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VENUS, the NEW PLANET!, part 1 Through the aliens you have been presented with some pretty good technology with nuclear thrust systems. No alien would be foolish enough to give you the REAL secrets--you are too dangerous and they don't trust you one iota. You do, however, -- PJ 03 -- pag. 35 have craft which are capable of space journeys and do, quite regularly, make trips into space. One lovely craft is named Aurora and is berthed in Area 51 in Nevada. It is a one-stage ship called a trans atmospheric vehicle (TAV) and it can go into a very high orbit from a seven mile long runway. It can then return on its own power and land on the same runway. You also currently have and fly atomic powered alien type craft at Area S-4 in Nevada. Your pilots have made interplanetary voyages in these craft and have been to the Moon, Mars, and other planets in your system, aboard the ships. You have been grossly lied to about the true nature of the moon, the planet Mars, Venus, etc., and have backed it up with "lunar probe" pictures which everyone gets all excited about. There is a word I usually like to use in these instances, but my local audience thinks a space cadet should not use such language. My dear friends, there are places on the moon where there is even plant life. It also has a few man-made lakes and ponds upon its surface and clouds have been frequently observed and filmed. It possesses a gravitational field and man can walk easily upon its surface without space suits and breathing only requires some assistance with exertion, from an oxygen bottle following decompression, of course. -- PJ 03 -- pag. 36 ------------------------- The Earth has had many civilizations and, when one has gone to the bottomless pit, man rises in this cultural development and again builds a glorious civilization with great scientific and technical advance. But again the civilization drops into the bottomless pit; can ye not learn? On your sister, Venus, for instance, there has never been a destruction of a civilization though she has made a grand transition. On the planet you call Mars in your sector, it has occurred twice--but Earth, dear ones, it has occurred hundreds of times. Man of Earth cannot seem to control and discipline the great knowledge once it is attained. (Sanat Kumara) -- PJ 07 -- pag. 27 -------------------------- HONOR TO A BROTHER I am going to give honor and appreciation to a brother. I shall endeavor to keep him in security and anonymous. I am in great appreciation for his service and information relay and I trust the appropriate personage to get this response into his hands. Selah. I shall quote and then comment: "Allow me to share some of my contact experiences, at some risk, but all for the cause of saving the planet's life cycles, and ending the conspiracy of the World Order and their Bilderbergers, just agents, who are ordering the overthrow of democratically-governed countries and the torture and executions (85,000, El Salvador; 65,000, Nicaragua; 100,000, Guatemala; 1,000,000+, Cambodia; a whole generation of mothers and fathers in Argentina; 20,000 Blacks with decapitated legs, Namibia, etc.) of millions of innocent common people who protest the social oppression and barbarisms of the sociopathic industrial elitists and the "ricos". I SUGGEST YOU RUSH TO YOUR NEAREST TELEPHONE AND CALL PHOENIX SOURCE DISTRIBUTORS AND OBTAIN SPACE-GATE, SPIRAL TO ECONOMIC DISASTER, IN FACT, ALL OF THE "PHOENIX JOURNALS" ALONG WITH GETTING ON THE LIST FOR -- PJ 11 -- page 85 THE SACRED HILL WITHIN AND A BOOK CALLED BRACE YOURSELF, THERE'S MORE. The anonymous author of the latter document petitioned us to intervene in the heinous murders referred to above. A lot of you don't understand why we cannot intervene. You know, it is that you want to hear it again and again so that you can come to some inner balance within yourselves. Nonetheless, I shall continue to quote herein: "I'm the one who expressed disappointment to a Pleiadean about their not intervening directly to rescue these people being slain (the Law of Compassion, and the Golden Rule). It is not our karmic destiny and problem alone. It is also the karmic problem of the Pleiadeans obviously, as they are, for one, here, and we were one. They and we were the Elders from the Orion Constellation (Horsehead Nebula, Rigel, Beetleguese) who colonized both Mars and the Earth (Terra). Our secret government and NASA know all these things, they have walked about the ruins on Mars, our sister planet which had its life cycles poisoned and