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Relationships.! Thou shall not commit adultery. Not sometimes or maybe--never.The gift of sexual union is to create offspring that are wanted and carefully accepted. Any other use of such is to have human physical pleasure and is therefore wrong. You wish to claim that it is a man given "right" to fornicate and seek pleasure--no, it is a testing of which you have all failed in 99.9% failure. You have overpopulated your world and now the unbalance will cost you dearly. You have ceased to assume proper responsibility of the outcome of that behavior--you degrade it further by calling it "love". Think about it. Do not equate it to the animal behavior of The Creation in Nature. Animals will not populate beyond their balanced ability to survive--when they so do they fall into hard times and much death is wrought by nature upon them--SO BE IT. "Love" has naught, mostwise, to do with sexual interactions. Love is pure and is from the soul mind--all else is a desire for power, control, and purely physical indulgence of flesh lust. It is truly the ultimate downfall of man as a human entity. KINGDOMS HAVE BEEN FORFEITED FOR 30 SECONDS IN AN ILLICIT RELATIONSHIP--KINGDOMS FALL, FAMILIES ARE BROKEN, HEARTS ARE BROKEN AND LIVES DEVASTATED--DO NOT DEGRADE THE TERM "LOVE" BY CALLING OF SUCH ACTIONS AS "LOVE". I GAVE NO SUCH COMMANDMENT AS THAT A WOMAN SHOULD BE SUBSERVIENT UNTO A MALE IN ALL THINGS--THAT WAS BROUGHT FORTH BY MAN THAT HE MIGHT INDULGE HIS PHYSICAL POWER AND CONTROL. -- PJ 07 -- pag. 14 ------------------------ SANANDA (PJ 12) (DG): ". . . I will concentrate my questions now on The Laws of Creation as stated in AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL. Please forgive me but I am confused about sexual activities, cohabitation and divorce. I am sure that others will want to understand as I do and I would like to be able to explain it logically to them after I understand." Let me first remind you that two things must be held in consciousness at this reading and explanation. 1: This document was "translated" from scrolls written at the time of the one Immanuel (Jesus) of Nazareth over two thousand years past, and, 2: This is a long "after the fact" and explanation is always given by God as to the errors which produced the plight. Lessons are "experience" and humanity is set up to learn from these third dimensional experiences in greatest abundance of any placement. I FURTHER REMIND YOU THAT IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS QUITE ACCEPTABLE UNTO GOD-- BUT NEITHER DOES HE ALLOW HIS LITTLE ONES TO BE REMAINING BLIND IN THE EVIL. Ones are saying, "Well, now someone has come along and given us some new commandments and all this is nonsense." No--they are simply stated in the writing as they are, no more and no less. Whether or not you or I agree with the content makes no difference whatsoever. There is a great reason for the Lawsand it is not that which you accept it to be. It is not a bunch of ridiculous restrictions to make your life unhappy----YOU HAVE DESTROYED YOUR LIFE OF HAPPINESS THROUGH THE MISUSE OF THE GREAT AND WONDEROUS GIFTS GIVEN UNTO YOU. Dharma, I shall attempt to answer these questions in the order extended. This will be lengthy so please do not become annoyed for we shall simply not intend to write on the Journal today--or we may consider this a portion of the Journal. We shall just dive off into the first question and hope we keep our audience long enough to read the dissertation at the end of the writing for if you do not, you will continue to not understand. "If one is married and loves his/her mate, is it against the laws of Creation to engage in sexual intimacy if the intent is NO procreation, only mutual sharing of love through sexual intimacy? If yes, please explain the logic behind this." This questions needs to be carefully read for I shall answer to the exactness of the question without consideration of the questions which follow: NO, if in fact--it is totally mutual and there is no ill manipulative intent involved.Further, it is YES if there is not full honor and careful consideration given to the possibility of the creating a child.The facts are that hu-man has lost his ability to discern "love" from the "act of sex". In 999 cases out of 1000, "Love", as such, never enters into the equation. When man and woman desire the oneness of each other they should try first to become one in energy intent. You have almost no intimacy in your relationships as you now practice them. "Sex" IS NOT INTIMACY!What the Law indicates is need for total RESPONSIBILTY of your actionsand not carelessly hopping into the "hay" to romp around without thought to the impact either on the partner or the possible outcome of the relationship. Your heart will