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THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION Introduction by Aton, (Hatonn- Christ Michael Aton -) I come this day that ye shall be given to recognize of My presence. I Am! I AM the LAW, the TRUTH, and the WORD. You need no burning bushes nor snakes into the staff--nor do you need blazing wheels in the cosmos. Hear Me clearly, children, for you who have been misled into the corners of darkness and into behaviors which have unbalanced your planet and soiled the places of perfection, shall hear Me, find Truth and turn unto that Truth in the days that follow, or you shall be separated into the places away from My presence. For as you have made your choices, and continue to act in ways against the laws as given unto your species to maintain balance and wholeness of soul direction, you shall continue in the places of the adversary which have pulled you down.You have put reason and Godly thought to the side and entered into the places of darkness--claiming that you know not that which is Truth and living according to that which Man has made "legal", but that which remains"unlawful". Now you spread the shackles of the "voted- in legal" evil which have been thrust upon you in your "modern" world and have defiled ALL that remained sacred and wondrously gifted unto you. I have sent My Hosts to give Truth unto you of the planet Earth (Shan) and I have sent the WORD and until the ending of the cycle so shall it be thus. You have no way to know of the "time" which might be given unto you to find your way into the lighted path of Godly behavior and Truth. You continue to flail about in your carnage and denounce My messengers. Blessed are the ones who see and hear for theirs shall be MY KINGDOM. Blessed are youw ho pass the Word of Truth unto thine brethren in giving and tolerant sharing, for you shall shortly see of MY BEING. I am as near as the breath you draw; I see and know all within each of My Children's beings and you have taken Me into the holes of Hades in your sloven and evil practices which you conceal and hide in the dark secrets and deceptions even against those you claim protection and love of; you commit treason against that which was placed into your care and destroy it; you deceive your children which were given into your care--those which you have left unmurdered--now you fill them with lies and teach them to murder, rob, live in deceit, war and addictions. That which you have done shall be visited likewise upon them, for neither shall they who have been misled be within the places of Light--for YOU have extinguished the flame of Truth and Light within them. You ask, "What means,'The sins of the father shall be visited upon his children'?" This is that which it means! That as you have bent the twig into the contortions of the diseased tree, so shall the disease have spread and the fruit ruined and in spoilage. You shall bear your own bloodline into the void of separation if ye change not. You interpret the laws as given for your journey and you consume the fuel which consumes the energy which thrusts your vehicle instead of moving it in glorious motion unto the lighted places of immortality in wondrously gifted wonders and growth into the places of the soaring Eagles of My fleet. What mean I when I say unto you, "To everyone who overcomes--who to the very end keeps on doing things that please Me--I will give power over the nations---And I will give you the Morning Starr? I mean that you shall have abundance, glory and the evil empire shall fall into shambles at the feet of My Hosts and of My people and the place shall come again within the laws laid forth in Truth, Balance and Harmony. The Morning Star? The adversary (Satan) has taken the label given unto his first perfection and torn the beauty and perfection asunder and yet still labels himself the "MorningStar"--"The Great White Morning