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The Khazars, part 9 Confirmation of another fact, please: I told you that there are groups of your men in Iraq and Kuwait who are missing and many more of your people killed than you can possibly know. You had to admit the deaths as your own "friendly fire" slew them--but it is now "being denied" that a whole group of Green Beret forces are not accounted for after they went into Kuwait and some into Iraq. You must stay alert or you will miss bunches of very important information. I warn you--Saddam is being sabotaged and some very criminal and inhuman things are being done by terrorists to make it appear Saddam is perpetrating them--to cause continued civil war in the region--you are witnessing evil in full flower! A lot of those "sweet and innocent" Kurds come right out of the original bloodlines of the Khazars and you have many who were brought out into Europe and into the U.S. under the auspicies of Israel. Iraq is totally infiltrated with Mossad terrorists and you are witnessing "retaliation" in most heinous form. So be it, for in this time of chaos, it will be filled with unrest and brother against brother. So be it. -- PJ 26 -- page. 69 --- Why do you suppose the average American has been brainwashed into believing that communism is a movement of the working class, when it is controlled by the International Zionist Bankers? The movement to control the world is not a movement of workers, striving to better themselves, but of the International Elite who, led by Zionist money and power, are seeking world control at any cost. The Jewish bankers control the world's economy and thus its people. Like the "money changers" of Christ's time, who received His most violent denunciations, they are the power behind the move to destroy Christianity and Godly civilization. The Bible tells you: "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty!” (2 Corinthians 3:17). The conspirators know this truth, so they seek to stamp it out and that is their major target. The headquarters for this world conspiracy in the late 1700's was Frankfurt, Germany, where the House of Rothschild's (known as the Red Shield) was formed by a Jewish banker who adopted the name Rothschild and linked up with other international Jewish bankers who had quite literally "sold -- PJ 26 -- page. 90 their souls to the devil". Remember that the 1700's is labeled the 18th Century. This all occurred as the term "Jew" was originated to designate this grouping of Elite out of the Khazars. After the Bavarian government's exposure in 1786, the conspirators moved their headquarters to Switzerland, then London, and finally only after World War II, to New York City, where it is located today. The Rockefellers, original proteges of Jacob Schiff, have taken over the manipulation of the North American area and David Rockefeller, dead or robotoid, acts as head of the clan--this entity remains one of the most influential men n the world this day. In its final stages, the world conspiracy calls for a king/dictator, a United Nations and a few subordinate organizations such as the CFR, a few billionaires, such as the late Armand Hammer and some top scientists, economists and educators who have proven their loyalty to the conspiracy. The rest of the world is to become a mixed-up mass of mongrelized humanity, who for all intents and purposes will be slaves of the world system. This is quite literally taught in the Jewish religious book, the Babylonian TALMUD, where it states that in the Jewish World Government, "Every Jew will have 2,000 goyim slaves". At this point, we should look at how the American government and its people have been literally tricked by this one-world plot. Always keep in mind that the United Nations, which is found on American soil in New York City, was created to be the housing for the conspiracy. -- PJ 26 -- page. 91 --- KHAZAR (STOLEN NATION) THE ONLY ISSUE There is ONE and only. One issue as far as the ADL is concerned--Khazaria. If Khazaria tries to sink a ship of the United States Navy, called the "USS Liberty", and murders 34 Americans in the process, the ADL prides itself on covering up the facts and explaining them away, while on the other hand anybody who ever killed a Khazarian (even though his country is at war with Khazar) is a despicable terrorist and a bloodthirsty outlaw. A careful distinction is made between those who are able to kill large numbers of civilians from airplanes (American supplied and painted aircraft) and those who can afford only to kill smaller numbers on foot. The ADL