know the difference.Sometimes one partner or the other might---in love---wish to "accommodate" the other but this is rare indeed, for the level of "mutual" response is far differing both in the sexes and the emotions. It is most rare indeed that one "gives" to the other in total love--it is usually more that "I may get something later if I co-operate now." The point, of course, is that the sexual union does have a purpose and man has forgotten that "love" is far more than ten or fifteen minutes of pleasure.Love has really nothing to do with it for it is simply a body function---further it is one body function that has pulled down your entire civilization over and over again! It is also that God desires you raise yourself above the level of non- thinking animal and assume thoughtful responsibility for your actions.In the ultimate union there is shared intent of purpose and the total consideration of one for the other and it all takes care quite nicely, of itself. Is there "forgiveness" for "sex in all the wrong places"? Of course--you have been trained and bribed and pushed into the actions of a current society ruled by evil. Do you not see? The damage is done and you cannot in any way change that which has gone before. It is over and done. Man did not listen nor obey the Laws and you now end up with a mess. Forgiveness is not in question--understanding of truth is the point. RESPONSIBILITY!  "If the above is yes, what if one or both partners are sterilized? Or is it against the laws of Creation because it involves self- pleasure? And if so what is the logic of this law if you are married and sex is ONE way of many you express your love for each other?" The magic word is in the first sentence--"sterilized".You have "come a long way Baby". Mankind showed his disdain and selfishness when he first found sterilization. This abdicated all responsibility for his fun and games. Again, you who practiced such simply prove unto yourselves that you are people of the lie.It seemed a most propitious thing to do to prevent the further procreation of children and so it "sometimes" does. What it truly means is that, "I can now seek all that pleasure without consideration of any consequences for my fun and games."If you have been sterilized, are you lesser in some manner? No, in fact in themes of civilization you probably are among the few thoughtful and responsible "lovers". Forgiveness? Again, there is naught to forgive if you did these things in true belief--"ignorance" of the Law is totally acceptable. However, pronouncement of, "I didn‟t know what I was doing," when you actually did not know is one thing. To have known exactly what you were doing and you did it anyway, might need a little extra forgiveness within, and you might just "mention" it to God. Either way, forgive yourself for it is past and naught can change of it. Accept it and put it from your mind, chelas, and move on---today is the day to be considered, not your goodness nor your badness of yesterday. I will give you a wonderful hint, however, as you pursue the path of light, the need for the misbehavior and self-indulgence shall lessen and lessen and the matter shall take care of itself. A man is that which he thinks about---when you stop thinking first on these things and turn to activities of greatness--you shall find no problem in the matter. These thoughts which are unfulfilling in any manner whatsoever are thrust upon you from babyhood on, in the media, etc. It is purposeful in order to pull you down and claim your attention from your purpose. You are an enslaved people--to sex which is unfulfilled, to violence which stimulates sexual drives and to illicit relationships which give the old adrenaline a bit of a rush. All the while your planet goes down the tubes while you are playing around in one bed or another and having unwanted children or murdering them ---all these actions harden the heart and make man savages for he loses compassion----ALL FOR SELF. The next time you think that "ONE" way to show love unto your mate--consider the alternatives and try it.You may find something very interesting surfaces. No, I do not denounce that interaction but in truth of the Laws as given down, I have no right to comment on my opinion at all. THE CREATION MUST, IN PERFECTION, MAINTAIN BALANCE AND MAN IS ALLOWED HIS EXPERIENCES ON THIS PHYSICAL ORB TO GROW INTO SPIRITUAL PERFECTION---WHAT YOU DO ALONG THE JOURNEY IS WHAT EITHER GETS YOU THERE IN PERFECTION OR CAUSES YOU TO RETRY UNTIL YOU DO GET IT STRAIGHT--NO MORE AND CERTAINLY, NO LESS. "Why the differences between Cohabitation and marriage if the people are just as committed to each other in love?" This is most excellent indeed. None However, once again ones must look carefully at the cause and affect. Why are you cohabiting? Why would you