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WW II - THE HOLOCAUST, part 3 The celebration of the holiday, “Christmas”, was created to coincide with the holidays of the self-styled Zionists--and deceived “Judaists”--Hanukkah. You will note that very little attention is recently ALLOWED for the celebration of Christ‟s birth as all displays in public access places are now banned--relative to that label and symbology. You are left with Satan--, oops--pardon, Santa-Clause, who represents gifts for doing nothing, bringing pain to “needy” children and spoilage to the ones who “have”- causing even parents and caretakers to enter into a deceitful LIE as to resources and origination of these “free” gifts offered from love (or need) by the actual participants. Santa represents a “free lunch” and is one of the most painful hoaxes slapped against you sleepy multitudes. Do I suggest that my goodly “Jews” stop celebrating Christmas? No, I believe you need reminding of your enslavement to the anti- Christ and loss of freedoms. It should be a day dedicated to regaining your Constitutional rights as free people and the “gifts” become--again--a meaning of love, sharing and joy. God has been already lost to the celebration so you may as well enjoy the pretty tinsel and lights, friendship renewals, and thus utilize this period of experience as a time of “remembering” and “awakening” while you STOP THE DREAMING OF SUGARPLUMS AND FLUFFY CLOUDS. USE IT AS A TIME TO RECLAIM YOUR SALVATION OF YOUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND RELIGIOUS PRACTICES ALONG WITH YOUR OTHER “RIGHTS” UNDER PROMISE OF THAT CONSTITUTION. THE CONSTITUTION GIVES YOU NOTHING -- IT DECLARES THAT IT INSURES YOUR RIGHTS UNDER PROTECTION OF THE LAW PRESENTED THEREIN. HOLOCAUST  AND WHAT MEANS “HOLOCAUST”? HOLOCAUST”: 1. Wholesale destruction and loss of life, especially by fire. 2. A sacrificial offering that is wholly consumed by fire. This is according to the Reader‟s Digest GREAT ENCYCLOPEDIC DICTIONARY. (current). And now: WEBSTER‟S ENCYCLOPEDIC UNABRIDGED DICTIONARY (current): “HOLOCAUST”: 1. A great or complete devastation, esp. by fire. 2. A sacrifice completely consumed by fire; burnt offering. -- PJ 39 -- pag. 61 Therefore. you will note that” The Holocaust” is a term chosen for use by the Zionists/Khazarian so- called, self-styled “Jews” to cover their own heinous acts in coalition with the Nazis when they efforted to destroy the “Judaists of tradition and Thrah” I am quite unimpressed with you who deny this TRUTH. GO FORTH AND LOOK IT UP IN YOUR HISTORY BOOKS! OR BETTER YET--STAY TUNED TO THE PHOENIX CHANNEL AND THEN GO LOOK IT UP IN YOUR HISTORY BOOKS-- BECAUSE WE BORN-AGAIN JEWS ARE SICK OF YOU DESTROYING OUR HERITAGE AND STEALING OUR VERY NATIONAL CONSTITUTION! I, Hatonn, am one of the israelite children--chosen by God. I am this day proclaiming that I am “Jew” and I AM A CITIZEN OF THE COSMIC SECTOR RECOGNIZED AS EARTH SHAN--BY MY COMMISSION AS HOST TRAVELER FROM CREATOR. I AM A SOVEREIGN BEING AND I CLAIM MY HERITAGE AS BEING PROTECTED IN THAT SOVEREIGNTY! WHO WILL STAND WITH ME‟ IN TAKING THIS STAND In taking this stand with me--you cause the vipers to come from their pits and proclaim themselves--uncovered and “defleeced” of the white wool. If you take away the enemy‟s ammunition-- what can he use against you? Try it and find that you‟ll like it! BURNING BOOKS The Phoenix materials have reached a new “high” in importance. The ADL has now begun “burning” the JOURNALS and LIBERATOR as example and torch for the “frontal” attack on TRUTH and FREEDOM OF SPEECH ON THE MEDIA AND IN THE PRESS. Just a “little” show of intent! All JOURNALS where found in public places are sneaked from the shelves by the Zionists and brought together and “burned”. Do you feel a bit of sickness overtaking your little bodies?? Does this seem like something out of the Dark Ages?? NO--RIGHT IN THE GOOD OLD UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! SHEEP-PEOPLE-- WAKE UP FOR YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE AND YOU ARE THE VICTIMS OF THE NEXT “THE HOLOCAUST”. -- PJ 39 -- pag. 73 --- It matters not about one called David Duke--what you must attend is what your President Bush SAID this morning regarding the man. He said that no man who had been in the group disclaiming Nazi (German) horrors