WACO MASSACRE AND JANET RENO WACO/RENO DEBACLE I have been asked to comment on the convictions and acquittals of the "Davidians" accused of murdering federal agents. I have very few comments on the case which have not been made several times prior to this, by me. Clinton should be impeached and Reno, if it were the olden days of instant "justice", would be lynched. Nothing can ever allow these people to have peace or justice or restoration within their souls after what has happened. Neither should the NATION or her CITIZENS--YOU! So, my comments? I think I will offer, again, the credentials of the woman(??) who ordered the murders of the Waco men, women and children. She is one of the top echelon rulers of the Amazon Hillary Hellcats. What more is there to say about this reflection on the moral decency of your Nation? To protect Dharma from the myriad insults and assaults by the Hounds of Hell I shall be happy to offer you further insight into those darlings of the White House top advisory ruling team. We can begin today with Janet Reno. Rather than repeat what we have already written and in order to give YOU more widespread confirmation of the truth of that which we offer, I simply offer you what is published in BIG SISTER IS WATCHING YOU, by Texe Marrs, Living Truth Publishers, 1708 Patterson Road, Austin, Texas 78733. And--YES, MR. BINDER AND MR. GREEN ET AL.: WE CER-TAINLY DO HAVE PERMISSION TO USE THIS MATERIAL. WE ALWAYS HAVE INSTANT PERMISSION FROM ANYONE WHO ACTUALLY AND TRUTHFULLY WANTS TRUTH TO FLOW TO THE CITIZENS! JANET RENO Duchess of Doom Janet Reno is living proof that the inmates are now fully in charge of the insane asylum. What's more, the locos have convinced the outside world that it is their victims and not them-selves who are crazy! Consider these rather astute and extremely revealing comments by Dick Hafer who has researched and documented the lives and habits of Clinton appointees: "Janet Reno is a woman [??] of 'unusual tastes'. Unmarried, childless, and at 6'2", an imposing person. Ms. Reno relaxes in various ways. "One peculiar way is to lie on her trampoline in her backyard and recite (the famed poet Samuel) Coleridge... until she falls asleep, surrounded by 35 pet peacocks, who are ALL NAMED HORACE! "She also relaxes by chain-sawing trees. (Does Al Gore know about this?) This is our nation's top law enforcement official?" Hafer also refers to a colorful but mind-boggling feature story in The Washington Post which explains that, in Janet Reno's home, "There are dusty floors and a rusty refrigerator that closes with a latch hook." And a necklace of fossilized alligator droppings. Reno, The Washington Post article explains, "grew up with no air conditioning, no fans, no washer or dryer, and no television," though her parents were affluent and well-off financially. In her household, Reno and her parents "didn't practice religion, but they studied the Bible, Greek mythology, the stars." [H: I just wonder what parts of these books they "studied" most attentively.] HER FAILED RECORD AS A PROSECUTING ATTORNEY The fact that Janet Reno has some personal quirks and eccentricities does not necessarily make her unfit for high public office. If these were her only failings, we would have no real reasons to oppose her elevation to America's top law enforcement position. But the fact is, Ms. Reno's record as the state attorney and chief prosecutor for Miami and Dade County, Florida, is so incredibly deficient that it beggars the imagination. Even the Miami Herald, a newspaper whose liberal editors adore Janet Reno and the Clintons, was forced to admit that her performance as a prosecutor was atrocious. "She has a losing record in the highest profile cases," the newspaper reported, adding: "Her office has been accused of lacking investigative zeal, often letting cases languish for years." How mind-jarring! This is the stone-faced hatchet woman who wasted no time at all in hurriedly smashing down the walls of the Branch Davidian compound and putting a rushed and fiery end to the stand-off in Waco. A reliable correspondent of mine from Miami told me that while Janet Reno was in charge of prosecuting criminals in that city and county, crime rose to disastrous proportions. "Miami," he said, "became the drug-running, Mafia capital of the world during her years as state attorney." Further proof of Reno's incompetence comes from Thurman Brown, a former federal investigator stationed in South Florida: "Miami's Brickell Avenue is now lined with glittering new banks full of drug money," says Brown. And what of the drug dealers who deposited all that money? "I don't think Reno has gone after a single one," he laments. "Her larger-than-life image as an honest prosecutor serves as a front--a cover-up to be blunt--for one of the most crime-ridden jurisdictions in the United States." According to Jeff Leen, the Miami Herald's respected investigative reporter, while Reno sat back idle and did little to stop crime, Florida's political and judiciary systems were rife with unbelievable corruption. In one year alone half of the judges in the Miami court system were under federal criminal investigation. Six judges were arraigned on bribery and extortion and, in one case, on murder charges. Now get this: none of these cases were brought by Reno, even though she had 230 lawyers under her direct supervision and reigned at the state's attorney post for 15 years. They were all federal cases, prosecuted by a crime fighting U.S. attorney appointed by the Bush administration. RENO A "FRONT-LINE CRIME FIGHTER"? Amazing as it may seem, when President Bill Clinton nominated Janet Reno as the nation's first female attorney general, he boasted that, "She is a front-line crime