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PETS If evacuation is needed, I will repeat some things which Ashtar has already explained to you. You will know things are in pretty bad shape around you and many, many craft will blanket your sky. Transport beams are located near the midpoint of the under-belly of the craft--they will be shuttle sized craft, and you will be pinpointed. You are apt to be terrified---you must realize the situation is critical, calm yourself, do not move except to get into the light bea---calmly. All children will be lifted off and meeting arrangements will be consummated aboard safety craft. We can both dissolve you and manifest you and yes, right through the roof and brick walls. We will be short of time because of atmospheric conditions and surface activities---there is no time to run to the neighbors--that can be sorted later. Pets, animal life and conscious beings shall be removed in their order of domestication and human attachments. This is intentional and compassionate in nature, for man attaches himself to his animal friends in a most remarkable manner. Even the most evil of men might very well be absolutely foolish over a pet. This is to be admired and proves goodness even in the most evil but arrangements are allowed for that emotional linkage, if at all possible. -- PJ 12 -- pag. 54 ------------------------ You who think you can BEAT THIS BEAST come upon you--with guns and demonstrations--are NOT THINKING! Do you think for one minute that a parasite-cleansing program is going to be offered at Leavenworth prison? No, but the parasites will be enhanced and programmed to accomplish whatever is desired by the controllers. The spores themselves can be introduced, AND ARE, right through the ventilation system and water supply. Once cleansed, regular recleansing programs are mandatory and good hygiene is required. Don't think that by getting rid of pets it will solve anything for children--it won’t because the spores are EVERYWHERE. The pets are better for the children than a sterile environment. It is better to HAVE THE PARASITES AND THEN GET RID OF THEM BECAUSE THEY WILL CONDITION THE BODY TO CALL UP THE IMMUNE SYSTEM WHEREAS ONE WHO HAS BEEN UNTOUCHED--CAN BE TOTALLY OVERWHELMED IF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM KNOWS NOT WHAT HAS HIT IT. -- PJ 130 -- page. 25 ---------------------------- So with the communion of THE SPIRIT OF LIFE WITHIN each of you, you must first wisely understand and follow the Laws of Balance AND secondly, you must wisely know where YOUR responsibility begins and ends within THE CREATION upon this wondrous orb. For example, are you responsible for the instinctual nature of the wild animal, reptile, and bird kingdoms? Of course not. Are you responsible for the nature of the natural minerals, grasses, shrubs and trees? Of course not. But are you responsible to those in the animal kingdom whom you have domesticated either for food, clothing or pets? OF COURSE YOU ARE! Is it wrong to have domesticated these animals? Not necessarily, IT is just a fact that YOU have done so. Therefore, YOU are responsible for the care and personal tending of the domesticated animals, such as cows, sheep, horses, chickens, birds, cats and dogs which you possess. Is it wrong to kill an animal for food'? No, but why do you kill creatures, call it "sport" and then brag to your brothers about what a wondrous KILLER you are? We would call this selfish, malicious killing...do you see? There is a difference. Right now, if you have plenty of domestic animals such as cow, pigs, and sheep available for food and clothing, then why need you also kill the "wild" creatures? Often, in these times, because the human has stolen THEIR kingdom for cities, suburbs, agriculture and golf courses, he has then offered them a small "reserve" and when they "cross" over or "over" populate their reserve, he must then bring balance and "kill" these excess animals. (Just as was done with your "native" brethren. You civilized and destroyed their kingdom and then offered them undesirable (to you) "reservations" to live upon separate from "civilization".) You must understand that God gave you the animals for food and clothing if you so choose and need them. He gave you the wondrous vegetables and herbs and plants for food, medicine, and wonderful "taste" for your survival and enjoyment. Do you give THANKS and HONOR and APPRECIATION EVERY DAY to the animal, the plant, the vegetable and GOD for sustaining you physically and spiritually? Do you give THANKS, HONOR and APPRECIATION EVERY DAY to this wondrous planet, Mother Earth, for bringing you the gifts of beauty and survival she has so abundantly supplied? Let us discuss the care and tending responsibilities of humans to their domestic "PETS". When you have a pet animal such as a cat or dog, this cat or dog is dependent upon you for his love, his care, and his food. A cat or dog or any animal for that matter, has the group spirit of his species from THE CREATION within him. He possesses the "instinctual nature" of his particular species. The animal, contrary to what many of you would like to believe, does NOT possess FREE-WILL and the same degree of reasoning ability of human beyond his instinctual behavior. Animals are extremely responsive to LOVE as are all creatures within THE CREATION. They make wonderful friends and companions, and bring lightness, fun and humor to the human. Because of the domestication of these pets, there has been created an interruption of the natural balance mechanism for these animals. They have over pro-created. Many irresponsible "owners" of these animals have allowed this to occur and have not always wanted to care for the offspring. Many are left to die, spread disease, go wild, or to ultimately end up within one of your "humane societies." Fortunately the ones responsible for creating such "humane" societies understood the need to take care of THIS EXPLODING