never tires of telling you, and having told you, that because the population of the Khazarian state (in Palestine) is made up of an exceptional people unceasingly persecuted due to some ineradicable flaw in all non-Khazars, the Khazarians are exempt from the rules of human behavior and have a special license to steal other people's real estate, to kidnap anywhere in the world, to torture, to kill, to lie, to falsely accuse, and to interfere at will in the politics and social development of other countries. To justify and further the programs and aims of Khazar is the primary mission of the ADL. The organization is, of course, at one with the B'nai B'rith, with its large and highly manageable and influential system of professional lodges. Especially significant are those lodges made up of highly placed people in the advertising, publishing, entertainment, and news fields. It works in alliance with other groups that comprise the Khazarian lobby--such as the American "Jewish" Committee whose Washington representative, Hyman Bookbinder (in 1981), boasted in a public speech of the speed with which he had been able to assemble on the Capitol steps a display of American congressmen and senators in support of an "Israeli" (Khazarian) government demand. Don't you feel so much better speaking and reading "TRUTH" THAN THE LIES? DOESN'T IT GIVE YOU FREEDOM UNDREAMPT OF IN THIS MATTER OF EMOTIONAL LIE PERPETRATED UPON YOU? YOU CAN NOW SPEAK RIGHT OUT AND STAND UP FOR YOUR OWN CONSTITUTION FOR THE KHAZARIANS ARE INFILTRATED AND HAVE TAKEN OVER YOUR GOVERNMENT AND YOUR NATION--WHILE TAKING THE ENTIRE PLANET! NOW THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE STRUGGLING AGAINST ALIEN KHAZARIANS OF MONGOL, RUSSIAN AND NORDIC LINEAGE AND NOT THOSE BEAUTIFUL JUDEANS--DON'T YOU FEEL REFRESHED AND INVIGORATED? STOP PLAYING THE ADVERSARY'S GAME AND UTLIZING LABELS HE HAS CHOSEN TO RENDER YOU HELPLESS--CALL THE BASTARD BY HIS OWN NAME--KHAZAR! CALL THAT PLACE STOLEN AND EVIL GOVERNMENT SET FORTH IN THE NAME OF GOD‟S ADVERSARY FROM THE ARABS, THEREIN--BY ITS PROPER LABEL--KHAZAR! IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH JUDEA, NOR JUDEANS. In this new light of understanding that you can call a skunk a rose--but its stripes and smell will tell you that it is certainly NOT A ROSE.--and neither are Khazarians, Judeans. They are MRN's (MONGOLS, RUSSIANS, NORDICS). No offense intended unto any of those lovely people. The Khazars were warriors and came and took that which they wanted and destroyed its integrity through rape, pillage, plunder--murder and deceit. They are from the line of ANTI-GOD himself and if I were at present, going about telling of any identifications with that Khazar group; I would certainly stop advertising it so blatantly--for the skunk still stinks if he spreads his musk about. So be it. I hope I have given cause for you ones to "see" and "understand" that which which WE REALLY DEAL so that we can move on and get some things turned about and back into control of you-the-people and away from your deadly enemy--the Khazars. -- PJ 26 -- page. 219 --- You ones need to be aware that the prior document was all but lost to the electronic attack upon my scribe and the equipment. I am going to make this addition and then I ask that my scribe be gotten out of the vicinity so that we can do a bit of "housecleaning". I remind you precious ones that when "the beast" is cornered uncovered for the world to see--he fights in the only ways allowed to him--through impact on the material and the beings involved. Truth is very painful to the criminal and now God has given you the Truth which changes the entire scenario of perception of you of the planet. The information is as old as the beginning and as new as the unwrapping of the deceit. However, you now have the tools with which to render the beast impotent. You call him by his Earth label, Khazar. You separate him into his heritage of stolen bloodline for there is nothing of Judean about the evil demon. All you have to do as a people to begin to regain your freedom and nation and then, world, is to call this beast by his name and set the record to straight and you reduce all his shams, deceit--his very platform of action--from his arsenal. Doesn't it become far easier to understand the REAL situation when I say to you: "The Khazars from Khazar, in the camouflaged planes taken from the U.S. under deceitful cover of the worst terrorists in the world, were allowed to bomb into oblivion, the towns and people of Iraq--while you stood guard and ran the get-away car?" Ah, but 