should be ALLOWED to “participate in a free society”. He further stated that no man who “says the Holocaust didn't happen as described” should be allowed any place in a free society. These are quotes, beloved ones. Do you SEE AND HEAR what Bush stated? This terrorist who ordered over 12,000 men buried alive in a desert and is murdering hundreds of thousands of babies and innocent people in Iraq (only to mention two things), has the incredible audacity to denounce a “citizen's” rights of First Amendment rights--to speak regarding his personal beliefs! This has nothing to do with a man in Louisiana--it has everything to do with the right of an American citizen to speak his beliefs. DO YOU NOT NOW SEE THE HANDWRITING ON THE WALLS, THE CEILING, THE FLOOR AND IN YOUR VERY BEDROOMS? -- PJ 39 -- pag. 85 --- What of this so-called Holocaust and what happened to those tablets and scrolls bearing the word of God to the Children of the ancient times? The Torah was claimed to be the handed down teachings but there is no attempt to do other than state openly that the Talmud is the instruction for the claiming of a world in total, by the Zionist men of learning (elders). I am going to walk you through the truths of this “word” called THE TALMUD. I will then break down the swindle and blackmailing of the German people with fabricated corpses with which to “fool” the world. I am going to speak out on that which was and was not--the Holocaust--and I shall do so before my Scribe‟s right to free speech is forever removed. Ah yes, more PHOENIX JOURNALS and PHOENIX LIBERATORS will be burned and torn, denied and denounced--but SOME will hear Truth and perhaps the frauds can be uncovered. It will be far more easily accomplished now that we are ALL recognizing our RIGHT to our “Yewishness”--this simply means “a child of God‟s creation within the rightful „laws‟ and „protection by God under those laws‟”. In other words, you and I are the children of God whose “rights” are guaranteed protection under God‟s Constitution! Yes, I AM A JEW and YOU ARE A JEW and I, for one, am no longer going to tolerate the thieves of my heritage to prevail through their lies and stolen property given from God unto His children. You can be a Buddhist Jew, Christian Jew, Human Jew, Chinese Jew, Mountainman Jew, Seaman Jew, Black Jew---any kind you wish to choose. It is only a term which means: Creator‟s child. -- PJ 39 -- pag. 87 ---------------------- SIX MILLION SWINDLE IS BLACKMAIL In this book we are going to outlay beyond dispute the blackmail and intrigue of lies and swindles surrounding the myth of the Six Million Holocaust. If you are not concerned after reading Vol. 1, then I know not how to get your attention and since we force nothing upon any man--you will be left to your own decisions. I can only ask that you read carefully, re-read more carefully and then if there is doubt, check out documentation. If you lose your Constitutional Rights in America, the world will follow immediately, and forever you will be entrapped in the snare so carefully laid for your imprisonment. The Talmudisis have from the beginning used the six holocaust million swindle to blackmail the World and specifically West Germany (for East Germany and the Communists have made NO reparations) into “atoning” with excess of 58 BILLION DOLLARS of indemnities to Israel. Note I said to “Israel” which was not even a nation at the time of the War. Israel, as a State, was part of the reparations handed out by the Elite, in appreciation, by the United Nations (United States, England, Sovjet Union, China and France). (Actually It was demanded by the Sovjet Talmudists and given by the United States and England). Enough pressure was put on Washington not to sign the American-German treaty for German autonomy until Adenauer agreed to such indemnities to a bastard state that had not been in existence during the era of the Third Reich. But not only has Israel blackmailed West Germany into subsidizing it, Israel and World Jewry have also blackmailed it with the figure of six million into paying pensions and indemnities to every Jew who supposedly survived Nazi-occupied Europe and millions who after the war sneaked into West Germany from behind the Iron Curtain and then claimed to have “suffered” under the Nazis. This is not such bad “work” if you can get it. Enough have