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WW II - THE HOLOCAUST, part 7 category, at your expense, in every confrontation whether or not it even involves them. EMIGRATION: THE FINAL SOLUTION Prof. Rassinier is emphatic in stating that the German Government never had any policy other than the emigration of Jews overseas. He shows that after the promulgation of the Nuremberg Race Laws in September 1935, the Germans negotiated with the British for the transfer of German Jews to Palestine on the basis of the Balfour Declaration. When this failed, they asked other countries to take charge of them, but these refused (ibid. p. 20). The Palestine project was revived in 1938, but broke down because Germany could not negotiate their departure on the basis of 3,000,000 marks, as demanded by Britain, without some agreement for compensation.Despite these difficulties, Germany did manage to secure the emigration of the majority of their Jews, mostly to the United States. Rassinier also refers to the French refusal of Germany‟s Madagascar Plan at the end of 1940. “In a report of the 21st August, 1942, the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Third Reich, Luther, decided that it would be possible to negotiate with France in this direction and described conversations which had taken place between July and December 1940, and which were brought to a halt following the interview with Montoire on Dec. 13, 1940 by Pierre-Etienne Flandin, Laval‟s successor. During the whole of 1941 the Germans hoped that they would be able to re-open these negotiations and bring them to a happy conclusion” (ibid. p. 108). After the outbreak of war, the Jews, who, as Rassinier reminds us, had declared economic and financial war on Germany as early as 1933, were interned in concentration camps, “which is the way countries all over the world treat enemy aliens in time of war. .. It was decided to regroup them and put them to work in one immense ghetto which, after the successful invasion of Russia, was situated towards the end of 1941 in the so-called Eastern territories near the former frontier between -- PJ 40 -- pag. 163 Russia and Poland: at Auschwitz, Chelmno, Belzec, Maidanek, Treblinka, etc.. .There they were to wait until the end of the war for the reopening of international discussions which would decide their future” (LE VERITABLE PROCES EICHMANN,p. 20). The order for this concentration in the eastern ghetto was given by Goering to Heydrich, as noted earlier, and it was regarded as a prelude to “the desired final solution”, their emigration overseas after the war had ended. ENORMOUS FRAUD Of great concern to Professor Rassinier is the way in which the extermination legend is deliberately exploited for political and financial advantage, and in this he finds Israel and the Soviet Union to be in concert. THEY CERTAINLY ARE AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN.‟ After 1950, an avalanche of fabricated extermination literature appeared under the stamp of two organizations, so remarkably synchronized in their activities that one might well believe them to have been contrived in partnership, which they were. One was the “Committee for the Investigation of War Crimes and Criminals” established under Communist auspices at Warsaw, and the other, the “World Center of Contemporary Jewish Documentation” at Paris and Tel-Aviv. Their publications seem to appear at favorable moments in the political climate, and for the Soviet Union their purpose is simply to maintain the threat of Nazism as a maneuver to divert attention from their own activities. As for Israel, the myth of the Six Million is inspired by a purely material problem. In LE DRAME DES JUIFS EUROPEEN (P. 31, 39), Rassinier writes: “...It is simply a question of justifying by a proportionate number of corpses the enormous subsidies which Germany has been paying annually since the end of the war to the State of Israel by way of reparation for injuries which moreover she cannot be held to have caused her either morally or legally, since there was no State of Israel at the time the alleged deeds took place; thus it is a purely and contemptibly material problem.” What do you good lawyers say about this carriage of “JUSTICE”? Obviously rules are made to suit the need of the ones who hold the power. Perhaps I may be allowed to recall here that the State of Israel was only founded in May 1948, and that the Jews were nationals of all states with the exception of Israel, in order to underline the dimensions of a fraud which defies description in any language; on the one hand Germany pays to Israel sums which are calculated on six million dead, and on the other, since at least four-fifths of these six million were decidedly ALIVE at the end of the war, she is paying substantial sums by way of reparation to the victims of Hitler‟s Germany to those who are still alive in countries all over the world other than Israel and to the rightful claimants of those who have since deceased, which