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The Khazars, part 22 In 1227 A.D. the Pope sent Conrad of Marburg to Germany where “rumours circulated of the hideous Satanic rites practised by a sect...called Luciferans.” In Jules Loiseleur’s La Doctrine Secrete des Templiers (1872) we learn that the Luciferans worshipped a black cat (a symbol of Satan) and “at their horrible nocturnal orgies sacrifices of children were made and their blood used for making the Eucharist bread of the sect.” And in Secret Societies And Subversive Movements Nesta Webster writes: Styria, the Tyrol, and Bohemia, even as far as Brandenburg; by the beginning of the thirteenth century it had invaded western Germany, and in the fourteenth century reached its zenith in that country, as also in Italy and France....” From 1432 to 1440, she relates, “literally hundreds of children disappeared,” because of this movement. During that same period, Pope Innocent III organized an armed crusade against a mystical group in the south of France called the Cathars, or Albigenses, [H: The author has stricken the following from the article and made comments. I will present the original and add the comments. The original script will be here in italics.] who worshipped the Devil in the form of a goat and slaughtered children whom they kidnapped for sacrificial purposes. The Cathars derived inspiration from a Satanic sect in Russia known as the Bogomiles. C. W. Heekethorn writes in Secret Societies of All Ages And Countries (1897) that the Bogomiles were an early Communist movement. [H: You who have studied and know what and who are the Khazars must also realize that the “Cathars” are approximately the SAME in every detail--from origin BUT WERE ACTUALLY “CHRISTIAN” IN PRACTICE--ONLY TO BE OVERTAKEN BY THE KHAZARS. These Khazars are the ones who, in the 1300s took the religion of the later-to-be-called- “Jews” (1770s). They were not and are not “Semites” (Shemites from the tribe of Shem) and they stole the heritage of a now recognized Middle Eastern people. They are a pronounced and publicly SELF-PROCLAIMED group who are “Zionists” and ACT on the basis of the Manifesto called PROTOCOLS OF ZION--AND--have every intention of becoming monarchal rulers (slave-masters) in a One World Order devoid of GOD! They are your self-proclaimed ANTI-CHRIST! THE “CATHARS” and Bogomiles were caught in the flood, so to speak--JUST AS ARE YOU, OF WHATEVER RACE OR TRIBE YOU CLAIM.] -- PJ 95 -- page. 98 ------------------------------ Why do you continue to expect the "Jews" who don't even realize the term "Jew" is not applicable to them, to know that they are first in line for being had? YOU don't seem to realize that most of the "Christian" stuff fed you is pure unadulterated GARBAGE-- brought forth right out of the ADL and TALMUD--under the guise of telling you it is out of the HOLY BIBLE and/or other RELIGIOUS "DOCTRINES". You will come to know that "Jew" is not and was NEVER a term applied to the "Hebrew" or Judean races or even culture. It was conjured by MAN, called "JEWS"--ZIONISTS. THE RELIGION IS BASED ON A MAN-WRITTEN SET OF PROTOCOLS AND INSTRUCTIONS CALLED THE TALMUD--NOT THE BOOKS OF ANY RECOGNIZED TEACHER OR PROPHET. "Ah," but you might say, "nobody told us so how could we know all this--or even the so-called 'Jews'"? How indeed? Well, Martin Luther told you and he lived between 1483-1546. George Washington told you! Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, told you. Benjamin Franklin told you; Peter Stuyvesant, Dutch Governor of colonial New York (1592-1672) and even good old "Shakespeare" Bacon (Francis) told you and that was a long way back in his time (1561-1626). Since the Khazars adopted the label of "JEW" IN ABOUT THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY--WHAT ELSE DO YOU HAVE TO USE AS TERMINOLOGY FOR THE PROPER IDENTIFICATION OF THESE "BADLY ORIENTED" HOODLUMS OF SATANIC STRUCTURE? THE POINT IS TO CONFUSE--REMEMBER? Even Mohammed, in the Koran, spoke of these thieves of Judean heritage. Remember the Pharisees?? Good grief, readers, if you don't know anything--how can you possibly hope for betterment or salvation from your plight? As the ones mentioned above spoke of these "people" there was no way to refer to them