'twas not you, was it? It was the functioning mechanism of the Khazars which had already taken your government and military, media and mind-set. You are NOT anti-Judean-- you may (I hope) be anti-Khazarian (against the very anti-Christ). You are the S(h)emite so therefore, you who speak out CANNOT BE ANTI-S(H)EMITIC! I want you to revel in that which I can witness and you have not yet the ability to see. The pulses against my scribe and this place are incredible and the more poured in the more we must "counter" and neutralize so that the air is nothing but noise and chaos. Every line from the surveillance offices are in use--TELLING THE WONDERFUL NEWS! THE KHAZARS HAVE BEEN UNCOVERED! This does not sit well with those who are the Khazars working in disguise and yet, the lid is off the bottle. Rejoice-- not for that which you thought to be Easter Resurrection--for what is resurrected herein this Easter--is TRUTH and revelation of the anti-Christ and his mongrel tribes! You who considered yourselves to be one of the group calling yourselves by the conjured label of "Jew" as set forth to ensnare you in the late 1700's A.D., I suggest you take a second look at that which you serve within the lie and take careful consideration to your intended fate and demise. And you, of Judean lineage--wake up, for your annihilation is planned by these Khazarians who have stolen from Palestine, annihilated your brothers in Germany and now fully plan to sacrifice you on the altar of riot and bigotry in order to keep the nations in unrest. TRUTH WILL SET YOU INTO FREEDOM IF YOU WILL BUT RECEIVE OF IT! Well, how will you know how it goes if in fact, all is controlled by those Khazars? Because if you are anti-Khazar you cannot very well be anti-"Jew" can you? IF, THEN, YOU ARE REFUSED HEARING OR PUBLICATION AT THE HANDS OF THE CONTROLLERS--THEN THEY -- PJ 26 -- page. 221 HAVE JUST TOLD YOU THE TRUTH OF IT--THEY HAVE REVEALED AND CONFIRMED THAT WHICH I HAVE LAID BARE FOR YOUR REVIEW! TO CLAIM ABUSE AND BIGOTRY AGAINST YOU THEY HAVE TO REVEAL THE TRUTH OF THEIR BEINGNESS AS KHAZARS--IT IS A FINE LITTLE GAME OF THEIR OWN MAKING. How could you possibly be speaking about any people of God's Judea if you are speaking about a warring tribe who stole from other nations everywhere they went upon your planet? How can you be "anti-Judean" if you are speaking of Mongol/Russian/Nordic tribes who bear no Arabic or Judean blood whatsoever? If you go onto the radio or television speaking out against the Khazars, would you not be patriotic? Truly patriotic? If you speak against the Khazars rewriting your Constitution and enslaving your nation--are you not truly patriotic unto the United States of America and the brotherhood of Earth? Are you not UNPATRIOTIC if you DO NOT SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE KHAZARS? WHO COMMITS TREASON? IS IT NOT THE ONE WHO TAKES AND OVERTHROWS THE GOVERNMENT OF A NATION? PONDER THIS MOST INTENTLY FOR YOU HAVE “BEEN HAD" BY THE MOST CLEVER DECEIVER EVER ON PLANET EARTH--JUST AS YOU WERE TOLD IT WOULD BE--RIGHT DOWN TO LOCATIONS, TIMES AND SIGNS. SO BE IT. -- PJ 26 -- page. 222 --- As in all "holidays" it is a time of moving within and finding that source unto which you pay tribute--what might yours be? Man easily forgets even that which he KNOWS. Then he moves right along with whatever he is TOLD TO RE-BELIEVE--IF IT BE OF HUMAN IMPACT--i.e. an extra day off at week's end, etc. But look at that which has come to be in the United States--one nation under God and proclaiming itself a nation functioning under "Christian" morality. It is now turned over to the Khazars and first you are shown the Master Teacher depicted as carrying a cross through the streets of Jerusalem, and on and on and on. It SHOULD tell you that there is the recognition of the Christ having passed that way--but more so, it is to fool you into believing that the Khazars  are actually on YOUR side. They are not, for while you are supposedly honoring resurrection, they are sacrificing and smearing blood upon their doors so that "their" God, Lucifer, will not find them lacking in worship unto him. Oh yes, at one time that ritual meant something of Godly wisdom--for when it originated there was a great plague about the lands and the mark on the door was a mark of "QUARANTINE"--which said: "If there be infection in your house, enter not into mine," and a bit of a different marking indicated, "illness within". YOU HAVE MADE IT MYSTICAL--AND THAT SOMEHOW BLOOD ON THINE DOORS WOULD CAUSE THE ANGEL OF DEATH TO PASS YOU BY. Again, it is the