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WW II - THE HOLOCAUST, part 9 Once, when authorities tested the kids by making them think the drill was "for real", a teacher was crying hysterically as the second-graders marched calmly to their posts. The home-front fun included dramatic "blackouts". The air-raid warden was the block hero with white helmet and license to patrol the darkened streets. And skywatchers scanned the heavens for years vainly trying to see Nazi planes. The government never ruined the fun by telling you that German planes could not cross the Atlantic, hit U.S. targets and return. They lacked the fuel capacity. And, unlike the Japanese, Germany had no suicide squads. "Anne Frank" came along after the war to help heap guilt upon future generations of not only -- PJ 41 -- pag. 25 Germany, but America and other Western nations--by romanticizing the "holocaust". The book, presented as the actual "diary" of a 13-year-old girl, was read by millions. More millions were deeply moved by a touching film based on the book. Dr. Arthur Butz, Dr. Robert Faurisson and the Jewish scholar Alfred Lilienthal believe that the book is a total fake. We know that there were legal allegations proving that it was written by a third party and presented in Hollywood. No one has actually inspected THE "diary", which is said to be in a bank vault in Basel, Switzerland (how handy--right there in the center of the Zionist Banks and One World Rulers). Portions of it which have been displayed appear to show different samples of handwriting. Still, the book continues to be sold with no disclaimer on the flyleaf. In 1978 the film version started to be presented in an annual event as a "warm-up" to prepare, or psych up, the audience for the "Holocaust" docudramas and miniseries on the subject. (This, too, is a total hoax). The same one-two "Diary"-"Holocaust" with at least one new docudrama is laid on you annually now--or even more often as the hype is necessary to put down talk of lies and deceit. These are now shown regularly when Israel wants more money from your American coffers. This "diary", which "holocaust" promoters refuse to produce (like the Dead Sea Scrolls), is as mythical as the so-called "Atlantic Charter" supposedly signed by FDR and Churchill on August 14, 1941. It, too, was a hoax. The Establishment embraces these frauds. Establishment politicians know if the unwashed multitudes are marched off to war, they must make it fun. After all, what if they gave a war and nobody came? FABRICATIONS How can Jews say 6 million (reduced from former claims of 12 million--as reviewed in the prior two volumes of the JOURNALS) of their number perished in Nazi gas chambers? "Truckloads" of allegedly gassed Jews were pure fabrication by postwar Jewish propagandists. Now the lies of the propagandists have literally come back to haunt them. The speakers of truth must be silenced lest the massive "rip-off", if in nothing more than money, will rise up to slay them. A case in point is Mrs. Simone Veil--nee Simone Jacob--who today is listed among the "gassed" at Auschwitz, Poland. Presently, Mrs. Veil is president of the European Parliament. Now, I suggest it is difficult to "die by gas" on April 16, 1944 and later become head of the European Parliament in 1979. You ones want "magic" and "miracles"--I suggest that might be one. Before Mrs. Veil became president of the European Parliament, she was the French Minister of Health. Another case, more ironic, is that of the famed "ghetto boy" of Warsaw, Poland, of which we spoke earlier. This youngster was elevated by postwar propagandists to be the "symbol" "poster-boy" of the so-called German genocide attempt. He was the Jewish lad, photographed wearing a cap, with hands raised above his head, reportedly hustled off by armed Germans in 1943 to later join other Jews at -- PJ 41 -- pag. 26 the "death camps". The picture depicting his arrest has been circulated worldwide by Jewish propagandists, and still is, to generate sympathy for their race. However, this "ghetto boy"--like Mrs. Veil--is also alive. He was arrested for stealing and then released, unharmed, to his mother. Today he is wealthy and resides in London. He, after the war, resided with both parents (who were also "gassed"). He has a wife and his name is now Israel "Izzy" Rondel. He, further, collects annual payments from the Germans and receives other funds for his participation in the myth. "Too many people had begun to mine that bonanza, however, notably in the state of Israel, and bragged about having been buddies of the ghetto boy. Thus, the party had, in the long run, to remind the world of his existence and of his identity". MOTIVE FOR MYTH "Exterminationists", as historians like to call the Jewish propagandists, had good reason to create and nurture the "6-million" myth. The deck had to be irreversibly