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JUDGMENTS, RITUALS AND GOD UNLIMITED First, I will shock you with a question so that we can move on. If, until the birth of the one, Jesus, there were "pagan" sacrifices, animals killed to utilize their blood to smear upon the doorframes, etc., how does that differ greatly from those today who kill animals to utilize their blood to honor a God? I believe YOUR God even had the families bring a dearest pet lamb into the home to love and cherish, for the children to play with, and gain of its trust and love; then it was slain, its blood used as "signs" and its body burned in a manner of "gift" before its very Creator. Oh, I see, that is maybe why Jesus came; to stop that nonsense. Well, along with Jesus' believers came the Crusades, murder of man in battle with brother, the Inquisition=pagans? Nay, "Christians"! Can it possibly be worse for a Redman to dance around a fire pit while honoring his brother relation of the Buffalo? YE ONES LIMIT THY GOD IN ORDER TO MOLD HIM INTO THY IMAGE. "CHRIST" IS A STATE OF BEING. JESUS WAS A CHRIST ENERGY. MOST OF THE ONLY "CHRISTIANS" REMAINING UPON THY PLACE NEVER HEARD OF ONE CALLED JESUS. THIS DOES NOT MAKE JESUS LESSER, IT MAKES "GOD" FAR GREATER AND "CHRIST", PERFECTION. STOP THIS PAINFUL CREATION OF MONSTERS. TAKE THAT WHICH HAS WITHSTOOD THE TEST OF EONS OF TIME AND ENDURED AS TRUTH, THEN ALLOW GOD HIS UNLIMITED, INFINITE RESOURCES. If God changed His mind once, can He not change of it again? If He chooses, He can change of it every fifteen minutes and you are stuck with it. Well, He does not do that--but you limit His actions constantly. Do you realize there is no place in thy Holy Books that speak to the Native Indian? How do your historians account for that matter? Oh, I see, they put it aside in that the Native Indians somehow sprang from the pagan, satanic trash? Oh, dear friends, ye better get those blurred eyes focused on something besides library words of one's opinions. Ye interpret and re-interpret. Let us consider the "Rapture"; that particular word is not even in thy Bible. This particular word comes from a Latin translation of a Greek word, "harpazo" (not even translatable for the Greek alphabet is different from English). It means, "caught up", "to seize", "to snatch away". Well, if one translated word can cause such contradiction of interpretation is it not possible there might be other contradictions? Then, let us see; you have Premillennialists, Midmillennialists, Postmillennialists and Amillennialists. "Just pick a number and wait?" Further, how can you measure? The "Biblical -- PJ 05 -- pag. 64 'year'" was three hundred sixty days (360, not 365), when did it become 365? Who decided? Ye are now in year two, day two hundred eighty-six. Your Biblical scholars do not even take note of such a thing; call it "pagan" and satanical "stuff". No, friends, it is the very "clock" ye should be watching. I do not mean to be unkind but ye ones could be a bit kinder in thy intolerance of one another. Ye go unto thy "churches" and "temples" and do all manner of things; light candles, drink wine instead of, but pretending it to be the blood of Jesus, ye burn of incense, ye eat grain in lieu of the "body" of Jesus. Well, the ancient Jews ate of unleavened bread. Ye kill animals in thy hunting rituals and feasting rituals. Could it be that the human simply makes errors in judgment? COULD IT BE? COULD IT BE THAT IN THY NARROW INTERPRETATIONS, YE LEAVE