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The Khazars, part 16 How did they force them? Anyone refusing to accept their erroneous belief was placed in an olive mill under a wooden press, and squeezed in the way olives are squeezed in the mill. Another Hebrew source remarks on the persecution under the Emperor Romanus (the Greek King to whom Masudi refers): "And afterwards there will arise a King who will persecute them not by destruction, but mercifully by driving them out of the country". The only mercy shown by history to those who took to flight, or were driven to it, was the existence of Khazaria, both before and after the conversion. Before, it was a refugee haven; after, it became a kind of National Home. The refugees were products of a superior culture, and were no doubt an important factor in creating that cosmopolitan, tolerant outlook which so impressed the Arab chroniclers quoted before. Their influence--and no doubt their proselytizing zeal--would have made itself felt first and foremost at the court and among leading notables for this was an age when converting unbelievers by force or persuasion was a foremost concern. That the Jews, too, indulged in it is shown by the fact that, since the rule of Justinian, Byzantine law threatened severe punishments for the attempt to convert Christians to Judaism, while for Jews "molesting" converts to Christianity the penalty was death by fire. So, they may have combined in their missionary efforts theological arguments and messianic prophecies with a shrewd assessment of the political advantages the Khazars would derive from adopting a "neutral" religion. The exiles also brought with them Byzantine arts and crafts, superior methods in agriculture and trade, and the square Hebrew alphabet. Before that the Khazars used a form of Hebrew alphabet. It served the dual purpose of scholarly discourse in Hebrew which is analogous to the use of medieval Latin in the West and as a written alphabet for the various languages spoken in Khazaria, which is analogous to the use of the Latin alphabet for the various vernaculars in Western Europe. I am often asked why, through Dharma, I do not speak Latin or some other language? Why would I? You -- PJ 28 -- pag. 190 would not know if I speak Truth or do not--you can only discern from that which I speak in your language. The rest is individual "testing" which is discourteous to the whole group present and I play not such games. Although I am well known for making response in a Universal language, which is unmistaken as to meaning, I enjoy a good debate and if time is permitting, I enjoy "taking ones on" who come forth to quibble, out-smart and prove ME false and/or duped. Unless the show-off is totally belligerent I effort to do it gently for often the intentions are not as vile as they are simply misguided. Dharma is always in witness of such behaviors and often comments that in those circumstances it appears much like the gnat annoying the elephant. I would have no need to squash the gnat--but I might well thoroughly "baptize" it by immersion and clip its flight feathers. It depends upon circumstances and what the meeting might be concerning. I appreciate and honor ones who "question" and ones who are truly efforting to find Truth that they might find comfort with the arrangement and my being--but, I do not play games for your very lives are at stake. My point in coming forth is not to embarrass nor prove my greater ability than yours for I come from a higher dimension and if I had no greater wisdom than earthbound Man then I certainly would have naught of which to boast. My purpose is to guide you into wisdom and discernment--not injure your precious egos for you must learn to manage the "ego"--not have me manage it for you. SPREAD OF HEBREW From Khazaria the Hebrew "script" then spread into neighboring countries. Thus is reported that inscriptions in a non-Semitic language, or possibly in two different non-Semitic languages, using Hebrew characters were found on two gravestones from Phanagoria and Parthenit in the Crimea--by the way, those have yet to be deciphered! But herein is some confirmation regarding the fact that the "Jews" were NOT SEMITIC PEOPLE. Right here, by historians, they referred to the NON "JEWS" AS THE SEMITES! WATCH YOUR CLUES! The "Crimea" was intermittently under Khazar rule; but it also had an old-established Judean community, and the inscriptions pre- dated the conversion. Some Hebrew letters (shin and tsadei) also found their way into the Cyrillic alphabet, and furthermore, many Polish silver coins have been found, dating from the twelfth or thirteenth century, which bear Polish inscriptions