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WW II - THE HOLOCAUST, part 8 That excruciating revision of 1960 reduced to nothing the thousand "testimonies", the thousand "proofs" of the alleged gassings at Oranienburg, at Buchenwald, at Bergen-Belsen, at Dachau, at Ravensbrueck, and at Mauthausen. Before the judicial apparatuses of England and France, those responsible at Ravensbrueck (Suhren, Schwartzhuber and Dr. Treite) had confessed to the existence of a "gas chamber", the operation of which they had even described in a vague manner. A similar scenario was followed for Ziereis regarding Mauthausen, and for Kramer regarding Struthof. After the deaths of the "guilty" persons, it was discovered that these gassings had never taken place--the frailty of testimonies and confessions! The "gas chambers" of Poland--eventually, it will also be admitted--had no more reality. It is to the Polish and Soviet judiciaries that we owe the essentials of our information about them (see, for example, the amazing confession of Rudolf Hoess, commandant at Auschwitz). The present-day visitor to Auschwitz or to Majdanek discovers, as regards the "gas chambers", some building where any gassing would have ended in catastrophe for the gassers as well as their entourage. A mass execution by gas, supposing that it is even feasible, is not the same as a suicidal or accidental gassing. In order to gas a single prisoner, feet and hands tied, the Americans use hydrocyanic acid in a sophisticated process, and that in a limited space, from which the gas after its use is carefully withdrawn and neutralized before being vented. How could one then, as is claimed in connection with Auschwitz for example, hold two thousand (or even three thousand) men in a space of 210 square meters(!), then dump upon them some granules of the commonplace but violent insecticide called Zyklon B, and finally, immediately after their deaths, send into this place which had just been saturated with cyanide gas, a team of workers charged with the task of extracting the bodies which had been penetrated with cyanide? Some documents that are too little known show: first, that the room in question which the Germans allegedly blew up before their departure, was only a morgue ("Leichenkeller") which had been covered with earth to protect it from the heat and had been provided with only a single door for entrance and exit; second, that the cyanide gas could not be readily withdrawn even by means of forced ventilation, but rather, its complete evacuation required at least twenty-one hours. Although there are thousands of documents on the crematoria of Auschwitz, including invoices which are in detail nearly to the pfennig, one cannot find such regarding the "gas chambers", which supposedly flanked those crematoria, either an order for construction, or a study, or a command, or a plan, or an invoice, or a photograph. Throughout the hundreds of trials (Jerusalem, Frankfurt, etc.), nothing was ever produced. Even in the evidence that the current Pope from Poland was a "gas salesman" to the camps--it is noted that the "gas" was an insecticide. "I was at Auschwitz. There was no gas ' chamber' there". Only rarely does one ever hear defense witnesses daring enough to pronounce that phrase. Such witnesses are prosecuted. Even in 1978, anyone in Germany who testified in behalf of Thies Christopherson, the author of "The Lie of Auschwitz", still risked conviction for "defaming the memory of the dead". -- PJ 41 -- pag. 18 [H: Remember, readers, today in 1991 (Dec. 1) there are many nations who by law cannot refute or speak about the possibility of there not being an "orthodox Holocaust". For instance such denial is already illegal in France, Germany, England and other European nations as well as in Canada and the Soviet Union. There are others also, but the important thing is that there is a bill before the U.S. legislature to make it illegal to "disagree" with the "orthodox version of the Holocaust as presented by the 'Jews'". Where are you, America? Did you not note that it was David Duke's rejection of the "orthodox" version of the Holocaust which caused great uprising against him politically? The KKK participation was thrust forward to try and convince you-the-people of the lies being told about him. The Zionists DO NOT WANT their lies uncovered and the more who KNOW THE TRUTH OF IT--the quicker they will be unshrouded for what they are and what they have done against you.] After the war, the International Red Cross which had done an investigation on "the rumor of Auschwitz", the Vatican which was so well informed about Poland, the Nazis, the collaborators, all declared with so many others, "The 'gas chambers'? We did not know". [INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR THE RED CROSS, DOCUMENTS ON THE ACTIVITY OF THE RED CROSS ON BEHALF OF THE CIVILIANS DETAINED IN CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN GERMANY (1939-1945), second French