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VENUS, the NEW PLANET!, part 3 Oberli, in monitoring yesterday’s writing, had a most logical question--how could Venus have a atmospheric pressure of some 107- 110 AT‟s at one statement and then at “sea level” have a pressure of some higher than 300 % more than Earth. It is a difference only in the way you measure vs. how we measure altitudes, for instance. You can‟t know altitudes exactly, for you start from the reason-based premises of that which appears to you to be a starting point from which to measure. For instance, your scientists count the height of a country or of a given mountain, in “meters or miles or feet above the level of the sea”. What a foolish starting point. The starting point for all measurements must be from the center of the planet, which never changes. This is because planet forms are not exactly round, but tend more towards an ellipse shape. For another example, let us say that you say Mount Everest is the highest mountain of Earth, then this is correct only so far, with respect to your sea level. But in truth it is around 2,150 meters less high than the highest mountain of your world. When you measure Earth mountains, then the center of the planet is decisive, and measured from that point of reference, you will see, the highest mountain of Earth planet is NOT Mount Everest. Pressures also vary greatly from one perceived altitude to another just as you have great pressures at the bottoms of your oceans so, if you have no oceans, you have great pressures increasing as you move toward the center of the planet. OTHER VISITORS? We are further developed forms of life, and no longer are able to move in such levels of mind perception as do Earth beings. This is not a pretentious point on our part, but simply a law of Creation. It is the same with all forms of life; also with Earth humans. They, as well, are no longer able to move within still lower, to them, levels, thus they are not able to integrate in any manner with lower beings. The concept would be insane. To adjust to all tasks in the existing laws of Creation each world creates, according to its level of evolution, one or more creatures of advanced development through whom necessary facts may be transmitted. These higher developed creatures have been called “Prophets” on Earth who, unfortunately, in their times, were almost without exception persecuted and pursued, which condition still has not changed. And because this is the way it is, there is no necessity or intention to make ourselves further known to all ones. Besides us, there are still other extraterrestrial intelligences who move in the Earth realm, but who are in uniquely different positions in evolution than are you, and who are sometimes advanced over Earth humans by only a few centuries. These creatures may thus come into contact with Earth humans and reach total integration. Because some of these intelligences are not much developed beyond Earth mankind, they may behave like “Commanders” and such, and more advanced creatures may actually participate with humans of Earth to prevent evil consequences. Some Earth humans do have real contacts with such extraterrestrials, and others take such reports and elaborate them with fantasy, thus creating new stories. There also appear lesser developed intelligences who thirst for command and want to keep the scepter over Earth humans and, -- PJ 30 -- pag. 177 conscious of the affinity for religions on Earth, they learn to apply them for their own purposes. These advanced, let us refer to them as negative( for lack of better description) beings who would manipulate the human populace are indeed clever and, being advanced in technical knowledge and abilities, are able to influence and direct your own species. These ones have become great menaces to Earth man‟s development for they are basically destroyers. Earth man can begin to better sort out the tools of these ones by observation at times when wars and catastrophes befall them. The powerful leaders of Earth at this time are unconsciously, or consciously, or in absentia, led totally astray by such intelligences. To understand the relationship of Earth beings and your cosmic brothers, you must use logic and the gift of true reasoning deduction processes. I‟m sorry, chelas, but the stories you have been given are simply not even logical and furthermore, they form a mystical aura about God and Creation which is absurd. Whydo you have to couch God in mysticism when there is none? The wonders of the Universe are so magnificent--why require it to be mystic and magic? Specifically, extraterrestrials or star-people, whatever you desire to call your cosmic counterparts, are very much like you. Knowledge and “WISDOM” are superior to yours, as well as technology--no more and no less--each moving through experience. Space and time are not overcome by space and time--BUT BY SPACELESSNESS AND TIMELESSNESS, which means that space and time collapse into one another and become equally directional to zero-time. By that, a few fractions of a second are enough to rush through millions of light-years, practically without loss of time, because the zero-time neutralizes space and