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MUSIC, something to reach the Soul!, part 2 I suggest that we try to find any media outlet to do an exposé on the Federal Reserve Board, which is what I did. I took my article, which was a good exposé of the greatest swindle on Earth, to every major newspaper, radio and television station, magazine house and several talk-show hosts. A few made promises that sounded good--they would definitely air the article and have me discuss it-- give them about a week and they would get back to me. Not one of them ever did, nor did my article -- PJ 81 -- page 121 ever appear in the pages of their newspapers and journals. It was as if a blanket of silence had been thrown over me and the subject I was endeavoring to promote, and indeed that was precisely what had happened. Without massive media hype, and without almost around the clock coverage, the hippy-beatnik rock, drug cult would never have gotten off the ground; it would have remained a localized oddity. The Beatles, with their twanging guitars, silly expressions, drug language and weird clothes, would not have amounted to a hill of beans. Instead, because the Beatles were given saturation coverage by the media, the United States has suffered one cultural shock after another. [H: This is NOT surprising, readers. Harken back to the Protocols and the PLAN 2000: “Get control of the press (media) and through that route shall we control the thought of the people. Besides gold and control of the principal banks, the exchanges of the entire world, the credits of all the governments being in our hands the other great POWER is The Press. By repeating without cessation certain ideas, the Press succeeds in the end in having them accepted as actualities. The Theatre renders us analogous services. Everywhere the Press and the Theatre obey our orders.” And so they DO! Go back and reread the power hierarchy of the media in ALL FORMATS.] The men buried in the think tanks and research institutions, whose names and faces are still not known to but a few people, made sure that the press played its part. Conversely, the media’s important role in not exposing the power behind the future cultural shocks made certain that the source of the crisis was never identified. Thus was our society driven mad through psychological shocks and stress. “Driven mad” is taken from Tavistock’s training manual. From its modest beginnings in 1921, Tavistock was ready in 1966 to launch a major irreversible cultural revolution in America, which has not yet ended. The Aquarian Conspiracy is part of it. Thus softened up, our nation was now deemed ripe for the introduction of drugs which was to rival the prohibition era in scope and the huge amounts of money to be made. This too was an integral part of the Aquarian Conspiracy. The proliferation of drug usage was one of the subjects under study at the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at Tavistock’s Sussex University facility. It was known as the “future shocks” center, a title given to so-called future oriented psychology designed to manipulate whole population groups to induce “future shocks”. It was the first of several such institutions set up by Tavistock. FUTURE SHOCKS “Future Shocks” is described as a series of events which come so fast that the human brain cannot absorb the information. [H: This is why we repeat the more important information--so that each time you read it it becomes more easily acceptable within your own circuits. The attempt of the Elite Controllers is to confuse you with their own brain-washing to the extent that you cannot reach beyond the garbage to find the grain. “Reason” and “logic” can be your guide if you but allow same--God and Truth bear “reason and logic” in goodness. The Adversary presents confusion, chaos and negative input. For instance, through the controlled media the NAFTA agreement sounds good and is drummed into your senses every waking minute from every form of medium. REASON AND LOGIC WHEN CONFRONTED--DEMAND THAT YOU REALIZE THE LIE THRUST UPON YOU--IT CANNOT WORK! That is, of course, it cannot work TOWARD A TRULY FREE SOCIETY AND EXCHANGES AS PRESENTED IN THE LIE TO YOUR SLEEPY BRAIN. The major point, therefore, is to stop you from using LOGIC, REASON AND INTELLIGENCE. IT WORKS, SO FAR, -- PJ 81 -- page. 122 EVERY TIME!] As I said earlier, science has shown that there are clearly marked limits to the amount of changes and the nature of them that the mind can deal with. After continuous shocks, the large targeted population group discovers that it does not want to make choices any more. Apathy takes over, often preceded by mindless violence such as is characteristic of the Los Angeles street gangs, serial killers, rapists and child kidnapers. Such a group becomes easy to control and will docilely follow orders without rebelling, which is the object of the exercise. “Future shocks,” says SPRU, “is defined as physical and psychological distress arising from the excess load on the decision-making mechanism of the human mind.” That is Tavistock jargon lifted straight from Tavistock manuals--which they don’t know I have. [H: Remember: Dr. Coleman claims to be a member of MI-6, the British Intelligence group directly in the service of Her Majesty the Queen, head of the Committee of 300. They control a lot of things like what happens with the Brookings Institute participation in groups such as ______. It has been stated thusly: “Brookings Institute funds ______ and MI-6 runs it.”