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SOUL The soul is your akashic. It contains the sum total of all your experiences through time and eternity, ALL your lives, your loves and losses; your victories and defeats, your trials and accomplishments and on and on. Inmeditation you will begin to “see” all of this come up. You will have flashes of your history and who and what you have been. Things you are particularly struggling with now, have most likely followed you through time. As you invite light and divine assistance and understanding and guidance into your crown and anchor it in meditation and communion, you will begin to experience bursting revelations and comprehensions unfold. You will "see" through the veil and gaze into perfection. You can then begin to replace discord with this perfection of feeling. This is grace. This power heals and completes your karma, so to speak. It is simply resolved and lifted off, freeing you and your karma [H: I do not like the definition now applied to the word "karma", so let us release the burden of assumed penalties and paybacks and other unseemly definitions and simply state that you free yourselves from restriction so that you can, as a student, SEE and UNDERSTAND the LESSON at hand. In the power you hold as creation of GOD inperfection of reflection it means you also have the power to cast aside the"karma" and simply do not accept it.], so to speak. It is simply resolved and lifted off, freeing you and your mind and emotions and allows the true passion of love and life to come forth. This will happen more and more as you go. All this progress is painfully slow at first. It is the same for everyone that way but the further you go the faster you go and you can fly free for very long periods.Then it is but a matter of fine tuning and flight time experience. You will find that your soul is clean and new and that you suddenly have a great deal of “space” for wonderful things, space that was formerly taken up by conflicts. You have forgiven all and self for all trespass. This is freedom. This is true freedom and you will find yourself having tea with God every day. It is simple. Not easy--simple. ***** -- PJ 57 -- pag. 113 I thank Silverhawk for sharing with me as the brothers we are. He has done a beautiful treatise called THE WINDS OF GOD. "THE RESURRECTION". He refers to it as the Alpha Omega Medicine for the Genesis of the Fifth World. -- PJ 57 -- pag. 114