Star". The adversary shall be handed into the hands of My people who have turned unto the WORD. I have watched and waited as you have taken Truth and turned it into lies. I have watched as those of the evil adversary have labeled themselves as MY CHOSEN PEOPLE and called themselves "Jews" which never was of Me nor of My people. My children of Judea were blessed and, when you failed, the punishment was great for you lost your relationship with the Christed beings sent to set you to right direction as you turned Him and those who were sent with Him away--as you clung unto the adversary of My lighted teachers. You were scattered about the Earth and unto lands which were not yours as you were put into separation from myself by your own choosing. Now you have allowed the very evil leader, himself, to take all that was gifted unto you and follow an empty idol unto the abyss of restlessness. There can be no fulfillment which flows from the physical flesh for the physical flesh is but dust and unto dust shall again return, and you who follow the beast within thy beingness of soul shall be left to continue the endless search in restless agony and find no peace within your beings. I know that you ones have lost your strength as forfeit unto the bastard child of evil. You have followed and consumed that which he has given you and called wonderful. You have poisoned your bodies and corrupted your minds and chased madly hither and yon to gain ofthe lustful, greedy luxuries and ill-bhaviors of that which is taught to bring pleasure to the human physical.But you have found chaos, pain, non-fulfillment, restless searching and you have found no peace. You have become diseased and plague-riddled robotic zombies who stumble hither and yon without direction and bow to those who send you forth in battle for their evilwishes. You have FEW who will stand against the dragon even as he spews his fire upon your being but rather wallowin the ashes declaring it wondrous and good. You give lies unto your brethren while you say that some of that which is brought by My Host, Hatonn (forinstance), is taken with "great difficultly". You claim "great difficulty with the attitude displayed by the one, Hatonn, who communicates the information (for instance) about AIDS, and many other relevant topics totoday's troubled times, but his information supports one, Dr. Strecker's research."So, the inference is that sent of God can be peered upon for it "supports an Earth man's 'research". I shall just give you the rest of the quotation coming from one in Canada and who actually came and had interview with Hatonn and shared in the gracious hospitality of ones who serve our Hosts. He came on more than one occasion and did, in fact, claim to be in total, unflinching service unto God and did, further, want funding for his projects (of course) to come from these ones- -but he liked not the attitude of Hatonn as Hatonn pronounced the Truth of the laws. In other words, "I will serve God and do God's work--as long, by God, as I can do it MY WAY! He continues in his advertising for his own gain: "We have ordered all of the books (PHOENIXJOURNALS) listed on their order form, and we receive each new publication as it is printed. They produce one or two new books each month. Hatonn, we are convinced, DOES NOT UNDERSTAND THE STRUCTURES OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS, THE HIGHER PURPOSES AND FUNCTION OF SEXUALITY, NOR MANY OTHER HUMAN ACTIVITIES. WE DISPUTE MANY CLAIMS HE MAKES ABOUT HIS 'HIGHEST INTELLIGENCE' (ME-GOD, ATON)  AND UNDERSTANDING OF OUR PLANET'S NEEDS, SUCH AS OUR PROTECTION, ETC., BUT THE INFORMATION HE HAS ACCESS TO IS MOST VALUABLE, AND HAS CAUSED GREAT DISTRESS IN THE U.S.GOVERNMENT." He continues later with,"...keep yourself updated with the SPOTLIGHT and the PHOENIX (not giving your attention to Hatonn's critical nature and focus on the negative which only hurts and