[Editor: We are under court order not to mention certain words and names. TALK ABOUT FREEDOM OF INFORMATION!!!!] If he were not at one time a participant I can’t imagine why he would state that he was--it is not a comfortable spot to find oneself--crosswise with such a powerful intelligence wing of anything. However, yes, it can be used as a distraction to suck in unsuspecting people with a LOT of truth and then hook them with the lie. I am not here at this point to take up “personalities”, I am offering that which has been presented and hopefully you will glean a lot of information which CAN SAVE YOUR NATION AND YOUR LIVES.] Just as an overloaded electrical circuit will activate a trip switch, so do humans “trip out”, which is a syndrome that medical science is only now beginning to understand, although John Rawlings Reese conducted experiments in this field as far back as the 1920s. As can be appreciated, such a targeted group is ready to “trip out” and take to drugs as a means of escape from the pressures of so many choices having to be made. This is how drug usage was spread so rapidly through America’s “beat generation”. What started with the Beatles and sample packages of LSD has grown into a flood-tide of drug usage which is swamping America. CONTROL OF THE DRUG TRADE The drug trade is controlled by the Committee of 300 from the top down. The drug trade started with the British East India Company and was closely followed by the Dutch East India Company. Both were controlled by a “Council of 300”. The list of names of members and stockholders of the BEIC (British East India Company) read like something out of Debretts peerage. BEIC established the “China Inland Mission”, whose job it was to get the Chinese peasants, or coolies, as they were called, addicted to opium. This created the market for opium which the BEIC then filled. In much the same way the Committee of 300 used “The Beatles” to popularize “social drugs” with the youth of America and the Hollywood “in” crowd. Ed Sullivan was sent to England to become acquainted with the first Tavistock Institute “rock group” to hit the shores of the United States. Sullivan then returned to the United States to draft the strategy for the electronic media on how to package and sell the group. Without the full cooperation of the electronic media and Ed Sullivan, in particular, “The Beatles” and their “music” would have died on the vine. Instead, our national life and the character of the United States was forever changed. [H: As a manipulator of subject material and offerings the format has changed and Larry King has somehow assumed, -- PJ 81 -- page. 123 through CNN, the role of acceptability. Both are Khazarians doing their job for the “Committee”.] Now that we know, it is all too clear how successful the “Beatles” campaign to proliferate the use of drugs became. The fact that “The Beatles” had their music and lyrics written for them by Theo Adorno was concealed from public view. The prime function of “the Beatles” was to be discovered by teenagers, who where then subjected to a non-stop barrage of “Beatlemusic”, until they became convinced that they liked the sound and adopted it, along with all that accompanied it. The Liverpool group performed up to expectations, and with “a little help from their friends”, i.e., illegal substances we call drugs, created a whole new class of young Americans in the precise mold ordained by the Tavistock Institute. DRUG RUNNERS Tavistock had created a highly visible “new type” to act as their drug-runners. The China Inland Mission “Christian missionaries” would not have fitted in with the 1960s. “New type” is social-science scientist jargon; what it meant was that the Beatles created new social patterns, first and foremost being to normalize and popularize the use of drugs, new tastes in clothes and hair styles which really distinguished them from the older generation as was intended by Tavistock. It is important to note the deliberate fragmentation-inducing language used by Tavistock. The “teenagers” never once dreamed that all the “different” things they aspired to were the products of older scientists working in think tanks in England and Stanford Research. How mortified they would have been if they had discovered that most of their “cool” habits and expressions were deliberately created for their use by a group of older social science scientists! The role of the media was, and remains, very important in promoting the use of drugs on a nation-wide scale. When coverage of the street warfare gangs was abruptly terminated by the media, they became “burned out” as a social phenomena; the “new age” of drugs followed. The media has always served as a catalyst and has always pushed “new causes” and now media attention was focused on drug usage and its supporters, the “beat generation”, yet another phase fashioned at Tavistock, in its determined efforts to bring about social changes in the United States. Drug usage now became