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The Khazars, part 11 "morality" in WORDS. The formalized verbal statement of the culture was something that Esu could oppose in human words. He did so for about three years. The Khazars had the clearest statement of a culture that took action against Nature; they had actually said that the imaginary "god" they invented had created the world and then "repented" his own creation. To one who had felt the faint breeze of an opposing cultural wind, and could recognize that the total flow of Nature moved in the direction of that breeze, it was clear that the direction advocated by "the law and the prophets", who proclaimed an anti-Nature "god", would lead all advocates of that culture to inevitable damnation. The primitive Nature-opposing culture had not only been formalized, it had also been stated in great detail by the intricate laws of the Khazars, by their verbose prophets, and by the numerous examples of action in their proudly preserved history of clever treachery. Esu chose the contrast of speaking against it in the simplest possible words. SOVEREIGNTY ACCORDING TO ESU He talked of Nature and of the God who clothed the lilies of the fields and valued the smallest sparrow. He denounced the law and the prophets and, ignoring the imaginary Khazar "god" who was presented as being external to his creations, Esu talked of a different God who was within and Father to His creations. The message of Esu was that perceptive people would realize they were of the Father. He said, "I am in the Father and the Father is in me". He told people they could go -- PJ 28 -- pag. 113 against the law and that was not important, they could go against what they called "god" and that was not important, but if they did not heed the Holy Spirit that was WITHIN them, they would be eternally damned. In simple, bare, inexact human words, there has never been a clearer statement of individual sovereignty. But Esu was placed at the weather front of masses looking for a messiah--looking for a leader of manipulated masses, a new spokesman for the imaginary "god" they had invented. They thought only of fighting the Roman culture of manipulated masses with their own, even more extreme, culture of manipulated masses. Human words were inadequate for something as important as Esu wanted to say. When He had said all that could be said by using inexact human words, He had to accept the bitter cup that words alone do not establish a culture. With courageous resignation He faced the fact that, even though the people around Him would not accept a culture opposite to the one that was leading them to damnation, He could still make a full statement to the whole world regarding that which came from the Holy Spirit, or Father, within Him in the language of the REAL GOD--in the language of Nature's God. He told his disciples that His time was approaching but that their time was yet to come. He planned to precipitate a battle in which they could take sides. He said to them, "Sell your coat and buy a sword." Then in the language of Nature and Nature's God, He spoke. As one who had violated no specific law of the mass manipulators--but as one who had denounced their total culture--He openly confronted the mass manipulators with full knowledge of what would happen. Having publicly proclaimed the sovereignty of an individual, He placed himself so that as an individual He conspicuously stood against the most clearly defined culture of manipulated masses that existed anywhere in the world, a culture that will tolerate no one who rejects the law and the prophets, a culture that will tolerate no one who obeys only the Holy Spirit within. Esu deliberately walked into a situation where He foresaw that his crucifixion would clearly show the mortal opposition which exists--unreconcilably--between the two cultures. In the language of Nature and Nature's God, His crucifixion proclaimed to all the world that the opposition between the two cultures is mortal and eternal, that compromise cannot be made, that one of the diametrically opposing directions must be chosen. And herein I might state that this Journal could well be labeled Vol II of THE PLEIADES CONNECTION for these are the teachings of truth without manipulation of either culture. These ARE the teachings of the brotherhood from afar--and furthermore it must, by now, make sense why it is so important for the manipulators to silence the Truth-Bringers. Especially at this time is this information highly dangerous to the manipulators for you are foundationed upon the basis of individual sovereignty as a nation of individual people. The manipulators have not yet accomplished all necessary constraints to enslave you but are well on their way to so-doing. You as individuals with ability to function as sovereign people are all but finished and the coming into being of the One World Order with central government by those who manipulate is all but written into history as accomplished. Ah but remember--it is never too late if Man awakens even unto the eleventh hour. He does, however, have to basically understand his circumstance. Crude, inexact human words do not pass the boundaries of different peoples and are seldom fully -- PJ 28 -- pag. 114 understood. In the universal language of Nature and Nature's God, Esu made the most significant and most eloquent statement ever made to the whole human species. The Khazars tried to ignore that statement. When they discovered that they could not simply ignore it, they tried to kill off everyone who