edition, Geneva, June, 1946, series II, No.1, reproducing partially (a complete confidential text is in the author's possession) document No. 9925; Visit to the Commandant of the Auschwitz Camp by a Delegate of the International Committee for the Red Cross (September, 1944), pages 91 and 92. An essential sentence of that document has been cleverly reduced by three words in the book of Marc Hillel, "The Archives of Hope", Fayard Publishers, 1977, page 255, and the most important sentence ("The detainees themselves have not spoken of them".) has been completely excised.] But how could they have known about things which had not even existed? Nazism is dead as projected in World War II by one called Hitler, and good riddance, with its Fuehrer. What remains today is the truth to unfold for the culprits did not die with the "movement" but remain functional by another label. Let us dare to proclaim it--this truth. The non-existence of the "gas chambers" is good news, world, for poor mankind--good news which one would be wrong to longer suppress. [Among the twenty or so authors who deny the existence of the "gas chambers", noteworthy is Paul Rassinier, a former deportee (THE REAL EICHMANN TRIAL, Institute for Historical Review, P.O. Box 1360, Torrance, Calif. 90505) and especially, the American A.R. Butz for his remarkable book THE HOAX OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, 1976, distributed by Noontide Press, P.O. Box 1248, Torrance, Calif. 90505, 2nd Edition, 1978.] [H: These are references given by R.F.] R.F. continues--Until 1960, I myself believed in the reality of the gigantic massacres in "gas chambers". Then, in the process of reading Paul Rassinier [H: I used this reference extensively in the prior two volumes on this subject.], a deportee, former member of the Resistance and author of THE LIE OF ULYSSES, I began to have some doubts. After fourteen years of personal reflection, followed by four years of eager investigation, I became convinced, as had some twenty other authors before me, that I was in the presence of a historical lie. I have visited and revisited Auschwitz where one is shown a "reconstructed gas chamber" (presented to tourists as being original) (Auschwitz 1) and some ruins of "crematoria with gas chambers" (Birkenau). At Struthof (Alsace) and at Majdanek (Poland) I have examined buildings which were supposed to be "gas chambers in their original state". I have analyzed thousands of documents, particularly at the Center for Contemporary Jewish Documentation in -- PJ 41 -- pag. 19 Paris, as well as archives, stenographic copies, photographs, and written testimonies. I have tirelessly pursued specialists and historians with my questions. I have searched, but in vain, for a single deported person capable of proving to me that he had really seen, with his own eyes, a "gas chamber". I certainly did not want an illusory abundance of proofs; I would have been content with one proof. I have never found that proof. On the contrary, what I have found are a great many false proofs, worthy of a witch hunt but not worthy of those judges who accepted them. And then, I have also found silence, embarrassment, hostility and, finally, calumnies, insults and violence. Concerning the letters or reply which have so recently been aroused by my short article on the "Rumor of Auschwitz" (le Monde, Dec. 29, 1978, page 8), I have already read them more than once in my eighteen years of research. I do not question the sincerity of the authors of these letters, but I do say that these replies abound with errors, which have for some time already been pointed out by authors such as Rassinier, Scheidl, and Butz. For example, in the document which is cited of January 29, 1943 (a document which does not even bear the usual designation of "Secret"), Vergasung does not mean "gassing" but "carburetion". (The German word for "carburetor", as in an automobile, is "Vergaser"). "Vergasungskeller" means the place, underground, where one made the "gaseous" mixture which was fed to the crematory ovens. These ovens, with their apparatus for airing and ventilation, were manufactured by Topf and Sons of Erfuty, (NO- 4473). "Begasung" means the gassing (fumigation) of clothing in sterilizers. If the gas which was used was Zyklon B--a preparation of "blausdeure" (that is to say, prussic or hydrocyanic acid)--the expression "blue gas chambers" was used. This terminology had, however, nothing whatsoever to do with the alleged "gas chamber slaughterhouses"! The diary of the medical doctor Johann-Paul Kremer should be cited correctly. If one does so, it will be apparent that where it speaks of the horrors of Auschwitz, it does so only by allusion to the horrors of the typhus epidemic of September and October 1942. For the third of October, Kremer wrote, "At Auschwitz, entire streets are exterminated by typhus". He himself contracted what he called "the sickness of Auschwitz". Some Germans died of it. The sorting out of the sick from the well, this