in Hebrew lettering (e.g., Leszek krol Polski--Leszek King of Poland), side by side with coins inscribed in the Latin alphabet. Poliak comments: "These coins are the final evidence of the spreading of the Hebrew script from Kharzaria to the neighboring Slavonic countries. The use of these coins was not related to any question of religion. They were minted because many of the Polish people were more used to this type of script than to the Roman script, not considering it as specifically Judean". You will note, please, as we move along with this history that it becomes obvious that there were Judeans dispersed throughout these nations of Europe and would later become the targets for the ones who would split away into what is now commanding recognition as the Khazar Elite--who worked hand in hand with the heinous ones, such as Nazi Hitler, to destroy the fundamental brotherhood of the Judeans. You ones remind me that I said the Holocaust of Germany was not as it is presented; thereby assuming I say it did not take place. I said it was not as presented--there is great difference herein -- PJ 28 -- pag. 191 and all the stories and movies such as Never Forget, etc., make not one iota of difference--except, in the mere reminding and continuing the stories ever more heinous in presentation pronounces the lies therein. There is simply no basis for fact in the stories and they are continued in order to continue the deceit, gain sympathy and control over the minds of the populace. So much for that subject at the moment but before we finish our work, we will tell you of the so-called Holocaust and that which a group do unto their own in the name of power and control. Satanic evil is not noted for its kind behavior except to lull you to sleep. Thus while the conversion of Khazar was no doubt inspired by opportunistic motives--conceived as a cunning political maneuver--it brought in its wake cultural developments which could hardly have been foreseen by those who began it. The Hebrew alphabet was the beginning; three centuries later the decline of the Khazar state is marked by repeated outbreaks of a messianic "Zionism", with pseudo-Messiahs like David El-Roi (hero of a novel by Disraeli) leading quixotic crusades for the re-conquest of Jerusalem. You see, words such as "conquest" are not terms of God in definition. After the defeat by the Arabs in 737, the Kagan's forced adoption of Islam had been a formality almost instantly revoked, which apparently left no impression on his people. In contrast to this, the voluntary conversion to Judaism was to produce deep and lasting effects. Dharma, allow us a rest, please, as I must attend other duties presently and it would give opportunity for you to attend some of yours away from this keyboard. If it is suitable, we shall write another chapter today--let us see how it unfolds. You ones of the planet Earth are in another stand-off with destruction in the balance and I need presence without fragmentation if I might be so indulged. Thank you. Hatonn to stand-by. -- PJ 28 -- pag. 192 --- Back to Khazars, for more important than knowing who they are is that all must know that this is the manner in which you become totally manipulated at the whims of elite would-be rulers. -- PJ 28 -- pag. 193 CONVERSION CIRCUMSTANCES The circumstances of the conversion are obscured by legend as are any circumstances as the centuries pass and each individual casts his "opinion" upon the facts. However, there are enough legends which come forth after a long period that Truth emerges for Truth will always "out" in its proper time. In every instance you must look at the features which are basically the same. Remember that Truth is not the words but rather the concept. Al-Masudi's account of the "Jewish" rule in Khazaria, quoted earlier on, ends with a reference to a previous work of his in which he gave a description of those circumstances. That previous work of Masudi's is lost; but there exists two accounts which are based on the lost book. This is another way to measure "probable" Truth when and how (and WHY) the books become "LOST". The first, by Dimaski (written in 1327), reiterates that at the time of Harun al Rashid, the Byzantine Emperor forced the Jews to emigrate; the emigrants came to the Khazar country where they found "an intelligent but uneducated race to whom they offered their religion". The natives found it better than their own and accepted it. The second, much more detailed account is in al Bakri's Book of Kingdoms and Roads (from the eleventh century). The reason for the conversion to Judaism of the King of the Khazars, who had previously been a pagan, is as follows. He had