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The Khazars, part 13 BACK TO THE ARAB WARS During the long lull between the first and second Arab wars, the Khazars became involved in one of the more lurid episodes of Byzantine history, characteristic of the times, and of the role the Khazars played in it. In AD 685 Justinian II, Rhinotmetus, became East Roman Emperor at the age of sixteen. Gibbon, in his inimitable way, has drawn the youth's portrait: His passions were strong; his understanding was feeble and he was intoxicated with a foolish pride...His favourite ministers were two beings the least susceptible of human sympathy, a eunuch and a monk; the former corrected the emperor's mother with a scourge, the latter suspended the insolvent tributaries, with their heads downwards, over a slow and smoky fire". After ten years of intolerable misrule there was a revolution, and the new Emperor, Leontius, ordered Justinian's mutilation and banishment: The amputation of his nose, perhaps of his tongue, was imperfectly performed; the happy flexibility of the Greek language could impose the name of Rhinotmetus ("Cut-off Nose"); and the mutilated tyrant was banished to Chersonae in Crim-Tartary, a lonely settlement where corn, wine and oil were imported as foreign luxuries”. It must be noted herein that the treatment meted out to Justinian was actually regarded as an act of leniency: the general tendency of the period was to humanize the criminal law by substituting mutilation for capital punishment-amputation of the hand (for thefts) or nose (fornication, etc.) being the most frequent form. Byzantine rulers were also given to the practice of blinding dangerous rivals, while magnanimously sparing their lives. -- PJ 28 -- pag. 162 During his exile in Cherson, Justinian kept plotting to regain his throne. After three years he saw his chances improving when, back in Byzantium, Leontius was de-throned and also had his nose cut off. Justinian escaped from Cherson into the Khazar-ruled town of Doros in the Crimea and had a meeting with the Kagan of the Khazars, King Busir (or Bazir). The Kagan must have welcomed the opportunity of putting his fingers into the rich pie of Byzantine dynastic policies, for he formed an alliance with Justinian and gave him his sister in marriage. This sister, who was baptized by the name of Theodora, and later duly crowned, seemed to have been the only decent person in this whole series of sordid intrigues, and to bear genuine love for her noseless husband (who was still only in his early thirties). The couple and their band of followers were now moved to the town of Phanagoria, the present Taman, on the eastern shore of the strait of Kerch, which had a Khazar governor. There they made preparations for the invasion of Byzantium with the aid of the Khazar armies which King Busir had apparently promised. But the envoys of the new Emperor, Tiberias III, persuaded Busir to change his mind, by offering him a rich reward in gold if he delivered Justinian, dead or alive, to the Byzantines. King Busir accordingly gave orders to two of his henchmen, named Papatzes and Balgitres, to assassinate his brother-in-law. But faithful Theodora got wind of the plot and warned her husband. Justinian invited Papatzes and Balgitres separately to his quarters, and strangled each in turn with a cord. Then he took ship, sailed across the Black Sea into the Danube estuary, and made a new alliance with a powerful Bulgar tribe. Their king, Terbolis, proved for the time being more reliable than the Khazar Kagan, for in 704 he provided Justinian with 15,000 horsemen to attack Constantinople. The Byzantines had, after ten years, either forgotten the darker sides of Justinian's former rule, or else found their present ruler even more intolerable, for they promptly rose against Tiberias and reinstated Justinian on the throne. The Bulgar King was rewarded with a whole bunch (pile) of gold coins which he measured with his "Scythian whip" and went home only to get involved in the new war against Byzantium a few years later. Now isn't history fun after all? Justinian's second reign (704-711) proved even worse than the first: (but we know he didn't have his nose out of joint); "he considered the axe, the cord and the rack as the only instruments of royalty". He became mentally unbalanced, obsessed with hatred against the inhabitants of Cherson, where he had spent most of the bitter years of his exile, and sent an expedition against the town. Some of Cherson's leading citizens were burnt alive, others drowned, and many prisoners taken, but this was not enough to assuage Justinian's