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WW II -  THE HOLOCAUST, part 2 NOW FOR YOU GOOD READERS WHO HAVE HAD ONGOING BATTLES WITH SPOTLIGHT REGARDING THE PUBLICATION AND/OR ADVERTISING OR MENTION OF ANY MATERIALS WHICH UNCOVER THE LIES-LET US TRY THEM AGAIN WITH THIS AS YOUR SHIELD. YOU HAVE HEARD THE ABOVE RIGHT FROM THE EDITOR OF SPOTLIGHT, VINCE RYAN. LET US NOW SEE IF THEY MAY HAVE PULLED AWAY THEIR OWN ALLOWING OF THlS INCREDIBLE COVER-UP FROM THEIR OWN INFILTRATORS AND ELITE-MONGERS. I BELIEVE THlS IS THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO THAT PUBLICATION FOR IT HAD REACHED THE POINT OF NEAR- WORTHLESSNESS FOR AMERICAN FREEDOM. I HONOR YOU, MR. RYAN, AND I HOPE THAT YOU WILL BETTER EVALUATE THAT INFORMATION IN THE FUTURE, WHICH COMES FROM HIGHER SOURCES. WE ASK NOT FOR “BELIEF”--WE ONLY REPRESENT TRUTH AND AS A BLESSED NATION FOUNDED “UNDER GOD” WE EXPECT TO HAVE HEARING FOR WE ARE ABOUT OUR FATHER‟S WORK AND THE “WORD” SHALL COME FORTH! SO BE IT. In future documentation I shall give honor to what you might think, offhand, to be a remarkable resource for “Holy” reference. Ah, there you go--judging again! I suggest you read the TRUTH and forget the “bringer thereof”, be it a pornographer or a Space Cadet of the Heavenly Hosts. Undoubtedly more of you will believe the Pornographer at any rate. I tease, because the person in point sent me bundles of information he had uncovered by simply asking a question about the subject of the “Jewish Question”, in his newsletter. I might add that in using the material I make no inference on the MAN--but I will have to bleep out a few expletives which might act as distractors to the sensitive reader. I am humbly grateful to this person who served his country in honor and has been lied to, brain- bashed and tossed aside by the society of treasonists. I will quote a bit of an interview (as much as I can in good taste, but I warn you--the expletives actually do add greatly to the meaning herein and we will lose much from the deletion) with Mr. -- PJ 39 -- pag. 11 “Ace Backwords” on the subject in point. I will simply ask Dharma to copy the first little portion for I will utilize the documentation at a later time. I want you readers to simply see the Bee-hive stir-up from the mere mention of the subject in public. QUOTE: For more than a decade, self-syndicated alternative cartoonist Ace Backwords has managed to offend people of every political stripe, and tested the self-proclaimed tolerance of his hometown of Berkeley, CA. But little of his work to date has led to the level of reaction that happened when Backwords started reprinting excerpts from Holocaust-revisionist and anti -Semitic tracts in his Twisted Image newsletter. “I kind of stumbled into this whole issue, which is how I usually get myself into this stuff,” Backwords told the Journal [not related to the PHOENIX JOURNAL]. “The main thing that intrigued me was the fact that nobody seemed to be talking about it, and it just seemed too important to remain a taboo. And then, for reasons that I‟m still not sure about, I got totally obsessed with the whole thing. It‟s only been after about three solid months of obsessive soul-searching and research that I‟m just beginning to make any kind of sense of all this.” Backwords began in his June newsletter by printing, under the heading “Weird (bleep) I Got in the Mail, Department,” photocopied excerpts from a tract making allegations about “jewish monopoly” on the American news media. The literat ure, from a group called National Vanguard, employed such neo-Nazi techniques as always printing the world holocaust in quotation marks, while alleging that, even with recent corporate takeovers, “Jews have maintained the firmest control” over the country‟s major news and entertainment firms. Backwords‟ introduction stated that “the only people talking about this are the neo-Nazi hate groups and, quite frankly, this issue is too important to leave to them. It‟s time for intelligent, rational people to enter the discourse.” Backwords invited comment from readers, and got plenty of it. He also began exchanging letters with Robert Crumb, Harvey Pekar, and Art Spiegelman. In these postal debates and in his July newsletter, Backwords raised another issue popular among anti-Semites, the claims that the Nazi holocaust either didn‟t happen or that the Jewish labor camps didn‟t really have gas