fighter and a caring public servant." (Say what?!) Now comes the truly astonishing part: On March 23, 1993, Janet Reno, as her first act as attorney general, promptly fired all 93 U.S. attorneys working for the Justice Department. Political insiders said it was probably to get rid of just one of them, Jay Stephens. He was Reno's only target, but to make it look good, she had to can all of them. Why Jay Stephens? Because, at the time, he was on the verge of indicting Congressman Dan Rostenkowski, influential chairman of the House Committee that has life and death control over Bill Clinton's tax bills. Rostenkowski allegedly is involved in the embezzlement of monies of the House of Representatives post office. Slick Willie Clinton tried to justify Reno's actions, claiming that, "All of those people are routinely replaced with each incoming administration." No so, responded Democratic Senator Daniel Moynihan: "It has been the norm since 1977 for U.S. attorneys to complete the remainder of their terms." RENO AND VOTE SCAM. [H: Everybody remember the lengthy write-up we offered on VOTE SCAM?] It wasn't the first time that Janet Reno has intervened in the political process to help a corrupt colleague in need. In their book, Votescam: The Stealing of America, two brothers who are investigative journalists from the Miami area, Jim Collier and Ken Collier, recount how, for nearly two decades, Prosecutor Janet Reno covered up rampant voter cheating and fraud in local elections. Voting machines were tampered with and rigged in hundreds of precincts so that only the "pre-approved candidates" would win election. After the Home News, a Dade County weekly, ran feature articles detailing this incredible and malignant scheme to rob the voters, the newspaper's publisher was shot as he walked up his driveway one evening. Janet Reno, as state attorney, never acted on the shooting and it is still listed officially as an "unsolved" crime. Unafraid for their own safety, the courageous Collier brothers next distributed a shocking video, recorded clandestinely, which actually caught crooked poll volunteers of the League of Women Voters at a table, secretly punching holes in the punch cards intended only for voters. The video also captured Reno's cronies, including high political figures and even the Mayor, in the vote count room, which was legally supposed to be off-limits. Under pressure, the Governor of the state of Florida appointed well-known attorney Ellis Rubin as an ombudsman to investigate the allegations of vote fraud. Rubin's investigative report concluded that massive voting irregularities had occurred. The fraud was so bad, said Rubin, that it "shocked and sickened" him. However, even after Rubin's thorough report detailing voter fraud and abuse was issued, Janet Reno declined to look into the matter. For Reno, covering up and protecting her crooked political pals took precedence over insuring integrity and honesty at the voting booth. So we find that Janet Reno not only was a kooky, alternative lifestyle, but she is proven to be incompetent and corrupt as a law enforcement officer. Sounds like a perfect candidate for Hillary to have chosen to be in charge of the huge and powerful Department of Justice, with an annual budget topping $11 billion and 84,000 employees spread throughout the United States and overseas. Perfect, that is, based on a comparison with Hillary's other cabinet choices. JANET RENO A QUEER CHOICE Janet Reno has been called "a queer choice for attorney general". According to Florida Attorney Jack Thompson, the new attorney general is a hardened lesbian in the worst conceivable way. If Thompson is correct--and I have reason to believe he is--Janet Reno is a closet lesbian who is so wickedly, sexually corrupt that she has frequently used call girls for sex and, as Dade County, Florida attorney, she sexually harassed female county employees. If these charges were made by a less reputable person, they might be easily dismissed, but attorney Jack Thompson is known throughout the state of Florida as an honest Christian man and a brilliant trial lawyer. He is a member and elder of Key Biscayne Presbyterian Church, a congregation of the conservative Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). [H: Well this "qualification" is no longer very valid as a backup for integrity--but I concur that Jack Thompson is an honorable man.] When Jack Thompson discovered the extent of Reno's immorality and her demonstrated malfeasance in office, he felt it his duty to attempt to unseat her. In 1988, Thompson decided to run against her in the election of Dade County Attorney, a position that covers the metropolis of Miami. Although this bid was unsuccessful, he garnered more votes than any previous Reno opponent. During the campaign, the courageous and bold Thompson confronted Reno at one of her public appearances by handing her a questionnaire and asking her to check the appropriate box declaring whether she was (1) homosexual; (2) bisexual; or (3) heterosexual. Reno brushed aside the questionnaire, then grasped her opponent's shoulders, shook him, and said, "I like strong, virile, intelligent men." To which Thompson responded, "I like strong, virile, intelligent men, too, but I don't go to bed with them." Janet Reno's cutesy answer to the question of whether or not she is a lesbian obviously irritated lesbian activists. Later, in 1993, Reno again evaded this question, which was asked her by a reporter as she triumphantly arrived at Miami International Airport after being confirmed by the U.S. Senate for the attorney general slot. "I'm just an awkward old maid with a great affection for men." she said coyly. Margaret Cantrell, a spokeswoman for the radical gay Queer