adopted Christianity (now this is a new twist isn't it? But the facts are that the Kagan turned to Christianity and then to Islam as many do today and find the vessel empty of whole Truth.) Then he recognized its falsehood and discussed this matter, which greatly worried him, with one of his high officials. The latter said to him: 0 king, those in possession of sacred scriptures fall into three groups. Summon them and ask them to state their case, then follow the one who is in possession of the truth. So he sent to the Christians for a Bishop. Now there was with the King a Jew, skilled in argument, who engaged him in disputation. He asked the Bishop: "What do you say of Moses, the son of Amran, and the Torah which was revealed to him"? The Bishop replied: "Moses is a prophet and the Torah speaks the truth". Then the Jew said to the King: "He has already admitted the truth of my creed. Ask him now what he believes in. So the King asked him and he replied: "I say that Jesus the Messiah is the son of Mary, he is the Word, and he has revealed the mysteries in the name of God". Then said the Jew to the King of the Khazars: "He preaches a doctrine which I know not, while he accepts my propositions". But the Bishop was not strong in producing evidence. Then the King asked for a Muslim, and they sent him a scholarly, clever man who was good at arguments. But the Jew hired someone who poisoned him on the journey, and he died (early Mossad?). And the Jew succeeded in winning the King for his faith, so that he embraced Judaism. The Arab historians certainly had a gift for sugaring the pill. Had the Muslim scholar been able to participate in the debate he would have fallen into the same trap as the Bishop, for both accepted the truth of the Old Testament, whereas the upholders of the New Testament and the Koran were each outvoted two to one. The King's approval of this reasoning is symbolic; he is only willing to accept doctrines which are shared by all three--their common denominator--and refuses to commit himself to any of the rival claims which go beyond that. It is once more the principle of the uncommitted -- PJ 28 -- pag. 194 world, applied to theology. The facts are, brothers, that the influence of the Elite manipulators had already had a strong "Jewish" influence at the Khazar Court. The movement was already under way to form a strong movement and group which could sweep across the lands under the disguise of truth. By this time many of the nomads who practiced Judaism WERE NOT JUDEANS. They simply knew of the truth of the teachings and the thrust was more nearly relatively to that which had been assumed given of God. You are also going to have to read between the lines to find confirmation--the Christian Bishop and the Muslim scholar HAD TO BE "SENT FOR"--whereas it is obvious that the "Jew" was already "WITH HIM" (the King). Ah ha! But The story gets better. JEWISH SOURCES Let us now turn from the principal Arab source on the conversion--Masudi and his compilers--to the principal Jewish source. This is the so-called "Khazar Correspondence": an exchange of letters, in Hebrew, between Hasdai Ibn Shaprut, the Jewish chief minister of the Caliph of Cordoba, and Joseph, King of the Khazars—or, rather, between their respective scribes. The authenticity of the correspondence has been the subject of controversy but is now generally accepted with due allowance made for the vagaries of later copyists. The entire controversy could be reprinted herein but I choose to not do so for my purpose is not in "proving" scribes but rather in bringing Truth of who are your enemies this day, 1991. I know that they are written by Arthur Koestler in THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE and if you wish to study them, please obtain the book if you can find it. I might say that the book was a Book of the Month Club Alternate Selection and may still be found if you look diligently enough. EXCHANGE OF LETTERS The exchange of letters took place between 954 and 961, that is roughly at the time when Masudi wrote. To appreciate its significance a word must be said about the personality of Hasdai Ibn Shaprut perhaps the most brilliant figure in the "Golden Age" (900-1,200) of the Jews in Spain. In 929, Abd-al-Rahman III, a member of the Omayad dynasty, succeeded in unifying the Moorish possessions in the southern and central parts of the Iberian peninsula under his rule, and founded the Western Caliphate. His capital, Cordoba, became the glory of Arab Spain, and a focal center of European culture with a library of 400,000 catalogued volumes. Hasdai, born in 910 in Cordoba into a distinguished Jewish family, first attracted the