chambers or deliberate acts of genocide. Backwords started citing what he called “serious, scholarly studies” backing the revisionists‟ claims--neo-Nazi publications whose claims are backed with citations to other neo-Nazi publications--as well as some totally unattached to anything ever having heard of neo-Nazi. Crumb‟s response read, in part, “Sure it was a war and accusations are hurled back and forth by enemies, numbers get exaggerated, and so on and so on... .but too many personal accounts, written in great detail, have come out describing these death camps, the systematic killing of people too weak, too young or too old, to work... first by shooting, then by gassing.. .Match up these accounts with the photos, not only of the heaps of bodies found by the liberators hut also of German soldiers standing around proudly next to trenches full of corpses, rows of hanged people, on and on.. .It adds up somehow...” In his August Newsletter, Backwords printed responses to the controversy by author Charles Bukowski, Mangajin publisher Ich Neuman, over a dozen other readers, and the Institute for Historical Research (a source of Holocaust revisionist literature) [H: Mentioned in prior writing above]. David McCord wrote, “Scream for tolerance. Scream for equality and justice. But don‟t scream „The Holocaust never happened,‟ because you‟re wasting your breath. There are still too many Jews around who lost relatives to the Nazis, and even a few who remember the camps -- PJ 39 -- pag. 12 directly. You‟ll find it difficult to convince them that their loved ones were spirited away by gremlins.” Backwords later said of the responses, “Almost nobody--on all sides of the issue--has understood what I was trying to say. Which I guess must ultimately be blamed on my limitations as a communicator. On the one hand, I get these flaming (bleep) with their ‘Dear Fellow patriot, congratulations on joining the fight against Zionist media brainwashing, etc.’ letters. On the other hand, I get these guys who want to paint a swastika on my forehead. Anybody who knows me knows that I am as far removed from that mentality as a human being could possibly be. If this was Nazi Germany, I would doubtless be the Thomas nasty guy drawing the most derogatory Boss Tweed kind of cartoons about Hitler.” The controversy briefly entered Backwords‟ cartoons, such as in one panel of an anti-Gulf War strip: “The powerful Jewish lobby that dominates mass media and American politics is happy „cuz Israel‟s number one enemy, Iraq, has been crushed!!” Backwords now says he‟s dropping the whole topic, at least for now. “I underestimated the fear and hatred that this subject can inspire, and wish I had been more respectful of these painful emotions. I tend to have a “blunt” or “bludgeoning” style (or so I‟ve been told), and I think this issue needs a more sensitive touch. Which is another reason I‟m backing off of it.” END OF QUOTING I only wish to add that, in this instance, I am grateful to the ADL for their service. As ones work in the public interest for a very long time it is hard to keep separate from the vampires who suck your blood. The paper will be far better off for having had this happen. However, it is mostly a “front” attack to hide further facts regarding the publication. I can only caution all of you readers to be discerning in each thing you take within--just because it is “printed” and “published” does not mean a thing is truth nor full-truth. I ask that you read all of our publications with the same discernment--in light of Constitutionality and Truth. God‟s TRUTH will stand into infinity and if there be a lie--it will bear a sign. -- PJ 39 -- pag. 13 ---- KATYN MASSACRE At first reading you may not see any connection with the above printing. Do not hasten to separate these incidences of the massacres and the holocaust as presented or “not” presented to the public. The Khazarian Zionists were completely entangled in the Soviet massacres--having been the leading faction involved-- by whatever label you wish to identify them. What am I talking about? Murder! Of some 14,920 Polish prisoners of war, the great majority of them officers, captured by the Soviets after the USSR invaded Poland in September of 1939, and held in three camps--Starbielsk, Kozicisk and Ostashkov--ONLY 448 WERE EVER AGAIN SEEN ALIVE. The bodies of 4, 143 (a total later found to be 4,253) were found buried