heart intent within--not blood smeared upon a door-post. You will note a massive movement AWAY from the celebration of the true meaning which was once represented by Easter to the Christians as the Khazars take over--just as with Christmas--and mostly you will have the Khazars (Jews) mentioned FIRST in any news item on the TV media. It is simply a mark of the times. Christ was NOT A "JEW" except in the slang terminology of which you have been told within the past century and a half, to believe. "Jew" was created as a term in the 1700's---SO, THE ONE YOU CALLED JESUS, WAS A JUDEAN--AND NEVER THE TWAIN OF KHAZAR (JEW-Mongol, Russian and Nordic) AND JUDEAN SHALL MEET! -- PJ 26 -- page. 224 I think you should look at that which was touted, moaned about and you paid Khazar (Israel) to make-up for in the Middle East. The Khazars shouted out that they were persecuted in their new lands and that the neighboring nations hated them and were bigoted against them--"BECAUSE OF THEIR NORDIC HERITAGE". THIS, RIGHT OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF THE HEAD KHAZARS (JEWS)". GO LOOK IT UP--AND FURTHER, I HAVE QUOTED THE VERY TERM SOME THREE DAYS PAST RIGHT OUT OF ONE OF YOUR NEWSPRESS RELEASES. Of course they are not loved in the land of Palestine--they are not of any bloodline of the region, they certainly are NOT Arabs--they are from the tribes of Nordic regions, sharing no traditions and treating the Sephardic Judeans as outcasts while the KHAZARS (Ashkenazi "Jews") who migrated to Khazar (Israel) from Russia brought with them the ideology of socialism/communism and have put into practice the ideology. Moreover, after the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 the displaced "Bolsheviks" (Khazars--so-called and self-styled "Jews") migrated directly to the United States and set up government instead of the Constitutional government of the United States of America--and thus, now you have a socialistic/dictator form of forced, non-"republican" form of ruler ship no longer even pretending to be a "democracy" by majority vote of the "citizens". YOU DO NOT, YOU KNOW, ELECT BY "POPULAR MAJORITY", AMERICA. Remember, these Ashkenazi Khazars (so-called/self-styled "Jews") worked hand in hand with the Nazis (Ashke-NAZI) in Germany and are literally responsible for the effort to kill out the Sephardic Judeans. They call themselves the "Elite Zionist Ashkenazi Jews". Dear ones, I am not making up some kind of story line to confuse you sleeping masses--THIS IS FULL DOCUMENTATION AND HISTORICAL PROOF--WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO SEE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED, SWINDLED AND ALL BUT DESTROYED BY A BUNCH OF RENEGADES IN CAMOUFLAGE AND CHARADE GEAR AND ACTION? THEY HAVE ALREADY WIPED OUT THE REMAINING FRAGMENTS OF JUDEANS AND NOW THEY MARCH ON TO ABSORB AND CONTROL THE ENTIRE OF THE GLOBE AND YOU NOT ONLY ALLOW OF IT--YOU HELP AND YOU DEMAND THAT IT BE ACCOMPLISHED. YOU NOW RIOT AND FIGHT AGAINST YOUR BROTHER FOR YOU CANNOT EVEN RECOGNIZE YOUR DEADLY ENEMY! I said that I would give you documentation which can be researched--I can only touch on a tiny, tiny few for I have neither inclination to more nor am I here to do the PROVING. You go prove it! Other ones have written and re-written documentation in effort to gain your attention and you ignore and shout "anti-semite" at them, and then silence them by prison and degradation of their very beings. EASY TO DOCUMENT Documentation of the ADL's actions as an agent of Khazar is neither rare nor difficult to come by; indeed, it is almost impossible to encompass its scope in less than volumes of material; therefore, we will only give a few examples. First, there is no question that Khazar, which could never have existed financially, militarily, or otherwise without the constant support of the United States, wishes to exert all possible influence on your country and to draw all possible sustenance from it. Further, it must be America for all of the other nations of the world were not financially capable of supporting another nation as the takeover began and now, the seat of Khazaria's blood supply is umbilically attached to the United States--thereby making it necessary that the surrogate parent become one with the parasite. The other -- PJ 26 -- page. 225 nations of the world, furthermore, saw what was happening and know that which has come to be and it became required that Americans be "ugly" enough to be pretty unwelcome in any nation of the world. This drawing of sustenance, while preventing any aid or support by the