been able to sign up and “get it” to exceed the number of Jews in Germany at any time before, during or after the WW II. This in itself should prove to the world that there was NO EXTERMINATION of anything—if you are left with more than that which you began, it hardly represents extermination. Claiming such indemnities has probably produced the greatest heyday in history for those choosing to assume the label “Jews” to commit perjury for one another, and for fraud and lying and cheating on a horrendous scale. I remind you goodly “ Y'ews” that perhaps the Holocaust has damaged you also! After all, a “Jew” by definition is “...anyone who calls himself a Jew”--remember? You want examples of my above statement? Here are two: Dr. Phillip Auerbach, concentration camp survivor, got himself appointed Bavarian Commissioner of Reparations. In 1952 he was finally caught and sentenced to two and a half years in prison for huge frauds and swindles in his behalf and that of his co-racialists. He thereupon shot himself. Prof. Hans Deutsch got eighty-five million Marks for the Hungarian Havantny Art Collection which he claimed the Nazis had stolen. This luckily could be proven a lie, and he got eighteen months in prison. In reality, of course, by Earth standards he should have been hanged. The frauds in connection with pressuring indemnities out of Bonn cry to heaven for exposure and rectification! I can aid in the exposure--YOU WILL HAVE TO ATTEND THE RECTIFICATION. I do remind you, however, that America alone is paying massive BILLIONS to Israel in reparations for so-called State damage during the Gulf War. How is it that a “United Nations” war is America's -- PJ 40 -- pag. 8 responsibility? Didn't the U.S., after all, present Israel with all those protection devices called Patriots? So--the scam shows its dirty head! There were no scuds attacking from Iraq to Israel and still YOU PAY BILLIONS. When are you going to stop this “SUCKER CON GAME”? FURTHER, THE FACTS ARE: ISRAELI PLANES PROVIDED, OF COURSE, BY THE U.S. WERE THE VERY FIRST TO BOMB IRAQ!!--WITH COVER FROM THE UNITED STATES AND BRITAIN! You see, these two examples I give are PROVEN INCIDENTS and the other outlays of truth shall also become proven just as soon as you “wake-up”. -- PJ 40 -- pag. 9 --- Remember also, the full-blown effort in America by the Jewish groups is to cause it to be ILLEGAL TO EVEN QUESTION THE POSSIBILITIES OF INACCURACIES REGARDING THE HOLOCAUST. Such questioning (such as these documents project, fully protected by the present First Constitutional Amendment) is already ILLEGAL in France, Germany, England and probably other European nations, and in Canada and the Soviet Union. But none of those countries have your Bill of Rights and its unique First Amendment placed there by shrewd Founding Fathers who understood tyranny and oppression. Even if you disagree, you must stand for the RIGHTS OF PROTECTION under that Beloved Constitution THAT ALL THINGS MIGHT BE OPENLY QUESTIONED. Is it not evident in itself that there is much to be hidden within the curtain of enforced secrecy? Do not the very ACTIONS SPEAK FAR LOUDER THAN ANY WORDS? Hatonn to stand-by. Thank you. -- PJ 40 -- pag. 100 --- September 30, 1945-October 1: The French newspaper, Le Monde, ran a story which began: “As one speaks today of Dachau, in ten years people throughout the world will speak about camps such as Saint Paul d‟Egiaux.” Well, not so wrong after all--since so many of the pictures you are shown are actually OF THOSE CAMPS AND HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH GERMAN CONCENTRATION CAMPS--SO YOU HAVE PROVIDED YOUR ENEMY WITH THE VERY PICTURES TO CONTINUE THE FARCE OF THE HOLOCAUST. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THAT WHEN THE HUMAN IS REDUCED TO SKELETONS--THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE! -- PJ 40 -- pag. 125 --- 1980: The International Committee of the Red Cross refuses to open its archives to James Bacque and other investigators into Allied atrocities. To this day, the ICRC has remained silent on the subject, despite the visits of Pradervand and other Red Cross delegates to many of the camps. September 1989: James Bacque‟s book on the American death camps, “Other Losses”, published by Stoddard, a Canadian Publishing House (but they are not allowed to even have a dissenting opinion