Caliph 's attention as a medical practitioner with some remarkable cures to his credit. Abd-al-Rahman appointed him his court physician and trusted his judgment so completely that Hasdai was called upon, first, to put the state finances in order, then to act as Foreign Minister and diplomatic trouble-shooter in the new Caliphate's complex dealings with Byzantium, the German Emperor Otto, with Castile, Navarra, Arragon and other Christian kingdoms in the north of Spain. Hasdai was a true uomo universale centuries before the Renaissance who, in between affairs of state, still found the time to translate medical books into Arabic, to correspond with the learned rabbis of Baghdad and to act as a Maecenas for Hebrew grammarians and poets. He obviously was an enlightened, yet a devoted Jew, who used his diplomatic contacts to gather information about the Jewish communities dispersed in various parts of the world, and to intervene -- PJ 28 -- pag. 195 on their behalf whenever possible. He was particularly concerned about the persecution of Jews in the Byzantine Empire under Romanus. Fortunately, he wielded considerable influence at the Byzantine Court, which was vitally interested in procuring the benevolent neutrality of Cordoba during the Byzantine campaign against the Muslims of the East. Hasdai, who was conducting the negotiations, used this opportunity to intercede on behalf of Byzantine Jewry, apparently with success. I think it appropriate to interrupt this narrative to talk facts. Do not think that suddenly God-revering Judaists stumbled upon the Khazars and formed a brotherhood and all was evil ever after. Don't be foolish. There had been evil groups totally integrated within the Judaists since long prior too our writing of history in these Journals. We are not even speaking herein about the Judeans as such. From the onset of "time" there were the adversaries of God present all over the place efforting at every opportunity to denounce and destroy the Truth of God. If you ones continue to take these scenarios as just another gambit on some Christian story--you are doomed. There are more evil adversaries of Christ and God in the so-called Christian churches than you will find anywhere in any group, dead or alive; and I think "dead" might fit the Christian Churches as a whole. Dear ones, it is not a matter of accepting or denying the Man Emmanuel "Jesus"--it is a refusal to recognize the “Christed path” not the Man. You MUST understand that evil was birthed on your place in far greater numbers than are God-following children of light. Earth is an adversarial dwelling place. We refer to it as a prison colony where those who would not come into balance and within the Creation's laws and cosmic rules were placed-sent, if you will, for reclamation and rehabilitation. Original sin? Well, I don't know what you mean by that phrase exactly, but the original sin was not that which is touted unto you--it is that your ancestors were simply a Godless bunch of hoodlums. There is no NICE way to put it. God told you then, He has told you now; He sent Christ teachers then and He sends them now--to show you the way back within the fold of Truth and Godness. If you as a planet full of people refuse to turn away from the evil things of the physical you are doomed to reexperience until you recognize your plight and set your path to right. Does this mean that ALL have to change? No, we can take as few or as many home when we return home as are suitable to go. At any rate one way or the other--planet Earth is going to be emptied of all evil that she might begin to be reclaimed and she is coming from metamorphosis into her new dimensional frequency and that which is left shall be healed, nurtured and recreated by God. Whether you move with her into her glory or transport to another experience is unto each of you. Our job as the Hosts come before God unto you is to bring you the Truth of it and He is coming to take those sorted ones who claim Him into His places of security. As a species you have moved into the places with evil and follow the adversary (anti-Christ). Does this mean that all Christians are anti-Christians? Most are. What about these “Jews and/or Khazars”? Most are--and most non-Christians are anti- Christ but those who follow that Christ path are not, they are of Christ and God.Christ is a state of being not a label of a given Man. If you are against the laws of God and The Creation--YOU ARE AN ANTI-CHRIST, no more and no less, and going to church every Sunday does not make you otherwise. It is simply that the Anti-Christ beings have chosen this route and "RELIGION" to hopefully prevail and bring the world into total