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MUSIC, something to reach the Soul!, part 3 SATANIST OZZY OSBOURNE BACK IN THE U.S.S.R. This will be a direct quote, please, so do whatever you need to do with your little “ “„s. “ In 1968-69, in the United States and other Western countries, the institution of large-scale „outdoor rock concerts‟ was invented, to siphon off growing ferment among youth angered by the Vietnam War, into a direction that would be favorable to the Aquarian/New Age movement and not threatening to the power of the liberal Establishment. Woodstock was the paradigm of this. Now, in 1989, with mass ferment growing throughout the East bloc, in reaction to the collapse of the economies and the shortage of food and the moral-political bankruptcy of the Communist system, the highest circles of the Soviet KGB are repeating this operation. “The most recent example, was an Aug. 11-12 weekend extravaganza in Moscow‟s Lenin Stadium, attended by 100,000 „rock fans‟, and watched by a reported „tens of millions‟ on Soviet television. Throughout Western Europe, newspaper headlines of the event read, „WOODSTOCK 1969--MOSCOW 1989‟. “As astonishing as the sheer numbers, was the identity of the performers. They represented the dregs drawn from Western „heavy metal‟ rock groups, typified by the burnt-out alcoholic, druggie, and Satanist Ozzy Osbourne, who is famous for having bitten the head off a bat on stage. “Preposterously, the Lenin Stadium event was advertised as a benefit to raise money to fight drug and alcohol abuse in the Soviet Union and the United States. The deranged Osbourne even gave a „press conference‟ in Moscow, a photograph of which was published in the U.S. Army‟s Stars and Stripes daily. “Some of the proceeds of Ozzy‟s benefit are already earmarked for organizations that are known fronts for the Soviet KGB. “It is a convenient fiction, nurtured by the CIA, the KGB, and the British intelligence, that the „outdoor rock concerts‟ are a form of „Western cultural penetration‟ of the U.S.S.R. encouraged by Gorbachov‟s „glastnost‟ and „reform‟ policies. And indeed, for many years, the Soviet Communist Party maintained the propaganda line that rock n‟ roll was the „imperialist‟, equivalent to „moral AIDS‟; now, this propaganda has been dropped. “But the truth is, the drug-rock counterculture is and always has been an operation against Western civilization, run by the same Establishment crowd cozying up to the Soviets--and as such its principal beneficiary is the Kremlin. -- PJ 09 -- pag. 95 “Embracing „heavy metal‟ rock gives the KGB new possibilities of „play-back‟ into the West. “As for Ozzy Osbourne, the aim is also to rehabilitate him after the damage done by the Schiller Institute‟s attacks on him in Western Europe and the United States. In Sweden, Switzerland, and elsewhere, Osbourne concerts this year have been disrupted by anti-Satanist citizens‟ groups. At least one Osbourne concert was cancelled. More recently, until Aug. 6 (1989), Osbourne was in the United States, on a national tour that included the states of Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Minnesota, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and others. “On Aug. 13, speaking in Moscow, „heavy metal‟ rock promoter Doc McGhee complained that, „Tipper Gore (Senator Albert Gore‟s wife) and everybody else (sic) said Motley Crue and Ozzy Osbourne were these Satanic cult bands. We want to show the world how concerned they are‟. “McGhee himself promotes „heavy metal‟ rock concerts as „anti-drug‟ events, as one of the conditions for probation for his past role in a marijuana-importing scheme. Evidently, McGhee is himself hooked on some powerful mind-altering substance, perhaps provided by friends in Communist China. On Aug. 14, after the Moscow concert was concluded, he exclaimed: „The next rock concert will be in Tiananmen Square. We know a million people fit in there--if you take out the tanks‟. “The Lenin Stadium extravaganza was introduced by Genrikh A. Borovic, head of the official Committee for the Defense of Peace and the brother-in-law of General Valdimir Kryuchkov, head of the KGB. In the week that the Lenin Stadium event was taking place, the latest edition of the Soviets‟ international New Times publication was reaching the West, featuring an interview with General Kryuchkox. He called for closer collaboration between the KGB and Western intelligence services, in the areas of drugs, nuclear proliferation, and nuclear terrorism. “Another top promoter of the event was Anastas Mikoyan, a scion of the powerful Mikoyan family, and name-sake of the late Soviet Foreign Trade Minister Anastas Mikoyan, one of the crucial Soviet power-brokers of this century. “Several other rock stars have been in Moscow during August. According to the International Herald Tribune, one important visitor to Moscow in the days preceding „heavy metal‟ weekend, was top „Trust‟ agent Armand Hammer of Occidental Petroleum. “Whether Hammer was involved in financing (or performing in?) the Lenin Stadium extravaganza, there is no question the satanic festival has to be seen in the context of U.S.