tried to point out the significance of it. The Romans saw its significance and gave the Khazarian gangs license to exterminate Christians--no more and no less. Then one of the Khazarian butchers, Saul of Tarsus, came up with the idea of twisting the story backwards and actually making it support the Khazarian culture of mass manipulation (sorry Paul, but know son, ye bring that which is needed this day to the table that we might bring these things unto the masses of current human experience. Hold steady for all manners of opposition in all forms of manifestations are sent and continue to bind you but you shall be given to prevail and bring other fragments into peace as well as you bend not to the rigors and vicissitudes of human bombardment. Each now takes active roles in setting to straight the historical errors of experience and some will fail--again; but ones of Godly intent shall surely succed). The imaginary primitive "god" which the Khazars had invented purportedly demanded bloody sacrifices of the first born and finest before he would forgive their "sins". Everyone had heard Esu say, "I am in the Father, and the Father in me". Many had said that Esu was claiming to be a god. Saul conceived the idea that people could be made to accept Esu as the son of the imaginary "god" the Khazars had invented, and accept his crucifixion as a sacrifice that the imaginary god's law demanded for the salvation of all who had not obeyed that law. A ROSE---? Now I hope you ones have noted that I continue to utilize the word Khazar--but that is not actually the label appropriate. At the time of Esu the Khazars (by that label) were still in the confines of Europe. Therefore you must now look to that which "KHAZAR" means--"gaz" or "to wander", in other words, "nomads", and the first factual references which you will find to this group as "Khazars" came in a Syrian chronicle by "Zacharia Rhector", dating from the middle of the sixth century. So what can I possibly mean? I mean that this "culture" of people were already present and functioned as the anti-Christ even before the presence of the one you accepted or touted as "Christ". So what were they called? Well, some called them Canaanites--descendents of Cain the cursed. But this interrupts my chain of thought which I wish to project, please--without distraction to another topic. You ones must realize that this group also is represented in your church lessons as Pharisees. We shall come back to this discussion at another time-- just explicitly know that when I refer to Khazars, I speak of those who are now self-styled, so-called "Jews". The mob had demanded that the body of Esu be crucified. Saul conceived the idea of crucifying the spirit. Nietzsche, describing Paul's action in The Anti-Christ, wrote: "Once more the priestly instinct of the Jew perpetuated the same old master crime against history--he simply struck out the yesterday and day before yesterday of Christianity and invented his own history of Christian beginnings. What indeed, has not this evangelist (Paul, Saul of Tarsus) sacrificed to hatred! Above all the Savior, he nailed him (back) on his own cross". In spirit, Esu continues to hang there. Such conspicuous persons as Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell (who said, "I am proud to say I am a Zionist"! [KHAZAR /ELITIST]) encourage today's manipulated masses to drive more nails. Despite the fact that the "converted" Paul set up a chain of churches in Greece to promote the -- PJ 28 -- pag. 115 version of "Jesus" he had invented, many Greeks recognized and valued the clear and superb eloquence of the statement Esu had made. They saw it as far exceeding that made by Socrates; it was greater in both dramatic impact and clarity of meaning. Among the Greeks, people began making new commitments to the individual sovereignty that had bred them. The seed of their own culture had been resown. Inevitably there was conflict between the two stories. Arguments, attempts to derogate the opposition and attempts to reconcile the unreconcilable, gave rise to an enormous amount of verbal garbage. A hundred years after the crucifixion of Esu "Jesus" there were already over a hundred sects that called themselves Christian. Verbal garbage is a preparation of the ground for dogma. Acceptance of dogma is acceptance of the culture of mass manipulation. The Roman Emperor Constantine recognized the potential of mass manipulation in the garbage of conflicting ideas about "Jesus". (I would interrupt herein to ask my historian, Nora--how am I doing? I, Hatonn, am greatly indebted to ones who pay attention so that I don't err greatly in sequence of events. I find your history tedious and mostly unpleasant but I do effort at being accurate). In 314 A.D. the Emperor convened a council of the various "Christian" sects to study their teachings. At a subsequent council in 325 A.D. he selected the followers of certain doctrines for official approval--with the understanding that they would either absorb or destroy the others. THE PASSWORD Basically it was the false, totally reversed twist given the story of Jesus by the anti-Christ butcher that was made "official Christianity" by an Emperor wanting docile, dogma-controlled subjects. However, the most eloquent statement ever made regarding the mortal opposition between the two human cultures of humans was not easily crushed. The significant and eloquent statement Esu had made in the language of Nature and Nature's God persisted. Knowing how that statement had appealed to the Greeks, the priests