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The Khazars, part 10 For the ADL, there is obviously one over-riding issue--Khazar--and old allies who don't agree become persona non grata. ADL Chairman Kenneth Bialkin, in a New York Times item (Aug. 19, 1979), said that "some black leaders have become persuaded by new left propaganda and have taken up with the worst of pro-Arab, anti-Israeli (Khazarian) elements". Bailkin called such blacks "troublemakers". BIGOTED EXTREMISTS A couple of years earlier, when black American workers wanted to comply with the Arab boycott of Khazar, the ADL said that a coalition including Blacks who said they would be the first to lose their jobs if Arabs withdrew their business, involved "bigoted extremists" linked to "anti-Semitism"--a good example of name calling when logic would lose the day and reason would be totally absent in the very fact that anti-Semitism means nothing in this instance for the term itself would indicate those involved would be anti-THEMSELVES! When the executive committee of the B'nai B'rith International Council met in 1960, the president concluded: "Positive action by the Jewish (Khazar) communities should be taken to combat Arab League propaganda", and "a program of counter-action to deal with the Arab League (duly registered) should be considered". ("Summary-Minutes B'nai B'rith International Council, Executive Committee Meeting January 26-27, 1960, Amsterdam, Netherlands") The B'nai B'rith, swearing that it is strictly a religious, charitable, and welfare organization, has taken an active role in getting funds from Germany as compensation or reparation to Khazarians who claimed to have been unjustly damaged by Hitler's government. A revealing insight into the procedure is offered by a B'nai B'rith "Memorandum to Members of the Board of Governors from -- PJ 26 -- page. 227 Maurice Bisguer" (Feb. 17, 1960)" "In accordance with the claims agreement resulting from West German B'nai B'rith negotiations, the predominant amount of funds is to be reserved for Israel (Khazar)." A typical issue of the "ADL Bulletin" would appear to have been conceived and composed in a Khazarian information office. The June, 1980 issue, for example, which happens to contain an uncomplimentary article about Liberty Lobby, begins with an article by Secretary of State HENRY KISSINGER (who was pictured receiving an award from the ADL) entitled "The Middle East". With subheads such as "No Negotiation with PLO", it contained nothing even remotely displeasing to Khazar, and lest you miss its real point, the following words are emphasized by being printed in a shaded rectangle: "While in office and after, I never believed and I do not believe now that the solution to the West Bank problem can be the creation of a Palestinian State"! (Henry Kissinger) OIL IS MENACE Inside the front cover of the same issue is a comment by ADL national director, Nathan Perlmutter. Leading off with the news that anti-Semitism, "..as we have customarily measured it", has been declining, he says that the greatest danger "to us" is oil because nations which want oil from the Arabs are snuggling up to the PLO, and, "in the hapless balance is Israel (Khazar)". There then follows a long, illustrated article on a trip to Khazar by M.S. Forbes, editor-in-chief of Forbes business magazine, a trip which had been suggested and arranged by the ADL. "He went at the suggestion of Maxwell E. Greenberg, the Anti-Defamation League's national chairman and Abraham H. Foxman, its associate national director, following a dispute between ADL, and "Forbes" editors over rejection of a league ad on peace in the Middle East which had been submitted for the Forbes annual Arabic Middle East edition. ADL felt the ad had been rejected because the magazine feared offending the Arabs...." So the ADL officers, suggesting "that a Forbes trip to Israel (Khazar) was long overdue", met Mr. Forbes in the Middle Eastern nation, introduced him to the right people in government, the military, and business, and showed him the country. Mr. Forbes, of course, loved Khazar and the Khazarian leaders, on whom he bestowed such accolades as "sharp, incisive", "perceptive, candid, with good judgments", "able, impressive", and "Oh, fabulous". Mr. Forbes likened America to Khazar and had nasty things to say about the PLO. The next article in the June, 1980 "ADL Bulletin" was entitled "PLO/Khomeini Connection". It dealt with the cordial relations between the PLO and the ever-unpopular ayatollah, and concluded that both "..share the goal of destroying Israel (Khazar)", and that "..to give them power is to whet their appetites, increasing their lust for destruction". POOR VANESSA REDGRAVE The actress Vanessa Redgrave narrated a film called "The Palestinian", which, although few who criticized it had actually seen it, outraged the ADL because it was reportedly anti-Khazar and contained an interview with the head of the PLO. There were vigorous efforts to prevent the documentary from being seen in the U.S. and to ruin Vanessa Redgrave's acting career. Arnold -- PJ 26 -- page. 228 Forster said on behalf of the ADL that to advocate the overthrow of Khazar was "the