lust for revenge, for he sent a second expedition with orders to raze the city to the ground. However, this time his troops were halted by a mighty Khazar army; whereupon Justinian's representative in the Crimea, a certain Bardanes, changed sides and joined the Khazars. The demoralized Byzantine expeditionary force abjured its allegiance to Justinian and elected Bardanes as Emperor, under the name of Philippicus. But since Philippicus was in Khazar hands, the insurgents had to pay a heavy ransom to the Kagan to get their new Emperor back. When the expeditionary force returned to Constantinople, Justinian and his son were assassinated and Philippicus, greeted as a liberator, was installed on the throne--only to be deposed and blinded a couple of years later. There is a very sad and miserable point of this gory tale, dear ones. How much ransom shall ye pay the Khazars afore ‘tis over’? This little tale which seems so tedious unto ye all is to show the influence which the Khazars exercised over the destinies of the East Roman Empire--in addition to their role as defenders of the Caucasian bulwark against the Muslims. Bardanes-Philippicus was an emperor of the Khazars' just as is Henry Kissinger in this New World Order of death of planet. I can assure that at that time, and again today, the Khaquan (Khazars) were and are practically in overall -- PJ 28 -- pag. 163 control of Planet Earth! NEXT, I SHALL AGAIN LAY IT OUT FOR YOU--HOW THE KHAZARS BECAME CONVERTED TO "JUDAISM"-- AROUND AD 740. For now, I must release my scribe for we have a meeting tonight on the subject of UFO's and Hatonn intends to attend that meeting-- I am weary of that which is going on in this community as regards my co-workers. I believe any who have experienced my "visits" do not question the difference in Hatonn's presence and Dharma's. It is time you children of Earth Shan grow up for you are just about to spring the trap which will end all growing at all. I move to stand-by and I urgently ask that you pay attention for you are in serious trouble. Salu. Hatonn out, please. -- PJ 28 -- pag. 164 --- What shall ye do? Whatever you want to do! I can tell you how it is--YOU will decide that which to do if you desire to change it. Please, however, don't continue to tell me that "You have to do something about it, Hatonn and Hosts"!--NO, WE DO NOT. I, as a matter of fact, function in a balanced society of true freedom and, moreover, I have technology beyond any of your wildest dreams at my disposal. I can personally transfer an entire planet-sized mother-ship from one part of the universe to another- -instantly. Why would I bother with your little world--especially against the orders and regulations of the Cosmos? I do not HAVE to do anything except watch and/or leave and return to where I came from--or elsewhere. I, and my crews have come as Hosts sent of the one you call God who promised to return unto you. I am a functioning part of that promise--no more and no less. I will not, however, under any circumstances desert my people who are already in service on your planet--and yes, I can get them off instantly--intact! I do suggest you not give much thought to my identity other than to confirm my Truth. I suggest you read the material I bring, along with that of my traveling companions, and open your eyes. As to even the smallest details--how think you that Baker has a right to assure Shamir of Khazar (little gray alien, I josh you not!) heaps of millions more in funding to make up for this "terrible bombing" which was inflicted upon self. Saddam did not bomb "Israel". Saddam has not shot one bullet at the Kurds, furthermore! Baker is over there to make arrangements for your final sell-off, America, and check the status. Please also note that, because Jordan failed to agree with you on the Iraq War, you have now cut $55 million dollars of Jordan's relief aid and stopped the World Bank Loan Guarantees. I bow my head in shame that I have failed to awaken you in time. It shall most surely be a painful time ahead for your planet and the agony within my being is indeed overwhelming to bear. -- PJ 28 -- page 166 I honor my brothers, G & D, as they effort to allow you insight--from experience and their own experience and then bringing you our messages as quickly as they can. It is indeed hard for a "rich man to pass through the gates of heaven"--but there is one who has done so. Little Desiree' came forth as a flower closed tightly into the bud and terrified and, quite frankly, not wanting to see and perceived she would "lose" everything of value. Ask her today--"What is of value?" In the time of