marry? The first question always is, "Why are you not married if you have the same commitment?" Well, marriage is so carelessly entered into in this society, as is cohabitation. It is broken as easily as it is made, in contract format. It is the lack of responsibility of entering into either arrangement which is the negative component. Do you cohabit to simply have a regular sexual partner? Wrong! Do you cohabit to make it easier to break up if you should decide you do not care for each other? Wrong! Because of the first answer. A true marriage entered into in love, life intent (even if it fails) and careful, responsible thought is not a contractual piece of paper. However, again because of misuse of the procreation components---problems usually arise with the birthing of children and the financial problems, etc., etc., and has nothing to do with "contract" or responsibility. The statistics yesterday (on TV) showed that there are $30 billion outstanding payments from "child support". In all cases it is giving in to the lust of the moment without the willingness to bear the responsibility for the actions.  Further, birth control in all instances, is a lack of responsibility of bearing responsibility for actions---that of self-discipline and self-control in the first place. Wrong? Right? I guess you can be the judge---your planet is slipping into reversed axis because you are suffering the consequences of 5½ billion overpopulation. Can the few seconds of time spent in an open wash behind a bush in South Africa be worth even "one" of those dying, suffering and innocent children? Look into their faces and then answer me; responsibility vs. a few brief seconds of pleasure? To some obviously the response is "yes". Well, these are the consequences. No one shouts to train these dear beings to stop the non-responsible behavior--it is "teach them birth control"! Abstinence IS the only positive means of birth control. No one says "teach and demand abstinence of such behavior in the children", it is "give them sex classes and show them mechanical birth control". IT IS THE "BEHAVIOR" THAT IS WRONG---NOT "LOVE" FOR YOUR FELLOW MAN OR WOMAN OR CHILD. IS IT LOVE THAT WOULD HAVE A FATHER RAPE HIS DAUGHTER OR SON? OF COURSE NOT--IT IS TOTAL EVIL AND YET, IT IS BEHAVIOR, NOT THE THOUGHT. IF A MAN THINKS SUCH A THING HE SHOULD GET ON HIS KNEES AND CLEAR THE THOUGHT---IT IS THE ACTION THAT DESTROYS. IF ALL EMPHASIS WERE NOT ON THESE ACTIVITIES IN EVERY FORM OF YOUR MEDIA--THE THOUGHT WOULD NOT BE THERE IN ANY CASE. MAN HAS COME TO ACTUALLY BELIEVE THESE THINGS ARE HIS "RIGHT". WELL, HE KNOWS THEY ARE NOT- -SO HE BECOMES VILE AND EVIL IN ORDER TO LIVE WITH HIS ACTIONS. Cohabitation and marriage--with the same measure of responsibility and equal contribution which does share and not "put upon" the mate, is the same by definition. The word Cohabitation, however, connotes sexual relationships without the benefit of contract when the act of marriage should be a desire for oneness and companionship and not "sex" as its foremost intent. Most marriages, however, are built on nothing more than "sex" and almost instantly fail for none can live up to the lie perpetrated upon you--even the very pleasure you sought will fail you. It is not the "living" in the same dwelling which gets thee into trouble--it is what thee practices in the same bed which is the culprit.  Friends can live together in great numbers and have great intimacy without so much as a touch. And yet, look in your thesaurus and you will find the accepted definition of intimacy is copulation, intercourse, etc. You see, even the word has been corrupted. Intimacy means to share that which is most precious and secret unto your soul----that, friends, is not "a roll in the hay". We have discussed many, many times--homosexual "love" and homosexual "behavior". The act of sodomy is purely a lustful and painful act---purely lustful. "Love" of one gender for another requires no "sexual" contact--although it can be most intimate indeed for there is naught to be treasured as one treasures a true friend. "Love" is surely not the possibility of giving that one you claim to love and cherish a deadly disease such as AIDS. I did not create the disease---MAN DID! I did not proclaim that it should be spread most readily between men practicing sodomy and the mixing of blood from contaminated drug needles. Man did! These are the two prevailing ways of transmission. It becomes almost negligible after a while however, for once in the general public it spreads by any route. MAN KNEW EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS DOING WHEN HE PURPOSELY CREATED THE PROBLEM---DO NOT BLAME GOD! "Please explain the Divorce law and what is to become of someone like me who has married a divorced person? And what is to become