was the "selection" or one of the forms of "special action" of the doctors. These selections took place either in the interiors of the buildings or on the outside. Kremer never wrote that Auschwitz was a "Vernichtunslagers", that is to say, according to terminology invented by the Allies after the war, an "extermination camp" (meaning: a camp provided with a "gas chamber"). His actual words were: “It is not for nothing that Auschwitz is called the camp of the extermination ("das Lager derVernichtung")” In the etymological sense of the word, typhus exterminated those whom it struck. Another grave error in citation, for September 2, 1942, the Kremer manuscript states: "This morning at three o'clock, I was present outside, for the first time, at a special action". Historians and judges traditionally delete the word "outside" ("draussen") so as to make it appear that Kremer was speaking of an action which was performed inside a "gas chamber". Finally, the atrocious scenes before the "last bunker" (concerning the courtyard of Bunker No. 11) are executions of persons who had been condemned to death, executions for which the doctor was obliged to be present. Among the condemned were three women who had come in a convoy from Holland; they were shot. [AUSCHWITZ SEEN BY THE SS, edited by the Auschwitz Museum, 1974, page 238, note 85.] -- PJ 41 -- pag. 20 TYPHOID EPIDEMICS... The buildings of the "Kremas" (i.e., crematoria) at Birkenau were all perfectly visible. [A football field "is located close to the crematoria of Birkenau". (Tadeus Borowski, according to Langbein, "Men and Women at Auschwitz", Fayard Publishers, 1975, page 129.] Many of the plans and photographs prove it, and likewise, also prove the absolute physical impossibility for these "Kremas" to have had "gas chambers". If, as regards Auschwitz, I am shown one more time, some confessions, some memoirs or some miraculously rediscovered manuscripts (all documents with which I am already quite familiar), I wish that someone would show me in what respect their imprecise preciseness differs from the imprecise preciseness of all those other documents which were presented at the Allied military tribunals to prove that there had been "gas chambers" in places where it was eventually conceded that there had been none: as for example, in all of the former Reich (i.e., Germany before October, 1939). I have already referred to the industrial documents NI-9089 and NI-9912. These documents should be read before anyone tries to refute me with the "testimonies" of Pery Broad and Rudolf Hoess, or the "confessions", after the war, of J.P. Kremer. The industrial documents establish that Zyklon B was NOT among those gases which were described as "ventilatable"; on the contrary, its manufacturers were obliged to admit that it was "difficult to ventilate, since it adheres to surfaces". Into a place which had been cyanided with Zyklon B, one could enter with a mask which had been fitted with a "J" filter--the strongest of the filters--ONLY after some twenty hours had elapsed from the time the gas was introduced and then, only for the purpose of performing a chemical test for the disappearance of the gas. [The French regulation concerning the use of hydrocyanic acid is as draconian as that of the Germans: see the decree 50-1290 of Oct. 18, 1950, Ministry of Public Health.] Afterwards, mattresses and blankets still had to be beaten in the open air for a period of one to two hours. But, according to Hoess's confession ["Kommandant in Auschwitz", Deutsche Verlagsanstalt, Stuttgart, 1958, pages 126-166.]: "Half an hour after having released the gas, they opened the door and started the ventilation machinery. They began immediately to extract the bodies"--immediately ("sofort")!! Furthermore, the team of workers assigned to remove the two thousand cyanided bodies entered the building (still full of gas, was it not?) and removed the bodies "while eating and smoking", that is to say, unless my comprehension fails me, without even wearing gas masks. This would have been impossible. All of the testimonies, regardless of how vague or conflicting they may be on other points ("Justiz and NS-Verbrechen" (Justice and the Nazi Crimes), University Press, Amsterdam, Vol. XIII (1975), pages 134 and 135], are in accord on at least this point: the team of workers would open the place either "immediately" or "a little after" the deaths of the victims. It is my contention that this point alone constitutes the touchstone of the false testimony. In Alsace, a visit to the "gas chamber" of Struthof is very interesting. There one can read the confession of Josef Kramer. It is by means of a "hole" that Kramer supposedly poured "a certain quantity of hydrocyanic salts", and then "a certain quantity of water"; together, the two released a gas which killed in approximately one minute. The "hole" which one can see there today was so clumsily made by means of a blow from a chisel that four squares of tile had been