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SPELT(A) BREAD Spelta is a grain all of its own unique being. It is the best fiber resource, has large amounts of B-17 (anti-carcinoma)-it is the grain GOD gave to the planet as "manna" when you were put upon it. The Spelta is more mildly flavorful than wheat and even ones allergic to wheat will have no allergy to Spelt. It is, however, VERY EXPENSIVE for it was all but removed from the market. We will arrange to find a conduit and keep you informed. We are finding that, in general, the cost is upwards of a dollar per pound--even in large batches for the most part. This means that in some health- food resource stores it is $2.50 a pound and up. --PJ 77 -- page. 56 Also,you can get Spelt flour and make cookies, muffins, biscuits or any flour product.This other is simply for convenience and FOR MY PURPOSES--FOR I PREFER YOU HAVE BREAD WHICH YOU CAN SLICE AND THEN TOAST. In the toasting comes a release of the substances which make the grain so incredibly good in the first place--AND THEN, BUTTER IT. I said BUTTER, not margarine. There is a substance in BUTTER which allows utilization of the important substances and allows the body fullutilization- -no other oil has it. --PJ 77 -- page. 56 This is why we are working on Spelt (and a specific type of Spelt--there are only four kinds) for it was the first food grain brought to your planet. ALL except the"common spelta" is "toxic". This means that it measures its environment and grows accordingly. This is a "thinking" grain. The"toxins" show up in varying degrees and once toxicity is established at a plus 2 or plus 3 (meaning contaminates such as pesticides and chemicals,etc.) it will not reproduce itself well, it will not make good breads, and soon. Genetically, the "common" variety (of which there is not very much around anymore) will continue to maintain itself in a"non-toxic" state or WILL NOT GROW. Spelta is radioactivity resistant and utilizes the higher wave light frequencies to advantage--not to storeradiation for the unsuspecting "eater". PROTEINNEEDS Now,this is fine for "grain" but what about proteins? It is interesting to note that the proteins in the Spelt are not as useful as might be thought. It is for other things that Spelt is valuable-- not protein. There are several proteins in the grain but we consider that some of the proteins which "become" present in the "toxic" grain are what causes it tobe labeled "toxic" in the first place. So, you will need chlorella (algae), possibly yeast, and of course, you knew I would eventually get there--lentils (red preferably) and SOYBEAN curd, sprouts, tofu, milk and thusand so. So, I annoy the planters (who are not farmers but are becoming so) with, "Now, get some non-hybrid quality from the same "Common Spelt" resource--and lay out some fields as soon as we can have enough funds to lease them as purchasing is out of the question this season. The Spelt needs to go in the ground very, very soon to attend its winterizing. --PJ 78 -- page. 64 Healing properties: Warming thermal nature; sweet flavor; strengthens the spleen and pancreas; moistens dryness; nurtures the yin fluid and structural aspect of the body; and benefits the frail and deficient person. It is often used for treating diarrhea, constipation (use whole berry), poor digestion, colitis, and various other intestinal disorders. -- PJ 83 -- page. 14 This is a relative of wheat with origins already established in Southeast Asia so we know growing conditions will be superb. Spelt was brought from the Middle East more than 9,000 years ago so we have a tested product. It has since spread over the European Continent. Very recently, spelt has enjoyed renewed popularity in Europe as a result of translations of mystical writings of 12th century healer St. Hildegard of Bingen, who praised spelt as the grain best tolerated by the body. Until the last few years, spelt in America has been fed mostly to race horses and livestock as a replacement for oats. Today it is used in the West in much the same way as wheat; the main distinction is that people with allergies to wheat frequently do not react to spelt. Although spelt contains gluten, those with gluten sensitivity--even celiacs--can usually tolerate it. In addition, spelt is appreciated as much for the hearty nut-like flavor as for its healing qualities. The grain berry grows an exceptionally thick husk that protects it from pollutants and insects. It is stored with its husk intact, so it remains fresher. Thus, unlike other grains, it is not normally treated with pesticides or other chemicals. The strong, protective husk may also be a metaphorical signature of this