time simultaneously. We do not even need to discuss “etheric” beings at this point, nor thought transference--good old space and time will do nicely. Many deceivers pretend they are in contact with other planetary human beings of your solar system, and even having flown with or in their ships. That is nothing more than false, as most of the stars (planets) indicated are so desolate that human life is no longer possible on their surface or, as with Venus--the star itself is not old enough or evolved enough to sustain life-forms of human. It is most unfortunate that the contacts which might well be valid are discredited by lack of understanding of the truth by the receivers themselves. Of course this is the total intent of the base energies efforting to control your planet. Our mission is to alert you to the presence of the deceivers and warn you of your declining ability to reverse your negative path-- these are not “little gray aliens” from somewhere “out there”--they have become real and incarnate beings with intent for control and destruction of your planet as you know it. THAT is NOT mystical. The time of conflict with these energy forms is coming in imminent experience and you are, by great numbers, at disadvantage if you are IN truth and just behavior. You have become dominated by evil intent and actions, your human spirit is greatly underdeveloped and the lessons of false teachers continues the decline of the overall. Above all, there remains but ONE that possesses the power of life and death over each creature. This is the CREATION alone, which has laid its laws over ALL. Laws which are irrefutable and of eternal validity. The human being can recognize them in nature when he troubles himself to do so. They expose for him the way of life and the way to spiritual greatness, embodying the goal of life. While the human indulges in his religions, and by this a heresy, he pines more and more away--in spirit--which finally leads to a bottomless pit--abyss. -- PJ 30 -- pag. 178 The human being may recognize that a God can never take over the part of the Creation or destine the fate of a human being. God is NOT the CREATION, but as well, only a creature of it, like all Creation-dependent creatures. But the human being hunts for his religious wrong beliefs and affirms God being the Creation ITSELF. He goes even further and pretends a normal Earthman by the name of “Immanuel”, who is also called the “Jesus Christ”, is God‟s “son” and the Creation itself. Still different sects of the new time go on to maintain these same things, which already approach total delusion and the stories get more and more wild in presentation. It is pathetic for, as already mentioned, deceivers also walk in the same direction and put out incorrect perceptions and total lies unto the world of man--that your cosmic brothers and sisters from other planets of the cosmos would come at the “order” of God (with whom they actually mean that one, “Christ”) and integrate into one element of definition, those “beings” with that of THE CREATION. This is total bunk! Ones miss-project and attempt to allow you unthinking and seeking humans to believe such trash. There are ones who come with the cosmic brothers who do attend these matters of higher dimension and are a higher integration with The Creation. These ones come in attendance at this time with the higher teachers in preparation of return of God upon your place in order for the reclamation. The CREATION itself gives the commands, dear ones, in ultimate measure, because IT embodies the greatest power in the Universe, and never is in need of commands or silly religions. Religion is only the primitive work of human beings, in purpose, quite frankly and honestly, to lead them into suppression--for exploitation--to which only spiritually deficient life can fall. Our further mission at this time is to bring this truth to the light of the world and make it known. If this does not happen, then mankind will slowly destroy itself and fall into complete spiritual darkness in separation from God and Truth. God is one thing, Creation another--it is the total lack of balance with the laws of Creation which has brought you down. The Laws of Creation as given unto the human species are presented by God of Creation as guidelines by which you can remain in balance and harmony with that which IS The Creation and you have broken and rewritten them all to suit your lustful, greedy and very base human desires. So be it. ............... .............. THE TIME IS AT HAND WHEN YOU MUST NO LONGER LOOK THROUGH THE EYES OF THE CHILDISH FANTASY. IT IS TIME TO COME INTO MATURE UNDERSTANDING (AS THE CHILD WITH CURIOSITY AND OPENNESS) INTO TRUTH--FOR THE CLOSING OF THE CYCLE IS AT HAND. SAALOME‟ I realize this information is a bit difficult to swallow and perhaps two doses of the medicine will go down the easier? Please be in relief as you come into understanding--it is far easier to believe, change and meet the need of that which is “REAL” than to continue in the lies and deceptions of those who would simply deceive and mislead you by their false projections. God and The Creation are totally balanced and very logical, it is time you see Light instead of