broken around it. -- PJ 41 -- pag. 21 Kramer supposedly used a "funnel with a simple stop-cock". I do not see how he could have prevented the gas from escaping through this rough hole, nor how he could have prevented the portion of gas which would have escaped through the chimney from then spreading from the windows of his villa. If one enters one of the adjoining rooms, perhaps someone can explain to me the allegation of the bodies preserved in "vats of formaldehyde" for Professor Hirt, which are in fact, nothing more than tubs for sauerkraut and potatoes, fitted with simple flaps of wood which are not even airtight. Even the most commonplace weapon, if it is suspected of ever being used to kill or wound, becomes the object of judicial expertise. One is surely surprised then, that the "gas chambers", such allegedly prodigious weapons of crime, are never the object of judicial expertise (judicial, scientific, or archaeological) about which one can examine a written report. If by misfortune the Germans had won the war, I suppose that their concentration camps would have been presented as re-education camps. For disputing such a presentation of the fact, I would undoubtedly have been accused of objectively playing the game of "Judeo-Marxism". Neither objectively nor subjectively am I a Judeo-Marxist or a neo-nazi. Today, when I affirm that the "gas chambers" did not exist, it is because the difficult duty of being honest obliges me to say it. My arguments have been evaded, especially those dealing with the physical impossibilities of gassing. As to the opposing arguments, the revisionists have proved the inanity of them: the confessions of Hoess or Gerstein, the manipulated statement of Kramer, words used contrary to their meaning in context, extermination orders without any documentation, gas chambers built for pilgrims and tourists, etc. These alleged proofs are as valid as those which "demonstrated" the existence, in all the former Reich, of "gas chambers"; they are, in fact, fictitious. Just recently, the aerial photographs of Auschwitz-Birkenau (the Brugioni and Poirier documnents) [THE HOLOCAUST REVISITED 9ST 79-10001, 19 pages) Department of Commerce, National Technical Information Service, Washington, D.C., USA.] have given the final blow to the extermination legend: even in 1944, no human funeral pyres, no crowds near the crematories, no suspicious smoke. I have been insulted and physically attacked. I am no longer permitted to give any courses at the University. Some historians condemn me as if I were a heretic. [Thirty-four French historians (including only one specialist on the Second World War: Leon Pllakov) have published in le Monde on Feb. 21, 1979, page 23, a declaration against R.F. That declaration concludes as follows: "There is not, there cannot be any debate on the existence of the gas chambers". In past centuries, the Sorbonne condemned heretics in the same manner.] The LICA drags me into court. [The LICA is the "International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism (Jewish)". It is directed by Jean Pierre-Bloch. It has just (late 1979) brought a legal action against the articles published by R.F. in Le Monde. It denounces R.F. for "falsifying historical truth".] But no one dares to engage fairly in the debate I have proposed [H: They never do!]. I thank the growing number of those who, notably among the youth, lend me their support. Jean-Gabriel Cohn Bendit [Jean-Gabriel Cohn-Bendit is the brother of the famous Daniel Cohn-Bendit. He is Jewish and is of the left. He has taken up the defense of R.F. in the name of freedom of expression.] has written: "Let us fight in order that they will destroy those gas chambers which they show to the tourists in the camps where one knows that there had been NONE". He is right. Let us end the war propaganda. The real horror is enough. It is useless to add anything to it. -- PJ 41 -- pag. 22 END QUOTING And since it is now totally and absolutely illegal for this voice to be heard for the French bowed to the Zionist demand to cause speaking out against the lies--to be a "hate crime"--punishable as a felony offense, we must be the voice of the criers of Truth--and so shall it be that in honor of them, we shall speak loudly on the airwaves of the Universe! Allow us a respite, Dharma. That which we send forth into the knowledge of the minds--cannot be erased. Once Truth is known it cannot be ever again "unknown". Do not work in "fear", chela, for the hand of God in "justice" rests upon your head and blesses your hands. Salu. Hatonn to clear--ever in service unto God and unto you of the higher-universal brotherhood of Man. Salu. -- PJ 41 -- pag. 23 --- The next portion is going to be a bit harder for the Zionists to cover--but nonetheless, the blatant lies ARE maintained and foisted off on you unsuspecting populace. Any of you who suffer guilt and actually PAY damages for ones who are faring better than you "ordinary" "alive" people may actually get a