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THERE IS ONLY ONE -- AND I AM IT! I, ATON! & Lines of communication We are Sananda, Germain, Michael and Aton. Chela, you will know which writes as we begin but we want to make a point which comes into contention regarding our little precious one, Dru. It has been asked--how can you entertain three or more speakers and yet identify? Easy--for in the ending there is only ONE.  That ONE is the source of thought-projection which allows us to separate and become individual. Therefore, you will find that transmissions only take individuality as various “tones” are perceived--in the “clearing”, there is only LIGHT and we are inseparable. As we focus, then and only then, can you personalize the “ray” by the color and sound tone which, again, is only perceived in recognition--WITHIN. Mystical? No--for this communication is not through physical mental-”sensing”. It is coming through in a physical perception of “motion” and is described as electrical pulses but we are not perceived by any receiver--in the PHYSICAL at this time. If one tells you, for instance, that “I see” Germain “standing right here”, it is error.  We come not in physical format at this time to disallow any confusion to ones receiving the messages and/or reading the messages. Presence in the physical will come soon enough. We will NOT confuse nor add to chaos by hype, sensationalism and speculation. If each reader will take a moment at onset of reading to clear of space, demand that dark energies depart his presence and ask the presence of the author and/or personal “guides”--for assistance in understanding--so shall it be. As what you perceive as “time” moves along here, I shall project, into the physical, ones you need to assist you--until then, you must meet MY requirements to move into MY frequency of two-way communication, then the ONENESS of communication that you will have ability to “physically” revert intact to and from the higher frequencies where Light becomes manifest sensing “physical”. In the transmutation processes, ALL do not need have this capability but many of you MUST for on “rapture”, or “lift-off” there need to be ones on board destination vessels as well as disciplined directors on surface. The reason you will be receiving information of great importance on more than one occasion and by various Masters is because you MUST come into comprehension even if not “understanding” (the words do not have the identical meaning). If you are worried about Harry Truman’s daughter Margaret instead of doing your job at lift-off, many souls will remain in stasis  because you tried to isolate individuals and the POINTis to bring--into oneness with the Light--all fragments for a secure transmutation. By the ending of the studies, some will understand the very tiny details of the mechanism of the workings of which we speak-- the majority will NOT--but they WILL recognize and inwardly “comprehend” the overall and leave the details to God. If a tiny baby kangaroo falls from its pouch, it will perish unless returned WITHIN that womb (pouch). Although it need not change form in any manner--it must be gotten back within the pouch and Mother cannot pick it up for she has no flexible fingers. The babe, if to survive, must crawl and wiggle its way back within the womb. If it knows not where it is going nor its path it will simply perish in its presented form. There must be communication of some nature between the parent and the tiny creature, call it what you choose. We must form those lines of communication, then give you instructions and then--only then--can we move into a massive “salvation” run. Do not make something of this transition that is not Truth. It may appear to be a miracle to you who are but infants--to the higher intelligences, it is but another day’s work. If you separate into little finite groups you will miss the boat-- that I CAN promise. If you say, “Well, I will only go with Jesus”; since “Jesus” name is Esu Sananda--you may very well stand for a long time at the edge of the LIGHT sent to bring you aboard your perceived little white fluffy cloud. Some of you will actually await a violet flame-shaped LIGHT which you perceive as Germain’s. Some will say, “Well, I am going with Hatonn because I work with him! “--you will also likely be standing earthbound, wondering what happened.  THERE IS ONLY ONE--AND I AM IT! I, ATON-- FROM ME ALL ELSE COMES FORTH AND YOU WILL NOT BE ULTIMATELY ALLOWED TO DUMP YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES ON ANY OTHER PROJECTION OF MY IDENTITY-- NOT JESUS, ESU, GERMAIN, HATONN, MICHAEL, GABRIEL, PALE PROPHET, BUDDHA, ETC. YOU MUST COME INTO “KNOWING” THAT YOU WILL RETURN TO THE “ONE” OR YOU WILL WAIT A VERY LONG TIME IN YOUR PERCEPTION-- UNTIL YOU LEARN THAT PARTICULAR LESSON, AT THE LEAST. DEAR ONES, A “RAPTURE LIFT-OFF” IS A VERY DETAILED GRAND GAME IN ITS OWN RIGHT AND IT WILL BE DONE IN PERFECTION FOR YOU ONES HAVE TRAINED AND PLAYED AT IT FOR INFINITE TIME. IT IS WHAT THE “SEPARATION” IS ALL ABOUT.  