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Satanic underground activities "Oh, my precious children, heed well these lessons lest you be forced to learn through the pain of harder lessons. It is true, beloved ones, it is true and mine own heart weeps for you who must face the truth of it." Sananda Sananda present to continue. Let us consider what is, most unfortunately, a rather typical case of entrapment into Satanic underground activities without the willingness of the participant. More than you can imagine, children are abused from birth and sold into the pornographic activities which are pre-association with Satanism or are actually an offspring directly from Satanism. Here is where you have the involvement of your child-care centers for there--take a deep breath--is a worldwide computer network where international arrangements can be made for the services of children. Either sex can be rented, or both, any age of preference and, for a few cents more, death of the child while engaged in activities are willingly arranged -- by telephone. I will, however, allow one woman by the name of Lauren Stratford, to tell her own story in very brief format herein. I ask that you get her book called Satan’s UNDERGROUND for it is most extraordinary--mostly, in the fact that she escaped. It can be located either in your bookstores or through Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon 97402. LAUREN STRATFORD This is a story which is exactly that which the Satanists love. It is so vile that no-one will believe the horrors and tortures from infancy on into the years of adulthood. Further, who would believe a child who is telling such horrendous tales about “good” people that it defies being truth. Well, that is exactly what the Satanists count on--disbelief and discounting. I urge you not to follow your instincts and simply discard this information for the circumstances are spreading like a dread contagious disease to all parts of your world. They no longer involve just the small minority of crazy people--it is happening all around you. Victims across your country are telling stories very much like Lauren’s. In virtually every city and town ones are coming forth in weeping, frightened whispers of rituals, abuse and human sacrifice. Hundreds upon hundreds of children in preschools and kindergartens across your country are talking about grown-ups, teachers and baby tenders in robes and using funny pretend names, chanting in a strange guttural language while they perform dark ceremonies that include sexual abuse. They tell about watching animals and little babies being tortured and killed with knives called funny names. The stories these children tell are so inconceivably horrifying that few individuals in the court system believe them. But then again, it was only a few short years ago that you had a problem in believing that incest was rampant in your family society. Well, you have parents, teachers, doctors, lawyers, ministers and other “pillars of the community” who are involved in Satan worship and ritual abuse of children. Law-enforcement officers and detectives are often involved but those who are not, and witness these events, are stunned by the brutality and the total inability of proving anything. Satan’s cults cover their evil tracks in perfection. In dealing with children it is even more easily covered for the child can be told anything and made to believe it. The child is therefore discounted before even an examination of the child is performed. The truth is finally coming forth to you in the public by ones who have managed to break away and live in terror every day of their lives. Give honor to these brave few. At less than four years of age Lauren first stumbled into her parent’s basement for a basket of laundry only to be apprehended by the newly hired “handy-man”. He threw her to the bed and raped her. She cried out for her mother and no-one came to help. This continued through ensuing years of torment--her parents gave her to these men in exchange for their services. Lauren was birthed into evil, conceived illegitimately and given away at birth. She was never allowed to forget it. She was called a bastard, a no-good, an unwanted and a product of a bad-seed. She was forced to repeat these words while standing naked in front of a mirror until she totally believed them. The mother had plans for this little child. This child, through her young years, tried every possible way to get help--her school counselor and even her church minister. Always she was disbelieved for her mother was a devout and practicing church member in a Christian church. When returned to the home following an attempt to tell, she was more brutally tortured than the time before. Boiling water from a douche syringe into the rectum was a most befitting reward given by her mother. She was finally so terrified that even at school she dared not communicate and became all but a total recluse and yet no-one helped. She was then sold into the practice of going with “men” to places where she had to do their calling from relationships with dogs to all manner of debasing things with both men, women and other children. All these things were done while being photographed. All these things she wanted to believe her mother could not know--until she found magazines under her mother’s bed which featured her on the front covers in oral relationship with men. She finally ran away, but with no-one to go to and no-where to go she was forced to go to the police department of a nearby town where she convinced the officers that she dared not go home. She was then turned over to the custody of her father who had separated from her mother some few years prior. Things were fairly good for her for a year or so and she began college. Then, her mother located her and it became obvious the father had been privy to the activities all along. Men again began to pick her up, now at her father’s house, and take her various places to be photographed. She had become zombie- like in appearance but the affront went on and on. She was decorated with makeup and the scenes worsened. She then was made a part of a “group” which “belonged” to