evil. In the long-run it matters not for it is an experience as a school-room and after a given number of years the physical is put aside as being experienced, changed and rechanged. This is why Truth is being brought forth in this final cycle for you ones are ready to -- PJ 28 -- pag. 196 blow away the planet and it is not suitable that you do so. All ones will be given opportunity to accept Truth and change intent--if you choose "not" then so be it for you shall simply be left to experience in the absence of God. I promise you, threaten you--whatever you wish to call it--you will not be forced by any of God's Hosts to do either one--ours is to remind you of the Laws of Truth and God is the Word and so shall it come unto you and then YOU shall have responsibility for self! He certainly will not whisk you to the clouds in exchange for your false knowledge and the false teachings of those who deceive you. YOU will answer for your own intent, there will be no absolution because another MAN shed his blood 2000 years ago. It is the lighted path of Truth given for you to follow--not the bloody evil of killing at the hands of an evil mob which is intended for your learning. When the Christed Teacher told you that "I am the way, the Truth and the life and except through me shall no man come into the Kingdom of God", that is exactly that which he meant. He did not mean by "me, the Man, by some label or other"--BUT THROUGH THE ROUTE OF THE CHRISTED TRUTH. And so it shall be--absolutely, no if's, and's or "but I thought's"! Men shall be in the fields at a certain time and one shall be chosen and one shall be left--where will YOU be? I care not that which you CALL selves, i.e. Christians, Jews, Judeans, Khazars, Islamics and thus and so. God sees not your labels--He sees only Truth for GOD IS TRUTH and ONLY TRUTH SHALL COME WITHIN THE HOLY PLACES. “But I thought---”, simply will not cut the cloth, my friends. I tell you now that you may not go forth and denounce the Khazars and/or the Jews and find you have whipped the anti-Christ. I am only writing these portions of this Journal to allow you to see that you have been WRONG in your perceptions. Anti-Christ comes from all walks, all creeds, all colors and all human species, just as does Christ-ness. What I am telling you is that you blame and expect the wrong parties to show up at Armageddon. You look for your enemy closely, my friends, and find that you are they! You, along with the majority of the world, have fallen into the trap. What you should concern self about is how do you extricate yourself from the trap already sprung upon you. Then you watch the clues of the world events to see WHERE and from which direction thine enemy will strike--for that you can accept the prophecies for the enemy has already told you what to expect. If you are of God and/or God's Hosts in service--you shall be removed into security, at any rate. If you still serve the adversary in attention only to physical Earthly matters, ye shall undoubtedly forfeit that physical manifestation for you will have failed the lessons. I promise you that if you come into oneness with God--you will care not at the moment of earthquakes, etc., other than as a curiosity for ye will have prepared self against that day. I do not mean in a worldly manner--however, if ye have come into attunement with God and are receiving Truth in the WORD then you shall be otherwise prepared also. How many will make the journey home? You look around and tell me how many you discern living totally within the laws of God and The Creation? On a day like today, I would say we won't be too crowded aboard ship. How many will SEE GOD? ALL! Ah, but most simply turn away! Well, chelas, it is not a matter of letting someone else do it, of letting someone else walk the path. You ones had best begin to realize that you will each do for self in regards to God and no one on a bloody cross will do it for you-it's JUST YOU AND GOD, FRIENDS, JUST YOU AND GOD. THE REST OF THE HOSTS STAND ASIDE TO FLY THE SHIP HOME AND SERVE AS WORD BRINGERS AND WAYSHOWERS. I SHALL FEEL BADLY ABOUT ONES WHO -- PJ 28 -- pag. 197 MAKE POOR CHOICES BUT THEIR CHOICES ARE NONE OF MY BUSINESS AND GOD SHALL ALLOW THEM TO WALLOW IN THEIR EVIL UNTIL THEY TURN AWAY FROM IT OR ARE TOTALLY CONSUMED BY IT. BUT IF YOU THINK SOMEHOW THAT THE JOURNEY STOPS WITH DEATH OF THAT HOUSE YOU CALL "BODY", YE ARE GOING TO BE AWFULLY SURPRISED! NEITHER DO YOU TURN OVER AND ONE MORNING WAKE UP IN THE ARMS OF GOD AND ANGELS WITHIN THE HOLY CITIES. WITH GOD, YES, IN PERFECTION--NO! PERFECTION IS WITHIN AS IS GOD AT EVERY STEP OF ALL JOURNEYS. TO COME INTO THE HOLY OF HOLIES INTO AND WITHIN