virtually killed, just as we're now doing here (Mars originally had oceans, forests, atmosphere)". This is not to offend this author but some of these mentioned places are a bit incorrect in spelling, i.e., human maps refer to "Betelgeuse", etc. Do not be distracted by such drivel, readers. Included at the end of this document is a diagram of your winter heavens and a sketch of Pleiades. Another thing you might note herein, is that The Ring Nebula of Lyra, is referred to by Pleiadians (you) as "The Eye of God". I further ask Philus Ranos to pay attention to Cassiopeia and see if there is anything familiar. Continue quote: "When our colonies on Atlantis and Lemuria finally broke up (all verified by laser enhanced sonar and video by specially outfitted U.S. and Soviet submarines and craft), some of us sailed to the Pyrenees, others to the Yucatan peninsula, but others had left the Earth prior in craft. The Pleiadeans are only one such group. I have communicated directly with another, as well." AHO! "You can't save the planet and its people with a book alone. The Order won't hesitate to eliminate you" (and then there are many names mentioned which shall remain unmentioned) "and thousands of American and British aerospace engineers, builders, and scientists who have been killed trying to warn the public about the 'Alternative 3' conspiracy" (SEE SPACE-GATE) "(cancelled 20/20 program)".  Why? Not technology (the Moon and Mars bases) as Frank Edwards and Keyhoe correctly reasoned. But partly due to the Deal with the Reticulians in 1948-49 for some anti-gravity technology in exchange for family abductions and mass cross fertilizations ("MISSING TIME", "INTRUDERS", and especially the identity of the Order, the World Banks, the Protocols of-----------, and the plan to oppress the working class people economically). "There are a few of us who are aware that we are here karmically to fight the conspiracy, an old battle. Not just the Reticulian bases the U.S. CIA built at Groom Lake facility, Nellis AFB, Nevada and Dulce, New Mexico, but also the reptilian people of Osirius who have three invasion bases here and who caused, in effect, the destruction of the colonies on Mars and the Earth 11,400 years ago as 'Mars and Venus battled in the skies'. Please confirm all this with Hatonn". -- PJ 11 -- pag. 86 ------------------------- Hatonn to resume correspondence and clear area. Thank you. This next is going to hurt a lot of feelings but you are going to hear it anyway. Pay attention, please. (TD):"Again the Pleiades is not our original home. We lost our homes in Orion, Mars, and the colonies on Earth for not regimenting the negative powers and taking up our cross more. A simple lesson that involves all who are to live in this world and universe, physical creation of duality. The battle here over the Conspiracy is seen over and over back to Roman times, Egyptian, and even Atlantian times, but they all ultimately have a cosmic connection. We came from Orion. The negative forces came from Canis Major (Osirius) with a recent base on Venus, an oddball planet that they parked in orbit in this solar system (ask any astronomer about the direction of its rotation). These most manipulative and hypnotic reptilians that even Keyhoe described in encounters, are the source of genetic play -- engineering creations (monstrosities), human and animal sacrifices, and pyramids (some now under water) that disrupt the geomagnetic lines of the Earth causing hellish warps in the space-time continuum. Semjase and her dad must know all these things to be true. The Egyptians had one melancholic monstrosity reign, a part lion, woman, raven (the Sphinx). And the Egyptians worshipped the reptile people (Jackal, Canis Major) out of fear. So also do many people (South America, Africa) still fear the evil influence of the Morning Star, Venus, so traumatic and long were their experiences." Without intending to be offensive----where do you get all this nonsense? I'm going to tell you a little story and you do with it what you will. You have become a total reservoir of garbage and that is exactly what is intended. I would, if I were you, be a bit more careful in proclaiming that "we come from Orion". The most blessed of the dark hosts in the direct service of full-intent evil come from Orion. The "goodly group" of ones who are assuming some dedicated service to the transition of this planet and peoples are from Pleiades---in this major cycle---all the way through---again and again. That does not mean that is the "only" placement other than Earth, but you can count back as