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SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION OF MEDITATION I wish to begin this series of lessons by explicit discussion of terms. Such terms as “electricity” and “magnetism” which will be used throughout this “course” are used because they are the accepted terminology of your world--today. It must be understood, however, that they are used for your better understanding ONLY. The terminologies for the proper presentation are NOT available for your use and their use would only confuse the student at this stage of development--and give room for the “discounting” and “depreciation” of the adversary of the work presented. By the way, for you who sicken yourself with “worry” regarding who will go and who will stay, etc. Leave that in God’s hands. Do of your own mission and allow others to do of theirs--even if it be to remain in the unknowing. My job, for instance, is not to get every soul into the Light--at this time--although my ultimate graduation requires that I get the ones whom God has chosen-- into His House. My task is to bring the word as messenger--as is many of yours. I am not come to SAVE anything or anyone as you imagine it to be. I have no right nor intent to step into another’s right to choose his own salvation. Part of my own testing is to see to it that I DO NOT DO SUCH A THING. MY LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING AND TRANSMUTATION CAPABILITY COMES FROM MIND TO MIND REASONING AND APPLIED INFORMATION OF MANIFESTATION. I FIND IT BOTH A JOY AND A CHALLENGE. THIS INFORMATION IS A PRESENTATION OF THE PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE, PRESENTATION OF THE UNIVERSAL LAW AND FRANKLY, NATURAL SCIENCE AS IT AFFECTS THE UNIVERSE AND MAN IN HIS PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT. Now we will take up “meditation” for that which it REALLY is. Meditation is the MOST IMPORTANT of all the functions of human life which advance human progress. So little is known of it even by the greatest of the world’s geniuses who constantly practice it in a “knowing” state--but cannot explain it--that it now seems necessary to define and explain that divine function. With sufficient explanation, everyone can KNOWINGLY practice meditation and thus knowingly command his achievements to be masterly. The concept is universal and works toward both goodness and evil so the use thereof rests solely in the individual personality utilizing the information. The joy of this, however, is that the evil beings are so busy discounting the work brought herein that they are not likely to fully utilize the techniques--for the books themselves give them GROSS INDIGESTION AND A HOTFOOT. YOU CAN LEARN TO COMMAND ACHIEVEMENTS, COMMAND THE BODY INTO PERFECTION, OR YOUR LIFE TO BE FULL TO OVERFLOWING--FOR THROUGH MEDITATION EVERY MAN CAN BECOME WHATEVER HE WISHES TO BECOME. But, of course, I speak of TRUE meditation and not the games of gurus and “new-age groupies” who do not fully understand a thing they are practicing. Many, however, do understand and are simply awaiting the spreading of this knowledge so they can fully function according to that which they were shown in other locations and by other messengers--it will all flow into understanding as you become more unified. Meditation is communing with GOD for the purpose of working knowingly with GOD. This is the definition with which we will exclusively work herein. If you do not practice in perfection, you will most likely commune with the evil resources and never make it to communion with the GOD OF LIGHT! The physical representatives of your “senses” of the physical manifestation will ALWAYSshow up first and lie, lie and lie to you--furthermore, it is up to you to cause and demand they remove themselves for they are permitted to remain and deceive until YOU DEMAND THEY DEPART AND YOU ASK IN THE LIGHT AND ONLY THE LIGHT OF GOD BROTHERHOOD. Meditation means to think inwardly toward the Mind-Soul rather than outwardly through the senses. You will recall the one you still call “Jesus” (and it is fine if you call him “Jesus” for it is now the accepted label for that manifestation of the “Christed one”. But, if you are following the doctrines of the one “Paul”, you are a bit in error in some categories of your perception of which I must caution you! In respect for both you and others who accept this perception I shall refer to this one as Christ Esu Jesus [the Sacred Circle], and we will know of whom we speak. It is erroneous for there are other Christed Beings before and after--but since we are “playing” to an audience of humans who “democratically vote-in by majority” things and beings, we shall use the terminology