about questions regarding the Holocaust), was released, after being refused by more than 30 American publishers. Saturday Night, one of Canada‟s most respected magazines, simultaneously published a summary of this book as its lead story and within days Canada was buzzing about Gen. Eisenhower‟s war crimes. Why is it that you have heard almost nothing of this in the United States in spite of initial (2 days) of press mention? As American citizens, many of you who served in the American Armed Forces during World War II, and a great many of you who are of German heritage, should demand of your leaders in Washington, D.C. that the truth about this War be made known. I know that it tumbles in on top of myriads of other subjects being pressed by you people--so, barrage them with these topics also and DEMAND ACCOUNTING. I further know that it is terrifying to think of the consequences of your coming public. I had a pile of witness reports flow when we first wrote of these matters--all asking for confidentiality--but urging us to continue with the blessed work. Well, my scribe and speakers are about weary of bearing this big target on their chests for ALL the rest of the masses. How long can they continue to carry that burden while you precious citizens are allowed secrecy? Oh, I shall never divulge a name or location without absolute permission-- but if you who have SEEN and KNOW do not come forward, how will you change anything? THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF YOU WHO KNOW AND SAW AND EXPERIENCED THESE ATROCITIES IN EACH AND EVERY SO-CALLED WAR. YOU MUST NOT STOP WEEPING AT THE SHRINES OF YOUR FALLEN BUDDIES--BUT -- PJ 40 -- pag. 126 YOU MUST MAKE THEIR PASSAGE WORTH SOMETHING! THE WAR IS AT HOME THIS TIME, YOU MARINES, AIR FORCE, ARMY AND NAVY! THE FRONT IS RIGHT IN YOUR DOOR-YARD AND YOU ARE ABOUT TO LOSE THE WAR, FOR YOU HAVE ALREADY LOST ALMOST ALL OF THE “BATTLES”. With accurate information of what really happened, instead of Zionist propaganda, just possibly you might be able to avert that World War III, which is now being planned by these same One Worlders. I remind you again--the next time you are shown pictures of so- called atrocities during World War II purporting to be Jewish victims of “racial extermination”, those are actually pictures of German civilians who had died under American war criminals. This segment needs to be closed because it grows too long--but don‟t go away, Readers, for we are going to finish our subject of the deceit and in that we will also consider Korea and Viet Nam and who and what those wars were all about. May you rest in peace--then get up off your assets and go to work! Hatonn to stand-by. -- PJ 40 -- pag. 127 ---- THE WARSAW GHETTO In terms of numbers, Polish Jewry is supposed to have suffered most of all from extermination, not only at Auschwitz, but at an endless list of newly-discovered “death camps” such as Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, Chelmno, Maidanek and at many more obscure places which seem suddenly to have gained prominence. At the center of the alleged extermination of the Polish Jews is the dramatic uprising in April 1943 of the Warsaw Ghetto. This is often represented as a revolt against being deported to gas ovens; presumably the alleged subject of Hitler and Himmler's “secret discussions” had leaked out and gained wide publicity in Warsaw. The case of the Warsaw Ghetto is an instructive insight into the creation of the extermination legend itself. Indeed, its evacuation by the Germans in 1943 is often referred to as the “extermination of the Polish Jews” although it was nothing of the kind, and layers of mythology have tended to surround it after the publication of sensational novels like John Hersey's The Wall and Leon Uris' Exodus. When the Germans first occupied Poland, they confined the Jews, not in detention camps but in ghettos for reasons of security. The interior administration of the ghettos was in the hands of Jewish Councils elected by themselves--remember the Jews had openly stated that they were hostile and would join the armed forces against the Germans. These ghettos were policed by independent Jewish police forces. Special currency notes were introduced into the ghettos to prevent speculation. Whether this system was right or wrong, it was somewhat understandable in time