far as the thought form was manifested that this is true. When there was confrontation with "Lucifer" and a major rift was evident, the old boy was ordered out of the presence of God. He and his hosts of renegades ran about wreaking havoc on every planet in the galaxy. As a fact, Earth had to be "re-claimed" in order to put the sordid group on board. The first major "starting place" of the Satanic energies was based and birthed in Orion and what you call Osirius. In heavenly realms you are laughed at if you come up with such a proud statement as "we come from Orion". That may indeed be truth but it surely is not that which most ones would wish to spread around. Now, you wish to talk of the rotation of Venus? Let me assure you that at the end of this transition there will be an opposite rotation of planet Earth and the sun will appear to rise in the West. It -- PJ 12 -- pag. 32 happens over and over again in the cycles of a planet as they change axes and magnetic poles. By the way, are these astronomers you speak of also the ones who fail to notice the rotating strobes of the space craft? Or, are these astronomers who can't tell a ship from Mars? If you are expecting me to discount evil on or off your planet I shall disappoint you---perhaps before going further in your chastisement of Hatonn, you should thoroughly read all the Journals. I repeat---it is not the discarnate or incarnate ones from outer space that you should fear--it is the incarnate ones ON your planet. I would like to cover something else herein that has needed clearing up for some time now. Just because a matter is written about or investigated by Wendell Stevens, does not make it truth. Neither does it discount. Wendell is a beauteous soul and "investigates" and some of the books are not total truth, pure and simply put, nor would he claim them to be--there is always human error and, for that matter, galactic error.  As in the case of Eduard Meier there are several cautions, and this is where you tend to get your Semjase input--along with someone on your West Coast who claims a lot of interactions with her. Eduard Meier was most typical of exactly what I wish to example. He had encounter after encounter--he would take notes and then write his journals. By the time he would write, reinterpret and translate--meaning was distorted and lost. There is an emotional bond that forms and in the telling--experiences are misjudged, i.e., I could tell Dharma that I cherish her. Out of context and with manipulation that could come back fifteen different ways from I worship her to I have an intimate relationship with her--none true. Billy's intent was not at all times pure and with the help of "outsiders" it often became even less pure, that, dear ones, was not the fault of Semjase, her father or anyone else from Pleiades. -- PJ 12 -- pag. 33 (TD):"G----, I see a lot of evasiveness on the part of the Pleiadeans. They evade issues: their leaving Atlantis, their (our) losing to the Osirians(Venusians), we came from Orion, the Elders from Orion build the colonies on Mars and the Earth (we almost lost our mother ship on Venus), -- PJ 12 -- pag. 36 they are not living for some unique reason by the moral, social code of their Elders (Mars, Atlan, etc.), the Law of Compassion, serving His Creation. And the next best question is Why Not? I'll wager that Semjase, her dad, and company could not look one of their Elders in the eyes. Shameful, and setting themselves up to lose everything." LITTLE ONES--I AM THEIR ELDER. IF I HAVE BEEN EVASIVE THEN I HAVE NONE ELSE TO OFFER. YOU ACCUSE ME OF UNTRUTH AND YET YOU HAVE EXAMPLED TO ME ONE UNTRUTH FOLLOWING ANOTHER! YOU ARE FRUSTRATED AND DREADFULLY LONELY AND HELPLESS IN FEELING--OH YES, DEAR FRIEND, I AM FILLED WITH COMPASSION FOR YOU ONES ARE THE VERY PEOPLE OF THE LIE--THE HEAD-ON TARGETS OF THE LIE ITSELF. MY COMPASSION IS OVERFLOWING WITH YOUR SINCERE INTENT AND POWERLESS VUNERABILITY. FRIEND-- YOU HAVE FINALLY WALKED INTO TRUTH AND I INVITE YOU TO STAY AWHILE AND EXPERIENCE WITH US. Please, allow me the joy of being gentle and loving for I have brought you painful insight and my heart gathers you up in love for your heart is so filled with truth and caring for those things of life around that you are at bursting. -- PJ 12 -- pag. 37 ------------------------- OTHER RUSSIAN INTENT Russia's interest in space extended far beyond military factors. The plans of Russia's new rulers were for the colonization of your solar system. Those plans were moving ahead steadily; in fact, at that time there were two Russian spacecraft approaching