PERFECTION- YE MUST BECOME PERFECTED AND YE DO IT NOT BY BREAKING THE LAWS AS GIVEN FROM THAT PERFECTION. SO BE IT. HOW IT CAME TO BE According to his own account, Hasdai first heard of the existence of an independent "Jewish" kingdom from some merchant traders from Khurasan in Persia, but he doubted the truth of their story. Later, he questioned the members of a Byzantine diplomatic mission to Cordoba and they confirmed the merchants' account, contributing a considerable amount of factual detail about the Khazar  Kingdom, including the name--Joseph--of its present King. Thereupon Hasdai decided to send couriers with a letter to King Joseph. The letter contains a list of questions about the Khazar state, its people, method of government, armed forces, and so on, including an inquiry to which of the twelve tribes Joseph belonged. This indicates that Hasdai thought the Jewish Khazars to hail from Palestine-- as the Spanish Jews did--and perhaps to represent one of the Lost Tribes. Joseph, not being of Jewish descent, belonged, of course, to none of the tribes; in his reply to Hasdai he provides, as you shall see, a genealogy of a different kind, but his main concern is to give Hasdai a detailed--if legendary--account of the conversion-which took place two centuries earlier-and the circumstances that led to it. Joseph's narrative starts with a eulogy of his ancestor, King Bulan, a great conqueror and a wise man who "drove out the sorcerers and idolators from his land". Subsequently an angel appeared to King Bulan in his dreams, exhorting him to worship the only true God, and promising that in exchange He would "bless and multiply Bulan's offspring, and deliver his enemies into his hands, and make his kingdom last to the end of the world". This, of course, is inspired by the story of the Covenant in Genesis, and it implies that the Khazars, too, claimed that status of a Chosen Race who made their own Covenant with the Lord, even though they were not descended from Abraham's seed. It also, if nothing else, tells you it is a lie--FOR GOD DEMANDS YOU KEEP HIS LAWS AND ENEMIES AND WARS ARE NOT AMONG HIS LAWS EXCEPT THAT YE SHALL HAVE NEITHER! This should also begin to cement the clues that tell you MAN tampered with the Truth of God from onset and worsened with the WRITTEN word. The instructions and rules somehow got twisted to make sure whoever was uppermost in power got the special covenants as pronounced to be of God but pronounced of Man. But at this point Joseph's story takes an unexpected turn. King Bulan is quite willing to serve the Almighty, but he raises a difficulty: Thou knowest, my Lord, the secret thoughts of my heart and thou has searched my kidneys to confirm that my thrust is in thee; but the people over which I rule have a pagan mind and I do not know whether they will believe me. If I have found favour and mercy in thine eyes, then I beseech thee to appear also to their Great Prince, to make him support me. The Eternal One granted Bulan's request, he appeared to this Prince in a dream, and -- PJ 28 -- pag. 198 when he arose in the morning he came to the King and made it known to him... There is nothing in Genesis, nor in the Arab accounts of the conversion, about a great prince whose consent has to be obtained. It is an unmistakable reference to the Khazar double kingship. The "Great Prince' is the Bek; but it is not impossible that the "King" was the Bek, and the "Prince" the Kagan. Moreover, according to Arab and Armenian sources, the leader of the Khazar army which invaded Transcaucasia in 731 was called "Bulkhan". This is becoming boring even unto me and therefore I am going to simply say that by playing the Christians and Muslims against one another and by asking each as to which was more like their own religion--they replied Judaism and there you have it--by simple deduction and not wishing to fall into the traps of either the Christians (who weren't) and/or the Muslims, there was chosen a third route which would allow the rewriting of the rules to suit the needs and become, hopefully, the most powerful people on the earth. BUT WHAT HAPPENED? Let us shorten this a bit, also. Lots happened in the interim and the Khazars had a large empire. An important point, however, is that although they spread out and occupied, they always had their eyes on Palestine. In the twelfth century there was a Jewish Messianic movement and an attempt at conquest of Palestine by force. The initiator of the movement was a Khazar Jew, one Solomon ben Duje, aided by his son Menahem and a Palestinian scribe. And you better start to shudder right now for they wrote letters to all Jews, near and far, in all the lands