ultimate anti-Semitism". Miss Redgrave commented: "The American public cherishes its right to information and to form its own opinions. It should not be abrogated into the hands of a minority of fanatical Zionists (Elite) who want to destroy the Palestine Liberation Organization and lie about its aims." (Los Angeles Times, Jan. 18, 1978) In a pitch letter to ADL supporters on November 10, 1975, Dore Schary listed as examples of the ADL's good work: Suing the U.S. to thwart the Arab boycott of Khazar, exposing the collusion of other groups with the Arab boycott of Khazar, and persuading the Gulf Oil Company to repudiate and publicly declare that it will never again repeat a contribution to "the Arab propaganda campaign" against Khazar. Next on the agenda: "The recent vote in the United Nations attacking Zionism (Elitism) as 'racism'..." When President Jimmy Carter compared the Palestinian movement (to return to the farms and homes that had been taken by Khazar) to the U.S. civil rights cause, spokesmen for the ADL called the comparison "insulting", and "frightening". Arnold Forster exercised his gift for meaningless semantic smokescreening by calling the PLO "false revolutionaries" and "murderers" (Washington Post Aug. 3, 1979). On January 9, 1981, the ADL's headquarters publicly distributed, under the label, "News", a report called "World-Views and Middle East Policy", by Kenneth Jacobsen, which compared the probable Middle East policy of the incoming Reagan administration with that of the Carter administration. The entire discussion centers on the relative benefits to Khazar which would result from the different policies. Carter, the report said, had seen Third-World nations (Arabs) as essentially neutral, and to be won over through "friendly" approaches, which meant that the "U.S. would downplay Khazar as a strategic interest, would see the Palestinian issue as the central problem in the Middle East, and would make periodic overtures to the PLO." (Not good.) Reagan, on the other hand, would bring with him those who would see both a Soviet threat and an Arab oil threat. (Good.) By convoluted and illogical arguments, Jacobsen comes to the conclusion that the U.S. has shown "unnecessary obsequiousness. to the Arab world", and that the best way for America to meet the oil problem is to join more closely with Khazar in its hostility to the Arab nations. "With the new approach, there will be no hesitancy to support Israel (Khazar) as clearly America's most reliable ally and to identify Israel (Khazar) as a strategic asset to the U.S." Many examples could be cited to prove that the ADL, day after day, year after year, works within the United States as an agent in the service of a foreign nation. Not only are such political activities a violation of the Foreign Agents' Registration Act, but also disqualify the ADL from its tax-exempt status. This might appear to be "long time past" but, friends, it has only grown more and more blatant and completely open in its attempts to bring your nation into total and complete CONTROL and you are all but there. We will repeat a notice of interest which I utilized only a few days past. -- PJ 26 -- page. 229 AND JUSTICE FOR SOME "The Federal Election Commission HAS ADMITTED IT FOUND ON FEBRUARY 6, 1990, THERE WAS 'PROBABLE CAUSE' TO BELIEVE THE ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE OF B'NAI B'RITH AND THE AMERICAN JEWISH (KHAZAR) COMMITTEE HAD ILLEGALLY PAID FOR A SMEAR CAMPAIGN IN 1986 AGAMT PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE LYNDON LA ROUCHE. The FEC said that although the two groups broke a rule barring corporations from financial involvement with federal elections it decided not to prosecute because of 'the relatively low dollar amount at issue'. The FEC did not explain why it was only NOW making its decision known." No prosecution? Brothers, there are a lot of people, including La Rouche (who all he did was run for president of the United States in that "free" land, one nation under God with Liberty, and Justice for all) who are in PRISON! DIRECTLY DUE TO THIS ATTACK! How about another bit of confirmation? You understand that the $400 million dollars to go to Khazar for housing, etc. was held up a bit in disbursement because you objected to Khazar' s bombing raids into Lebanon. They objected and demanded even more money for their "suffering" and "anguish" and you gave it--along with releasing the funds ($400 million) with agreement to not build on the West bank, etc. So, here it comes, Headline article in the (back) pages of the press on March 21, 1991: "ISRAEL (KHAZAR) BREAKS ITS WORD. Israel's (Khazar's) government denies a report that it has already gone back on a promise to the Bush administration not to resettle Soviet Jews (Khazars) in Palestinian lands. That vow had to be made before Israel (Khazar) could get a $400 million housing construction loan it had been DEMANDING for months from the United States. But several thousand temporary dwellings for the incoming Soviet immigrants already have been set up in the Occupied Territories, and more are planned. Israeli (Khazarian) officials insist they have made no final decision on where the