grain's capacity to strengthen immunity. This property in this particular instance is also noted for being extremely efficient as an insulation in building materials--lightweight and extremely durable with anti-radiation properties. I would note, however, that it has a mind of its own so unless you make it clear that rotation of crops is necessary, you will have some major decrease in harvest in about the third year. You need to rotate with legumes and corn in six year segments--or so, it is not mandatory to use this rotation plan but otherwise you will have some failures. Red lentils should, however, also do very well in that climate. I realize that your capacity as church contributors and your personal interest inthe area is uppermost--but we must always hold in our hearts and minds that investors must have substantial and productive product if they are going to support such a long-distance project--even if it is humanitarian. Spelt is richly supplied with nutrients. In general, it is higher in protein, fat and fiber than most varieties of wheat. An important feature is its highly water-soluble fiber, which dissolves easily and allows for efficient nutriënt as similation by the body. To use spelt in baked goods, cereals, and other dishes calling for wheat or other grains, substitute it one for one. This always comes up in "food preparation" circles. Never mind, however,it is not so simple as that--you will likely always have to add gluten (from wheat) to give satisfactory yeast products. I mention this because a grain that does not handle well, in this decade, will not be accepted. Further, there is enough sweetness in the flavor that it is so desirable as a fermenting crop that you might run into some debate over the desirability of attaching to the brewing business. It would be better to do as you are, and stress the qualities for health and the durability for growing--this grain will take what it needs greatly from the atmosphere [air]. Please do stress the fact that in the health circles of the U.S. and places like Germany, in Europe, Spelt is becoming widely available in the form of pastas, cereals, breads, flour, and whole-grain berry. When using spelt for healing debilitated conditions, it is often best in a thin porridge or congee. At a major clinic in Konstanz, Germany, spelt has been used as an adjunct in the treatment of many disorders, especially chronic digestive problems of allkinds, chronic infections (herpes, AIDS), nerve and bone disorders (Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, arthritis), cancer, and antibiotic side effects. --PJ 83 -- page. 15 SPELT BREAD This is a problem to some who have no access to Spelt. Spelt is, however, THE gift of GOD to your planet as the “original” grain. It is deliciously milder than wheat, non-hybrid and is so far superior to other grains as to be almost incomparable. If you cannot get Spelt bread or grain, of course, use the best whole grain bread you CAN get. OUR RESOURCES WILL BE ABLE TO SUPPLY YOU WITH SPELT IN ONE FORM OR ANOTHER. THEY ALSO ARE SETTING UP A PROGRAM WHEREBY YOU CAN OBTAIN A BREAD MACHINE FOR YOUR USE AND “BREAD MIX” WHICH IS SUITABLE FOR SAME. THE FLOUR IS NOT INTERCHANGEABLE IN MOST INSTANCES BUT CAN BE ADJUSTED NICELY IF TIME IS TAKEN TO DO SO. THERE ARE, HOWEVER, SUBSTANCES IN SPELT THAT NO OTHER GRAIN HAS AVAILABLE AND SPELT IS ALL THAT I RECOMMEND. OTHERS ARE SIMPLY FILLERS FOR THE TUM- TUM. IN THE UPSTART PROGRAM YOU WILL INGEST PROBABLY MORE THAN YOU WANT, IT WILL SEEM, FOR IT IS A MAGNIFICENT BREAD UPON WHICH YOU COULD LIVE NICELY WITH NOTHING ELSE ADDED. HOWEVER, OUR THRUST IS AFTER, AMONG OTHER THINGS, THE FIRST TWO “B” VITAMINS AND B17. B17 IS AN “ANTI- NEOPLASTIC” SUBSTANCE WHOSE PRESENCE IS NOT FOUND ELSEWHERE IN ANY AMOUNTS ALLOWABLE TO YOU ANY LONGER. TOASTING THE GRAIN OR BREAD HELPS RELEASE THE VITAMIN AND ALSO THE ADDITION OF BUTTER (NOT IMITATION) INGESTED WITH THE GRAIN ALLOWS TWICE, OR MORE, THE RELEASE OF THAT VITAMIN. If you cannot bring yourself to have butter on every piece of bread you eat--I do ask that you have at least one tablespoon of butter per day insome way. It has properties that no other fat carries. As you get your body back into BALANCE you will find that it is the very thing you go through now which got you into the unbalanced mess in the first place. If your system is able to work as it should--IT CAN BALANCE ITS OWN PERFECTION WITHOUT YOUR CUTTING IN OR OUT ITEMS FROM A REGULAR DIET. YOU HAVE MADE YOUR BODIES SICK. IT IS UP TO YOU TO GIVE THEM, NOW, WHAT THEY NEED TO HEAL THEMSELVES. --PJ 84 -- page. 70 [H:Whole grain SPELTA IS a whole product food. If, by the way, you get your Spelt