a creature she referred to as Victor. He offered services to all types of porno movies, child pornography and catered to the expensive select city politicians, police department officers and notable town’s men. Every deviant manner of sexual perversion was utilized and handsomely paid for--but the child received nothing. She finally ended up becoming Victor’s favorite slave and the situation finally became an even worse nightmare. Victor was often completely bored with his perversion or witnessing perversion and hit upon Satanism. The only thing Lauren had to hold to as her truth was her belief that somehow Jesus would finally rescue her. To participate in such horrendous anti-Jesus activities was beyond her acceptance. This infuriated Victor and there followed a hell in the years ahead. He forced her to participate and finally to the most heinous act of all--the sacrificing of a baby by her own hand. I will let her tell you about it and let us see if you have the stomach left to continue. “The night came when Victor said he was giving me to Satan. He pulled me up to the altar, and two coven members lifted me onto the slab of stone. My clothes were removed and I was positioned and held down so that my private parts were on top of ‘the circle with the upside down star’. “I screamed and begged the men to let me go. But the more I screamed, the more excited they seemed. ‘Louder. Louder. Satan is pleased,’ they chanted. Then the abuse began. One after another, members of the coven brutally abused me sexually on the altar. After each one was through, he drank from the bowl of urine and blood mixed with wine and announced, ‘Satan is pleased.’ With each vulgar act, my will to resist lessened. I felt myself weakening physically, as though I would pass out. As each man climbed on me, I felt truly as if Satan himself, were assaulting. “Finally, after the last man had taken his turn, the high priest picked up the bowl, took a drink from it, then flung the remainder of it over my body. With that he threw his head back and laughingly mocked, ‘Satan has had you!’ “The entire coven picked up the chant. ‘Satan has had you. Satan has had you. Satan has had you.’ My spirit was crushed, I was too weak to even move, too bruised and ashamed to desire to live--I was more humiliated and degraded than in all of my previous vile life. “Victor had to literally carry me from the place and in an insane voice he mocked me: ‘Now we both belong to Satan.’ “Silently my heart spoke for me that I would never belong to Satan no matter what they would do to me. Little could I imagine it could become so much worse that my mind would not even comprehend the horror.” VICTIMS OF RITUALS “Nudity and sexual lewdness and perversion are commonplace at rituals. It does not matter if the female is willing or unwilling. In fact, it is believed to bring more pleasure to Satan if she is unwilling. Most certainly it brings more power and pleasure to the men involved. “The female ‘sacrifice’ is put on the altar, which is commonly draped with a red velvet cloth (red being the Satanic color for anything of a sexual nature). She is raped, often-times brutally, by any of the male members who wish to have her. They are so often drugged by heroin, coke, or some other drug, or so bombed-out on alcohol, that the rape becomes pure sexual torture that can go on for hours. To satisfy their own perverse cravings and do what they think will bestow upon them stronger Satanic powers, the male members perform crude sexual acts, often of a bestial-like nature. Sometimes the female is seriously injured physically. Sometimes she is even slain during the act for it is deemed more powerful if the woman is killed at the same time as the male reaches his climax. This type of ritual is usually photographed and later sold as “snuff” material. The ones who are simply abused are next made the victims of summoning upon demonic spirits to do something of such a diabolical nature that she will be frightened into silence. She might well be frightened for this is not only an evil threat--the spirits are real. The victims are not allowed to ever reach the police to reveal the story. SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN “I witnessed the ultimate sacrifice of a baby--skinned while still alive. I heard its screams which must have reached to the heavens. But even God seemed to turn a deaf ear. I often wondered why He allowed the hideous torture of a helpless, innocent little child. “Victor told me that the purest sacrifice, the sacrifice that pleases Satan most, is none other than an infant or young child. Because children represent purity and innocence, they belong to God. Animals are offered to Satan. Adults, willingly or unwillingly, are offered to Satan. But Satan revels in the most macabre, inhuman, and bestial evil he can conceive in the diabolical machinations of his mind. There is no evil more perverse than the murder of a little one whose life has been robbed from God and sacrificed to Satan. “Where do they get the children? That is a most valid question. I’m sure it is difficult for people to believe that children can be used for sacrifices, especially in this country. If I had not witnessed this atrocity, I would ask the same question. Believe me, I would like to deny it, or at least doubt it. But I cannot--I learned the answer in an even harder and more personal way. “Let me simply tell you of one incident so that you can understand where some of these babies come from. Victor had a pregnant girl being cared for in the pretense that he was finding a home for the baby. He and his friend, Tom, decided to get a teenage boy and girl off the street and bring them to the coven meeting. They would then take the pregnant girl and deliver the baby. Then they would require the boy and girl to sanctify their marriage union by having sexual relations with each other on the altar. Then the teenagers and the baby would be sexually abused by the coven members. “The grand finale would be the sacrifice of the baby. The other children would be held or released depending on the whim of the grand high priest--who was now Victor. “I pray people hear this