recognized by the most. In fact, I herein change my energy thrust and for simplification of MY writing--we shall refer to him simply as “Christ”. This will lessen no one’s perception of the Christed Being recognized personally). At any rate, you recall that “Christ” told Man (I shall also, henceforth, not capitalize “man” for it is only a term of reference for a species and in deference to the ladies I have been capitalizing “Man” to indicate same--the facts are that you are a species of MAN, no more and no less, and I herein cease to play your silly and idiotic games to such extent as priorly seemed appropriate--it is time you GROW) to seek the “kingdom of heaven” (editors: this is not to be capitalized, either, unless I so indicate), WITHIN HIMSELF, NOT OUTSIDE OF HIMSELF. By that He meant that God dwelt within man, and that God-awareness will come to any man who communes with God through inner thinking. There are but two kinds of thinkers in the world--those who think outwardly through the brain and those who think inwardly toward the Soul. Outward thinking develops the physical qualities and desires of men, while inward thinking unfolds the spiritual qualities which await unfoldment for long ages of man’s slow journey to the Light of his own divinity. WORKING KNOWINGLY WITH GOD You all know that is the way you both work and, because of it, you have been able to do ten times the amount of work you otherwise would have done, and all of it in a masterly manner. When we KNOW that God’s Mind and ours are one, and we are consciously aware of His presence every working moment, our work could not be other than masterly. For instance, Dharma KNOWS AT THIS MOMENT--HER WORK IS MASTERLY-- NO PUN INTENDED. To work knowingly with God constantly, never ceasing, is to be inspired constantly with the ecstasy of His nature. She also KNOWS that instant when her work is NOT MASTERLY and again is only outward through the “senses”. All who are projected as human in the physical will function through those “senses” for it IS of the human to so do. It requires training and desire to come into the KNOWING OF FUNCTIONING WITHIN THE MIND-SOUL. To work knowingly with God constantly, never ceasing, is to be inspired constantly with the ecstasy of His nature, as I just stated. God is your teacher in actuality and you need no other. He is always with you, as Soul, and lifts us all to great heights. Some have walked and talked and worked KNOWINGLY with God throughout your human experience--but it is rare indeed that you did so in TRUTH for usually the evil deceiver gets there first and pulls the human into the worldliness of “things” and “fleshly desires” and God is pushed aside. There have, however, been the blessed ones who have not been pulled into the trap, or once out of the trap, are not again ensnared. You will find these ones neither foolishly pious in presentation nor “simply BEING”. They are very human in presentation, often functioning within the human aspect WITHOUT and through those human “senses” and always “busy”--not “just being”. For it is through your actions that you are judged--not your sitting on your assets “being” nothing. For if you are doing “nothing”-- you have made your decision as to whose side you are on, already, and you but fool of self--the biggest fool of all! Interestingly enough, you are experiencing at a level of perception and projection wherein you cannot function without the others in the dimensional projection. If there were only Dharma, for instance--what good would be the work? If there were only George, who would write the work and receive His pronouncements? This is your opportunity in experience to realize that you are a unit--a whole--and if you have not the other aspects and projections--you are NOT ANYTHING! HOWEVER, AS YOU MOVE ALONG IN APPOINTED TASKS--YOU MUST BE ABLE TO DEMONSTRATE BY YOUR OWN LIVES THAT WHICH YOU MUST TEACH TO OTHERS. YOU MUST LIVE IN A MANNER WORTHY TO MANIFEST THE POWER WHICH GOD GIVES TO EVERY MAN FOR THE MERE ASKING, AND TO IMMUNIZE SELVES FROM ALL THAT IS UNLOVELY IN ORDER THAT YOU COULD FOREVER CREATE WITH HIM THAT BEAUTY OF BALANCED RHYTHMIC THINKING WHICH IS HIS UNIVERSE. THAT IS THE REASON WHY WE MUST NOW WRITE DOWN THESE TEACHINGS IN THIS MANNER, SO THAT THEY WILL ALWAYS BE WITH ALL WHO SEEK THE ZERO OF STILLNESS IN NEAR PLACES AND FAR BEYOND WHERE THE HUMAN “ONE” CAN GO FOR IT IS THE MASSES WHO MUST RECOGNIZE SOURCE. Before we move into the steps of How and What, etc., let us visit a bit about ego self. This IS the manifestation of greatest sensing in the human being. It IS that which causes the separation and to simply “override” that ego is totally an incapability for it IS your humanness! You