isolates himself and others)..." Perhaps I should mention to you that Hatonn denounces the lack of RESPONSIBILITY of the sexual unions as you of Earth have come to practice them--the murders of the unborn, the USE of another for gratification of human power needs and the activities which are given and experienced--in most despicable ways bearing diseases and killing the very body seeking acceptance and pleasure. LOVE AND UNION OF EMOTION IS A GIFT OF EXPERIENCE GIVEN UNTO THE SOUL (EMOTIONS) AND HAVE NAUGHT TO DO WITH BODY PHYSICAL.THAT FOR WHICH YE SEARCH IS NOT FULFILLED BY ANY CONJURED ACTIVITY OF THE HUMAN PHYSICAL BEING. IT IS THE "BEHAVIOR" DENOUNCED, NOT THE LOVE AND ABIDING CO-RELATIONSHIP OF THAT WHICH YOU LABEL HETEROSEXUAL OR HOMOSEXUAL. IT IS NOT "LOVE", RESPONSIBILITY, NOR EVEN CARING, WHEN ONE WOULD GIVE FATAL DISEASE UNTO THATOTHER HE CLAIMS TO ABIDE WITH IN LOVE.Therefore, when ye are told the truth of it, you denounce and turn away. How can you believe and accept one thing from Hatonn and discard that very portion which allows your immortal soul transition into the glorious realms of higher dimension? Is the inference, somehow, that if you have experienced the things which are against the Laws of God and The Creation that you are doomed and lost forever? Do not be foolish--all done in IGNORANCE is instantly forgiven as TRUTH IS NOTED AND FOLLOWED. As in the "homosexual" participant in any relationship--you turn from the placement of your parts of procreation or that which was purposed for speech into the places of fecal expulsion. Is that so very difficult to attain in truth? Is that act a true expression of your caring LOVE of another being? What about the soul of the one so used, especially as he turns into the terminal case of cancer or pneumonia from the act? Can your soul find peaceful rest after having delivered your closest friend or child into the agony of death by disease which shall snuff out their experience in incredible suffering and lingering sickness? MY LAWS and those of THE CREATION were given unto you of physical experience to honor total simplicity and gain wondrous fulfillment and joy from your relationships with your brethren, to pass the journey of experience in learning and then make passage into higher levels of understanding and knowledge. You have now bound yourselves by shackles of lies into the endless rotation of the wheel of experience worsening with each experience until you have forgotten all the Truth of LIFE. Most of you have wasted your experience and are the moving DEAD searching after bits of physical dregs to pass the journey. I Judge not that which you DID; I judge that which you DO after learning Truth. No MAN nor group of MEN/WOMEN shall change one iota of the LAWS! You can all vote in favor of that which is evil and make of thine laws according to land, and it means nothing for you will continue to be consumed by that which is evil that ye have brought upon selves. The actions are totally and completely up to you. Do ye wish My Hosts to come and tell you worse and more despicable LIES? Is that for which ye seek in the perfection of God?--more lies from My messengers? This is the time of the separation of those who are WITH ME from those who stand AGAINST ME. If you turn again unto the Laws of Truth as given forth, you shall be given all assistance from MY REALMS AND FROM MY HOSTS. Those who remain in deliberate practice of those things which are birthed of the physical and expended in human-level actions have made their choices. If you turn unto the dark passages, choosing to forfeit the Light, so be it for ye shall be left unto your choices for I force not any creature--but YOU ALONE shall be in the choosing. Not only do I have total forgiveness--so can I cause your CURE of the diseases be setting thine beings. Judgment? What of Judgment? It is in no wise wise to fail to utilize the act of Judgment! You