stacked against the "German fascists" to obtain easy indictments for their alleged war crimes. Afterward, the "6-million" myth enticed the United Nations to create the illegal state of Israel on May 14, 1948. Today, American money and policy fuel that state, and so it is no surprise that efforts outside Israel to preserve the hoax are strongest in the U.S. Indeed, the minds of American school children are stamped early with the "Holocaust". Their teachers and parents are already brainwashed into not questioning the myth. This very day a drive is on throughout the U.S. to have special classes dealing with perpetuation of the lie into accepted historical data. The school history books are riddled with the lies and now "Keep the Holocaust Alive" counselors give special classes in "handed down" stories supposedly of participants and family members. One of the worst lies is the one regarding the German soldiers tossing babies into the air and using them for "target practice". No-one ever SAW IT--but still the stories are pushed forward and become worse and worse with each subsequent telling. The historian owes it to himself to verify, case by case, all the roles of heroes and "victims" of the so-called "holocaust". He must receive only with circumspection such statements as "all my family has disappeared". He must demand full identification of those missing and verify, case by case, whether the Germans are at fault or they are not. With the means available for the past decades and, in particular, with computers, that research job is quite feasible. Now that "officially" listed victims of the much-publicized "genocide" are turning up alive, verification of "exterminationist" claims is imperative. Do you not see how necessary it is for the Germans to be legally disallowed from questioning the "holocaust"? Each "victim" receives 5,000 Marks annually for the "damage". Funny thing happens here, however--there are more claimants for the 5,000 Marks each year than lived in Germany at any time before or after the war. That makes it a bit hard to justify 6-million exterminated if you end up with more than the number present when you began. But the West German government is obligated, WITHOUT ABILITY TO QUESTION, to pay the sums to these cheats and liars. These -- PJ 41 -- pag. 27 cheats make the forfeiture of the precious ones who did die--wanton and useless. Even without the aid of computers, historians have exposed how slipshod record editing and the imaginations of Jewish propagandists wrote off Simone Veil as "gassed". Using "hefte von Auschwitz" ("Auschwitz Records"), it was easy to cross- reference the edited lists of "pseudo-gassed" reported in "The Memorial of the Deportation of the Jews of France" (1978, ed. Beate and Serge Klarsfeld). By this means it was discovered (among other things) that the propagandists conveniently "assumed" that Jews deported from France "en route to Auschwitz" were going to gas chambers. By checking the "Records", and "Memorial", it is learned that it was quite different indeed. Attentive reading of both publications reveals that scores of Jews supposedly on their way to Poland were, in fact, routed to other destinations. This fact has been verified through many other sources. IMAGINARY CONVOYS Ones ask how can it be that these ones change their names, etc., and still can collect "damages"? Easy--all they have to do is place a claim, give their name and state that they are a Jew and zip, it's done and the Marks start rolling in without question for the Germans are not allowed to question. This is why you nice new Jews must pay attention for all you need do is say "I am a Jew" and that instantly makes you a Jew--legal and instantly usable. It was also found that Jewish propagandists recorded truckloads of Jews on their way from France to Auschwitz that were never entered into any of the "Auschwitz Records" which were carefully kept. They were simply fictitious deportees. The Jews who did arrive at Auschwitz were listed as camp internees and given identification numbers. Those who left France for Auschwitz whose names did not appear in the "Auschwitz Records" were the ones propagandists claimed had been "gassed". Remember, Auschwitz was one big industrial complex with most of the in-dustries being Jewish-Zionist owned. To give some semblance of verification to their weak assumption, the propagandists allowed Jews deported from France 7 months from the war's end--May 8 to December 31, 1945--to show up and declare themselves "alive" to the French War Veterans Ministry. Interestingly, anyone arriving after the deadline date under this system re-mained listed as "gassed". Not only that, the ministry did not search surrounding countries to locate "survivors" deported from France. Indeed, most of the Jews deported were not French citizens and would not likely return to the country "that had