bread mix from Gaia (us), you are getting freshly ground grain right off our mill. If your whole grain mix or flour fails to raise properly to your desires, add a teaspoon or so of water, substitute in a tablespoon of vinegar (preferably Kargosic/Kambucha vinegar) for a tablespoon of water and add atleast 1 rounded tablespoon of WHEAT GLUTEN. It is the absence of gluten in common spelta that causes lack of rising. If you have allergies (which you won't if you try this bread) then just don't have such fluffy bread and add no gluten. Dharma ALWAYS also keeps sprouting spelt of the common variety and, just as it pops the seed, uses at least half a cup of the burst grain in each loaf of bread. If you are using a bread machine, add it right at the beginning of the cycle. This one addi-tion almost DOUBLES the value of the bread. Then in every soup or stew or wherever it is desired she adds wheat bran, oat bran or spelt hull. The addition is totally unnoticed if added to cooked refined --PJ 130 -- page. 49 cereal--except in almost immediate improvement in health. You would prefer the"bran" of spelta but we don't have any "bran" as such to any great extent because I have asked that the spelta NOT EVER BE REFINED. The hull is great but it is quite fibrous and sometimes objected to in other foods. Bran is totally absorbed. The people around here have made pasta, cookies, evencakes from the spelta flour and although the product is "heavier" than refined, especially cake grind, flours--it is especially tasty when fresh. The lovely thing, however, is that if you make sure you get an abundance of bran and whole grain products—you can have those treats of refined variety as you wish. The problem here, of course, is that the over indulging in refined foods will pile up the unwanted pounds. When we speak of balancing a diet, however, you are going to have to cleanse out those parasites because the parasites are feeding on all the nutritious foods you are intaking. They enjoy the refined foods but only as discard. 100% of theAmerican people carry parasites (intentionally) and because of the focus on junk food, there are not enough nutrients reaching your systems to sustain a healthy body. Get rid of the parasites, stay rid of the parasites and eat plenty of whole grains, preferably spelta, and you will be amazed at your well-being, memory pick-up and thus and so. It will help to get yourselves some of the other products offered here because I have balanced them to your needs and supplementation. You could survive FOREVER on a couple of pieces of buttered spelt bread, a few lentils and Kargosic/Kambucha tea and remain in EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD HEALTH.] For along time we preferred it (whole grain product) in bread and mush to any otherfood. We even liked it first (the whole grain berry) raw and would sometimes make a meal on raw wheat meal with a little milk. We quartered our potatoes and cast away the "hearts", the starchy part, to compensate for the excess of starch which we had been consuming. Sometimes we would put the flour into a sugar or salt sack and shake out the starch to give a stronger percentage of the alkaline compounds of the grain. We ate our fruits and vegetables raw and unpeeled, in moderation at first. We were astonished at the results. In two weeks it was plainly discernible that the whole family were improved in health, and the improvement has continued for the three years since. I, who had been practically an invalid for ten years, prematurely old, losing my memory, and with a chronic cough, have so far recovered as to be stronger than in the "prime" of my life. I had been saved from the fatalism that had hung over my life, but my youth was passed, my mission in the world thwarted. There was left to me now but one purpose--to save others from a like fatalism. --PJ 130 -- page. 50 Why do all of you think I request you to change to whole grain spelt and bothered to introduce ability to get bread machines at discount, flour and MIXES? We have to do these things properly, under regulations which are set to STOP us, not help us. We do the best we can and you are going to have to do your part. The very disease "Polio" was predominantly a "deficiency" disease wherein there was also introduced a viral microbe and bodies were left with no ability to recover without permanent damage. You will note that the nice white-bread producers HAVE TO FORTIFY (ADD) VITAMINS AND ESPECIALLY "THIAMINE" to product. That is no accident as the facts WERE SO OBVIOUSLY INTENTIONAL that the deceivers couldn't get away longer with avoiding notice. There were laws passed requiring fortification of bread