of "official Christianity" used it as a passport of entrance to the guarded areas of individual sovereignty in Northern Europe. To the Northern Europeans, that dramatic statement, upholding their own culture and condemning the culture they condemned, made by some heroic individual in a foreign land was doubly acceptable. Its eloquence was coupled with individual heroism, and individual heroism had their respect no matter where seen. The straight story served as a passport for the Roman priests whose purported message was the teachings of the hero, who weaponless had defied the dragon (or serpent as Esu had called the underhanded Khazarian nation) so as to show the whole world the serpent-dragon's mortal opposition to the bare existence of a sovereign individual. Having gained passage, the priests gradually replaced the Christianity based on the straight story of Esu (Jesus) with the confusing garbage of Paul's anti-Christ "Christianity". Into this, bit by bit, was injected the Khazarian formalized dogma for promoting the primitive culture of mass manipulation. The manipulated killing--by their own kind--of millions upon millions of the people who had been deliberately bred by, and for, the culture of individual sovereignty began when something called "JUDAEO-CHRISTIANITY was made the "coin of the realm". -- PJ 28 -- pag. 116 The manipulated battle, between the confused people, soon developed so many facets that it was virtually impossible to distinguish friend from foe. The same battle is still going on throughout the Western World at this moment. The trigger that precipitates the destruction of those bred for individual sovereignty by others of the same breeding is still the same two-sided coin. The mass manipulators keep the confusion and destruction going as actively as their fullest efforts can promote it. Martin Luther challenged the head manipulators in Rome over the confusing garbage being passed out for forced feeding. While observing the widespread attempt to vomit up the incompatible foreign stuff that had been cunningly pushed upon the Northern Europeans, Luther became intensely disturbed that it was not only the formalized primitive dogma of the so-called, self-styled Jews that caused the problem; the flip-side of the Christian coin was also serving as a passport for the Khazarians (so-called Jews) themselves. While enviously admiring the clever new forms of deception practiced by the Catholic Church, the so-called Jews were intensely aware that it was their own system of mass manipulation that the Church was using to bring down those of the opposing culture. They felt jealously possessive of the anti-Nature "god" they had created in their own image; they wanted to move in and take over the power the Catholic Church had acquired over the proud, competent, Nature-loving Northern Europeans by making them bow their heads before the Khazarian "god". The Khazarian so-called Jews were like jackals moving in to feast on a lion's kill. Luther's violent words against their methods and against the very existence of the so-called Jews as a people are fully understandable. Now what happens? It depends upon how many individualists desiring sovereignty of person and nation there are left. The manipulators have and continue to join forces and gang up on you--fortunately for you, they can't relinquish desire to be head manipulator and this gains you some time for action and changes. Dharma, I apologize for such a very long day but this is such incredibly important information. Thank you, chela, for I know that you are weary. Have a good rest and we shall continue on the morrow. Good night, friends, and keep heart for we ARE MAKING GREAT PROGRESS--AS LONG AS MAN CAN REGAIN HIS "REASON" HE CAN PREVAIL AGAINST ALL ODDS. IT LS ONLY THAT INDIVIDUAL MAN HAS LOST HIS WAY. SO BE IT. Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn to clear. Cmdr. UFF-IGFC -- PJ 28 -- pag. 117 --- Further, to really understand all of this, you must know more about the historical evolution of the Khazars and thus we will close this portion and get some needed rest prior to starting again on such a massive subject. I am sorry, chelas, there is no longer way to separate these subjects--they are so interrelated that we will just move along in bits and pieces until we fit in some of the more urgent information. Thank you for your attention. Thank you for your love and caring which is flowing back to us each and every day-- THAT, dear ones, is the fuel for the engines that keep us running. As we come into brotherhood in unity of cause of God-ness, our strength builds and each step of the hard journey becomes worthy of the taking. One reason for the urgent need to disperse this information so rapidly is to offer protection and bring back into protection those daring ones who walked ahead and now MUST HAVE BACKUP BY THE "FREE" BRETHREN FOR SOME ARE ALREADY INCARCERATED AND CANNOT HELP THEMSELVES. WE MUST ATTEND OUR BROTHERS WITHIN THE HELL OF PRISONS AT THE HANDS OF THE EVIL CONSPIRATORS. WE CANNOT ALLOW THEM TO PAY THE FULL PRICE WHILE WE RIDE UPON THEIR SHIRT-TAILS OR SIMPLY ALLOW FAILURE. TIME IS SO SHORT, BELOVED ONES, BUT WE CAN DO IT IF WE WANT TO BADLY ENOUGH. You do not walk alone! You have called upon the Lord and He has sent his Hosts. So be it, and salu. Hatonn to clear. -- PJ 28 -- pag. 143 --- Before going further regarding historical foundations stemming from the Khazars, I must honor one who has shared Truth through the very words of a Judean regarding these self-appointed, self-styled, "Zionist