NO ROOM FOR GOD TO "TELL YOU HOW IT IS"? Thy problems come because ye forget to utilize thy wondrous gifts of God. Ye cling to words of nebulous translation. Why can thee not go within to thy fountain of wisdom, the wondrous gift of God unto thee, and KNOW HOW IT IS? There are thousands upon thousands of books on thy place that speak to these issues and there are that many interpretations. CAN THEE NOT SIMPLY UTILIZE THE GOLDEN -RULE OF "DO UNTO OTHERS AS YE WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU"? THE SECRET OF THE UNIVERSE, MY FRIENDS. Further, if you began to practice it now, ye would not give worry over a tribulation or transition or "Rapture", much less the dates of each. There you have it; it cannot be as simple as that for you have missed the point. Ye are here to experience, learn and grow. There is a Christ and there is a Satanic Lucifer. Some of your rituals of positive nature you give unto Christ; negative nature is given unto Satan. Then, when the rituals are finished you mostly go back to giving thy souls right over to Satan in varying degrees of speed. Oh, I see, John Calvin or Martin Luther, Pope Paul or Joseph Smith had the correct interpretation? Let me tell you ones a point you had better remember: "ALL WERE HUMAN; THEY MADE ERRORS; THEY "SINNED" AND WERE VERY OFTEN MISLED. CAN YOU NOT FORGIVE THEM THEIR ERRORS AND ACCEPT THE CHRIST PURITY FOR ITS VALUE AND STOP THE NIT- PICKING OF WHO IS GOING TO ACCOMPANY YOU ON YOUR TRIP THROUGH THE RAPTURE? I TELL YOU WE HAVE A FLEET OF SHIPS (NOT CLOUDS) UPON WHICH YOU WILL "RAPTURE" UNTO. HATONN A PAGAN SATANIST? JOSEPH SMITH SPOKE TO EXTRATERRESTRIALS? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT. JOSEPH SMITH ALSO MADE HUMAN (TOUCHED BY SATAN) ERRORS IN PHYSICAL JUDGMENT. SO HAS EVERY MAN FROM ADAM FORWARD. NEW SHOCKER: SO DID JESUS ESU SANANDA! BETTER REALLY REMEMBER THAT ONE, FOR IT IS THROUGH THOSE HUMAN EXPERIENCES AND ERRORS OF FLESH THAT YOU HAVE A REASON TO SPEAK OF "RAPTURE" AND "SALVATION". EVEN BIGGER SHOCKER: THE NATIVE INDIANS ALREADY HAD THE SACRED CIRCLE OF INFINITY, THE CHRISTOS, BROTHERS OF INTERPRETATION. LIMIT "GOD", MY BRETHREN, AND YE WIPE OUT THY SPECIES. NO MORE, NO LESS. GOD IS INFINITE OR HE IS NOT; NO IN-BETWEEN. Let me refresh; God is infinite. I KNOW--I, HATONN/ATON, KNOW! SO BE IT AND I PLACE MY SEAL UPON THE WORDS. I KNOW! YE ONES CAN NIT-PICK THE WORDS UNTIL. THY PERCEIVED HELL FREEZES AND STILL YOU WILL PLACE NO LIMITATIONS UPON GOD -- YE ONLY DAMAGE YOURSELVES AND LIMIT THY VISION TO THE MOMENT WHILE YE "GUESS" AT DATES AND THINGS TO COME. MEANWHILE, YE SLAUGHTER THE ONES WHO COME BEARING THE TRUTH OF IT. -- PJ 05 -- pag. 65 Truth is not mystical nor magical. It requires no symbols, amulets, chanting nor blood-letting--It simply IS. Simple? Ah yes, until you ones make of it to be difficult. SPIRITUAL FORCES Jesus called Satan "the ruler of this world system" (John 14:30). That is why there is "earth". Satan has a highly organized army of fallen angels that are called demons. Brothers, your struggle is not against "flesh", it is against spiritual forces. Now, how is it that you disbelieve that there can be "goodly" forces working in thy behalf--to get you off this place of negative rule? Why can you not believe there might be ones from "Koldos" or "Hatonn" or "Pleiades Erra", "WHY" can "Satan" have all the goodies? In thy own solar system, Maldek (probably misspelled in thy English) was destroyed by Maldek beings-- Where do you