bit angry--I certainly hope SOMETHING can make you angry in this pile of lies. FAMOUS "VICTIMS" EMERGE AS PUBLIC FIGURES No, you won't like this next story but we shall present it anyway. You must keep in mind that the Zionist Jews DECLARED WAR AGAINST GERMANY.This, in fact, was WHY any Jews were brought into custody. America had already incarcerated into internment camps all Japanese and Japanese-Americans before a single "Jew" was put into a camp or isolated into a "ghetto". There are several pictures made public of the "rounding up" of Jews. We will present these pictures if duplicates can be made in any degree of clarity. One picture, especially, is important for it focuses on a small boy who was purported to be "killed". Not so, he lives very well...and rich... in a luxurious London apartment. He not only "lived", he has continued to "live" very, very well. One such "dead person" became French Minister of Health and later took over a European Parliament. This latter was a female "victim". The world is going to wake up to the fact that the incredible claim that 6 million Jews were "gassed" is a total fabrication--a lie set forth in full intent of gaining great strides in the actual take-over of the world. Many of those "gassed" Jews are still walking around quite comfortably. Authors and historians such as R.F. have been hauled into court by hoax promoters, almost exclusively Jewish, to try to shut down the stories of truth. Some of the "trials" scheduled are abandoned just before hearing to keep the story silent. Threats and acts of physical violence have failed, and with respect to R.F.'s harassment, historians in America and Europe united to get the case against him dropped. It is hard to realize whether or not this was "good". PROPAGANDA LETS SOLDIERS DIE HAPPY Propaganda is as important a weapon as guns when the Establishment wants a war, which accounts for "air raid drills", films showing "Hitler dancing a jig" and news reports of the German leader "chewing a carpet" during tantrums. It also accounts for the more dramatic illusions generated by the Establishment, that Pearl Harbor was a "surprise attack", that the U.S. faced destruction if Germany prevailed in the war in Europe, and that a 13-year-old girl wrote a book called THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK. -- PJ 41 -- pag. 24 The goal, of course, is to get America's young cannon fodder to die in a "holy war"--exactly as just happened in Grenada, Panama and the sands of the Persian Gulf. Thus you were told Hitler was "butchering Jews and using the skins for lampshades". The imagination of the propagandists can be ghoulish. Moreover, the Zionists (as shown again in the Persian Gulf charade) are the perfection of deceit and lies. They control the media and press and therefore give you the only information you receive. Time places a merciful mist on the public mind, and such innocent fabrications as the jig dancing and carpet-chewing can be laughed off as "good fun during wartime". You know, sort of like "dirty tricks" in elections and political circles. It's not enough to hate your enemy--a bit of contempt keeps morale high. How could you have gotten your young men to bomb women and children and bury 12,000 soldiers alive in trenches without this deceitful contempt for some man called Saddam? It never seemed to occur to anyone that Saddam was the ONLY one telling the truth! You were fighting one more war for British Israel and nothing short of the goal was acceptable. Your politicians now tell you all about that "decisive victory" but you didn't have a decisive anything except terror and war crimes against humanity and Israel's enemy. It's interesting to see how well-intentioned people are used for such purposes. The "carpet-chewing" story first surfaced when a reporter in Berlin accurately described how an officer came from a briefing room and, figuratively describing Hitler as being in a state of anger, said, "He's really chewing the carpet" ("Er hatte vor Wut in den Teppich beissen knoone"). This is a familiar phrase in German. The reporter was surprised and chagrinned to see his own story recycled around the world to make you believe that Hitler literally flung himself onto the floor, peeled back the carpet and started chomping on it. The photographer who produced Hitler "dancing a jig" like the lead man in a minstrel show knew what he was doing. By his own account, he used endless amounts of film of Adolf Hitler, reversed some of it and spliced portions of it together to produce a "jig". Because a war has to be popular with the taxpayers as well as the men who must fight and die, it's important to have a busy "home front" with a pinch of melodrama. Thus, school children in Washington and other "target cities" had air raid drills. Children living within 10 minutes of the school were "squad leaders" who led their young troops to their homes to cluster in basements until the "all-clear" siren sounded. -- PJ 41 -- pag. 25 NEXT PAGE