other than as "Jews" for there was no other term--and it was PROPERLY USED --TO FIT THE ONES WHO BEGAN TO AND DID "CALL" THEMSELVES "JEWS" AND "ZIONISTS". Remember the "Elders of Zion"? and the PROTOCOLS? No one was trouncing on the neighbor who happened to be from the Middle East somewhere in the so-called Holy Lands! However, it is these precious beings who are the most disrespected and trodden down by the Elite Zionists--those nice people THINKING themselves to be "Jews" but ARE NOT. Do I agree with these speakers in point here? Yes and NO! But I do present what is here written--from researched source--not as my own commentary. I simply tell you that the Zionist Khazarian "Jews"--who deny CHRISTED virtue or being in purpose and intent-- ARE MY ENEMY IN OPPOSITION OF GOD. DOES THIS MEAN I "DECLARE WAR" ON THEM? GOODNESS NO- -- PJ 107 -- page. 53 -I DON'T NEED TO DO SUCH A STUPID THING--THEY WILL ULTIMATELY DECLARE WAR ON THEMSELVES! Then how do you function? Simple! Everything THEY do is in direct opposition in intent, instructions and action to the Truth of God. They have turned the laws and instructions of God in total opposite of presentation for rules and Laws of living human. When you stand against them--you must turn again in opposition of actions and intent of that which THEY project--while using the stupid laws they write to give loop-holes for themselves (i.e., you fight enforced ignorance with KNOWLEDGE, etc.). THEY CANNOT LIVE AND FUNCTION IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH! THEY ARE OF THE DARKNESS--WITHOUT GOD. THEY WORSHIP THE LUCIFER OF THE FALLEN TRIBES. I won't even try to present all the documentation given but will take a few pages from this encyclopedia as presented BY ONES THINKING THEMSELVES TO BE "JEWS"--BUT ARE NOT! I give honor to them who SEE. -- PJ 107 -- page. 54 --- THE CANCEROUS KHAZARIAN FAKE "JEWS" BLACK THREAD RUNNING THROUGH HISTORY  Nora' s Comments In a recent writing from Commander Hatonn [see p.37, 8/16/94 in the CONTACT (This article was taken from the CONTACT newspaper)], he requested that my articles which have research on the Khazars, and/or "those who say they are Jews but are not" be reprinted in the CONTACT newspaper. My articles are so interwoven in subject matter that there are many that are pertinent to this subject. Therefore a descriptive list of the articles has been assembled to convey the astounding persistence of this race of vipers: 1. "Aton and Akhenaton": reveals the lack of historical or archaeological proof of the "Israelites" having lived in Egypt prior to Akhenaton (1325 B.C.), resulting in far-reaching questions about biblical accounts and the beginning "hints" of how and why the truth got buried or "changed", and by whom. 2. "Lessons in Words, Part II ": reveals the etymology of the words "Hebrew" and "Jew", showing the shaky foundations, if not the total lack of a foundation for both names as used in present day biblical accounts and general usage. 3. "Lessons in Words, Part III ": reveals the debate among scholars as to whether the Hebrews, Heberites and Habiru are one and the same group of people, i.e., mercenaries (of no definite tribe or group) hired by the wealthy landowners to do their fighting for them. 4. "More Lessons in Words and Languages": reveals some important aspects of languages, the interchangeable consonants and vowels, and some suggestions for a re-evaluation of words now commonly used for God's name, the Hebrews, the people from "Eber", etc. 5. "The Prince of This World": reveals some interesting thoughts on the words Zion, Nasi, Ashkenazi, and Khazars. 6. "The Master Race": reveals the true "chosen ones" of god (the ones who follow God's Laws), the Nazis and their "Aryan Master Race", and the Khazar connection to the "Aryans". 7. "More Architects of Culture": reveals some changes in languages effected by the Brothers Grimm, Grimm's Law regarding the Indo-European languages, and the interconnectedness of the "ruling class" in effecting "cultural changes". These changes evoke some questions regarding who and why such changes were engineered. 