an accepted part of everyday life in America. This Tavistock-designed program took in millions of American youth, and the older generation began to believe that America was undergoing a natural social revolution, failing all the while to realize that what was happening to their children was not a spontaneous movement, but a highly artificial creation designed to force changes in America’s social and political life. The descendants of the British East India Company were delighted with the success of their drug pushing program. Their disciples became adept in the use of lysergic acid (LSD) so conveniently made available by patrons of the drug trade like Aldous Huxley, courtesy of the highly respected Sandoz company of Switzerland and financed by the great Warburg banking dynasty. The new “wonder drug” was promptly distributed at all rock concerts and on college campuses in free sample packages. The question that begs to be asked is: “What was the FBI doing while all this was going on?” -- PJ 81 -- page. 124 The purpose of the Beatles had become abundantly clear. The British East India Company’s descendants in the upper-class society in London must have felt very good about the billions of dollars that began rolling in. With the coming of “rock” which shall henceforth be used as shorthand to describe Adorno’s fiendish satanic music, a tremendous increase in the use of social drugs, especially marijuana, was observed. The entire dope business was expanded under the control and direction of the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU). -- PJ 81 -- page. 125 ----------------------------- Almost 13% of the income of India under British rule was derived from the sale of good quality Bengal opium to the British-run opium distributors in China. "The Beatles" of the day, the China Inland Mission, had done a great job in proliferating the use of opium among the poor Chinese -- PJ 83 -- page. 12 laborers (coolies, as they were called). These addicts did not suddenly materialize out of thin air, any more than did teenager addicts in the U.S. THE POINT TO REMEMBER IS THAT BOTH WERE CREATED. In China a market for opium was first created and then filled by opium from Bengal. In the same way, a market for marijuana and LSD was first created in the United States by methods already described, and then filled by British plutocrats and their American cousins with the help of the overlords of the British banking establishment. ----- So audacious did the British East India Company lords and ladies become that they tried to sell this lethal substance to the Union and Confederate Armies in pill form as a pain killer. Is it difficult to imagine just what would have happened had their plan succeeded? All those hundreds of thousands of soldiers would have left the battlefields totally hooked on opium. "The Beatles" were much more successful in turning out millions of teenage addicts in later years. -- PJ 83 -- page. 18 This was later confirmed when I was given access to the papers of Sir George Birdwood in India Office records. Soon after the China Inland Mission missionaries set out to give away their sample packages and show the coolies how to smoke opium, vast quantities of opium began to arrive in China. "The Beatles" could not have done a better job. (In both cases the trade was sanctioned by the British royal family, who openly supported the Beatles.) Where the British East India Company had failed in England, it now succeeded beyond its wildest expectations in China, whose teeming millions of poor looked upon smoking opium as an escape from their life of misery. -- PJ 83 -- page. 21 --------------------------- No wonder Lippmann was chosen to make the people of the United States "like" the Beatles when they arrived on our shores and were thrust upon an unsuspecting country. Combined with the propaganda sent forth night and day from radio and television, it was only a comparatively short time before The Beatles became "popular". The technique of radio stations allegedly receiving hundreds of requests from imaginary listeners for Beat-lemusic, led to charts and ratings for the first, the "top ten" and gradually escalated until, by 1992, it has expanded to "the top 40 on the charts". In 1928, Lippmann's compatriot Edward Bernays wrote a book called CRYSTALLIZING PUBLIC OPINION and in 1928 a second book of his was published entitled simply PROPAGANDA. In it Bernays described his experiences at Wellington House. Bernays was a close friend of Master Manipulator H.G. Wells, whose many quasi-novels were used by Bernays to help formulate mass mind control techniques. -- PJ 90 -- page. 12 --------------------------- Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, etc. The geniuses of the world are those who have learned to talk with God by transcending their senses and becoming Mind-Beings. In this still very early stage of the unfolding of the Man idea he is very conspicuously body-conscious and but faintly Mind-conscious. God's intent for man is that he should manifest Mind--not body. The signs of the times tell us, that more and more Mind-conscious humans are coming into their fruition stage, but mass-Man is still body and-sensation-conscious. That is why such chaos is spreading