population of unwanted animals, especially dogs and cats. It is an orphanage for lost, stray or unwanted animals, and is most sad indeed, because although the animals are offered for a nominal charge to humans who might "adopt" them, most are not adopted and therefore are destroyed, usually by euthanasia. It is truly heartbreaking, but surprisingly enough, many of the ones who choose to work for "humane" societies do so because of their LOVE of animals. Also, most of these "humane" animal adoption homes require all cats and dogs to be sterilized as part of the adoption policy. Wouldn't you say then, that it is logical, dear ones, that sterilizing these pets is much more humane and responsible than allowing the continued over pro-creation to occur? So you must now think and reason, dear ones, how can you maintain your life in Harmony and Balance with the rest of this CREATION? -- PJ 27 -- pag. 42 --- It has often been said, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." So BEHOLD, through the "eyes" of GOD/ATON the beauty of ALL of the glorious, wondrous varieties of creatures and creations within THE CREATION. Only the Anti-God, or Adversary, through cancerous "prideful" Narcissism, seeks to bring illusion of "ugliness" and define, limit and confine what is "beauteous" so as to impose upon you boundaries of SEPARATION from FATHER/MOTHER ATON and THE CREATION. The adversary cannot do this if YOU DO NOT ALLOW it to let you dishonor yourself by buying its LIE of standard "beauty". So, in closing on Vanity we will share a form of vanity which is most interesting and somewhat humorous to us. We observe many ones who even choose their pets, in accordance to acceptable "beauty" standards set by the adversary. For example, ones often choose the breed of cat, such as Persian or Himalayan, not because they love the animal, but because they desire the "expensive" socially-defined "beauty" to match their carpet and/or their self-imposed "image" of themselves which they wish to "project" upon their "admiring" friends and associates. Ah well...it shows just to what ends you ones will go in your desire to give the impression you are something OTHER than who you are! -- PJ 27 -- pag. 71 ------------------------- GG: (I apologize but the audio was turned so low at the station as to only be able to barely hear George and we cannot reproduce the dialogue. This portion dealt with George's experiences at Edwards Air Force Base and actually seeing alien craft under-cover, etc. When George questioned higher command, he was immediately sent to a non-existent base in Japan and told to "shut-up" regarding the encounter. Then he spoke, I believe, of his experiences in Switzerland with Pleiadians and Billy Meier. He was allowed to speak for about 3 to 5 minutes.) I want you readers to know what was going on on our end of the line at Dharma's point location. These ones have an aviary with many, many birds of which 2 to 4 are in the house as pets at any given time. The small, and most special parakeet talks fluently and was perched on E.J.'s shoulder when the phone rang with Mr. Lawrence on the other end. When the energy of the voice came through the line, the bird went berserk, flew into a wall-clock which then fell and the bird was in frenzied flight, bashing into walls and windows for some 3 minutes. Dharma, consequently, was almost panic-struck for it sounded as if the wall had fallen as the clock shattered apart. You cannot fool children or animals and it is useless to even effort at it! Frequencies of voice reflect intent and cannot be masked, even with laryngitis. -- PJ 42 -- pag. 107 -------------------------- GIVE THE CHILD RESPONSIBILITY THAT HE MAY DEVELOP INDEPENDENCE AND SELF ASSURANCE FROM HIS HELPFUL DEEDS It is most beneficial to the child when you parents give the child duties, such as household chores, and responsibilities. There is no strict set age to begin. I would suggest that you use your GOD given intuition to guide you in each child's case. Often a child will ask to help you in some way and so that is the perfect opportunity to begin teaching about responsibility. I would suggest that in order to help the child develop and maintain discipline in his responsibilities that you are somewhat flexible and alternate duties when you have more than one child. Also it is most important that the consequences of ignoring duties is made VERY CLEAR in advance and adhered to every time so that the consistency of the consequence is well understood by the child. You must instill in the child as with Nature, when her "laws" are broken there are consequences to be had, so too, when he does not do his chores, there are consequences. Always explain WHY you give him duties and WHY it is important that he DO them as agreed. IF, for example, he "forgot" to feed his dog, what would happen to the dog? He would be the CAUSE of hunger for his pet, and that is not acceptable. Or IF he forgets to take out the trash or clean his room, then how will it get done? An extremely beneficial and fun way to teach a child about responsibility is when you have “pets", household or farm, to tend, Most children are naturally interested in nature's creatures and by giving them responsibility for the care and feeding of animals, they will learn responsibility AND love and respect for God's creatures as well.. Many of you Mothers, especially, get into the habit of just DOING everything, such as laundry, dishes, cleaning for your children and then wonder why they are so irresponsible and demanding of MORE. When they are old enough and big enough, let them learn to cook, clean, feed the pets, do the laundry, so that they do not expect all to be done for them. And they then, in turn, learn to care for themselves and be neat and orderly in their functioning. More than anything else, your child must be secure in the KNOWLEDGE that YOU, his Mother and Father love him absolutely. -- PJ 47 -- pag. 92 --------------------------