JUDGE NOT THE MAN, you JUDGE THE ACTION OF THE MAN! IF YE CANNOT JUDGE THAT WHICH BRINGS YOU INTO GLORY AND LIGHT FROM THAT WHICH CASTS YOU INTO THE ABYSS OF THE VOID AND INTO THE DARKNESS--YE SHALL PAY GREATLY IN SORROW FOR THE LACK OF LEARNING THE DIFFERENCE IN THAT WHICH "JUDGMENT" DEFINES IN TRUTH. I have come in many ways, many times and in many forms to show you the way and teach you Truth through the Word. I have sent many of My sons to give unto you Truth and you have slain them and turned from them in denouncement and continuation of your defilement of your own places of nesting and corruption of thine selves and brethren--all relations of thine perfect planet with all wondrous relations of life beings put forth for your use and pleasure and you have trampled the mas pearls under your feet and spat upon them as ye spilled their blood and crushed the life from their wondrous existence. You have turned in honor and bowing before the idols of "things" and unto the human beings who will enslave you. You have spat upon My messengers and cast the lessons and instructions into the trash as you mock and ridicule and shout "lies" and "false prophets". You no longer can discern that which is false from that which is Truth--HOW DID YOU EXPECT GOD TO RETURN UPON YOUR PLACE? YOU HAVE BEEN LULLED INTO BELIEVING THAT YOU SIT AND WAIT TO BE WHISKED AWAY TO GLORY ON THE CLOUDS--HOW FOOLISH CAN A MORTAL BE? YE CLING TO THE LIES AS IF THEY WOULD SAVE YE FROM THE FIRE WHILE YE PREPARE TO JUMP INTO THE HOLOCAUST. MAN HAS COME INTO DEFILING ALL THAT HE TOUCHES AND THIS IS EVIL AND FOR THAT DEFILEMENT HE SHALL BRING PUNISHMENT UNTO HIMSELF--IT SHALL NOT BE OF MY DOING. I OFFER YOU TRUTH, THE LIGHT, THE WAY AND THE WORD. I EXTEND MY HAND UNTO ALL WHO WILL TAKE OF IT. I SHALL BRING YOU HOME INTO MY PLACE OF WONDROUS EXPERIENCE--BUT I SHALL FORCE NONE, NOT BY SO MUCH AS ONE HAIR OF HIS HEAD. MAN SHALL TURN ABOUT AND INTO TRUTH BY HIS OWN FREE WILL OR HE SHALL PERISH IN HIS OWN DELUSION. I SHALL WEEP AND STAND WAITING--BUT I SHALL NOT PLUCK YOU OUT OF YOUR PIT EXCEPT YE ASK. SO BE IT. I write this first Word unto you so that as you pass this portion of this JOURNAL, you know that which is given is Truth, reason and in justness. This is the most important document ye shall ever be given for the last trumpet is sounding and ye have been again warned and petitioned and My messengers have pleaded upon bended knees to be heeded. I have given the written Word unto another scribe so that ye have not the EXCUSE, "I JUST DIDN'T SOMEHOW BELIEVE DHARMA!" or "...WELL, I JUST DIDN'T SOMEHOW BELIEVE HATONN". You are being given the facts behind the illusion of lies so that you have opportunity to change your circumstance or move on into the abyss of the enslavement for it is at hand, the time of the cycles upon your place wherein the separation shall be made. Do you see the writing? Me'-ne, Me'-ne, Te'-kel Uphar'-sin - -? for "In the same hour came forth fingers of a man's hand, and wrote over against the candlestick upon the plaster of the wall of the king's palace: and the king saw the part of the hand that wrote." Daniel 5:25. Do you see the hand that pens your fate? Do you hear the call of the trumpets which signal your fate? Do you take note of My messengers that you be given opportunity to rise out of the morass and into freedom? The moving fingers write and then, having writ, move on and so moves the Truth of opportunity which knocked and you heeded not. Each of My Messengers and Scribes shall put this Truth unto the people in the languages of understanding--the native of the ancient tribes unto his people and thus and so, so that all might be given into opportunity to come again into remembering.But the Word shall stand, lest ye think ye shall corrupt and tamper with the message--for no matter how ye tamper, it will change nothing. I ask that Thomas take to pen and write a message