around them and said that the time--had come in which God would gather Israel, His people from all the lands to Jerusalem, the holy city, and that Solomon Ben Duji was Elijah, and his son the Messiah". These appeals were addressed to the Jewish communities in the Middle East, and seemed to have had little effect for the next episode takes place only about twenty years later when it was started all over again. This time the movement originated in Khazaria but soon shifted to Kurdistan (yes, where those nice Kurds are tromping across the mountains today). Here David al-Roy assembled a substantial armed force--of local Jews, reinforced by Khazars--and succeeded in taking possession of the strategic fortress of Amadie, north-east of Mosul (yes, same one). From here he hoped to lead his army to Edessa, and fight his way through Syria into the Holy Land. The important thing about all this is the actual awaiting of the Messiah. I tell you again that if a man tells you he is the Messiah or the Christ returned and he walks in flesh and blood upon your places as physical man, he is false. It is not yet time of the embodiment and even in the tampered Bible it tells you, "Turn away from those claiming to be God". What is different herein? We come as the Hosts of God and we are not claiming to be God manifest. Dharma claims, for instance, only to be a secretary, certainly she does not claim to be God. Those who claim to be "the returned ‘Martyr’" simply are not. God does not come in secret, hide, have special elite groups of favored kin, nor does he cavort with those who do not keep His laws nor those of the Creation to the most tiny detail. There are great teachers on your place but if they claim the Christness or Godness as THE ONE then they are false, no more and no less. Neither God nor the Christ will come in any of the forms speculated to by MAN! Now, I am going to shatter some real "biggie" stories. How many of you think the "Star of David" belongs as symbol unto David who slew Goliath, or King David of the Old Testament? Ah ha! -- PJ 28 -- pag. 199 Sorry about that. We speak of David al-Roy, an assumed label, and of young Menahem who also claimed the title of Messiah as I just said earlier. Could it not now mean that if one comes from the line of David that it might well be David al-Roy the false Messiah?. Out of the movement among the Jews of the Middle East, David certainly aroused fervent Messianic hopes. One of his messengers came to Baghdad and instructed its Jewish citizens to assemble on the rooftops whence they would be flown on the clouds to the Messiah's camp. A goodly number of Jews spent that night on their roofs awaiting the miraculous flight--does this sound embarrassingly familiar to some of you followers of other touters of Truth who turned out to be indeed false? The rabbinical hierarchy in Baghdad, fearing reprisals by the authorities, took a hostile attitude to the pseudo-Messiah and threatened him with a ban. Not surprisingly, David al-Roy was assassinated--apparently in his sleep, allegedly by his own father-in-law, whom some interested party had bribed to do the deed. His memory was venerated, and when Benjamin of Tudela traveled through Persia twenty years after the event, "They still spoke lovingly of their leader". But the cult did not stop there. The six-pointed "shield of David" which adorns the modern Israeli flag, started to become a national symbol with David al-Roy’s crusade. Ends up being a national-religious symbol as false as the Khazars  who call themselves "Jews". This national-religious symbol of Judaism was long used interchangeably with the pentagram or the "Seal of Solomon"; it was attributed to David in mystic and ethical German writings from the thirteenth century on, and appeared on the "Jewish" flag in Prague in 1527. I realize it is shocking to find that your ANCIENT history only begins with recent rewritings and tamperings with those things you are led to believe are of Truth from the beginning of all time but it is simply not so. My hope is that, as you are able to digest a bit of Truth instead of lies, bit by bit you will finally get the picture that you have been sold the lie. It is time to put the mystical tales aside and come into the excitement and wondrous experience of the new, in Truth. You need no mystic gods or idols, no rituals or great volumes, you need only understanding within God. When we continue we will take up with the thirteenth century heritage of these Khazars who have efforted to hide their history in order to prevail this day upon your planet. I request a break please. Hatonn to clear. -- PJ 28 -- pag. 200 ---------------------------  NEXT PAGE