We will speak of these things in proper sequence for first we must learn communication without all the flowers and rituals which usually precede reception of communication. You have no time to sit in a purple medicine wheel and pray your way aboard--you must come into instant communication. You ones have stopped your communications systems at repetition of affirmations, repeated prayers, visualization, etc. You must realize that communication IS and you must get the “lines” clear and less “individual” which means literally “indivisible duality”--or: ONE! Germain will take up this lesson because of several most important reasons--location, connection with scribe, prior instructions, etc. Those are HIS requirements--and we will meet all details-- not just “yours”. The point of the experience is the game and the “roles” assumed and THAT, DEAR ONES, IS THE END OF THE PERCEIVED SEPARATION.  When you experience someone that you feel you cannot abide in presence and “...don’t want him in your hereafter at any rate!” Think again--for if he is in your hereafter and you are perfection--SO SHALL HE BE PERFECTION OR HE WON’T BE THERE--HE WILL STILL BE EXPERIENCING HIS LESSONS ELSEWHERE. THIS IS WHY YOU MUST LOVE ALL OTHER FRAGMENTS FOR YOUR PLAY IS NOT TO BE FINISHED UNTIL ALL FRAGMENTS AGAIN MAKE UP THE WHOLE!  THEN, AND ONLY THEN, WILL THE UNIVERSAL CYCLES REST, RENEW AND BEGIN AGAIN THE PLAY. What you ones will also have to come into realizing is that fragments of much elder brotherhood are working their way through “school” and, for instance, until Germain can perform in the Christ perfection, beyond the ability and perfection of ascending. Each representative has a “job” to perform and until his job is perfection--he is not permitted to progress. With each “graduation” comes glory and rejoicing--these are NOT JUST EARTH HUMAN LESSONS, LITTLE ONES. SOME OF YOU ARE BACK FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN TO SEE TO IT THAT GERMAIN HAS FULL OPPORTUNITY AND ASSISTANCE IN HIS OWN PROGRESSION AND ALL OF THE HOSTS SENT AGAIN ARE TO SUPPORT ESU THE “CHRIST” IN HIS GRADUATION. YOU ARE EACH IMPORTANT--BUT YOU ARE NOT THE FOCUS OF THIS LITTLE EXERCISE.  Let us refer to it as “passing shepherding school”. What right do I have to make the rules? It is MY game and you have to learn to play by MY RULES which are totally balanced with those of the Creation. If YOU prefer it be another way-- then you get in MY position and you make your own rules. I will, however, tell you now--they will be in total balance with that of Creation or you won’t get MY JOB! FURTHERMORE, TO GET MY JOB, YOU HAVE TO GET RID OF ME AND THAT, DEAR ONES, IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! THREATS? NO--TRUTH OF FACT--I CREATED YOU AND TO GET RID OF ME YOU HAVE TO UNCREATE SELF AND THAT DOES NOT FIT THE NATURAL LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE! YOU CANNOT UNCREATE SELF -- ONLY "I" CAN UNCREATE YOU. DICTATORSHIP? WELL, YES, AS A MATTER OF FACT. SO BE IT. Ponder for a moment before you move on with this reading: If you think you have a nasty job--meditate a bit upon the job of the Christ, the Masters, etc., efforting to make this separation, evacuation, transition, transmutation and bring the unruly flock within goodness! Ah yes, what a glorious game and yes, I do enjoy it most full. . Do you feel tiny and helpless? Ah so, indeed! Good, for “bigness” and “control” comes only with absolute capability to create and govern, in absolute JUSTICE, that which you project. You are now experiencing in a placement of total unbalance--that is what IS the human format. How you handle and grow within this present experience determines where and who you will be in your NEXT! PONDER IT! YOU CAN REMAIN IN THE EVIL PROJECTION AS MANY AEONS AS YOU WOULD LIKE BUT EACH ONE WILL BECOME MORE MASSIVELY UNCOMFORTABLE!!! SO BE IT. I ABDICATE THE LECTERN SO THAT GERMAIN MAY CONTINUE HIS INSTRUCTIONS. Oh, you ask, why are all these teachers MEN. This for you ladies of earth flesh. They are NOT; I choose to send masculine and feminine aspects of MYSELF where and when I choose--the ASCENDED MASTERS are “aspects” of MAN--not sexual forms of masculine as you of physical describe them. Well, again, and who do I think I am to be able to do that which I please? I AM GOD! NO MORE AND NO LESS! WHO ARE YOU TO QUESTION? PONDER IT! DOES DHARMA CLAIM TO BE “THE GOD”? INDEED, INDEED--NO-- AND DEAR ONES, I SHALL EXPLAIN--I JUST GAVE THE ONES IN THIS PLACE AT 9:07 A.M. A VERY DEFINITE “SIGN”. I HAVE SCRAMBLED THE COMPUTER--BUT DHARMA FINDS IT CONTINUES TO WORK SUPERBLY AFTER GOING THROUGH GREAT GYRATIONS. A BLAST HIT THE AREA TO MAKE A COSMOSPHERE QUITE ENVIOUS BUT YOU WILL FIND NO DAMAGE. AH YES, I AM MOST SURELY WHO I PRESENT MYSELF TO BE. SALU. Thank you, Father, as always, You make my task ever so much the easier. Germain present to serve--I am humble in Your presence and I am humble to my workers and more humble unto my readers-- for they ultimately are my testing. PJ 34 page 14 -- 17