from the Master Christos of the Sacred Infinite Circle to follow this and precede that of Dru. There is naught NEW, it is information as old as unto the beginning and you have pulled away into your physical path of want on actions and desires. Just as the obese person has the simplistic opportunity to simply close the mouth to lose of the fat, so is the simplicity of all of MY instructions in order to come within the laws. AND JUST AS "WILL" OF THE FLESH IS NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO CLOSE OF THE MOUTH AGAINST THE FOODS IN EXCESS, SO YE SHALL BE GIVEN STRENGTH IF YE BUT ASK WITH INTENT OF PURPOSE--NOT OF THE LIPST HAT ALWAYS PRONOUNCE LIES-- BUT THE HEART WITHIN IN PETITION FOR AID. You shall be given that which will lift you up and you will give support unto your brethren and goodness can again flow across that wondrous place given into your care and you will be given to remember and awaken and you will set things to straight as you turn from the beast that has pulled you into the pit. You shall move away in total newness--without looking back lest ye be pulled again into the destruction. You need not "fight" nor "war" for those are not of MY WAY NOR OF MY KINGDOM--YOU RECOGNIZE THE EVIL, TURN UNTO THE LIGHT AND THE LAWS AND MOVE AWAY AND IN SO-DOING YOU REMOVE THE NOURISHMENT AND SUPPORT OF THE BEAST AND THE ADVERSARY SHALL DEVOUR ITSELF FOR THERE WILL BE NOTHING LEFT TO SUSTAIN HIM. You are given nothing herein which is difficult to understand--it is simplicity in every action and instruction. Ye can denounce and rebel, revolt and boil while spewing venom upon the ones about thee--but you will KNOW that what I SEND AND BRING IS TRUTH AND RIGHT, AND YOU WILL NEVER BE IN THE UNKNOWING AGAIN--AND THAT WHICH YE DO AGAINST ME, SHALL BE DONE IN DELIBERATE ACTION AND WOE UNTO YOU WHO DENOUNCE AND DEMAND THAT ANOTHER FOLLOW YOU IN YOUR DESPICABLE PATH FOR YE SHALL BEAR A PORTION OF THAT ONE'S DOWNFALL UPON THINE OWN SOUL. YE WHO FEEL FRAIL AND THINK YE CANNOT STAND IN TRUTH--ALONE; YE ARE NOT ALONE FOR I AM THE STRENGTH OF THE UNIVERSE AND I SHALL SUPPORT THEE. IN THE ENDING, PRECIOUS ONES, YE SHALL STAND ALL ALONE—JUST THEE AND ME AND THERE SHALL BE NONE OTHER TO ANSWER IN YOURSTEAD. I am coming soon, and My reward is with Me, to repay everyone according to the deeds he has done and according to the moment of confrontation to that which lies deep within the essence through intent. I AM the start and the finish, the beginning of counting and the end of counting. Blessed forever are ye who are tending of thine houses and washing of thine robes as ye remove the soil from their weavings, so that ye stand tall as ye pass into the city through the gates, via My chariots of silver and golden wings. Until it is finished I will leave My messengers upon your place and then, they shall be lifted up into the security of My places of safety and Light and you who choose to listen not and continue to abandon My Truth shall remain outside My city with the sorcerers and the immoral and murderers and idolaters, and all who love to lie, and do so. I have sent My angels and messengers among you to put the WORD to print and sound and picture in order to tell you these things. Know that in these times of the sorting that as "time" moves on, the vile will become even more vile; good men will be better; those who are holy will continue on in greater holiness. AH YES, CHILDREN, I BRING YOUR REWARD WITH MEAND YE SHALL BRING UNTO ME THINE MARKERS AND WE SHALL MEASURE THINE PORTION. I suggest all of you who can read, go unto the book called Holy and even with its tampering, I commend you to read the Book of Isaiah and unto My people say,"Maher-shalal-has-*baz". Be ye ready? Do not be foolish in your geography perceptions. The beast of anti-God shall rise out of the places which"claim to be MY holy places" and the people will claim to be "My chosen people", but