think energies were removed to? Where do you think the Maldekians were "raptured" to? Ah so, could it be thus? Would it be thus? If you can believe in a "Rapture", how can thy minds not accept that there must be cause and effect? Ye cannot close out of the universe, limit Jesus Christ unto selves and run about in tiny circles with blindfolds upon thine eyes. Yes, the Christ came to intercede for you--and I will allow the intercession, for ye are but babes in dreamland. Oddly enough however, the dreams are much nicer these current days than the awakening "reality". Oh, chelas, chelas, can ye not break away from thy prison chains and "see"? Ye imprison yourselves even unto others of thy kind; thy "bosses", thy spouses, thy children--even unto thy "things" and "stuff". So be it. Live on as thee are and be shocked and surprised; 'tis but thy choice, do you not understand? Ye are given free-will choice and it is not mine, Jesus Christ's nor even Satan's ability to take it from you. Ye give it willingly--always, ye give of it willingly. Oh, ye do not care for the repercussion of the alternatives; so be it! You have some real alternatives coming down; and when this "big bang" comes down it is really going to be a "doozie". Better be sure thy asbestos suits have no holes--and by the way, better also make sure thy boats have no holes either. Also, by the way, never mind all the concern about the pre-post-mid or "a" - milleniallists or whether it will be pre, post, mid or "a "snatch up". BETTER BE GETTING THY HOUSE IN ORDER--THIS "IS" THE GENERATION, BROTHERS--THIS "IS" THE GENERATION! ALL POSSIBLE WILL BE DONE TO STOP THE ANNIHILATION OF PLANET EARTH--AND THAT POSSIBLY INCLUDES A LOT OF. "UN"LIMITED GOD ACTION. BETTER STOP THY TRYING TO FIGURE OUT IF THY NEIGHBOR TRAVELER WILL BE A WHITE MAN OR A RED MAN, BLACK OR RUSSIAN. COULD BE ALL OF THE ABOVE? SO BE IT!  LEARN OR FALL AND REPEAT We use crystals, pyramid structures, domes, focus gems, etc., etc., for all sorts of things, none of which are to worship in order to gain power, wealth, sexual gratification or control of another. Can ye ones not move out of thy dark ages? Must you go right back into the practices which brought you down time after time after time? It is ALWAYS the same things which bring you down! Satan needs no new enticements; the old ones work over and over and over again. Could ye ones not at least be "inventive" and "creative"? Why can ye not see the "obvious"--why must ye turn always to the mystical? Insight and truth bring "freedom" and ye ones are terrified of "freedom"; terrified! -- PJ 05 -- pag. 66 For, in freedom ye must stand responsible for thy actions and choices--no one else to "blame" for thy failures at good choices. YE COULD TRAVERSE THE UNIVERSE IF YE WOULD ALLOW FREEDOM (REAL FREEDOM) TO SELF. BUT YE "FEAR". "FEAR" IS THINE ENEMY AND SATAN UTILIZES IT AS HIS FAVORITE TOOL TO BIND THEE. OH YES, YE CONJURE UP THINE OWN DEVILS; COULD YE NOT CONJURE UP THINE OWN DIVINITY? WELL. JESUS CHRISTOS CAME TO SHOW YOU THERE IS NO DEATH OF THE SOUL, THEREFORE, WHOEVER YOU ARE, WHATEVER THE STATUS OF THINE EVOLUTION; YE HAVE A LONG, LONG TIME (LIKE INFINITY MAYBE?) TO PONDER UPON THESE THINGS. REPETITION? YES, AND I SHALL REPEAT IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER UNTIL ONES HEAR ME. MY TROOPS BETTER BE HEARING ME SOON. SO BE IT. I HAVE GAINED THE PRIVILEGE OF REPETITION--I HAVE GAINED THE PRIVILEGE AND BEING UNLIMITED; I SHALL UTILIZE IT. -- PJ 05 -- page 67