Nation group, which delights in "outing" closet lesbians, denouncing Reno for her cowardice, angrily complained, "She hasn't answered the question straight out. I like intelligent men, too. I don't sleep with them." Days later, representatives from Queer Nation, still unhappy with Reno's lame attempt to disassociate herself publicly with lesbianism, staged a public news conference at the steps of the Justice Department building. A spokesperson for the group declared: "Many homosexuals in Miami have contacted us and told us that Janet Reno's lesbianism is common knowledge among the gay community." The efforts by the lesbian activist group Queer Nation to force Janet Reno to come out of the closet and openly admit her lesbian sexual preference was rebuffed by Ms. Reno. Indeed, there was fear in the Clinton camp that Queer Nation's press conference might cause either an embarrassed White House to withdraw, or a fearful Senate Judiciary Committee to reject, Reno's nomination as attorney general. To the rescue, however, came Patricia Ireland, the militant, gay lesbian head of the National Organization for Women (NOW). Ireland, who remains married to a man while also shacking up with a woman, told reporters: "Ms. Reno should not be judged on the basis of her sexual orientation." THOMPSON HOUNDED BY RENO'S CRONIES. Attorney Jack Thompson says that he has been hounded and harassed by Reno's influential friends because of his attempts to expose her lurid behavior while in office. Reno's pals have illegally dispatched agents from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to tail him. On one occasion, Reno's colleagues tried to have the Florida Bar Association disbar him. The scheme was to have Thompson declared "mentally incapacitated" because of his supposedly "obsessive" efforts opposing pornography. A psychologist crony of Reno's, who never even bothered to interview Thompson, diagnosed him as a "homophobe", a person whom gay activists define as one who "fears and hates homosexuals". Thompson fought back with expert witnesses, including a respected psychiatrist who thoroughly vindicated him, gave him a clean bill of health, and stated that Thompson was simply a "Christian activist". The Florida Bar, made up of attorneys, was forced not only to dismiss the trumped-up charges against Jack Thompson, but to pay him $20,000 in a settlement, in acknowledgement of their lawless and wholly unethical, gulag attempt to discredit him. All this caused Jack Thompson to quip, "I am now one of the few certified sane lawyers in Florida." Reportedly, this was the first time in the history of the United States that a Bar Association was beaten in litigation and required to fork over money to an opponent it had unethically tried to destroy. Reno's blatantly sinister effort to intimidate Thompson had backfired. A PATTERN OF LESBIAN AND CRIMINAL ACTIVITY Jack Thompson's investigation of Janet Reno has focused not only on her lesbian lifestyle, but also on other alleged criminal activity. Thompson says he has documented evidence that Reno has undergone extensive psychological counseling, that she was arrested for shoplifting lingerie at a Jordan March department store in 1981, and that she has a severe alcohol abuse problem. [H: I suggest that some of you check into surgical procedures also undergone along the trail.] In written affidavits and orally, Thompson has also asserted that: ...Washington reporter Mike Hedges called 20 of Reno's public supporters, and every single one of them has verified that Reno is widely reputed to be a homosexual. ...Florida Senator Bob Graham, who was asked by President Clinton if he knew of any skeletons in Reno's closet, knows of the widely-held belief that one of Reno's lovers is ABC affiliate WPLG-TV's female news anchor, Ann Bishop. ...A former assistant state attorney volunteered that while he was in Reno's office, senior assistant state attorneys helping with new employee's orientation would pull aside each new hire and confide, in his words, "You'll be hearing, if you haven't already, stories that Janet Reno is a lesbian. She is, so don't act shocked, and just shrug your shoulders." ...A Miami police officer, Philip Buckman, told two witnesses that one night while on stakeout at Sunday's, a restaurant in Key Biscayne, he saw Ms. Reno enter with another woman, become drunk as the evening progressed, and begin "making out" passionately with her date. ...Reno uses call girls for sex. One such call girl, whose name is "Crystal", has reportedly told the publisher of a certain "escort" magazine that she has received money for sex from Reno at Reno's home. ...A homosexual talk show host has related that Reno was once apprehended by a Broward County police officer in a shopping mall parking lot in the back seat of a car with a disrobed young girl. After Reno identified herself as a district attorney, no criminal charges were filed. ...Reno has been pulled over five times in Dade County while driving "under the influence" of alcohol. This was reported by five different police officers. United States Senator Trent Lott's (R-MS) office has me*****da relating to the drunk driving investigation. ...Reno was once blackmailed by a homosexual, "shock radio" talk show host. The perverted homosexual radio personality was at the time soliciting teen boys on the air for sex. When her office was subsequently flooded with phone calls from irate citizens demanding she do something about this outrage, Janet Reno announced she would "open an investigation". The next day, however, she promptly closed the investigation after the homosexual talk show host referred repeatedly in his broadcast to Ms. Reno's own, peculiar sex habits. -- PJ 88 -- page. 23 --  29 NEXT PAGE