gathering--all earthly gain becomes of insignificance as ye find the peace and purpose within--one even begins to see the fur coat from within the spirit of the animal from whom it was stolen. Does that mean that you should not have a fur coat? Does it honor the dead animal to throw the coat away? NO, each action is judged at the moment. If ye have a fur coat--honor the beast who gave all and wear it with love and joy that his gift might be worthy and treat the garment with respect. But do not kill again, for thine vanity! YE SHALL NEVER EXPERIENCE GREATER ABUNDANCE THAN THE PRESENCE OF GOD--THERE SIMPLY IS NOTHING OF PHYSICAL IMAGININGS WHICH IS WORTH EVEN A PITTANCE IN CONSIDERATION RELATIVE TO THAT PRESENCE. Does this mean no more wondrous things of Earth? No, it means that as you can let go of all Earthly things, ye can have total abundance in its proper perspective. And moreover, when you have achieved that point--ye will not have to ask if you have reached attainment or how to attain it. Let us turn now, to the time of the Khazars in which the Judean "faith" was taken on as their shield to hide their lies. BACK TO KHAZAR As we have been writing on the subject, the next chronological point of view, the next event, should be the conversion of the Khazars to Judaism, around AD 740 (hardly sounds like the birth or death time of the one you called Jesus). But to see that remarkable event in proper perspective, you should have some idea of the habits, customs and everyday life among the Khazars  PRIOR to the conversion. Eyewitness reports on your level of experience are indeed absent but ones of great ego always leave signs and proof of their passage and oral traditions are handed down and the myths are again proven by uncoverings of tell-tale facts. So what you do have are mainly second-hand accounts and compilations by Byzantine and Arab chroniclers, which are fragmented but sufficient. One bit of sure evidence is a letter from a Khazar King which I will give you later; the other is a travelogue by an observant Arab traveller, Ibn Fadlan, who--like Priscus--was a member of a diplomatic mission from a civilized court to the Barbarians of the North. I am efforting to stick to accounts which CAN be PROVEN if you look for the records--I am not here in the business of mystical magician, fortuneteller or past-seer, my point is to give you information which you can check out in your own research--if you care enough and do not trust that which I bring--go look up the documents of historical information. Some, alas, have been locked within "archives" where you-the-people are not intended to get your hands upon the volumes. Also, books written and published dealing with these matters are removed from the shelves, destroyed and are allowed very little circulation. But as. God always provides-- enough survive and when man is ready to save his own neck and find Truth--it is there to be found. -- PJ 28 -- pag. 167 The court was that of the Caliph al Muktadir, and the diplomatic mission travelled from Baghdad through Persia and Bukhara to the land of the Volga Bulgars. The official pretext for this grandiose expedition was a letter of invitation from the Bulgar King, who asked the Caliph (a) for religious instructors to convert his people to Islam, and (b) to build him a fortress which would enable him to defy his overlord, the King of the Khazars. The invitation--which was no doubt prearranged by earlier diplomatic contacts--also provided an opportunity to create goodwill among the various Turkish tribes inhabiting territories through which the mission had to pass, by preaching the message of the Koran and distributing huge amounts of gold bakishish. The opening paragraphs of our traveler's account are based on Zeki Validi Togan's German translation of the Arabic text and the English translation of extracts by Blake and Frye but I shall paraphrase a bit for you for expediency and a bit less tedium: This is the book of Ahmad ign-Fadian ibn-al-Abas, ibn-Rashid, ibn Hammad (Hatonn: Do you still think it unthinkable that Judas Iscarioth could have been misrepresented, even by accident, as Judas Iscariot? Can anyone, without looking, repeat the names I have just written? Even one of them? So be it.), an official in the service of [General] Muhammed ibn-Sulayman, the ambassador of [Caliph] al Muktadir to the King of the Bulgars, in which he relates what he saw in the land of the Turks, the Khazars, the Rus, the Bulgars, the Bashkirs and others, their varied kinds of religion, the histories of their kings, and their conduct in many walks of life. The letter of the King of the Bulgars reached the Commander of the Faithful, al Muktadir; he asked him therein to send him someone to give him religious instruction and acquaint him with the law of Islam, to build him a mosque and a pulpit so that he may carry out his mission of converting the people all over his country; he also entreated the Caliph to build him a fortress to defend himself against hostile kings (actually, King of the Khazars). Everything that the King asked for was granted by the Caliph. I was chosen to read the Caliph's message to the King, to hand over the gifts the Caliph sent him, and to supervise the work of the teachers and interpreters of the Law....