Jews" (Khazar Elite). I honor Len Martin who puts to paper the stories of various ones fighting against the very group they once thought were their own. This particular quotation is from the Epilogue of a booklet written by Len Martin as told to him by HAVIV SCHIEBER, HOLY LAND BETRAYED. These men now give their lives to the undoing of this insanity and curse which has come upon the World. QUOTE: EPILOGUE ISRAEL CANNOT CONTINUE TO EXIST nor SHOULD IT EXIST-for the sake of all Jews (Judean). [Hatonn: we are quoting and we use the term Jew because it is used in the work--however, we shall enter the word Khazar at every appropriate entry. I also ask that the "Terminology" list be affixed in the forefront of Chapter One of this book. You must be explicit about that which is projected and received.] The above statement may seem strange to those Americans (Gentile and Jew [Judean]) who have been brain-washed by the Zionist controlled news-media about the status of Israel. The reality that Americans, especially the Jews (Judeans), MUST realize is this: After almost 40 years of existence of the State of Israel (Khazar), it should be abundantly -- PJ 28 -- pag. 171 clear to all open-minded people that the Marxist/Zionist (Elite) experiment has failed. The result has been terror, murder, bankruptcy, rampant inflation--and wars with no real peace in sight (nor intended). Israel (Khazar) is an armed camp whose policies are blatantly racist, and rightly condemned by the United Nations. Israel's (Khazar's) armies of occupation brutally oppress the people of the Arab lands, and because of United States blind support of Israel (Khazar), the U.S. has lost credibility and friends in the Middle East. It has also lost billions of dollars of business contracts. Add to this loss, the billions of U.S. taxpayers' dollars that have been poured into Israel (Khazar). There are ten questions that need serious consideration if there is to be any hope of peace in the Middle East, and if America is to once again be recognized as a champion of human rights. How long can we demand that Palestine be a Jewish (Khazarian) state when most Jews (Judeans) do not want to go there and thousands who emigrated there have already left or wish to leave? How long can we refer to Israel (Khazar) as a democracy when for 38 years it has remained a police state without a written constitution? How long can we attack Communism (Socialism Police State) and Soviet Russia and at the same time support an orthodox Marxist state of communes (kibbutzim) and Histadrut (labor organizations and Socialist enterprises)? How long can we cry out and condemn German and other Gentile atrocities while closing our eyes and even applauding atrocities by Israel (Khazar) against Semite Arabs? [Ah ha--finally got it!] How long can we dream of a permanent existence for a state called Israel when Israel (Khazar) cannot survive a single lost battle and the Arabs can survive thousands? How long can we demand from humanity sympathy and support for a "homeland" we Jews (Judeans) abandoned 2,000 years ago and in the same breath ask civilized men to reject the pleas of recently routed Palestinians? How long can we continue to deceive the Western World that Israel (Khazar) is the only bastion of anti-Communism in the Middle East when in reality: (a) Communist Czechoslovakian arms helped establish Israel (Khazar), (b) Soviet Russia voted for partition of Palestine and was one of the first nations to recognize the State, (c) Soviet Russia opened her gates and the gates of her Communist satellites for emigration of Jews (Khazars) to Israel (Palestine) and thus provide much needed military manpower? How long can we lure innocent and sentimental Jews (Judeans) with slogans of security and a full Jewish (Judean) life into the great atheistic unsecured ghetto called Israel, where in truth, every principle of Judaism is violated? How can we claim Zionism (Elitism)" solved" the Jewish (Judean) refugee problem by relocation in Israel (Palestine) when, in fact, it is the refugees who rejected Zionist (Khazarian -- PJ 28 -- pag. 145 Elite) temptations and who now live in security and prosperity in other lands and who support their impoverished relatives still trapped in Israel (Palestine)? How can we delude ourselves that Israel (Khazar) can continue to exist without permanent peace and accommodation with the subjugated Palestinians? Only by sacrificing exclusive labels like "Israel" and "Palestine" and drawing together in a free, non-sectarian "Holy Land State" can both these peoples find life, liberty and happiness. It should be obvious to any unbiased person (Gentile or Jew [Judean]) that Israel (Khazar) cannot continue to exist nor should it exist. I say this not only for the sake of the oppressed Arab people and for the sake of American Gentiles, but more importantly for the sake of us Jews (Judeans), for when enough Gentile Americans finally awaken to the truth about Marxist Israel (Khazar), all Jews (Judeans) will suffer. Continued occupation of the Holy Land by Marxist/Zionist Israel (Elite Khazars) will, with certainty, be the germ of wars in the Middle East and continued political, financial and moral degradation. Further, the danger of Israel (Khazar) provoking a global war is too great to be ignored. Only in the spirit of God and the founding fathers of this civilization--Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed, can peace and happiness in the Holy Land be achieved. --Haviv Schieber— END OF QUOTING. -- PJ 28 -- pag. 146 --- NEXT PAGE