-Britain-U.S.S.R. „condominium‟ arrangements. One publicized „surprise guest‟ was Jack Matlock, the American ambassador in Moscow, who drew considerable publicity some months back when he had an unprecedented private meeting with KGB head Kryuchkov. According to press reports, Matlock was wearing a shirt, with the words, „Just Say No‟ written on it.” This last statement I desire you look at most closely since this article originated in Russia. “That is the insipid „anti-drug‟ message invented by Nancy Reagan, a believer in magic and astrology and close friend of Armand Hammer.” Oh, you who become picky; I suggest you RUSH to the nearest lyric counter and get the words to the noise and drum-beat of these “songs” these groups sing. Further, pay attention--your own children will tell you, “KISS is not a Satanic Group, they have that name because one of the group, -- PJ 09 -- pag. 96 Paul Stanley, likes to kiss everybody”. Nay, it, K.I.S.S., stands for KNIGHTS IN THE SERVICE OF SATAN! . . . The “kissing” statement came from a teenaged child (K.W.) in Toledo, Oh. He continued with some enlightening information: “O.K. Look, you say that Satanists sacrifice people and animals, right? Well, what do you think the ancient ones did, and what about the Aztecs? They all worshipped GOD--and they also made sacrifices. Humans and animals. Now, you tell me the differences of today. As it says in the Bible, we are all brothers.” I have no wish to be more advertising of one group than another, but here is another article from a “trade” paper regarding the ones you refer to as the Rolling Stones. This was with pictures and a great deal of wondrous hype and honor unto this group: SATANIC ROLLING STONES BEGIN U.S. TOUR” Again, understand that I only quote for this scribe is just about sick of this document and I will not allow personal responsibility of this projection to be dumped upon my scribes and publishers. I judge not--perhaps you might become a bit discerning, however. “Philadelphia: The Philadelphia appearance was the first in a tour that will hit 29 cities in the United States and Canada between now and January 1990. “This group, more than any other, pioneered the overt Satanism which pervades today‟s rock concerts by introducing such songs as „Sympathy for the Devil‟ in the 60‟s and the hit album, „Their Satanic Majesties Request‟. The Stones are equally well known for headlining the mass concert in Altamont, California in the late 1960‟s in which it is well remembered that a man was murdered by the Hells Angels motorcycle gang during a performance of „Sympathy for the Devil‟. “The media buildup for the concert (Philadelphia) overshadowed anything devoted to a presidential campaign in the week before the election. Print media has devoted tens of thousands of words to the Stones, referring to them constantly as „Their Satanic Majesties‟. “The New York Daily News tabloid accorded the Stones a ten-page spread in their weekend edition, and 4-5 pages daily. TV and Radio blasted Stones songs for weeks indicating no lack of enthusiasm after two decades. “56,000 people piled into Philadelphia Veterans Stadium for opening night. Two and a half million watts of sound shattered the air as the Stones appeared on a 150-foot- high set designed to resemble a crumbling city. “According to Stones production manager, Michele Ahern, the set is designed as an indictment of contemporary society, presenting a scene of industrial decay with catwalks, gray girders and black nets towering over the stage. The Stones‟ performance was designed to satisfy the multi-generational audience, with songs from every period of its history and a featured performance of the notorious „Sympathy for the Devil‟. “A lot of the members of the audience at this concert were between the ages of 40 and 50--a testament to the hold which the cultural hedonism of the sixties still has on the population. Law enforcement authorities termed the crowd well behaved, since no murders were committed during the performance, and only 40 people were injured in fights and other mishaps.” -- PJ 09 -- pag. 97 THE ABOVE WAS PRINTED AS A „RAVE‟ REVIEW! JUDAS PRIEST Dateline Sept. 1, 1989: “(Aug. 24): The British heavy-metal rock group Judas Priest, and its distributor, CBS Records, are being sued in Reno, Nevada, for their role in the suicides of Raymond Belknap, 18, and his friend, James Vance, 20, on Dec. 23, 1985. (Belknap died shortly after shooting himself, while a badly-disfigured Vance lingered on for three years.) “The two young men, after spending six hours listening to Judas Priest‟s „Stained Class‟ album, went to a church yard to commit suicide. The album contains the repetitive