of war, and although the ghetto is perhaps an unpleasant social establishment, it is by no means barbaric unless ones within the group choose to be barbaric against their own people. And it is certainly not an organization for the destruction of a race. But, of course, it is frequently said that this is what the ghettos were really for. It has been published, regarding the Warsaw Ghetto, a brazen assertion that concentration camps “were a substitute for the practice of cramming the Jews into overcrowded ghettos and starving them to death.” It seems that whatever security system the Germans used, and to whatever lengths they went to preserve a semblance of community for the Jews, they can never -- PJ 40 -- pag. 128 escape the charge of “extermination”. Even to the point of requiring national LAWS that prohibit even the “discussion” of possible flaws in the Holocaust reporting. It has been already established that the 1931 Jewish population census for Poland placed the number of Jews at 2,732,600, and that after emigration and flight to the Soviet Union, no more than 1,100,000 were under German control. These incontrovertible facts, however, do not prevent Manvell and Frankl asserting that “there had been over three million Jews in Poland when Germany began the invasion” and that in 1942 “some two million still awaited death” (ibid. p. 140). In reality, of the million or so Jews in Poland, almost half, about 400,000 were eventually concentrated in the ghetto of Warsaw, an area of about two and a-half square miles around the old medieval ghetto. The remainder had already been moved to the Polish Government-General by September 1940. In the summer of 1942, Himmler ordered the resettlement of all Polish Jews in detention camps in order to obtain their labor, part of the system of general concentration for labor assignment in the Government-General. Thus between July and October 1942, over three-quarters of the Warsaw Ghetto inhabitants were peacefully evacuated and transported, supervised by the Jewish police themselves. As you have seen, transportation to camps is alleged to have ended in “extermination”, but there is absolutely no doubt from the evidence available that it involved only the effective procurement of labor and the prevention of unrest. In the first place, Himmler discovered on a surprise visit to Warsaw in January 1943 that 24,000 Jews registered as armaments workers were in fact working illegally as tailors and furriers (Manvell & Frankl, ibid. p. 140); the Ghetto was also being used as a base for subversive forays into the main area of Warsaw. After six months of peaceful evacuation, when only about 60,000 Jews remained in the residential ghetto, the Germans met with an armed rebellion on 18th January 1943. Manvell and Frankl admit that “The Jews involved in planned resistance had for a long time been engaged in smuggling arms from the outside world, and combat groups fired on and killed S.S. men and militia in charge of a column of deportees.” The terrorists in the Ghetto uprising were also assisted by the Polish Home Army and the PPR-Polska Partia Robotnicza, the Communist Polish Workers Party. It was under these circumstances of a revolt aided by partisans and communists that the occupying forces, as any army would in a similar situation, moved in to suppress the terrorists, if necessary by destroying the residential area itself. It should be remembered that the whole process of evacuation would have continued peacefully had not extremists among the inhabitants planned an armed rebellion which in the end was bound to fail. When S.S. Lieutenant-General Stroop entered the Ghetto with armored cars on April 19th, he immediately came under fire and lost twelve men; German and Polish casualties in the battle, which lasted four weeks, totalled 101 men killed and wounded. Stubborn resistance by the Jewish Combat Organization in the face of impossible odds led to an estimated 12,000 Jewish casualties, the majority by remaining in burning buildings and dug-outs. A total, however, of 56,065 inhabitants were captured and peacefully resettled in the area of the Government- General. Many Jews within the Ghetto had resented the terror imposed on them by the Combat Organization, and had attempted to inform on their headquarters to the German authorities. -- PJ 40 -- pag. 129 NEXT PAGE