next for it is truth. Tom and Victor, and occasionally some coven members, discussed where and how they would get babies. I learned that there are fraudulent people who represent themselves as caseworkers of adoption agencies or heads of placement homes. They carried so-called ‘legitimate’ identification papers, but they were either Satanists or were acting as go- betweens. Their purpose was to get the unsuspecting and well-intentioned unwed mother to sign her baby away and give it over for assumed adoption. Ads were even run in the paper and responses would simply flow in. The Satanic cult can arrange for babies at specific intervals throughout the year. “On other occasions some coven members would sit around and talk about their breeders. The word ‘breeder’ was new to me. One of the members explained that breeders were women who were born, marked, and raised for the sole purpose of having babies that would be used by Satanists--either to be raised in Satanism or used in ritualistic sacrifices. Since there was never any published record of their births, they were never missed when they were abused or killed. “I finally thought I had heard it all until a high priestess approached Victor after a ritual as he and I were about to leave. She informed him that she had completed the assignment given her: ‘I convinced Judy (a new female coven member who was eight months pregnant) to assume the highest honor. She agreed to give her baby by C-section while lying on a purified altar.’ “A licensed doctor was brought in from another coven, since Victor’s was at the time without a physician. I thought that what took place in that basement of death was as bad as anything could ever be--but I was wrong for little did I know that the next ritual I would be forced to attend would take me into the pit of hell itself. HELL “A few weekends later, Victor was boasting to me that he had received it all from Satan--power--real power, everything. Then he continued by telling me it was time for me to take an active part. So far I had only been forced to attend the meetings--now he was determined to have total control and power over me. He had always known of my Christian belief and I screamed that I would never participate in any of their evil upon another. Victor simply shouted, ‘You will do it. You will!’ “How could this man have gained such control over me? From the four year old and the dirty men, the cameras, the degradation-- finally I had nothing left--I had become nothing. But I still somehow felt I could hold on to my allegiance to Jesus Christ, not Satan, no matter what they made me witness. Victor was equally determined to break my will and destroy me and then he would be finished with me for I would no longer be of any value to him as a toy. “He came into the room where I was kept waiting and said to me, ‘The father has chosen you to present your purest offering to him. Not only will you present that offering, but you will lay that offering on the altar and sacrifice it to the father, who will be pleased to accept it.’ “Horror seized my mind. Terror froze my heart. The purest sacrifice, the most pleasing sacrifice--the one sacrifice I could never make unless my mind and will were completely broken--was the sacrifice of a child to Satan. “It was murder. I would not do it--they could not make me do it. But they were not through with me. I even reasoned with myself that God would never hear me. I finally started to pray to Satan as I had witnessed the others do. At some point in my terror I felt a warmth surround me and a soft voice speak to me,’My child, I am with you. I have never left you, nor have I forsaken you. Your darkest hour is upon you, but I will be with you in it, and I will bring you out from it.’ My God had finally heard and answered me. I felt I could now stand against the evil which had pervaded my existence. “My joy abruptly ended when Victor jerked open the door and yelled, ‘You will make a sacrifice to Satan--you will do so now!’” TERROR AND BRAINWASHING “I refused and the next few weeks were uncommonly quiet and I lived and waited in terror. Life seemed totally hopeless. I couldn’t think of anything to do except to somehow endure until I couldn’t endure any longer. Then what? Would I simply go completely crazy? “It was four weeks when hell began. Victor had a particularly horrible man who always did his bidding, by the name of John--I was turned into the hands of John. “John stripped me naked and pushed me into a large box. There I sat in a cramped position, naked and in total darkness. After what seemed an eternity I felt something slithering over my body. And another. There were snakes in the box with me. I froze, afraid to move or even breathe. “After another eternity, the box was opened. As soon as John released me from the box, he asked, ‘Will you willingly make a sacrifice to Satan?’ “Instantly I thought of the words, ‘Your darkest hour is upon you, but I will be with you in it and I will bring you out.’ With the reassurance I felt courage and said, ‘No! I will not make a sacrifice to Satan.’ “Time ceased to exist as this went on for days, perhaps weeks in that dark basement within that box. All basic essentials of life were taken away and then I became so weakened that I could hardly sit but I was kept awake hour after hour and required to sit straight and silently. There would be intermittent times in the total darkness and then hours with a spotlight in my face. I lost all contact with life itself. Then suddenly I was simply left alone in the box. Then the horror of the words--’For every week you refuse to make a sacrifice to Satan, we will sacrifice a baby for you in your name. You had better understand me for this is what we will do!’ “This was repeated to me over and over. I continued to sit in the box day after long day. “The next Saturday night I was abruptly awakened by the horrible screams of a baby being sacrificed. The sounds were coming from a tape recorder that John had put beside me. He shot at me--’number one and next week number two’. “I held on for I thought they were just trying to trick me and still the days passed into the inability to count. NEXT PAGE