[There follow some details about the financing of the mission and names of participants.] And so we started on Thursday the 11th Safar of the year 309 [June 21, AD 921] from the City of Peace [Baghdad, capital of the Caliphate.] (Sic, sic--and you thought this wasn't pertinent information!) The date of the expedition, it will be noted, is much later than the events described in our prior notations. But as far as the customs and institutions of the Khazars' neighbors are concerned, this probably makes little difference; and the glimpses you might get of the life of these nomadic tribes convey at least an idea of what life among the Khazars may have been during that earlier period--before the conversion--when they adhered to a form of Shamanism similar to that still practiced by their neighbors in Ibn Fadlan's time. The progress of the mission was slow and apparently uneventful until they reached Khwarizm, the border province of the Caliphate south of the Sea of Aral. Here the governor in charge of the province tried to stop them from proceeding further by arguing that between his country and the kingdom of the Bulgars there were "a thousand tribes of disbelievers" who were sure to kill them. In fact his attempts to disregard the Caliph's instructions to let the mission pass might have been due to other motives; he realized that the mission was indirectly aimed against the Khazars, with whom he maintained a flourishing trade and friendly relations. In the end, however, he had to give in, and the mission was allowed to proceed to Gurganj on the estuary of the Amu-Darya. Here they hibernated -- PJ 28 -- pag. 168 for three months, because of the intense cold--a factor which looms large in many Arab travelers' tales if you have time to read them: The river was frozen for three months, we looked at the landscape and thought that the gates of the cold Hell had been opened for us. Verily I saw that the market place and the streets were totally empty because of the cold....Once, when I came out of the bath and got home, I saw that my beard had frozen into a lump of ice, and I had to thaw it in front of the fire. I stayed for some days in a house which was inside of another house [compound] and in which there stood a Turkish felt tent, and I lay inside the tent wrapped in clothes and furs, but nevertheless my cheeks often froze to the cushion.... Around the middle of February the thaw set in. The mission arranged to join a mighty caravan of 5,000 men and 3,000 pack animals to cross the northern steppes, and bought the necessary supplies: camels, skin boats made of camel hides for crossing rivers, bread, millet and spiced meat for three months. The natives warned them about the even more frightful cold in the north, and advised them what clothes to wear: So each of us put on a Kurtak [camisole], over that a woollen Kaftan, over that a buslin [fur-lined coat], over that a burka [fur coat]; and a fur cap, under which only the eyes could be seen; a simple pair of underpants, and a lined pair, and over the trousers; house shoes of kaymuht [shagreen leather] and over these also another pair of boots; and when one of us mounted a camel, he was unable to move because of his clothes. Ibn Fadlan, the fastidious Arab, liked neither the climate nor the people of Khawarizm and I can't actually say as how I could blame him greatly. They are, in respect of their language and constitution, the most repulsive of men. Their language is like the chatter of starlings. At a day's journey there is a village called Ardkwa whose inhabitants are called Kardals; their language sounds entirely like the croaking of frogs. They left on March 3 and stopped for the night in a caravanserai called Zamgan--the gateway to the territory of the Ghuzz Turks. From here onward the mission was in foreign land, "entrusting our fate to the all-powerful and exalted God". During one of the frequent snow-storms, Ibn Fadlan rode next to a Turk, who complained: "What does the Ruler