at Katyn on the Russia-Byelorussia border. All of the victims were former inmates of the Koxzielsk camp. Note that spellings of various place names in the USSR varies in translation from the Russian; for instance Gnezdovo/Gniezdovo. Bear with us as we speak of these places and incidents which were kept from you for these long decades. You must be coming into understanding of the massive worldwide cover-ups put upon the world citizenry. You cannot stand against an enemy until you KNOW YOUR ENEMY. I shall again simply ask Dharma to reprint a review of a book by one, Allen Paul. It is available from Liberty Library, $26.95 postpaid, 300 Independence Ave. SE, Washington, D.C. 20003. I do caution--AGAIN--that you read with discernment for the white-wash will flow like syrup over the Zionist involvement. I only wish that you would attend the size of the cover-up of such massive murder. Note, also, that Liberty Library selects only books which tell half-truths regarding the Israeli involvements-- before or after stealing the land from Palestine for “Israel”. You are going to find that the segment of Soviet (Khazarian) Zionists are behind almost every known heinous and massive massacre and terrorist thrust. QUOTE: In early 1940, after the near-simultaneous assault upon Poland by the Soviets and the Germans, all but a few hundred of the 15,000 Polish officers taken prisoner by the USSR, the cream of Poland‟s intelligentsia, disappeared. When, two years later, after the Soviets and the Germans had begun warring on each other, and the Smolensk region (which had been under Soviet occupation) was overrun by the German troops, the bodies of approximately 4,300 of these officers were found buried in Katyn Forest, just west of Gnezdovo, which in turn is just west of Smolensk. This forest is approximately 7 or 8 miles west of Smolensk. Look for Katyn in your atlas if you like, but most maps of this area are very inaccurate. (For example, the National Geographic atlas shows Smolensk, as all maps do, but not Gnezdovo or Katyn.) The precise murder site within the forest was a spot called Goat‟s Hill (Kosy Gory or Kosygori), where the Soviet secret police, then designated as the NKVD, had a dacha. The bodies were buried in eight mass graves. -- PJ 39 -- pag. 39 Of the 4,143 bodies originally exhumed by the Germans, 2,914 were identified as to name. All the others were identifiable by rank. The bodies included three generals (Bronislaw Bobatyrewicz or Bohaterewicz, H. Minkiewicz, Mieczyslaw Smorawinski) and one rear admiral (K. Czernicki). There were also approximately 100 colonels and lieutenant colonels, 300 majors. 1,000 captains, 2,500 lieutenants and more than 500 cadet officers. Without exception, all the victims whose bodies were found in the Katyn graves had been shot in the back of the head. About 5 percent of the victims were found with their hands tied behind their backs with rope. The rope, precut to even lengths, was of Soviet manufacture, according to the findings of an international medical commission which investigated the scene of this war crime of the century in 1943. [H: Your own U.S. troops just surpassed this “crime of the century” by burying alive over 12,000 Iraqi troops in trenches in your so-called Desert Storm protecting “human rights”.] In addition, a few soldiers‟ jaws were smashed by blows or the soldiers had received bayonet wounds in the back and/or stomach. A number of “other Katyns” have turned up, but the original Katyn remains the most notorious and symbolic of these NKVD mass murder sites. WHODUNNIT? When the bodies were first unearthed, the Katyn Forest case was the greatest whodunnit in history. The Soviet response to the German exposure of the NKVD‟s mass murder was to claim the Germans had done it, in 1941. For decades, the U.S. State Department went along with the Soviet lie. [H: Still believe there is NO POSSIBILITY there is error in the so-called Holocaust?] Winston Churchill said of Katyn, “The issue should be avoided.” A former Democratic governor of Pennsylvania, George H. Earle, while serving as President Franklin Roosevelt‟s special emissary in Turkey, came into possession of documents proving Soviet guilt in the gruesome mass murder. Earle informed Roosevelt of what he had found and was promptly separated from his job and exiled to a Navy post in faraway Samoa. When he asked permission to publish the documents, FDR