of the man I married who was divorced?" Not to appear trite---live happily ever-after. You married, you divorced, you remarried according to your hearts and the laws of the land. You can do nothing to change it. You certainly would not move back in time into a damaging situation to effort a rectification of something that was wrong in the first place. It is simply done. Do that which you can, to the best of your ability to have a "responsible" and "intimate" relationship with that spouse presently yours. It is a fact, that many marriages which are consummated and the "pair" comes into this truth---are still grossly wrong for each other and shall never have peace in their relationship. There will yet be many marriage dissolved by the laws of the land for they truly were not consummated in the love of God and The Creation in the first place. Now I shall have to move further back in time to the point in which these rules were first made "public". In the days before, and at the time of Jesus, if a woman were to be divorced, it was that the woman would be totally destitute and had no manner of tending herself, nor that of the children for the man would usually simply walk away from all responsibility. In almost all instances the reasons for leaving were for lack of the woman‟s producing an heir of for indulgence of sexual pleasures with another woman. Again, total lack of responsibility for actions. It is not the divorce which is necessarily incorrect--it was the lack of preparation and responsibility in the original marriage. Mates were chosen incorrectly, marriages made incorrectly and nothing has changed through the centuries except the responsibility has become less and the methods different. Woman can better tend herself today---but not if she has children and men were not made to be mothers and mothers were not made to be fathers. MANKIND has forgotten that there ever was a purpose in two genders. Again, this is not to condemn you who have changed partners--most have done so quite honorably. It is however, another instance whereby man "votes" in the laws and changes the rules when the truth is you cannot "vote in" THE LAWS OF CREATION. You can make of the action legal in the eyes of the lands--it does not make it right in the truth. It most certainly is not my desire to see any persons live in the hell of a bad relationship. I would suggest, however, that if you handled the "sexual" aspect and the "financial" responsibility properly---the divorce rate would be negligible. This again, is to point unto you what has gone wrong in order to bring you to the confusion, overpopulation and devastation of an ecological system of a planet which requires re-nurturing. You see, whether ones wish to consider this a prison planet or not, it is---it is, for you cannot get off this placement---you as humans cannot live in space nor travel to other inhabitable planets---the other planets which you might reach are all prior to your experience and are in the re-cleansing themselves.  Whether the Laws are pleasant or not, there was a great reason for the LAWS OF CREATION AS SET FORTH BY CREATOR-- your planet was made able to sustain approximately 500 million people with a few more or less---you will now count somewhat over 6 billion! I care not what you think of restraint and procreation rules---the facts are---that is what has done you in. Man ceased using the act as "love" and "creation" and uses it for lust, control and power--all without responsible attitudes toward the partner or to the problems created. God is now telling you what went wrong so that as the word comes forth, you come into understanding for there will again come the time when there will be rebuilding and unless you are ready, willing and able to abide by the Laws as given forth---you shall end up in this same dastardly disaster. Dharma, this is going to be much too lengthy to conclude without a break and here it appears, is a good place to pause. I am very indebted to my precious little D., who has carefully thought and prayed over these questions--they are not lightly asked in behalf of all of you and I accept them in the same deep and sincere hope of responding in like manner. UPPERMOST--REMEMBER THAT WHAT IS PAST IS PAST---MUCH BROUGHT ONTO YOU NOW IS QUITE FRANKLY, AFTER THE FACT--NO, NONE LISTED CAREFULLY AT ONSET. HOWEVER, ALL OF YOU WERE PERPETRATORS FOR THIS IS ONLY ONE OF THOUSANDS OF TIMES AROUND AND NOW, FATHER SHOWS US WHERE OUR ANSWERS AND ACTION WERE NOT CORRECT AND THAT WHICH MUST COME BACK INTO BALANCE TO MOVE INTO A NEW AND WONDROUS RADIANCE AND ALLOW THIS MARVELOUS CREATION TO HEAL AND REBIRTH. SO BE IT. LET US LEAVE THIS FOR THE MOMENT AND WE SHALL TAKE UP THE REMAINDER OF THE QUERIES AT BIT LATER. ADONAI. SANANDA, ASIDE, TO AWAITYOUR SUMMONS. -- PJ 12 -- pag. 67 -- 72