hazy, mystical aberrations. -- PJ 30 -- pag. 179 May we walk together in brotherhood, though this wondrous journey called “life”. I extend my hand--who will accept of it? Salu. Hatonn to clear, please. -- PJ 30 -- pag. 180 --------------------------- When all mankind has found the Light, the play will be finished. Likewise will your planet be finished as an abode for man. Therefore it behooves you to look again at your "clues". .It is quite -- PJ 31-- pag. 106 probable that Man will not ALL see Truth and therefore it follows that either this planet of yours will need reclamation or replacement or, Man will need relocation. What we are faced with in this puzzle is which it will be. It appears that ALL of MAN has most certainly NOT found the Light but there is strong indication that this scenario could well end in annihilation of the planet in some manner. However, it follows in "reason" that it probably will Not be that way--BECAUSE ALL MEN HAVE NOT FOUND LIGHT. Other planets are in the cycle of reclamation wherein, with some adjustments, they could be re-utilized to house life. Venus, for instance, which is now totally uninhabitable, is quite near being ready if God so chooses. It is gradually being rolled into place to possibly become a stage for the next repetition of the ascent of Man in this particular solar system. As your planet is finished as an abode for many it will be rolled off into its ever expanding orbit while other forms take up the orderly transition. You actors of the play must, therefore, be content with the lines of the play as revealed to cach of you in Light. You must also be very joyous at your continuous transformation, as each one of you learns your part, line by line, the better to fill it worthily. Ah, and now comes the worst confrontation of all--what are your lines and what exactly is YOUR part? Well, stop asking Me what is YOUR part? I can only fill MINE--whichever role I may be playing at a given sequence. You ones keep asking Me through Dharma, etc., "...what is my role?". Do you see, it is not My business nor certainly is it Dharma's business! It is between you and the Source and He speaks to YOU though YOUR voice within. All parts of the play are experiences which become the action of the play. All Man's experiences are part of his unfolding. Each experience is a part of his journey from the dark to the Light. All experiences are steps in that journey to his mountain top of glory. Al experiences, therefore, are good experiences. THERE IS NAUGHT BUT GOOD. EVIL IS PERCEPTION OF NEGATIVE EXPRESSION--BUT EVIL—EXISTS IN PORTENT AND INTENT--ALTHOUGH IT HAS NO BASIS IN FACT. THERE IS NAUGHT BUT LIFE. THERE IS NO DEATH! -- PJ 31-- pag. 107 ----------------------- Think also of the hundreds of millions of years Nature has to work to decay solid rock and metal planets sufficiently to create enough decayed surface, and an atmosphere, for organic life to become possible. Mercury has no atmosphere nor even a grass blade. Its rock surface is so hot that lead would melt there. Venus is also hot rock but a soil has begun there, and water is now forming in the reclamation process, but only as steam vapor, for the temperature on Venus is higher than boiling point. Your earth has had a soil and atmosphere sufficient for simple forms of life, ever since it reached its seventy or eighty million mile mark from the sun. The radioactive metals made that possible. They belong underground just as dead animal bodies belong underground. Radioactive metals are dead and dying bodies. That is what is not yet known of them. There are twenty-two of them which are killer metals if you take them away from their rock environment underground in Nature and make them a part of Man‟s environment above ground. STATIONED STAR-SHIPS Oh, now you want to change the subject? How is it that the brotherhood speaks of bases and stations on these various unhabitable planets? Because any species with capability of travel, i.e., to Shan, has also ability to station very large bases off atmosphere of these planets--but are referred to for identification as located at those specific vortices. The atmosphere, etc., of these planets and stars are “mined” for useful minerals. If mystics and psychics tell you that there are great cities, etc., on such as Venus--they either refer to the off-planet locations thereof--or the stories are fabrications! You ones want MAGIC and there is NONE! Please do not ask me to evaluate various speakers--you now have sufficient guidelines to discern for self TRUTH vs. fabrication, personal greed of the speakers and total deception of the adversary. If a being tells you he comes with his twin-flame from Venus--YOU BE THE JUDGE OF THE STORY OR CHECK HIS FEET FOR BLISTERS. Is it possible to have life on Venus? All is possible with God--however, at this point in evolution--there is no viable lifeform as you would recognize on THE planet Venus, as a for instance. It will -- PJ 33 -- pag. 38 likely be reclaimed for later habitation--perhaps for many of YOU. Earth Shan had to be reclaimed in order to again house life human after prior destruction by the adversary and his cohorts in vandalism. -- PJ 33 -- pag. 39 --------------------------