will never override it--you will train it to willingly give access to higher influence--you will mold it to set aside of itself to allow and welcome God within. It is the ego which stands at the door of the soul and allows or disallows passage within. There are methods of causing that ego to step aside--that human consciousness to bow to higher input--to negate self unto higher knowledge--but it requires knowing the “how-to”. But a hint-- this is WHY the orthodox doctrines of religions will deny use and pronounce hypnosis as EVIL. It is the ONLY route to accomplish the setting aside of that ego through YOUR OWN POWER. Again, man has ruined the very term and caused something which is THE TOOL of God to be pronounced evil and to be avoided at all costs--again, so that the “would-be rulers of your destiny” can remain in total control of your physical aspect and likewise keep your soul entrapped in the lie. If MAN can keep you from communion with GOD, he can control you! If you are ever to find God and be WITH GOD--YOU MUST COME INTO COMMUNION WITH GOD--AND BYPASS THE INPUT OF MAN. Since your time as man is short indeed and your time with God is long indeed--infinite, would it not be worthy to learn to talk with God and get His instructions for passage and cease and desist listening to the misguided and misguiding ones from the pulpits and thrones of “authority” and “expert blatherings”? If they be MAN--THEY DO NOT KNOW! THEY ONLY PRESENT THAT WHICH IS ALREADY THRUST UPON THEM AND YOU--BY MAN! I AM NOT MAN IN FLESH--AND DHARMA IS NOT ME. YOU SEEM TO BE ABLE TO BELIEVE THAT WHICH MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE BEEN WRITTEN BY, SAY, ABRAHAM--DID HE PROJECT WHAT HE HEARD FROM GOD OR DID HE CLAIM TO BE GOD? IT IS IMPORTANT ABOVE ALL, THAT YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. DHARMA CLAIMS TO BE NOTHING SAVE A SPEAKER AND A TYPIST. IT IS THE CONTENT OF THE MESSAGE WHICH IS TRUTH OR FALSE AND YOU WILL DISCERN THAT FOR SELF--NOT ACCORDING TO WHAT YOUR NEIGHBOR TELLS YOU--FOR THAT IS ONLY WHAT YOUR NEIGHBOR PROJECTS. Moreover, you who read the work--KNOW IT! Also, if you are touched after reading, say, one JOURNAL and an EXPRESS or two--you also KNOW that if you read and study the others as already presented--YOU WILL FIND THE ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS WHICH YOU ARE ASKING! It is the questions asked AFTER READING ALL WHICH HAS BEEN PRESENTED TO YOU--THAT YOU HAVE VALID CAUSE TO INQUIRE OF THE TYPIST OR AUTHOR. IF YOU WERE “TOUCHED” BY THE TRUTH OF THE ONE VOLUME--THEN YOU KNOW THAT YOU WILL FIND THE ANSWER YOU SEEK IN ONE OF THE OTHER VOLUMES--OR, IT WILL BE FORTHCOMING--FOR THAT IS THE ONLY WAY IN WHICH GOD WOULD SEND HIS INFORMATION. This is not to cause you who write in with bunches of inquiries to feel embarrassed or foolish. For the questions need to be voiced and projected--but do understand when your response is “read the JOURNALS” it has already been covered! When the funds spent on the JOURNAL is more important than the new shirt or extra bread at lunch--then we will be “getting there”. The INFORMATION IS TOTALLY “FREE” BUT UNFORTUNATELY IT IS BEING PRESENTED THROUGH HUMAN, PHYSICAL FORMAT AND IT IS THE PUBLISHING OF THE INFORMATION IN MASS COVERAGE WHICH IS COSTLY BY YOUR OWN TERMS OF PHYSICAL PROJECTION. IF ALL WERE TRAINED TO HEAR WITHIN--THERE WOULD BE NO NEED, WHATSOEVER, FOR THIS MODE OF TRANSMISSION. When ones ask Hatonn: “.. .why don’t you speak to me rather than Dharma, I am waiting too!” No, you are NOT--you want to play with space-men and their service is unto GOD whose rules YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO PRACTICE! YOU ONLY WANT GOD TO GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT OR THINK YOU WANT--NOT THAT WHICH IS CORRECT OR GODLY! GOD WILL ALLOW YOU TO FALL INTO EVIL-- HE DOES NOT PUSH YOU EVER INTO EVIL. WHY WOULD HE GIVE RESPONSE WHICH ONLY WORSENS YOUR PREDICAMENT?  HOW MANY WOULD BE TRAVELING “HOME” TO GOD THIS DAY? VERY, VERY FEW! HOW MANY BY THIS TIME NEXT YEAR? MORE! BY THE CHANGING OF THE CYCLES? IT DEPENDS UPON HOW WELL WE DO OUR WORK AND HOW WILLING MAN REALLY IS TO CHANGE HIS PRESENT THRUST INTO DESTRUCTION! How long will God continue to communicate in this manner? That is for God to decide. How long will Dharma continue her work? Until she can no longer function in the physical format. The pace and work-load is backbreaking, the assaults terrifying, the human insult upon these people all but unbearable and at this point God would bless these servants with “well-done” and release them. But that is not YOUR problem--that is THEIR contract. Yours is that which is between you and God as your contract. -- PJ 34 -- pag. 17 .... 21