means that for the former (i.e., the six million), or in other words, for the vast majority, she is PAYING TWICE. NOT A BAD DEAL! -- PJ 40 -- pag. 164 CONCLUSION Here let us briefly summarize the data on Jewish war-time casualties. Contrary to the figure of over 9 million Jews in German-occupied territory put forward at the Nuremberg and Eichmann trials, it has been established that, after extensive emigration, approximately 3 million were living in Europe, excluding the Soviet Union. Even when the Jews of German-occupied Russia are included (the majority of Russian Jews were evacuated beyond German control), the overall number probably does not exceed four million. Himmler‟s statistician, Dr. Richard Korherr and the World Center of Contemporary Jewish Documentation put the number respectively at 5,550,000 and 5,294,000 when German-occupied territory was at its widest, but both these figures include the two million Jews of the Baltic and western Russia without paying any attention to the large number of these who were evacuated. However, it is at least an admission from the latter organization that there were not even six million Jews in Europe and western Russia combined. Nothing better illustrates the declining plausibility of the Six Million legend than the fact that the prosecution at the Eichmann trial deliberately avoided mentioning the figure. Moreover, official Jewish estimates of the casualties are being quietly revised downwards. Analysis of the population and emigration statistics, as well as studies by the Swiss Baseler Nachrichten and Professor Rassinier, demonstrated that it would have been simply impossible for the number of Jewish casualties to have exceeded a limit of one and a half-million Jews and it doesn‟t take a Space Cadet to point it out--you don‟t add that differently on planet Earth. It is most significant, therefore, that the World Center of Contemporary Jewish Documentation in Paris now states that only 1,485,292 Jews died from ALL causes during the Second World War (but the reparation figures have not reflected the fewer acknowledgement), and although this figure is certainly too high, at least it bears no resemblance at all to the legendary Six Million. As has been noted earlier, the Jewish statistician Raul Hilberg estimates an even lower figure of 896,892. This is beginning to approach a realistic figure, and the process of revision is certain to continue. Doubtless, several thousand Jewish persons did die in the course of the Second World War, but this must be seen in the context of a war that cost many millions of innocent victims on all sides. To put the matter in perspective, for example, we may point out that over 700,000 Russian civilians died during the siege of Leningrad, and a total of over 2,050,000 German civilians were known to have been killed in Allied air-raids alone, and forced repatriation after the war. In 1955, another neutral Swiss source, Die Tat of Zurich (January 19th, 1955), in a survey of all Second World War casualties based on figures of the International Red Cross, put the “Loss of victims of persecution because of politics, race or religion who died in -- PJ 40 -- pag. 165 prisons and concentration camps between 1939 and 1949” at 300,000--not all of whom were Jews--and this figure seems the most accurate assessment. IMAGINARY SLAUGHTER The question most pertinent to the extermination legend is, of course: how many of the 3 million European Jews, under German control, survived after 1945? The Jewish Joint Distribution Committee estimated the number of survivors in Europe to be only one and a-half million, but such a figure is now totally unacceptable. This is proved by the growing number of Jews claiming compensation from the West German Government for having allegedly suffered between 1939 and 1945. By 1965, the number of the claimants registered with the West German Government had tripled in ten years and reached 3,375,000 (AUFBAU, June 30th, 1965). Nothing could be a more devastating proof of the brazen fantasy of the Six Million. Most of these claimants are Jews, so there can be no doubt that the majority of the 3 million Jews who experienced the Nazi occupation of Europe are, in fact, very much alive. It is a resounding confirmation of the fact that Jewish casualties during the Second World war can only be estimated at a figure in thousands. Surely this is enough grief for the Jewish people? Who has the right to compound it with vast imaginary slaughter, marking with eternal shame a great European nation, as well as wringing fraudulent monetary compensation from them? This shame does not simply rest on the one nation--it rests upon the hearts and shoulders of ALL nations. It is these massively shameful deceits which we are sent forth to correct in consciousness. YOU ARE PEOPLE-OF-THE-LIES AND UNTIL YOU AWAKEN TO YOUR PLIGHT AND THE DECEIT--YOU SHALL BE INCREASINGLY TORMENTED IN CHAOS. THE PLAN IS TO ENSLAVE THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD INTO