newcomers will live." It is never intended that the funds be paid back as a loan, nor was there any intent or consideration for NOT setting up the housing in the Occupied Territory of Palestine. Dharma, since this has been another day of bombardment of you and the computers, I think we might better conclude this segment at this point for we are not going to be allowed to make more input until we clear the bugs out of this equipment. We will just conclude herewith and take a break while I re-sort the electronics. I can only repeat--WE HAVE NOW GIVEN YOU THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO STAND AGAINST THE EVIL BEAST--WHAT YOU DO WITH IT IS UP TO YOU; BUT HE IS FURIOUS AND IS LASHING OUT IN EVERY DIRECTION. HOLD STRONG, CHELA, FOR WE HAVE YOU IN PROTECTION. THE ORGINS OF THOSE NOW CALLED KHAZARS IS FROM THE REACHES OF THE MOST EVIL VACATION SPOTS OF THE COSMOS. DO NOT CONFUSE THEM WITH THE TOUTED "LITTLE GRAY ALIENS" FOR THE KHAZARS ARE VERY HUMANIZED AND ARE THE TRIBES OF THE ANTI-CHRIST--IN PERSON! A suffocating atmosphere of threat, extortion, blackmail, character assassination, and falsehood hangs over the activities of the ADL and all the Khazar organizations. It is an atmosphere -- PJ 26 -- page. 230 deliberately poisonous of freedom of speech and thought, designedly stifling of the open exchange of ideas, and contrary to the provisions of the Constitution and to the most important considerations that motivated the American revolutionaries to create a new and independent nation in the first place. The ADL is alien in concept and subversive in operation. It is unethical, un-American and illegal. It operates as a thought police, smearbund and intimidation mafia using traditional American institutions and gullible citizens to further the foreign policy aims of a "foreign nation" and the political power of political Elitism and individual Elitists. Its "chutzpah" cannot be excused, nor can the actions or inaction of Americans who know of its outrages but because of fear, fail to stand against them. Nothing can be more important than to expose and contain this evil force. Nothing less than the safety of all Americans and the world ultimately, is at stake as irresponsible Elitists play Russian roulette with a world nuclear holocaust--boy, you ones just squeaked by this time by the very skin on your teeth--and it is NOT over, my friends. And further, I remind you--the next major thrust in the United States is to gain control of your weapons, pass gun restrictions and very soon confiscate, all weapons. Then the economy will collapse and you, dear ones, will be captured. Which will come first? I do not know--for it depends totally upon what you-the-people DO. THE ADL IS FIRST ON THE LIST OF THOSE ORGANIZATIONS FIGHTING FOR GUN CONTROL. Furthermore, in the "War on Drugs" you are now going to "GIVE OUT" needles to the addicts in Los Angeles. I somehow thought it was against the law to utilize illegal drugs. Oh well, what could a space cadet know about Earth reasoning? I can tell you one thing--it is now a SURE WAY to make sure the AIDS virus is spread more methodically! Salu Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Cmdr. United Federation Fleet Inter-Galactic Fleet Command -- PJ 26 -- page. 231 ----------------------------- ANTI-SEMITISM, JEWS AND KHAZARS STOP IT RIGHT THIS INSTANT: The Elite are in service to the Anti-Christ who is in final intent to completely control and have your world enslaved by year 2000 and all involved will continually tell you over the airwaves, etc., that they are right on schedule". Who is "running" the Elite? I have told you in a dozen ways in a dozen Journals--The Khazar Elite who have infiltrated under pretense, secrecy and deceit, into the very fiber of the planet. I ask you: WHAT HAPPENS TO ANTI-SEMITISM IF JEWS ARE NOT SEMITES? WHAT -- PJ 28 -- pag. 12 HAPPENS REGARDING THE NAZI HOLOCAUST WHEN YOU FIND THAT IT WAS BACKED AND CO-PLANNED BY THOSE DARK FORCES? WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU COME INTO INFORMATION WHICH IS TRUTH? DO YOU CAST IT ASIDE, DENOUNCE THE AUTHOR AND KILL THE MESSENGER? In this book in hand we begin, through history, to PROVE unto you that the true ancestors of Western "Jewry" were not Semites, but rather the warrior empire of the Khazars, a mighty power that converted to Judaism in the Dark Ages, and whose subsequent exodus gave birth to the mainstream of the so-called "Jewish" people as they now exist. How did you expect the Anti-Christ to appear? Did you think him to be your current enemy in some manner described by you? Why did you not THINK? It is obvious that the best way to fool all the people all the time is to come forth CLAIMING to be the very ones CHOSEN OF GOD--or, have you forgotten that you are dealing with the very Prince of Deceit? These deceivers marched across Europe after being pushed out by the Mongols and now have stolen Palestine through infiltration into and within the ruling bodies of your nations and have now gained control of the body of the Government in the United States after gaining control of the ruling body of Great Britain and the Soviet Union. -- PJ 28 -- pag. 13 --- Benefiting