want from us? He is killing us with cold. If we knew what he wants we would give it to him". Ibn Fadlan: "All he wants is that you people should say: 'There is no God save Allah''. The Turk laughed: "If we knew that it is so, we certainly should say so". There are many such incidents reported by Ibn Fadlan without appreciating the independence of the remarkable mind which they reflect. Nor did the envoy of the Baghdad court appreciate the nomadic tribesmen's fundamental contempt for authority. The following episode also occurred in the country of the powerful Ghuzz Turks, who paid tribute to the Khazars and, according to some sources, were closely related to them: The next morning one of the Turks met us. He was ugly in build, dirty in appearance, contemptible in manners, base in nature; and we were moving through a heavy rain. Then he said: "Halt". Then the whole caravan of 3,000 animals and 5,000 men halted. Then he said: "Not a single one of you is allowed to go on". We halted then, obeying his orders. (Obviously -- PJ 28 -- pag. 169 the leaders of the great caravan had to avoid at all costs a conflict with the Ghuzz tribesmen.) Then we said to him: "We are friends of the Kudarkin [Viceroy]." He began to laugh and said: "Who is the Kudarkin? I shit on his beard". Then he said: "Bread". I gave him a few loaves of bread. He took them and said: "Continue your journey; I have taken pity on you". The democratic methods of the Ghuzz, practiced when a decision had to be taken, were even more bewildering to the representative of an authoritarian theocracy--and even worse than is your democratic method where you can outvote anything or everything: They are nomads and have houses of felt. They stay for a while in one place and then move on. One can see their tents dispersed here and there all over the place according to nomadic custom. Although they lead a hard life, they behave like donkeys that have lost their way. They have no religion which would link them to God, nor are they guided by reason; they do not worship anything. Instead, they call their headmen lords; when one of them consults his chieftain, he asks: "0 lord, what shall I do in this or that matter"? The course of action they adopt is decided by taking counsel among themselves; but when they have decided on a measure and are ready to carry it through, even the humblest and lowliest among them can come and disrupt that decision. The sexual mores of the Ghuzz--and other tribes--were a remarkable mixture of liberalism and savagery: Their women wear no veils in the presence of their men or strangers. Nor do the women cover any parts of their bodies in the presence of people. One day we stayed at the place of a Ghuzz and were sitting around; his wife was also present. As we conversed, the woman uncovered her private parts and scratched them, and we all saw it. Thereupon we covered our faces and said: "May God forgive me". The husband laughed and said to the interpreter: "Tell them we uncover it in your presence so that you may see and restrain yourselves; but it cannot be attained. This is better than when it is covered up and yet attainable". Adultery is alien to them; yet when they discover that someone is an adulterer they split him in two halves. This they do by bringing together the branches of two trees, tie him to the branches and let both trees go, so that the man tied to them is torn in two. I stop hereat to remind you that the Ghuzz of which we are speaking became part of the Khazars--whose offspring have settled blessed Palestine and call it Israel. This is the tribe with which you have allied yourselves in this place called America. This is that which is eating your nation and has corrupted your people into doom. Think carefully about this thing that has come upon you like the plague and has destroyed your morals, you constitutional justice and deprived you ALREADY of your freedom. The anti-God of Christness has controlled your minds and turned you into confused and brain-washed beasts running about in haplessness. You were goodly and you were blind in your efforts to be just and fair and they have taken you completely and my compassion is great for you who see and my pity endless for those who remain blinded. It is not said whether or not the same punishment was meted out to the guilty woman. Later on, when talking about the Volga Bulgars, he describes an equally savage method of splitting adulterers into two, applied to both men and women. Yet, he notes with astonishment, Bulgars of both sexes swim naked in their rivers, and have as little bodily shame as the Ghuzz. -- PJ 28 -- pag. 170 NEXT PAGE