subliminal message, „Do it. Do it‟.” Here is a letter sent in to a “personal column”: “Hello. My name is XXX. I‟m 13, and I‟ll be 14 in October (‟89). I‟m very, very interested in a magazine which was passed out at our school about Satan being in the schoolyards. I‟m from a small town called Argos, Ind. “I used to be really interested in Satanic worshippers until I read this magazine. I listened to very heavy acid rock music all the time, like Metallica, Led Zeppelin, and Ozzy. I used to pray to Satan to get raped and other things. The only reason why is because I‟m still a virgin, and I thought that was the only reason to lose my virginity and if I got pregnant, I wouldn‟t get into trouble. It would be nice if lots of schools would pass out this magazine because I know a lot of kids my age who don‟t know what to do. “Thank you if you would print this letter or send me a reply.” NO COMMENT! Dharma, please now print the letter from the R.N. in Wisconsin. This portion is a reply to an editorial in a rather small Wisconsin publication called Wisconsin Report. These quotes can all be verified at your library. LETTER OF SUPPORT TO EDITORIAL: “ROCK MUSIC, ESPECIALLY HEAVY METAL, CONTRIBUTES TO POISONING THE MINDS OF OUR YOUNG PEOPLE” “Dear Virginia, “After reading your editorial comments in the September 28 issue of the Wisconsin Report as well as Peggy Cuddy’s letter regarding rock music, I am writing to add support to the view that rock music, especially ‘heavy metal’, contributes to poisoning the minds of our young people. As a registered nurse working in a treatment center for disturbed adolescents, I see first-hand the damage this music and lifestyle does. Not only is the loud discordant rebellious beat objectionable but the -- PJ 09 -- pag. 98 music forms an addiction so the young person desires to continually listen to it. This causes them to gravitate toward the philosophy of the music--a philosophy of hate, rebelliousness toward authority, anarchy, violence, sex, death and drugs. This music listened to by a depressed teen is like pouring gasoline on a fire as it makes the depression worse. Some of this music involves occultic themes, and promotes suicide and satanism. “I urge everyone reading this to go to various record shops and ask the salesperson to direct you to the ‘heavy metal’ section of the store. The grotesque images, death, blood, gore, sex, occult images, and desecration of Christian symbols is predominant.” (Please allow me to add, however, lest there be confusion--the desecration is toward all accepted sects of “goodness”--the Jewish faith is most hard hit of all, in actuality.) “How can anyone not know, even after viewing the record jackets alone that, something is wrong? The same goes for videos, movies and TV. Take a good look at the selection of “thriller” films available for rent, showing rape, mutilation, gruesome murder, satanic and occultic rituals and every barbaric practice known. What does it take for people to wake up and see the damage this is doing? Many of the young people I work with will never be mentally healthy. It’s too late. The damage has been done. Most of the other mental health professionals I work with do not even address these issues as contributing factors. I’ve heard them tell concerned parents, ‘Don’t over-react’. They look at the rock music as a means of expression and it would be wrong to deny teens this mode of venting their feelings! We read the police reports showing evidence of satanic involvement they see as they go into the bedrooms of teens who have attempted suicide. Reports of walls plastered with favorite heavy metal rock stars, books on the occult and satanic paraphernalia are found but nothing is done about it because many do not take it seriously, calling it ‘just a phase’. Trying to educate these kids to the dangers of this activity often just makes them retreat into further secrecy. Even after sharing the lyrics of the music, and the lifestyle and philosophy of these rock stars, often parents will remark, ‘What does it hurt? We had our music when we were young’! There is such a profound blindness! “When we shop for food to nourish the body we want the best. We reject rotting produce, moldy bread, and spoiled meat, because common sense tells us that contaminated food can cause illness or poisoning, yet when it comes to feeding the mind, so often choices made for entertainment involve illicit and violent sex, profanity, murders, crime, blood and gore. As a result, people’s minds become ill and so does society. “Many buy rock music tapes and concert tickets for their children with these demonic themes filled with hate and rebellion or turn a deaf ear to the music and pretend not to see! There are often no restrictions on what is viewed on videos, movies or TV. When kids end up with emotional problems parents wonder why and spend a fortune for a ‘cure’.” (I would insert here that I suggest you really look carefully at the predominance of advertising on your TV--it deals with hospital and projected “cures” for alcoholism, drugs etc., etc.!