they are evil and have no truth in them. But it shall be from the places of the ancient days from which the wars shall move across the nations and My reclaimed places shall rise and the infected and evil places shall be given to sink beneath the seas to be cleansed and healed. Where shall ye be? I shall save My people--"Shear-jashub"."Shear-jashub", and Maher-shalal- has-baz. Turn thee from the witches and mediums. Listen not longer to their whisperings and mutterings. Can the living find out the future from the dead? Why do ye not askof Me these things? Why do ye not listen when I send ye the Word and the Truth? What will ye do? Will ye move away, My people, led away captive, stumbling, weary and hungry? Check the words of those witches, channels, mediums which pronounce things upon which ye hang thine beings--IF THEIR MESSAGES ARE DIFFERENT THAN MINE, IT IS BECAUSE IHAVE NOT SENT THEM FOR THEY HAVE NO LIGHT OR TRUTH WITHIN THEM. THEY WILL CRY OUT FOR "NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT AND ORDER" AND PROMISE YOU PEACE AND PROSPERITY. BUT YOU SHALL REAP OF THE WHIRLWIND FOR UNITY OF WORLDS AND UNIVERSES COMES ONLY FROM THE LIGHTED TRUTH AND LIFE INTEGRATION WITHIN THE LAWS OF TRUTH, LIGHT AND BALANCE WITHIN THE CREATION. MAN OF HUMAN DISTRACTION KNOWS ONLY LUST, GREED, POWER THROUGH COERCION AND FORCE AND ENSLAVEMENT. IF YE FOLLOW THE WRONG LEADER YOU ARE DESTINED TO PERISH WITH THAT LEADER AND LOSE OF ALL THAT YE PERCEIVE YE HAVE GAINED IN THE PHYSICAL PROCUREMENT. YE HAD BEST BE TURNING UNTO THE HOLY BOOKS OF THE LIGHTED REALMS AND DISCERNING THAT WHICH IS TRUTH FROM THAT WHICH HAS BEEN CHANGED AND WRITTEN IN BY YOUR ENEMIES FOR THE TIME IS AT HAND. IN ALL TIMES OF COMING IN MANIFESTATION IN THE DENSITY OF PHYSICAL, MESSENGERS ARE SENT TO GIVE WARNING AND SET THE WORD TO RIGHT. ALWAYS A "PROPHET"IS SENT AFORE ME TO BRING YOU INTO THE REMEMBERING--BUT THE HOURGLASS LIES UPON ITS SIDE AWAITING MY TURNING THEREOF. YE WHO HAVE EYES AND EARS HAD BEST BE IN THE SEEING AND HEARING FOR THE GLASS IS EMPTY AND THE CUP EMPTY--WITH WHAT WILL YE REFILL IT? OH YES, THE BOOK OF ISAIAH HAS BEEN CORRUPTED AND THE TRUTH TURNED ABOUT--BUT IF YE READ WITH DISCERNMENT, YE SHALL FIND IT ALL WRITTEN THERE UPON THE PAGES. REMEMBER THAT THE DEFINITION OF "ISRAEL" IS" GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE"--IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH A GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION OF A PLACE WHICH PLUNDERED AND STOLE THE PLACES OF PALESTINE. YE HAD BEST BEGIN TO READ WITH DEFINITIONS OF TRUTH INSTEAD OF THOSE DEFININGS AS LAID FORTH TO ENSLAVE YOU OF THE IGNORANT DECEIVED. MOST OF THE BOOK OF ISAIAH, AS WITH ALL THE REST OF THAT WHICH IS CLAIMED "HOLY" IS REWRITTEN TO SUIT THE NEEDS AND INTENT OF THOSE WHO WOULD CLAIM FALSELY AND TAKE THAT WHICH IS NOT THEIRS AND YOU WILL SEE THAT THEY OF EVIL HAVE WRITTEN THE LIES TO DUPE YOU OF THE WORLD INTO ACCEPTANCE OF THEIR EVIL. YOU ARE PEOPLE COME OF THE LIE AND IT SHALL ONLY BE THROUGH THE MOVEMENT BACK WITHIN THE TRUTH THAT YE SHALL REGAIN OF YOUR FREEDOM. My Holy Spirit shall not leave you, any of you who shall turn into the wanting of the good and gain hate of the wrong. Rise up, My children, let your light shine for all the nations to witness. For the glory of MY Light is streaming from you if you will but take it. Darkness as black as the moonless midnight shall cover all the peoples of the Earth, but MY glory will shine from you. All nations will come unto your light; mighty kings will come to see this glory of My Light upon you. My winged chariots shall fill your skies and there shall be rejoicing in the homecoming. Lift up your eyes and see! For your sons and daughters are coming home to you from distant lands. Your eyes will shine with joy, your hearts will thrill, for merchants from around the world will flow to you, bringing you the wealth of many