by a view that now stretches over two thousand years, you can recognize that the opposing cultural winds did not meet at the focal point where Jesus was born among the Judeans "just by accident". Although the Khazars were only a minor nuisance to the Roman Empire, they were the world's most pronounced weather front for the culture of manipulated masses. The Khazarian people exemplified the products of the manipulated mass culture more clearly than any people on earth. Also they advocated the culture, itself, more conspicuously than any people on earth. They had rationally and deliberately formalized the significant direction of the primitive culture by inventing a "god" who opposed Nature. Most current Khazars (now labeling themselves as so-called Jews) no longer believe any such "god" exists but, nonetheless, their well-known objective of "victory over nature" and their anti-Nature "morality", which they either claim was decreed by the "god" they invented or follows logically from their atheistic communism, remains the focal point of the tradition that coordinates their actions. According to the spokesmen for their "god" they are a people chosen by their "god" for the role of the world's manipulators. They are repulsed by any need for contact with Nature. Their spokesmen tell them that their "god" promises them that they need have no contact with Nature, that they can live off the milk and honey produced by other peoples. Their culture has bred them for such complete lack of respect for, and perception of, Nature that they remain totally blind to the fact that their objective of "victory over nature" would accomplish precisely what the regressive insects have "accomplished". It would push regression of the entire human species to the point of no return.When the cultural storm system developed, the core of the culture diametrically opposing the one the Khazars had formalized was isolated in Northern Europe. The Greeks, although biological products of that culture, had compromised it while trying to rule over peoples bred for mass manipulation. However, they had thirteen cities designed as samples of Greek civilization located around the area where Jesus was born. Although diluted and confused, some color, or breath of wind, suggesting the existence of an alternative to the culture of manipulated masses had permeated the area. A much keener perception than that usually found among the so-called Jews (Khazarians) was needed to sense the color, or feel the faint breeze, and to visualize what would happen if the culture indicated by the faint breeze came in full force. The culture had been weakened by the Greeks' compromises but, from the same direction as the breath of wind that hinted at an alternative culture's existence, could be sensed the movement that was the whole of Nature. The faint cultural breath told that the culture both supported Nature and was backed by nature. The suggestion, however faint, that such a widely different culture did exist would be enormously significant to anyone with perception who was caught in a squeeze play between the advocates of two cultures fighting for dominance--when both the cultures were just different forms of mass manipulation. The Romans had power over the Khazars. The Khazars bent to Roman rule in the open and fought it in secret. Born among the Judeans, Jesus was under the usual Judean pressure to side with the -- PJ 28 -- pag. 112 Khazarians against the Romans, but he recognized that they both moved in the same cultural direction and therefore, HE WAS OPPOSED TO BOTH! What mass manipulators have interpreted as the "non-violence" teachings of Jesus was something utterly different. Jesus advocated and practiced a policy of not taking sides between two systems that both had the same direction of mass manipulation--this held true much later with the group of Essenes who asked for his sanction and participation within their specific group--at which point he rapidly took total and complete leave of them while at the same time announcing to his people that they would CLAIM HIM TO BE ONE OF THEM. You must further understand that at that time the term or label "Jesus" was not attached to the entity at all. He was called Emmanuel, Esu etc. not Jesus. Paul later conjured and labeled the master teacher by that handle after traveling in Greece. If you know nothing of history and fact--how can you even know that which you worship?--for it is often false. COMMANDMENT NUMBER ONE This is the very reason God gives you a first commandment of "have no other Gods before ME". He is the very essence of life itself which lives and remains within each from the beginning of experience unto the ending and beyond into infinity--by whatever name you choose. If you WORSHIP none other, then there aren't apt to be errors in judgment by the WORD MANIPULATORS. Esu advocated giving no active physical help, which necessarily meant giving no active physical opposition, to either side. When talking about the cultures, Esu concerned himself primarily with that of the Judeans because the Kazar/Judeans had formalized the culture of manipulated masses and stated its Nature-opposing -- PJ 28 -- pag. 113 NEXT PAGE