8. "The Aryans--Who Are They?": A brief review of some historical aspects of the use of the word "Aryan", the Sumerian Seals found in Mesopotamia, an analysis of the word "Aryan" and its possible "Indo-European" antecedents, present day meanings applied to the word, and a brief historical review of the time wherein the word began to gain prominence. -- PJ 107 -- page. 103 9. "The Hister Connection": reveals some history of the lower part of the Danube River, the area's importance to the rise of the Nazis, the supporters of Hitler, etc. It includes a chart on the genealogy of the Romanov family to show an example of the interrelatedness of the "ruling houses". 10. "The Magen David and the Symbols of Israel": reveals the "erosion" of traditional "Jewish" symbols and their replacement by Communist/Bolshevik/ Zionist/Masonic (Khazarian) symbols. 11. "The Eagle With the Red Tail": reveals the usurpation of the United States of America's symbols by the Bolsheviks/Communists/Masons. (The Bolshevik/ Communists are the red-German Jews--Khazars). 12. "He-Goats And A Little Horn": reveals the biblical, metaphorical meaning of the word, He-Goats, He-Goats in Daniel's prophecy, Masonic symbol of Baphomet, the area called Gothland (Goatland), Meshech and Tubal (Merchants of the Black Sea Area and prominent in "End Times" prophecy), the supporters of the Anti-Christ, an analysis of the word Czar and its counterpart in several languages, etc. 13. "Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn": reveals the historical antecedents to our present place in historical cycles, identifies Hatonn as "George the Dragon Slayer", known in the area where the Sumerian Seals were found--the same area as the "Aryans", etc. It might be a good idea to carefully consider just who those "dragons" actually were. All of the above articles along with many others have been published in the book The Garden of Aton [see end of book for ordering information ]. The following described research articles were published in the CONTACT newspaper between 2/23/93 and 12/7/93. They, along with others, will soon be published in book form. Each complete article carries its own bibliography. The subject of the adversarial Khazars runs like a black thread through many of the articles because the research has been focused on historically supporting the word going forth in the CONTACT newspaper and the Phoenix Journals. Hatonn has identified the Khazars, people who claim they are "Jews" but are not, who are of a Russian/ Mongolian/ Nordic/ Turkish racial mixture, as the adversary, and our "problem" at the end of this Earth cycle. They came from the area now known as southern Russia, between the Caucasus Mountains, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, aka Gothland (Goatland). They are phallic worshipers. They, or at least their leaders, claimed to have converted to Judiasm in the 8th century, AD. Their "book" is the Babylonian Talmud, the Cabala, etc.; not very pleasant reading material. 1. "Some Cultural Precursors of Robotoids and the Snake People", Section 1: Many people questioned Hatonn's frequent labeling of the Khazars as the "Snake People". This research was intended to trace this label, and identifies the Ophite Gnostics and "Jewish" Cabalists as being among those who call themselves the "Snake People". Further, it appears they were early experimenters in the production of Robotoids, called "Golems ". The "Ophites " and other "Gnostics ", as well as the Cabala are said to have come from the area of Persia and Greece, areas from which some of those calling themselves "Goths" also originated. References used are from the Bible, the Book Yetsirah, the Book Bahir, the Zohar, Psuedo-Clementines, Encyclopedia of Jewish Knowledge, Gersham Sholem, Grimm, the Nag Hammadi Library, etc. (2/23/94 issue of CONTACT). -- PJ 107 -- page. 104 2. "Some Cultural Precursors of Robotoids and the Snake People", Section 2, having to do with the "Odinic Mysteries": The person who set-up the "Odinic Mysteries" in the Baltic area was a barbaric leader of a group of Goths migrating from the Black Sea area, named Sigge. After his death he was "apotheosized" and given the name "Odin". He ruled the Baltic area and set-up his relatives to rule in the surrounding countries. Many "Saxon" rulers and princes claim descent from "Odin". Some connections between the "Odinic Mysteries", "Christian" church doctrine, Gnosticism, the "Snake People" and Masonry is presented. I suggest it is time to look at the larger picture regarding the people who influenced the "religions" of the world. There is a strong link between the rulers, heads of religious groups and that aggressive group of Khazars out of the southern Russia, Black Sea and Caspian Sea areas, who think of themselves no less than "divine Gods". (3/2/93 issue of CONTACT) 3. "Snorres Konge Sagaer I": This is a Saga of the Norwegian Kings, giving an account of "Odin" and his descendents up to 1093 A.D., written by Snorre, a Norwegian, in the 11th Century, A.D. The full barbarity of the Goths/"Vikings" is revealed, as well as the practice of polygamy, plunder, war, human sacrifice, and experimenting with "making men". These charming people were related to Atilla the Hun, but also to Theodoric, who was, at the time of Atilla, Emperor of Rome and King of the Khazars! (It's so "comforting" to know these things, especially when you also know the influence of the Roman Emperors on the Roman "Christian" church). Of course, the present English Monarch is from the same "Odinic" line of descent. Some historians also link the ruling family of Guelphs to Odoacer, another Roman Emperor, also a "King of the Khazars". (3/9/93 issue of CONTACT) 4. "Connections--Tavistock Institute, The 'Elite' and Media Control": reveals the location of Tavistock on property identified with the titled Russells, who are related to the English Monarch and have been very influential in "foreign affairs". The Russell Coat-of-Arms is shown with Hatonn's analysis. The primary figures are the Goat at the Apex with the male Lion on the left and the male Goat opposing on the right. The Lion is collared, the Goat is not. Of course the Goat symbolizes the adversary of God, as well as inferring a strong connection to the Goths/Khazars, and their opposition to the Christ (the Lion). Another titled "Elite" discussed is Baron Thomson of Fleet, the "Queen's Knight" who is on his way to becoming the one publisher in the New World Order planned by the year 2,000. An account of the Baron's monopolistic empire in the late 1980s is reviewed. (9/28/93 issue of CONTACT) 5. "More Connections--Goats and the Russell 'Elite' ": reveals more on the "Elite" control of the political process and entrenched positions through intermarriages and wealth, the Russell's relationship to the "crown" and some international activities involving several nations including India, and a brief account of Sir Bertrand Russell's activities in support of Socialism and the humanists in the 1930s. Bertrand Russell has recently been identified by Ronn Jackson as a long-time member of that Committee of "17", and who is, in our frame of reference, known as Sir James Goldsmith. He no longer pretends to be a "philosopher". He is an active trader of gold, and a "sign" for all those other traders who want to anticipate and manipulate the market. Isn't it an interesting situation that one such as he appears to be should be a titled subject, or "Knight" of the Queen? There is a family of Goldsmiths who have been active in trading gold for several centuries. They are also related to the Rothschilds (Hmmm). (9/28/93 issue of CONTACT) 6. "Connections--More goats and the Elite, Part III, The Stone of Scone and One-World Religion": reveals the probable location of the Stone of Scone at the time it was "discovered" by Edward I, King of England. The titled family of Ruthvens were supporters of the abbey where the stone was housed, and friends of the King. Their Coat-of-Arms also displays Goats, and their "history" -- PJ 107 -- page. 105 includes practicing magic & alchemy. They are related to the titled Balfour and Gore families, among others. The "Stone" has since taken on the name of "Stone of Destiny", and is now claimed also to be the "pillow" that Jacob laid his head upon(!!!). This raises questions of the "Queen's" actual religious beliefs and the potential for this stone becoming a central image of the one-world religion--including in its "tradition" all the factors probably considered necessary by the one worlders (i.e., Hebrew, animistic, British/Scotch/Irish, Sun Worship and Masonic), factors undoubtedly "arranged" by them. A second section of this article and a later addendum to it has to do with the Mendes Family of Baltic merchants, Jews, Bankers and one-worlders, the Bilderbergers' name and associations of the name to Masonry, and the "goat of Mendes" according to one author's research, which ties the name to phallic worship and the cult of Isis. Commander Hatonn has said that the cult of Isis is planned to be the actual new-world "religion". Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands is head of the "Bilderberger" group. Through his marriage to Queen Juliana he is related to most of the "Elite", including the English Monarch as well as to the Rothschilds. (10/26/93 issue of CONTACT) The following series of described articles is called "The Descendants of King David". It is important to our discussion of the Khazars  because the Khazars now claim to be "Jews". That means, they must try to show, according to prophecy and the Jewish religious expectation, that the "King" of their new-world order is a descendant of "King David". Of course, after 3 millennia, any descendant on Earth would have to be an unprovable and very "diluted" version. 7. Genealogies: reveals the Genealogies of King David's descendants according to present day Jewish reference works, the gaps in knowledge, the lack of known authors, and the location of the academies that are said to have developed the Genealogies as well as the Babylonian Talmud. 8. The Exilarchs: reveals the claimed continuation of the descendants of King David in Persia and the Ottoman Empire prior to and after the dispersion of the Jews from Palestine. These "Exilarchs" were heads of Jewish communities, titled "Nasi", or "Resh Gulata". They later became the chief bankers, etc. (11/16/93 issue of CONTACT). There is an addendum to this article which reveals some connections of the Rothschilds to the title of "Nasi", the Rockefellers to the banking business in the Ottoman Empire, and the Warburgs to the Mendes family--those wealthy merchants of the Baltic, the Mediterranean and Black Sea area. 9. "The Seder Olam Rabban and the Seder Olam Zuta": which is an analysis of the two texts on which the whole structure of the Genealogies of King David, according to the Babylonian Talmudists, is based. There is also a review of the Bagratuni family, once rulers in the Armenian and Georgian areas, later "princes " of Russia, who claim descent from David. There is an addendum to this article updating information on the Bagratuni/Bagratids, and showing their relationship to the Romanovs. (7/15/94 issue of CONTACT) 10. "Holy Blood Holy Grail, A Book Review": This book was published in 1982. It purports to show the Connection between the Elders of Zion and the Protocols of these Elders to Masonry, and to those European "princes" who are said to have married into the Merovingian blood-line--which is further said to be the descendents of a child birthed by Mary Magdalene after Jesus' crucifixion. This child and its mother were supposedly brought to France by Joseph of Arimathea. It is further said that this "blood-line" flows in the veins of the Plantagenets (English and French princes and rulers), the Hapsburgs, the Bonapartes, Bourbons, as well as "Jews who were interested in -- PJ 107 -- page. 106 perpetuating the blood-line", etc. This book, and its authors, were noticeably promoted by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corp.). The information was "fed" to the authors through a Mr. Plantard, father of the current "heir ", and then head of the organization called the "Priurre de Sion". The stated purpose of this organization is to set this "king of David's line" on the world throne as a king/priest figure-head, and to rule the world. They are shown to have some very influential members. Of course, the "Khazarian" factor is well-represented in this intermarried group of "Elite" Goths/Saxons/"Jews". Clearly, the entire purpose of all the "cultural" and "religious" propaganda and manipulations has been for the purpose of setting up a one-world government ruled by the "Elite". The actual "king" of this "government" is not their concern except as a "window dressing" to persuade the world to more easily accept their rule. (12/7/93 issue of CONTACT) -- PJ 107 -- page. 107 ------------------------------- END.