turned them over to the Germans". Consequently, Simone Veil was listed as "deported from France to Auschwitz", and since she was not listed among the camp internees, was subsequently recorded as "gassed". She later apparently failed to declare herself "alive" to the War Veterans Ministry before the deadline, and so it has become "official" that she was "murdered" by the Nazis at Auschwitz. IT HELPS TO BE "GASSED" -- PJ 41 -- pag. 28 "On page 519 of THE MEMORIAL OF THE DEPORTATION OF THE JEWS OF FRANCE, one discovers in the left column the name of Simone Jacob, born on July 13, 1927, in Nice, France. That young girl was part of the convoy of 500 Jews--men and women--which left Drancy, France, on April 13, 1944. To know what officially happened to that convoy, it suffices to refer to the "Auschwitz Records". Those records have been edited by the authorities of the State Museum of Auschwitz in Poland. Those authorities have worked, in the case of the Jews of France, with the CDJC (Center of Contemporary Jewish Documentation in Paris), whose main scientific editor is Prof. George Weller (a staunch exterminationist as you might well guess!). He is among the ones who managed to get all this "restitution" for damages for the "damaged" Jews. The "official" fate of Simone Jacob (Veil) reads like this: "Transport (Central Security Office of the Reich) from the Drancy Camp. 500 Jews. After the selection, 165 men have been turned over to the camp as inmates; they have received the numbers 184-097-184-261. The others have been gassed". Therefore, young Simone Jacob has been gassed whether or not she lives and reigns supreme over the European Parliament and tells her own story as such--off the record, with great seeming humor at her accomplishment of the lie. If on the other hand, one refers to what your official historians have written about the gassing operation, it is possible to further ascertain that Simone Jacob was gassed on the very day of her arrival, that is to say on April 16, 1944, most precisely at Auschwitz-Birkenau. The indisputable fact that Simone Jacob (Veil) is alive speaks loudly against propagandists' claims. Her high visibility as a French public official underscores this. Yet the public remains saddled by "holocaust" rhetoric. Her camp number was 78,651 and can be easily enough checked out. You must, herein take note, that FRANCE is also a nation wherein there can legally be NO DISCUSSION OTHER THAN THE "ORTHODOX VERSION" OF THE HOLOCAUST AS PROJECTED BY THE JEWISH ZIONISTS!!! To speak out against the orthodox version is a felony "hate crime" punishable by imprisonment and loss of citizenship rights. Simone Veil has done much to get the horror-and-propaganda film "Holocaust" shown in France. The guilt-garlanded "Holocaust" has already worked its magic for Zionist propagandists in the U.S. So much so that many Americans forget that U.S. troops helped defeat the alleged "Nazi threat". There is another connection which I find that all of you nice readers overlook. We have referred to the AshkeNAZI relationship of the Zionists to the "Nazis" but you must take the entire name a bit further--"Ashke" is a prefix used by "burgs" and townships such as "AUSCHwitz". Chelas, you have been fed such a plateful of poison mush that I am embarrassed for you. Thousands of lives were lost in the war against the Germans (which was financed and structured by the same Banksters who funded the Russian Bolshevik--Zionist--Revolution and the First World War). The same Elite Rulers have planned, orchestrated and caused you to finance all these wars which entrench them more solidly against you. The "exterminationists", however, have rammed the "holocaust" down your throats so hard, you would think you were oppressors of the Jews. Americans were the liberators--REMEMBER!?!? IS IT NOT ABOUT TIME THAT YOU BEGIN TO TELL THESE MOURNERS OF THE SO- CALLED "6-MILLION" THAT THEIR SUPPOSED -- PJ 41 -- pag. 29 "HOLOCAUST" IS NOT YOUR FAULT--BUT HAS BECOME YOUR COSTLY BURDEN? Well, I have a message contained in a letter regarding the "holocaust" that I will have to bleep out in portion--but it does seem to say it all quite well in modern American vernacular--if you pay attention at all: "...'s funny, none of it seems to make much of a dent in the population explosion...but to say there was no holocaust...phlihsh..the f---- ' holocaust never f---- ' ENDS!!!" I apologize for the crudeness of the quotation but it seems to sum it up pretty succinctly. This man goes on: "...It is sad and depressing that people are using their energy and intelligence to try to disprove the thing rather than focus on WHY it might have happened and how people can become so inhuman to each other, etc... The hideous human phenomenon of IDEAS turning people into such cold-blooded, efficient murderers of the helpless and innocent... And that includes the 5 