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Karma Now inyour "Eastern" religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, they have a term called "karma" defined in Funk& Wagnals Dictionary as: "1. The Spiritual force generated by one'saction which determines one's reincarnated situation. 2. Loosely, fate. 3.Vibration." Karma, even by this definition does not accurately describe the same purpose or meaning of simple "causeand effect". The term "karma", loosely believed by many implies you must do this or that, or this or that has occurred because it is your "karma" implying that it is also your "fate". One can fall in the rut of blaming all experiences on their "karma" and therefore not adequately learning the lesson to release this perceived "karma". The definition of karma implies that yes, there are consequences to your actions, but that you are doomed to "payback" lifetime after lifetime, and does not take into consideration the release of "pay-back" when the lessonis truly learned by the soul fragment. Remember this: AT ANY INSTANT WHEN THE TRUE UNDERSTANDING AND RECOGNITION HAS OCCURRED regarding the ERROR and effects of one's actions, THAT ONE CAN, THROUGH SELF-FORGIVENESS, RELEASE any repetition of A TRANSGRESSION AGAINST ANOTHER, SELF, AND GOD. For example, let's say that the one known as "Hitler" who was responsible for the deaths of millions, truly recognized and understood his transgressions AGAINST GOD in the moments before he made his death transition. (All things are possible, friends!) And in those moments before his "death" from this lifestream, he prayed to the God within him for FORGIVENESS of self and all others and that HE then put HIS will into GOD's WILL to be of service ONLY unto THE FATHER. Now for ones who believe in "karma",they would say that the soul energy that was Hitler would be doomed to the same persecution he committed on others, as well as at least a million deaths at the hands of a tyrant such as was he. And if "Hitler" refused to see his folly, then undoubtedly his SELF-judgement before GOD would be severe. But, depending on the level of his understanding or learning of the lessons, his "pay- back" could be that he becomes ONE who devotes his entire next reincarnation lifestreams to THE SERVICE OF GOD by helping his fellow brethren overcome their "spiritual" starvation. Do you think then, that it is not possible that God would not welcome HIS servant back within HIS fold of Truth, Love and Light? --PJ 27 -- pag. 30 One must never forget that even the "victims" of Hitler's hatred chose their victimhood. If ones choose NOT to become "victims" to any one or any situations by always honoring GOD within self and all others and thus, living in balance with the LAWS of GOD and The Creation, THEY would no longer create "victimizers" such as HITLER. It is really so simple. If THEY learn their lessons of how and why THEY created their victimhood, then they would ALSO FORGIVE themselves and ALL who they perceived victimized them, so that they, too, could release and be free of the bondage of "karma". And on top of forgiveness, their release may involve actually being ever THANKFUL to THE FATHER WITHIN for bringing the lesson to them and thus helping them recognize THEIR self-transgressions and becoming now FREE from the BONDAGE of victimhood. Do you see the picture now?The responsibility for all manifested experiences lies with ALL who share in and exist within the experience! --PJ 27 -- pag. 31