and, as people stopped making bread at home, the noticeability of "dis"ease was more and more obvious as to cause. As ones go back now to bread machines for the "impression" of baking from scratch--the disease will heat up again--from overmilled flour in the prepared mixes and flours. REMEMBER--I CAN ONLY "SUGGEST" AND GIVE YOU" REASONS". YOU MUST DO WHAT YOU WILL DO! The people HERE have made available at minimum expense the things as we present them. If you choose to not use them we cannot help it--for choice is yours. As with aluminum cooking pots, we can, I suppose, carry glassware pots or stainlesssteel cookware but it is readily available in all markets. If aluminum is covered with non-stick or anodized, you can use it--especially for non-acidfoods. Now, for other toxic minerals which you have already used predominantly and now reap rewards, i.e., aluminum, etc., I suggest you use "fluoridated" toothpaste. This gives just enough to counter the toxic minerals of minute parts of aluminum and lead and, if kidneys and liver are not already too damaged, will produce "salts" which can be excreted by a normal body system. You ones have lived like this all your lives and now you want to BLAME US for not telling you? Good grief, people, THIS VERY INFORMATION HAS BEEN AVAILABLE TOYOU SINCE 1929. Further, nobody comes along and relieves us of having to go to weekly court sessions, work with NO INCOME, keep us from LOSING everything to people like George Green(berg) and Rayelan Russbacher. Perhaps we can get more quickly to these things if somebody helps us struggle through these problems and helps pay the lawyers' fees. So far a tiny handful have had to do the struggling, do the offering, do the giving and do the paying. The complaints of our shortcomings are getting a bit wearing on the receivers of same. What is really going to tic you off is when we tell you that almost ALL of the Health Food presentations and rigorous regimens such as no fat, no butter, no this and no that--are ENHANCING THE PROBLEM--NOT FIXING IT! ONE BY ONE YOU ARE DELIBERATELY SHUTTING DOWN YOUR SYSTEMS, ORGAN BY ORGAN, THROUGH YOUR FOOLISHNESS AND CRAZE TO BE THIN OR WHATEVER ELSE IS THE GOING FAD OF THE MOMENT. YOU CLAIM TO SEEK GOOD HEALTH WHILE YOU MARCH DIRECTLY TO THE PITS AND NOW YOU WANT TO THROW ROCKS AT US FOR NOT TELLING YOU THIS INFORMATION SOONER! WE HAVE NO MORE THAN 1,500 SUBSCRIBERS SO I DON'T BELIEVE IT IS "YOU" WHO HAVE A RIGHT TO COMPLAIN. WHERE ARE ALL THOSE OTHER PAPERS WHO SUPPOSEDLY GIVE YOU INSIGHT AND TO WHICH MILLIONS OF YOU SUBSCRIBE? MAYBE, READERS, THERE WON'T BE A WHOLE LOT IN NUMBERS MOVING WITH US. THE PLAN (REMEMBER?) IS TO ENSLAVE YOU-THE-PEOPLE, WIPE OUT "CHRISTIANITY" AND "CHRISTIANS" OF ALL TYPES, RACES AND COLORS, AND THE ELITE PLANNERS CONTROL WHATEVER IS LEFT AS TO PROPERTY AND PEOPLE. --PJ 130 -- page. 71 I'm sorry, readers, but your children are being immunized right into seizures and hyperactivity and total incontrolability. This is ENHANCED by poor food quality intake--in favor of the things "they like" and the junk they have to eat because there is nothing else offered. I can promise that such as "Josh" will be a CHANGED CHILD after only 10 days of intake of high whole grains and either remove milk as you get it in the stores or make sure it has added acidophilus. Put butter on his WHOLE grain (not the colored stuff you get called whole wheat) or pure spelt bread mix or whole ground spelt flour pasta (get a machine if you don't know how to make pasta) and mothers and fathers are going to have to start sharing responsibilities of homemaking, cooking and/or allow the mother to stay home and attend the home and children. One or the other seems to be the HARD choices but you have lost your desire for nurturing in exchange for having things and making a standard of living up to your own wishes at the expense of the children's welfare. It may well be"necessary" but it is not paying off in quality of living. Success does not come with being "just" able to stay home, for look at the total disaster of welfare homes--do you think food stamps go for buying the whole grains and vegetables for health? No--the whole point is to allow the welfare recipients the same INCREDIBLY BAD LIFE-STYLE AND FOOD STYLES OF THE RICH--to dumb-down and stupefy and sicken them. The last thing you need to do, however, is go through the total silliness of dressing in long dresses and aprons and move to the primitive wilderness. You need to do what you do in the environment where you live. You don't have to move to the country and knead bread from a wooden bowl. However, it doesn't really work to have a bread machine in the wilderness