million Poles, maybe 10 million Russians, etc., etc.,--most of them peasants in villages--or the umpteen millions killed and/or sent to Siberia by Stalin's Government, and all the millions upon millions killed by governments around the world since then for political reasons- --". Indeed it IS confrontation time, little sheeple. May we end this segment herein. Thank you for your attention, readers. May the Light begin to flicker on in the minds of humanity. I find myself amused at your use of the term "inhuman" for it is used always in gross error-- it is the "human" behavior for no other of Creation acts in such brutal and evil manners--NONE. Salu and good-evening. -- PJ 41 -- pag. 30 --- $50.000 OFFERED FOR PROOF OF "GASSING" With the millions of ones who claim to have been damaged in the WW II Death Camps, is it not likely that at least ONE PERSON would have actually witnessed the chambers--or at the very least--the BUILDINGS!? Was there a "holocaust" in which 6 million Jews were exterminated or have most people been believing the biggest hogwash lie in human history? A group of scholars, authors, educators and historians met in late 1979 and concluded that the "holocaust" NEVER HAPPENED. How can it be that a decade later the story is even more heinous and presented in ever increasing horror-- TO A WORLD WHO IS NOW UNDER LAW TO NOT SO MUCH AS DISAGREE WITH THE LIES. Let us look at another situation which is equally stupid: AIDS! You make laws upon laws, have demonstrations and make quilts and have total lack of attention to a deadly killer. It is the same thing--make a law that AIDS is not contagious and co-mingling with condoms will cure everything! Why don't you make it a law that anyone who ob-jects to the "orthodox" story be hanged? At the least, given felony imprisonment? You are actually coming to that, chelas. I want you to take note of something else on the controlled media: Most of the quilt squares shown for sympathy--bear Zionists names. This is to garner sympathy and money for "the cause". Look who defends the "rights" of these infected persons who spread the disease to the undiseased! Contagious killer diseases rarely have selective infection directives--although they have done pretty well so far with AIDS HIV. You had better look at these things because the intent is to get rid of confronting "Jews" first so that there is no rebuttal against the Talmudists. You "Jews" who think you know what you are doing by accepting "Talmudism" without studying the Protocols and the Talmud itself--err greatly for you have no idea what is within those pages. The Torah is that book which guided the original Judaists--right or wrong. The Talmud is a book designed and written by -- PJ 41 -- pag. 32 Zionist MEN. There is not even argument about that fact--the point is to clear the planet of every "original Judaist" on the planet. Israel is the most unGodly State on the globe! I suggest you look it up for self. REVISIONIST CONVENTION LOS ANGELES--The 1979 Revisionist Convention, sponsored by the Institute for Historical Review, met at Northrup University and heard the evidence. It can be summed up in the words of Robert Faurisson, a French professor who flew from Lyon to attend: "There were no gas chambers at Auschwitz or anywhere else in wartime Europe. On that I stake my reputation and career". At the close of the three-day conference, during which massive evidence was presented, the institute formally offered a reward of $50,000 to anyone who can prove that the Nazis operated gas chambers to kill Jews. Said Lewis Brandon, executive secretary of the institute: "So many 'holocaust' witnesses have told contradictory stories, reneged on their testimony or been proven to be liars that we believe that the reward will lie unclaimed for a very long time. To make sure that the proper word of the offer is disseminated among interested parties, including claimed 'survivors of Hitler's gas ovens', we intend to forward our offer to all publishers of so-called ' witness books' with the request that the alleged witnesses step forward to have their evidence examined by a panel of academics." (The Institute for Historical Review can be contacted by writing to P.O. Box 1306, Torrance, California, 96505). INSTITUTE OF HISTORICAL REVIEW I HAVE DELIBERATELY LISTED THIS INSTITUTE BY ADDRESS SOME THREE TIMES IN THE PAST FEW DAYS TO SEE IF ANYONE NOTICES AND COMPARES THIS WITH RECENT WRITINGS REGARDING THAT INSTITUTE OF "HISTORICAL REVIEW". ON JULY 4TH, 1984, SOME FIVE YEARS LATER--THE INSTITUTE FOR HISTORICAL REVIEW WAS BURNT TO THE GROUND FOR ITS PIONEERING WORK IN HONEST SCHOLARSHIP. A ZIONIST GROUP CLAIMED RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ACT--THEY SAID IT WAS "TO STAMP OUT BIGOTRY".I suggest you curious inquirers ask the Zionist Anti-Defamation League to tell you all about it! -- PJ 41 -- pag. 33 NEXT PAGE