over the face of the earth. Culture is dying because sensation shuns culture. A Wagner or Mozart is worth billions, and should be nourished. The Wagner‟s and Mozart‟s of today can be found trying to survive by playing in night clubs, or selling vacuum cleaners. You have no pennies to spare for the arts of peace while so many billions of dollars must be spent upon the arts of war, and in extolling those who kill. Man has chosen to upset his own balance by seemingly violating the inviolate. In the battle of civilization for body-supremacy over Mind, it may well be that the moral, mental and spiritual decline of the last half century will continue into another degrading Dark Age. Time is naught, however, in Nature, and Man will again arise through the efforts of the few among the many who are now becoming more and more Mind-conscious. -- PJ 32 -- pag. 155 ---------------------------- In the ordinary sense of the word, "inspired" means to be exalted mentally into a highly spiritual state where the physical in you is forgotten and the spiritual state is predominant. You feel inspired when you hear or think beautiful music or glorious art. That is the Voice of Nature (which God is) talking to you. It is an uplift from the material to the spiritual. Anyone who has learned the art of deep meditation can step from the mundane material world into the inspirational world of high mental exaltation at will. It is said of Mozart that he forgot his debts that way, which means that he could escape from all worldly affairs by seeking the bliss of inspiration. -- PJ 35 -- pag. 43 -------------------------- The beauty of music is not in its technique; it is in the Soul of its creator. That is why the same ―tune‖ does not express the same Soul essence as different persons present it. One may be a genius--the other a player of recorded music. A copy of a great master‘s art may be quite identical but one is the original with its Soul and the other remains ―a copy‖. Music is neither the sound vibrations of music; it is in the silence of the Light from which the sound sprang--a series of ―tones‖ does not make music. You can KNOW music and THINK it without having acquired the technique of expressing it, or without producing sounds to give it a body. Your inner ears can hear the music in -- PJ 34 -- page 47 the silence of God‘s eternal rhythms and you can interpret your moods into the rhythms of the universal heartheat, as Beethoven  interpreted the mood of the moonlight into the rhythms of it without having any teacher but his God-Self. Consider the life of any great musical genius. What he finally produces in a written composition first begins in his Soul. He must first find aloneness with Self by getting away from all other people--even from his own body-awareness. He must suppress all outer influences to seek that stillness from within from which the inner ears of his Soul can hear the rhythms of the universal heartbeat of God‟s creative thinking. This is why, for instance, Dharma must have silence and quiet about her and aloneness when we write for otherwise her consciousness is distracted into fragments and she cannot hear that which we bring forth, or send forth, as the case may be. I know that ones who live and work with her assume she just sits and types--no, she is as any other writer--she must hear the message. God is the author of any worthy writing. All GREAT writings are of God for those of the adversary DO NOT ENDURE. To find that stillness in the Light of knowing, he must stop thinking in order that he can conceive idea from the Light of all-knowing. From the ecstasy of that stillness, the inspiration is born in his very Soul. The motive for his symphony gradually takes form through the heartbeat of his thinking, which he extends from the stillness of his Soul. He then ceases to extend it, again to find the stillness of the Light which is gradually giving him his motive through inner inspiration. This is the mood of all creative geniuses during the inspiring and ecstatic hours during which they commune with God. By such communion, you awaken and unfold your own genius. There is no other way to become a cosmic being. There is no other way to acquire inspired knowledge to uplift you from earth into the high heavens of the kingdom of the Soul where cosmic man dwells. -- PJ 34 -- pag. 48 ------------------------- Material and objective teaching through the senses do not give "knowledge", for the senses cannot acquire knowledge. Intensive reasoning is not intensive thinking, for when people reason through sensed-observation they are but repeating brain memories. Any product of man resulting from the assemblage of sensed-memories is not a creation of the Mind; it is an accumulation of plagiarisms, such as an automobile and most of your world-products. These are inventions of generations of sensed-observers and are forever changing by being added to by others. Mind-creations of a Shakespeare, a Beethoven or a Leonardo are not made that way. Creations of the Mind endure. They cannot be changed or added to by others and yet even those great genius minds will say that "If they saw further it was because they stood on the shoulders of giants come before them." -- PJ 35 -- pag. 12 NEXT PAGE