A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT AND THE PLAN IS RIGHT ON TRACK TO BE OPERATIONAL BY YEAR 2000. IT IS THE EVIL INTENT TO RULE THE WORLD. Let us close this segment and this volume. We need no Epilogue for we will now begin the next Volume on the same subject. You will know what has come about in your world and you will see that your enemy is of the ones of the Khazarian lineage having taken what is now called the Soviet Union who, in turn, deliberately set up the State of Israel for its evil infiltration into the very beings of all other nations, especially the United States of America wherein its most fruitful harvest could be reaped. Salu and may God have mercy upon you sleeping children. Hatonn to clear. (CM) -- PJ 40 -- pag. 166 ------------------------------ THIS JOURNAL I am going to have to, again, lay out the Holocaust--hopefully in synopses which give the correction to the "overall" events. Then, I shall relate the history of Zionism TO THESE EVENTS and show the interaction between Herzl's movement and the rise of Fascism and Nazism in Europe. Know that "Zionism" is a rather "new" term stolen by these adversaries. "Zion" once meant "city, or place, of God". Do you see the subterfuge and usage of proper definitions being turned for evil purpose into a "new language"? You are deceived by the lack of realization that there are "new" meanings to that which you say and do--the "new" language and events having been manufactured to gradually "deceive" you for if you hear a thing often enough, you will believe it. The Elite have taken your places of government into their own control through blackmail and bribes. Then, it is easy to change laws and divert from Constitutional laws. All that is required is getting enough to "vote" in or out a thought or action. We will move through the Zionist record--and find evidence that it sought the patronage and benevolence of avowed anti-Semites and, ultimately, the collaboration of the Fascists and Nazis. Remember that these Zionists are NOT Semites but are in fact, the "NAZIS"-- i.e., recognized by their OWN LABEL OF ASHKENAZI! You will find that from the beginning Zionism's leaders were prepared to go to almost any length to achieve the goal of a separate Jewish homeland from which they could project into and ultimately gain control of the world. Dealing with this issue brings with it great difficulty and problems, one of the most traumatic being the emotions evoked by the so- called "Holocaust". Zionism, however, is an ideology. It is not now, nor was it ever, co-extensive with either Judaism or the Jewish people, and its chronicles must therefore be examined with the same critical eye that readers should bring to the history of ANY political tendency. Nevertheless, because of its fundamental challenge to Zionism's bona-fides, this thoroughly documented history is a basis upon which to build your own understanding and insight. I ask only that you read in open mind, reason and logic. Then, and only then, can you see that which has been dumped on you in an attempt to literally BURY you. At the beginning here, I am going to simply outlay information which has been thoroughly researched and give you, actually, documentation already made available to the public. There are so -- PJ 41 -- pag. 15 many great authors who have brought Truth but as you can see by the attempt to make it a law "TO NOT ALLOW ANY EXPRESSION AGAINST THE ORTHODOX VERSION OF THE HOLOCAUST", THEIR WORK HAS BEEN BANNED AND BURIED. We shall bring you those listings later when it is TOO LATE FOR THEM TO STOP THIS WORK! THE GREAT HOLOCAUST DEBATE Dharma, we will go right down the document please and I shall effort to keep comments to a minimum. Know that what I allow to be placed into print is valid or it will not appear--or, it will be given and then discussed. I have but one intent--to gather valid information for your consumption and you can get your confirmation from the documentation.  I want no aspect of hidden magic in information--you must deal with "reality" as it is manifested in your circumstance. There is now half a century of research by revisionist authors and over two decades past the facts were known and presented. In the past twenty years, however, has come the constant barrage of "keep the lie alive". It comes in the form of "We must never allow the world to forget..." and new and bigger lies are put to paper, books, the big and little screen and thus and so. Now, ones pronounce personal experience from lies of the older generation in the telling and in the imaging. To you who want me to soften the blows to keep the Jews, Christian, Muslims, Buddhists, Mormons, Catholics and Pentecostals, happy--let me say something very, very important. You are asking a direct aspect of God to continue the lie! No--just as you have a term "the buck stops here", ah, so too--"THE LIE STOPS HERE"! CONCLUSIONS OF RESEARCHERS IN FACTS * The "Hitler gas chambers" never existed. * The "genocide" (or the "attempted