the planet Venus and sending back a steady stream of reports from the men aboard. Why didn't the Russian people tell? Come now, little innocents, the Russian people were not allowed to question anything and were just waking up to the fact that they were, indeed, people oppressed. Vodka ran more copiously than water and there was extremely "limited" media coverage so cover-up was even easier for them than for you. The Russians wanted "you" to know about their prowess, not necessarily their own countrymen. The Russians settled on Venus first, not Mars. It was the first target beyond the Moon for experimental colonization. Now do you better understand the inability of your government to allow a "Hubble Telescope" into space? The Russians first started landing unmanned craft on Venus in -- PJ 18 -- page. 112 1975! They learned some key facts that were yet unknown to the U.S. in 1982 when the Shuttle Program was in upstart. In 1978 the Russians began a series of increasingly long-duration manned orbital space flights which were widely publicized. Those were gradually extended to six months and more to learn how well crews would stand up to interplanetary space travel. Late in 1981 those long-duration orbital flights were completed. The Russians had learned everything they really needed to know. On October 30 and November 4, 1981, two Russian spaceships blasted off for Venus. Both ships were manned by Russian cosmonauts, and both were prepared to land on Venus by early February (the first week) of 1982.  The comparison between the space program of the U.S. and Russia was a study in tragic ironies. Americans were being told that the space shuttle was primarily a civilian-oriented project, but it was actually military. You were being told that it was the world's first reusable spacecraft, but a shuttle was actually being lost on every flight. You were being told that the space shuttle had put you years ahead of Russia, but you had actually slipped years behind. You were often told that your Rulers wanted only peaceful activities in space, but they were shutting down almost all of the entire civilian scientific space program. Funding was continuing for one or two peaceful projects which were too visible to cancel without an uproar, such as the space telescope. The follow-on projects to explore your solar system were being lopped off and discarded because they contributed nothing to your leaders' plans for war. You were told constantly that the Russians had nothing but war and conquest on their minds; but it was the Russians, not the Americans, who at that moment had two teams of spacemen ready to land on Venus. They were going there for reasons which had nothing to do with war. The Russians were exploring the land of Venus. They were going there to explore the solar system simply because it was "out there". Russia's new rulers believed that it was man's destiny to move into space. The urge to explore that motivated their Viking ancestors of old was alive and well in the Russian Space Program. The only real prayer of equality for the U.S. was to somehow bring Russia to her knees economically and hence you now experience a stand-off and orchestrated civil wars. Are you beginning to see that which has come upon you? The Russian leaders who were going to bury you are still around and still ready to bury you but they are not your enemy, as such, for you have fallen into the total entrapment of the Zionists as outlined by Kissinger as the American / Zionist "front". That, dear ones, is simply the way it is and the sooner you face it, the sooner you can move into some type of defense. Do you think Israel is not prepared? Precious lambs, they even have one-to-one gas masks in case the assault is chemical--you had better believe they are prepared to survive and again--you helpless people without survival facilities have supplied theirs in great luxury and abundance. -- PJ 18 -- page. 113 VENUS AND YOUR SPACE PROBE You ones query me daily, now, about the interrupted signals from the Venus probe. Dear ones, don't be foolish. Russia has multiple bases on Venus and the ability to interrupt anything they choose. It is NOT as it appears and the information is not coming public in full nor in correctness. I am not yet at liberty to tell the entire truth of it but shall do so in a few days when the focus of attention is away from this scribe for the information is expected to flow from here and surveillance has been "beefed up". Just stay tuned to this station and be a bit patient. -- PJ 18 -- page. 145 -----------------------------  NEXT PAGE