where there is no electricity. Can't you figure out the wisest way to utilize the GOOD THINGS of your generations without dropping out of the universe? One thing you can do is stop wasting money on exercise machines and go hoe and till and plant a garden, paint your house, clean your floors and do some WORK instead of spending your money for which "YOU HAVE TO" WORK TWO JOBS TO spend on foolish machinery and memberships which only add weight and lining to the pockets of what turns out to be your enemies. If your bag is mountain climbing for sport, cycling for sport, surfing for sport--try balancing on a "charging machine" for energizing batteries or climbing up and down a ladder with a paint can and window-washing mop. I HAVE NO PATIENCE WITH ANYONE WHO SAYS, "I CAN'T"! There are a lot of other things to attend this morning so please let us end this segment. If I seem a bit "hard", I do not apologize. It is YOUR life,YOU brought children into this world and I AM SORRY--BUT IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FIX THIS BROKEN HEAP OF GARBAGE YOU HAVE PRODUCED OR ALLOWED TO BE PRODUCED WHILE YOU DIDN'T NOTICE OR FELT YOU DIDN'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE PUT-UPON SO HEAVILY. I TRUST ALL OF YOU SEEKERS FOR "SELF" FOUND "SELF" BECAUSE YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET TOTALLY LOST NOW. WHY DON'T YOU "GROW UP" AND GET YOUR FAMILIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES TOGETHER AND DO SOMETHING WORTHY OF GOD? Salu. --PJ 130 -- page. 72 We are now growing here, right now, spelt. this is "Triticum Spelta" as separated from "Triticum Sativum" (which is wheat). So, it is a form of wheat but it is the oldest known grain to man. It is not a hybrid so can produce its own seed, etc. It can be gotten easily in health food outlets or ordered. I suggest, if you want to give it a try, home-made (or purchased) spelt bread. If you have facility for grinding--get the whole grain and grind it into flour and use as you would any flour of wheat. You can purchase the whole grain flour I'm sure. Tinker with your bread-makers, you who have them, or any way you desire to use--but have the equivalent of at least two large thick slices, or cereal, or whatever grabs you--EVERY DAY. More would be better. Butter that bread with BUTTER! if you have it. You need what is in the natural butter. If you have a hang-up about it--put anything you want on or "nothing". Why? Because spelt has a large supply of cyanogenic glucosides or Nitrilosides, called the "anti-neoplastic Vitamin B17". (Enough said?) This is best utilized "broken down into useable form" in the presence of substances found in "butter". Also,sprinkle your diet liberally with soup made from RED lentils. If you can't get "red", use "brown"--but what you are wanting is what makes the lentil "red". Isn't all this fun? By the way, CHUBBY is BETTER than SKINNY! It is said that "You can't be too skinny or too wealthy." WRONG!! ON BOTH COUNTS! IF YOU BALANCE THAT BODY AND BRING THAT "MIND" INTO CONTROL--THE REST WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF. IT IS BETTER TO HEAL THAT WHICH CAUSES YOU TO BE UNBALANCED AND THAT MEANS THE OTHER OLD SAYING HAS TO BE CONSIDERED: "IT IS NOT WHAT YOU ARE EATING THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM--IT IS WHAT IS EATING YOU"! Salu --PJ 130 -- page. 104 As part of an ongoing nutritious diet, the grain of Spelt (Triticum Spelta) should be added to every diet in replacement of the standard wheat grain. Spelt is superior to wheat in that it contains more protein, crude fiber, and fats than wheat. It also contains special carbohydrates (Mucopolysaccharides) which help stimulate the all-important immune system. Many people who are allergic to wheat find Spelt to be easily digestible. What is most exciting is the delicious nutty flavor that Spelt offers to any baking needs. Another advantage of Spelt is the large amount of vitaminB-17 found in the grain (also known as Laetrile) which has a reputation for retarding cancerous cell growth and aiding in the healing of other serious illnesses.Spelt also has an exceptionally thick husk around the center grain, which protects it from all kinds of pollutants and insects far better than happens with other grains The Spelt grain can be ground up into flour and used in any recipe where flour is required. New Gaia offers the whole Spelt grain bread mixes, or the grain itself to be ground into flour, or the flour already milled for your convenience. This simple addition to your family's diet can provide a wealth of extra nutrition for your loved ones as well as a great taste experience. --PJ 130 -- page. 143