United States going to countries on Khazaria's enemies list, and in particular to the Arab countries from which Khazar hacked out its territory--even to the pushing out of Khazar the very Judeans in whose name the nation was founded. The World Khazar (Zionist) Organization (WZO) and the Khazar (Jewish) Agency (JA) are specifically designed to be the Khazar  government's overseas arms. Even though purposely not made branches of the government, the status, function, and authority of the WZO and the JA are set forth in Khazarian law. Among their goals are to organize Khazar communities outside Khazar to serve Khazarian purposes, to spread propaganda, to see that money is collected (almost always to tax-exempt "charitable" organizations-- even in this recent war there were great drives for money for Khazar--and the contributions were TAX-FREE) and channeled to Khazar, to encourage immigration into Khazar, and to influence various governments to formulate foreign policy and to pass laws which favor Khazar. Oh, you still can't believe the "skunk" is not a "rose"? Dear ones by any other name, the rose is a rose is a rose and a Khazar is a Khazar is a Khazar--regardless of how they try to "fool" you. Most of the Khazarian aims in the United States are spearheaded by the ADL, with other Khazar-oriented groups such as the American Khazar (Jewish) Committee (AJC) playing very important roles. The WZO and the JA keep a low profile, while the ADL poses as an American organization serving American Khazarian aims, though in reality honing its activities to serve Khazar on every point. When Arab countries organized a boycott of Khazar, the ADL openly led the fight to have anti-boycott legislation passed in the U.S., took measures to see that American businesses were trading with Khazar under the anti-boycott laws, and even acted on Khazar's behalf as regarded Japan's cooperation with the Arab boycott. "The Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish (Khazarian) organization, has long been bothered by the Japanese reaction to the boycott. For years, the organization has been trying on its own to persuade the Japanese to change their policy. Now, evidently wearying of those efforts, Anti-Defamation League officials are seeking the aid of the American corporations. (The Wall Street Journal, May 13, 1968.) On March 4, 1975, the New York Times reported that: "The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith has written to President Ford reporting what it calls a concerted campaign among shipping companies, aided and abetted by American commercial banks unlawfully to comply with the Arab boycott regulations against the state of Israel (Khazar)." Since 1966, the ADL has produced a radio program called "Dateline Israel (Khazar)", some 26 new programs each year broadcast over hundreds of stations, which consists entirely of Khazarian propaganda. Prominent in the origins and production of "Dateline Israel (Khazar)" was ADL general counsel Arnold Forster, who was reported in the May, 1974 "ADL Bulletin" to have been in Khazar more than 50 times. -- PJ 26 -- page. 226 FORSTER WRITES LETTERS Forster, among his other achievements on behalf of this foreign State, wrote seemingly innumerable letters (always published) to the editors of major newspapers on subjects having exclusively to do with Khazar and the protection of furtherance of Khazarian  interests. Every hint of cooperation with Arab countries by the U.S. was depicted as a dark collaboration with the forces of evil. In 1973 ADL took out full-page newspaper advertisements whose message was that Arab oil-producing countries were greedy and that any change in the Mideast policy of the United States that might please the Arabs would not improve the American oil situation. The ads were designed to influence public opinion to ignore the obvious--that the oil cut-off by the Arabs had been a direct response to the United States mindlessly and illogically supporting Khazar in an aggressive war against Arab countries. "Marriv", published in Tel Aviv, Khazar, reported (Jan. 14, 1969) that the ADL in the United States had made a study of Arab "propaganda" against Khazar, and had concluded that the center of export of such propaganda to America was Beirut, Lebanon. Arnold Forster was in charge of the ADL study. "Mr. Foster (sic sic), who is now in Israel (Khazar) as one of the representatives of the Jewish organizations to the conference called by the prime minister, said that the Arabs have discovered the best way to lie is from a distance." -- PJ 26 -- page. 227 ---  NEXT PAGE