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The Truth About. The Tunguska explosion in Siberia, in the PJ's. < < UFO material appears at times, with explanations no one else has come up with. According to the word from Hatonn per George Green, for instance, the Tunguska explosion in Siberia in June of 1908 was actually a secret, 30-megaton atomic bomb designed and built by a secret society of British and German scientists.Green tells UFO that the bomb was delivered by a balloon. [H: Where have you been Mr. Ecker?? Scientists on YOUR PLACE gave that information and a whole lot more and it has been written up in major well accepted news-letters such as Antony Sutton's works. There was a magnificent plan to actually tilt the planet with that explosion except the perpetrators couldn't get their time-zone changes correctly computed! As to balloon delivery: they did not have SR-71s and C-130's to utilize in clandestine activities as are present TODAY. Besides it would have been most propitious to use such"silent running" craft, would it not?] --PJ 51 -- page. 130 PROJECT “EDEN RETURN” Another point which I would like to clear up at this writing is the misconception that spacecraft detonated an atomic bomb over Tunguska,Russia, at 7:17 A.M. on 30, June 1908. Big "B-word"!! THAT WAS ANOTHER OF YOUR MAN-MADE CRACK-POT IDEAS GONE CRAZY! THE PLOT WAS INTENTIONAL, THE EXECUTION OF THE MAD-MAN SCHEME BACKFIRED AND WAS MOST STUPID INDEED. OH, YOU THINK YOU DIDN'THAVE THE CAPABILITY OF SUCH TECHNOLOGY IN 1908? LOOK AGAIN! WHAT HAS BEEN HIDDEN FROM YOU FOR JUST THESE PAST 34 YEARS? OH YES, YOU ONES HAD THE CAPABILITY---RIGHT OUT OF GERMANY IN SECRET VENTURE WITH RUSSIA. POLESHIFT? I am going to work backwards so I don't lose your interest by cluttering your mind with facts and historical data, prophecies, etc. As a matter of fact this document might do very well as a chapter integrated into the current JOURNAL under preparation as well as a "Response" document. It is going to absolutely churn with prophecy. True and ethical research proves that "Pole shift and the Earth's magnetic field reversal does occur". Both events have and do happen to your very own planet at various intervals of time. This ancient, "secret" knowledge has been partially known in the West since at least the time of the crusades, if not prior to that. The Egyptians and Babylonians had pretty fair partial knowledge taken from Tibet, India. The very name "Tibet" comes from one of the most ancient names for the Sun God (Aton), Ti, and Bet(h), which means house or home of. Thus, Tibet was the home of the complete, original knowledge of not only pole shifts and magnetic field reversals, but of atomic power systems and human psychic enhancement as well as other knowledge treasures. Why do you think the Master you call Jesus spent so much time in Tibet? Oh, you didn't know that little fact? For shame on your education! THE CHRIST WOULD GO WHERE THE TRUTH OF THE ONE GOD ATON WAS BROUGHT FORTH FOR HIS INSTRUCTIONS AND AWAKENING AFTER PASSING INTO YOUR DENSITY AND PIERCING OF THE "VEIL OF FORGETFULNESS" WHICH DESCENDS UPON EACH AND EVERY EARTH-BIRTHED HUMAN !!!!!  From their conquest of India and other sources, the British in particular were well aware of this knowledge treasure in Tibet. At the turn of the century they pushed very hard politically, but to no avail, for an "open door" policy in Tibet against the crumbling Manchu rulers of China. The British then launched a military mission into Tibet, headed by Colonel Younghusband (look itup, chelas), and captured Lhasa in 1904. By means of cunning, torture and bribes they obtained the sought after knowledge. This argument would have been advanced in the innermost councils of secret societies and power --PJ 11 -- pag. 18 elites, that if Nature is going to cause a pole shift anyway at some unknown time, why not CAUSE THE SHIFT AND REVERSAL AT A SELECTED TIME AND BE ABLE TO SELECT THE SURVIVORS OF THEIR OWN CHOOSING?  SO BE IT At 7: 17 A.M. on 30, June 1908 an atomic "bomb" of nearly 300 megatons (2.8 x 10 to the 23rd ergs) was balloon carried and detonated over Tunguska, Russia. Using British data from Tibet, a group of German scientists from the same secret societies (which were merged in Germany under Bismarck) had constructed the bomb and launched it. Project "Eden Return" was stupid in respect to technical precautions to insure the survival of the selected people, who were not shock-padded in restraint units and the necessary two years foodsupply had not been stored. Well, it was so stupid in so many ways that I can't even count the ways so let us pass on. Luckily for you, however, the real stupidity came in that the device was detonated at the wrong "time" to cause the pole shift. IT WOULDN'T HAVE WORKED ANYWAY BUT IT DOES POINT UP THE UNLIMITED LENGTHS TO WHICH THE "ELITE" WILL GO TO GET THEIR WAY AGAINST YOU UNSUSPECTING WORLD CITIZENS. Tunguska is in fact, the approximate new geographical location of what you call the North Pole (or, magnetic South Pole) after the coming poleshift,so the target was well deciphered and chosen. The purpose of the blast was supposedly to push in (flatten) at Tunguska and push out at the antipole, trans-Earth near Antarctica below South America. The vastly off-center (at 96degrees East) land/ice mass of Antarctica was to accomplish the pole shift, just as Nature will pretty much arrange it eventually. In order to cause the desired pole shift, the bomb should have been detonated between December 21 and 30 around about your sunset. Well, wrong again for it is not intended that YOU rearrange those poles and we have been ordered into your sector to prevent exactly that sort of devastation. With a pole shift of any planet or star system youhave chaos created in the universal spaces around it. Space command has been holding you as steady as possible since long before that incident---the earth shift will happen exactly when Creator plans it and orders our withdrawal of stabilization---you are already "slipping" for, even with our massive ability to beam immobilize withever correcting electromagnetic systems, you continue to move. Well,back to the story of stupidity. So, due to whatever cause of intervention, the detonation was timed "backward" for any shift of this type. They simply forgot to correct the data for reversed Earth rotation---sunrise in the East rather than in the West as provided for in the Tibet data. You cannot use the "time" data used to sink Atlantis to shift the "other"way. STEALING KNOWLEDGE IS EASY. UNDERSTANDING IT IS MUCH MORE DIFFICULT. WISDOM IS LACKING IN EITHER INSTANCE! An other problem which was quite overlooked in all respects is the geophysical problem of the eastern/western extremes of Tibet itself, where the Himalayas dent northward pointing directly to Tunguska, will hold back the upward shift of Antarctica. This Earth pressure damming effect of the Himalayas was the reason why Tibet was the storehouse of this knowledge in the first place back in ancient times. In modern times, all of the underground nuclear tests are aimed at weakening these two Himalayan dent areas, thus allowing the needed slippage to the North when the selected time --PJ 11 -- pag. 19 comes due. The recent massive earthquake in the Nepal area (eastern Himalayan dent weak point), triggered by the atomic underground tests in Nevada (YES, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I SAID---"NEVADA,U.S.A."), is a visible example of that process. And you thought--- well, what exactly did you THINK?? --PJ 11 -- pag. 20