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" I AM THAT I AM " I AM The sounding of the great tone which marks the birth of the soul is a mystical awareness of identity as the I AM THAT I AM. Further, that which "I AM" is God, and that which "I AM" is the soul when you say I AM THAT I AM. When God then speaks, He is saying, "I AM that soul, I AM that awareness of self, I AM that I am". When the soul speaks in the first person echoing the words of the Creator, the soul de-clares, "I AM". Then, as the energies flow from the Spirit to the soul, from the soul to the Spirit, from God to man, from man to God, who can say at what point God is becoming man, man is becoming God? Who can say at what point there is the vortex of the interchange where God is man and man IS God? Therefore, I AM THAT I AM. For in the Law of the One the Alpha is become the Omega, the beginning and the ending, and the Omega is become the Alpha, the end has become the start. The cycle infinite! This is the Sacred Circle closed within the "Christness" of self and oneness with all. Being is one, Life is one. But there is a divinity of polarity which manifests in order that God might have subjective aware-ness of Self, and that man might have an objective awareness of self--that God might have an objective awareness of Self, that man might have a subjective awareness of Self. Thus, in the flow of Life transcending Life, ALL BEING IS INDEED "ONE". As you contemplate this great mystery in the center of God's (Self's) heart gathering more of the flame of Spirit into the soul, you reach a point in meditation, in oneness, where you might say your soul could burst with the fervor of the Divine Light. Then comes that great and wondrous desire to burst forth as a bud would in the springtime, as a blossom on a plant, as a leaf on a tree and as a wondrous bird flying from the nest--a fledgling ready to experience Life. At some point you must release those energies that have been winding tighter and tighter within. The "spring" must at some point be released, the energy must be allowed expansion and the spirals must go forth. The cycles must be released for cycles in-crease the identity of God. Man's awareness spins from the center to the periphery of God's Cosmic Consciousness. Man's whereabouts in time and space are limited only by his use or misuse of energy. Using energy wisely and well, man tran-scends finite spheres and blends his consciousness into oneness; allness--I AM "HE", I AM "THOU", I AM "THEY" --I AM "ME". I AM BROTHERHOOD. SUCCESS THROUGH BROTHERHOOD Brotherhood is the union of souls who have gone forth from the center of Be-ness. All beings who have identified with God throughout the ages are connected. It is through this brother-hood that we shall accomplish this wondrous transition which is coming. There is much speculation upon these matters; the prophecies have been made from the beginning of life upon thy place--the cycles explored and predicted. So be it, chelas, for it is coming to be in thy present "time". We are connected directly to your energy flow, at this sequence point, I in the Pleiades, you upon the planet of dense compression. You know within, however, that the brotherhood stretches as our "oneness" spans time and space. Let us remain ever within the violet flame which holds us bound as one in service, that the transmutation which some will call the Rapture or the Translation might pass smoothly and the Tribulation be surmounted by the ones of the Master's fold. Aton will give thee what ye need to understand and know of all of these things. Thy time is at hand; allow it to be a wondrous adventure, beloved ones. Ye shall be meeting us most quickly within the unlimits of the Cosmos for we shall come from the clouds to enfold thee. In infinite Love and Service, I AM THAT I AM, NADA -- PJ 07 -- pag. 113 Teaching edit by Candace for newbies: Nada is the soul mate/consort of Esu Immanuel,, who with Christ MIchael of Nebadon, played the role of Jesus 2000 years ago. Nada played the role of Mary Magdalene back then and bore a child named SaRa who you will meet in Shellee-Kim's messages. Nada is one of the 7 rays of this planet. The Phoenix Journal being quoted from is "The Rainbow Masters" which are OFFICES expressed in several colors. Some of you would know that St. Germain is the 7th/violet ray. Nada is 6th Ray/Rose, Way of Devotion and she is heavy into RESPONSIBILITY...