lands--and has it not been given and you have turned it into spoils and wretched plunder? Oh, despicable and vile are the ones who took My words and promise and made them to read as the profits and reward of the very evil anti-God who would seek Zionand call themselves My chosen children and take the heritage of Mine own, unto themselves. Do you ofthe veiled children not see that which they have done? They have taken My Truth and turned it unto their own use to fool all of ye nations. They have set up their vile and evil temples in lands not their own so that the world would not know of their evil and think it prophecy. They would set their cities forth in the Biblical lands and pronounce that "...see, God says that the things of Lebanon would be mine" and that "Israel would become known around the world and glorified in the eyes of all"-- NAY! You follow the beast into the pits of separation if ye follow on with this charade. Tis not the God of Light these ones follow but the fallen gods of evil adversaries who have mesmerized and captured you in their nets of lies and webs of human physicalness. So be it for the moving finger writes and then moves on--WHERE WILL YE BE,CHILD? Dharma, it is enough. Write herein that God has sent His messengers to every land and said, "Tell My people, I, the Lord your God, am coming to save you and will bring you many gifts." And you shall be called "The Holy People" and "The Lord's Redeemed", and so it shall come to pass in your generation upon that place laid forth for your experience. That which is pronounced in Isaiah is not that which is referred to as the Israel now placed within the location of Palestine--for they were liars and frauds from the beginning and their messengers fill the lands with the lies and false teachings--and those, too,shall fall in the sweep of Truth. Let it be known that none of evil can nor will stand in MY LIGHT for all of darkness shall be vanquished. So be it. Sit, chela, and tell these things for so as I give it to be written, so shall it come to pass and I send the Word for man to KNOW so that he can choose his direction. I shall no longer stand silent and those who have changed My words and destroyed My Truth shall be cast into the silence for they have pulled My people down and the reward shall be heavy indeed. I close this portion with petition to hear, to see and come into understanding so that you can find your way. My messengers shall no longer be given into martyrdom for the call is sounded as the chaos has spread about your lands--so will the hush come upon you and woe is upon he who does not take heed. I shall rip the books bound within the lies from their sewing and rend them into shreds and the lies shall bury the liars in their dens of iniquity and so shall it come to pass for theTruth lies within the story but it is NOT AS WRITTEN OR TRANSLATED FOR THEY OF EVIL HAVE TAKEN THAT WHICH WAS GIVEN FOR YOUR GUIDANCE AND TURNED IT INTO THE PATH DIRECTLY INTO EVIL.THEY WHO HAVE CONVULSED MY TRUTH SHALL BE STRANGLED UPON THEIR OWN LIES. AH YES, YE HAD BETTER BE READING CAREFULLY THE BOOKS CALLED BIBLE, FOR THEY ARE FILLED WITH THE CHANGINGS TO SUIT OF THE BEAST AND THROUGH THEM SHALL YE BE LED TO SLAUGHTER FOR THEY ARE NOT OF MY GIVING. EVERYTHING PURE HAS BEEN CORRUPTED FOR THE EONS OF TIME AND YE WHO WERE GIVEN FORTH TO SET IT TO RIGHT HAVE FALLEN TO THE WAYSIDE OR INTO THE PIT WITH THE VIPERS. NOT LONGER SHALL IT BE THUS FOR I AM COMING TO SET IT TO RIGHT AND YE WHO STAND WITH ME SHALL BE GIVEN INTO GREATNESS. THESE ONES WHO HAVE STOLEN THAT WHICH I GAVE IN TRUTH UNTO MINE PEOPLE SHALL BE GIVEN INTO THE ABYSS OF REMORSE FOR ALL THEIR REMAINING DAYS AND THEN THEY SHALL BE JUDGED WITH JUSTICE. May the Light be given entrance to shine around about you that you be given into vision for the remaining days of your experience upon that place are numbered. I AM -- PJ 27 -- pag. 5 --- pag. 12