--So be it.) “Not all parents can be blamed. Some do care and teach their children right from wrong. Peer and social influences can be intense. There are those strong-willed children who are more difficult to raise than others. Even in the best family environment there can be problems, but without loving, consistent parental involvement and without strong family values, there is little hope. “Mental hospitals are filled with young people who are a lost generation because so many have not cared enough to protect them from feeding on mental garbage. Now society must pay the price while many continue to wonder why!” -- PJ 09 -- pag. 99 This was signed: A WISCONSIN R.N. I am a bit sorry for I would like to give her great credit, however, that would be most unsafe for her well-being. I do, however, honor her greatly and make acknowledgement herein. One more on this subject, Dharma, and we shall move on. AMA LINKS ROCK MUSIC TO SATANISM AND DRUGS The following is self obvious: “Titled ‘Adolescents and Their Music’ and produced by the AMA’s Group on Science and Technology a report counsels physicians who treat teens to be aware of the connection between rock music, especially heavy metal, and anti-social behavior. The study was published in the Sept. 22-29 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) (1989) “‘One aspect of the adolescent environment that has been a source of concern . . . has been the role of rock music, specifically its lyrics’, says the report. This concern has been enhanced by the ‘violent and sexual content’ of rock videos. Heavy metal, which ‘features a loud pulsating rhythm and abounds with lyrics that glorify hatred, abuse, sexual deviancy and occasionally satanism’, is especially disturbing. “Although extremely conservative--it concludes that there is no scientific proof that rock has deleterious effects on behavior--the AMA report performs a useful function by citing numerous studies which have implied a causal relationship between teen fascination with rock music, and participation in drug use and other destructive behavior. “The study warns that ‘evidence, although anecdotal’, exists which suggests that teenagers heavily immersed in the heavy metal subculture, ‘may be at risk for drug abuse or even participation in satanic activities’. “As evidence, it cites several murders which ‘have been correlated with a fascination for heavy metal music’, including the case of the ‘Night Stalker’, serial murderer Richard Ramirez who left Satanic slogans and symbols at the site of his crimes, and ‘was said to be obsessed with the heavy metal band AC/DC’. “It also refers to a number of studies which link rock to drug abuse and premarital sex. One such study found that 60% of drug- dependent teens named heavy metal as their first choice of music, ‘leading the author to suggest that such music is associated with and may promote destructive behavior in susceptible teenagers’. “Another, on the effect of music television (MTV), found that 7th and 10th graders, after watching more than one hour of certain music videos, ‘were more likely to approve of premarital sex. . . .’ Another concluded that violent music videos ‘desensitized viewers to violence immediately after viewing’. “Perhaps the AMA’s most shocking finding is that, between the 7th and the 12th grades, the average teenager listens to 10,500 hours of rock music. This is just ‘slightly less than the entire number of hours spent in the classroom from kindergarten through high school’. No wonder there has been such an explosion of Satanism, drug use, and suicide among adolescents!” -- PJ 09 -- pag. 100 No, Dharma, I am not going to answer your questions in this segment. First you ones must face that which is already projected for your attention. We can only touch on a piddling few and even at that, most ones will bore and lay aside or move onward to something less accusative or titillating. This hits on every person alive and on all your children. Perhaps all I shall ever do is show you how it is, that you might better understand “how it will be”! Amen. I request a break at this point. I wish to discuss and project a thought on a most popular little game you have running around your children‟s playroom, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, before we turn to the “beyond games and into reality of practice” games man now seems to enjoy so very much. It seems most illusive for parents to be able to face that which has entered the lives of all, especially the young. It is banned to give a child in a crib a toy with buttons and yet you have no restrictions what-so-ever on the choking bits and pieces which poison the only thing your child has in reality--his mind! So be it. A break, please. I AM SANANDA -- PJ 09 -- pag. 101