genocide") of the Jews never took place. In other words, Hitler never gave an order nor permission that anyone should be killed because of his race or religion. * The alleged "gas chambers" and the alleged "genocide" are one and the same lie. * This lie, which is largely of Zionist origin, has made an enormous political and financial fraud possible, whose principal beneficiary is the state of Israel. * The principal victims of this lie and fraud are the German people (but not the German rulers) and the entire Palestinian people. * The enormous power of official information services has, thus far, had the effect of ensuring the success of the lie and of censuring the freedom of expression of those who have denounced the lie. * The participants in the lie know that its days are numbered; they distort the purpose and nature of revisionist research; they label as "resurgence of Nazism" or as "falsification of history" what is only a thoughtful and justified concern for historical truth. The above was written and published in April (25), 1979 by a skilled and respected historian and researcher from "le Monde" Paris. (over a decade past). We are going to utilize that time frame for the present is speaking for itself and we comment on it daily--let us see what was already known and present over a decade ago. This is not to make you "feel bad" or foolish--it is to show you how easy it is to "fool all of the people some of the time"--rejoice that you couldn't fool all of the people ALL of the time as is presented in point herein. -- PJ 41 -- pag. 16 In reading these pages, some might well interpret this author's research as an attempt at an apology for National Socialism. In reality, however, for reasons that need no explanation, Hitler, the person, as well as his ideas and politics are as unattractive to the author as those of Napoleon Bonaparte to a knowledgeable Frenchman. He refused to believe the propaganda of conquerors for whom Napoleon was the "Ogre" whereas Hitler was "Satan" or "Amalec". It must be everyone's understanding that the only motivating force behind his research was the quest for Truth; he, the author, called "Truth" that which is the opposite of error and falsehood. He regarded any charge or insinuation of Nazism against him as defamation. Consequently, he challenged anyone, individuals or associations, who by their statements, speeches, writings or actions would compel him to have recourse with the law. Copies of these pages as he wrote them were sent to legal and administrative authorities, as well as to newspapers, groups and associations--along with a heartfelt request that they be copied and reprinted. He took no responsibility for the political views of those who would publish these articles. On the other hand, he did take responsibility for that which he wrote and appeared in le Monde and for the conclusions given above which appeared in the magazine "Defense de l'Occident" ("Defense of the West") in June of 1978. He took this responsibility in his capacity as Associate Professor at the University of Lyon-2. He further contended that not a single "gas chamber" to kill human beings existed under the Hitler regime. This he firmly believed and maintained. This author in point (whom I shall continue to protect for this interim period) affixed his signature, Lyons, France, April 25, 1979. I, Hatonn, utilize this author because of his comprehensive but concise outlay of information--gathered closer to the location and action confronted. This does not negate nor lessen the outstanding work of other authors whom I shall later give for reference. I will write this in respect for this "first person" accounting and we shall give initials as R.F. (because those are his initials). With that stated, let us move into the document. Where appropriate we will insert "footnotes" in the text. These will suffice as references for the document in progress. AUTHOR'S STATEMENT QUOTING: No one disputes the use of crematoria in certain German camps. The frequent occurrence of epidemics throughout Europe during wartime necessitated the cremation of the bodies of, for example, typhus victims. It is the existence of "gas chambers", veritable human slaughterhouses, which is disputed. The expression is that used by Olga Wormser-Migot (THE NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMP SYSTEM 1933-1945, French University Press, Thesis, 1968). Since 1945 that dispute has been -- PJ 41 -- pag. 17 growing. The great media of information are well aware of it. In 1945, official historical science affirmed that "gas chambers" had functioned in the former Reich as well as in Austria, in Alsace as well as in Poland. Fifteen years later, in 1960, it revised its judgment: "gas chambers" had been in operation only in Poland. KEINE VERGASUNG IN DACHAU (NO GASSING IN DACHAU) by Dr. Martin Broszat, member and since 1972, director of the Institute for Contemporary History in Munich (DIE ZEIT, Aug. 26, 1960, page 14). -- PJ 41 -- pag. 18 NEXT PAGE