refused because it would be “a great betrayal of an ally”. Earle remained in Samoa until Roosevelt died. Afterward he was recalled to Washington, where the Navy‟s chief of personnel apologized for his transfer and assured him the decision to send him to Samoa was not the Navy‟s. ASPECTS OF MASSACRE Katyn: The Untold Story by Allen Paul is an Establishment book. There are certain aspects of the massacre the author cannot or will not probe. He will not tell you, in particular, of the ethnic identities of the suspected murderers. (Paul only names two or three of the culprits, although much longer lists, though still incomplete, are available.) Readers seeking evidence this was a crime of -- PJ 39 -- pag. 40 racial hate against non-Jews will not find it here. Nor does Paul go into the motive, other than to say it mystifies him. [H: See what I mean?!] And, to maintain the author‟s standing in the Establishment, he makes the obligatory courtesies to the holocaust, so-called. In defense of Paul‟s treatment of the subject, it should be noted he focuses on the victims rather than the killers. NO GRISLY PHOTOGRAPHS Unlike the previous book of the same name (Katyn), up to now out of print, by revisionist scholar Louis FitzGibbon, this work lacks photos but does have an index. For those with sensitive stomachs, the omission of grisly photos is a plus--but protects the guilty. Don‟t be surprised if you find it impossible to set down Paul‟s book after starting to read it. It is grippingly written, and reads like a novel. Paul traces the personal experiences of the Czarneks, the Hoffmans and the Pawulskis--three families who lost loved ones at Katyn and endured Soviet occupation. He brings history to life in forceful and poignant detail. For those who can read between the lines, an unsung hero of the tome is Roman Dmowski, leader of the national Democratic party, who advocated a “Poland for the Polish people”. Naturally he receives only a few lines of mention, but that is better than you are likely to find in an Establishment encyclopedia where this patriot is relegated to the memory hole. Dmowski‟s ideas have yet to be implemented. Works on Katyn are particularly timely now, since the USSR has finally admitted its guilt in the mass murder only recently. However, the question remains: Will these genocide perpetrators, these war criminals (those of them who are still alive) be brought to justice? Will the U.S. Office of Special Investigations participate in a global dragnet to catch the culprits? And if not, why not? END OF QUOTING. ------------------------------------- "This 4' 58" Vimeo video from Paul V. Sheridan gives you a glimpse of the truth about National socialist Germany and the Jew controlled Bolshevik Soviet Union during WWII. Well worth a look."  Link: http://vimeo.com/84428294  -------------------------------------- I think you should study the above most carefully. I did not write the review and in this time of “Establishment” blast of lies, I would hope you can read the intent. Of course there will be no investigation by Special Forces for the Special groups are controlled wholly by the Zionists, as is your Congress. Worse, the intent is to place the blame on the Russians (as opposed to Khazarian Soviets) as would be obvious to any historian of the area involved. I am sorry, precious friends, for these disclosures of insane proportions--but you must come into knowledge or you will fall as surely as night follows day. You cannot fix a thing until you find wherein it is broken. So be it. Enough for this segment. Thank you. Hatonn to clear. -- PJ 39 -- pag. 41 --- It is time you separate this beast which LIES from the covenant bearers of God. Zionism is the beast dragon of the anti-Christ which is devouring your world. The only way to totally destroy him is to use his own ammunition. If YOU BE JEW how can you be ANTI-JEW? If you are a card-carrying member “Jew”, how can you be considered “false”. You do not need believe the Talmud or any other book--you can still denounce the “PROTOCOLS OF ZION” just as do the Zionists. You can actually be a BETTER CHRISTIAN, MOSLEM, ISLAMIC OR BUDDHIST if you also pronounce yourself a “Jew”. YOU MUST COME TO UNDERSTAND THAT “JEW” HAS NO MEANING WHATSOEVER--IT IS CREATED AS A CHARADE WORD TO MISLEAD AND DISTRACT A PLANET. WHO WILL TAKE A STAND WITH ME? I, HATONN? I, HATONN, AM NOW A JEW! WHAT MEANS THlS? THAT I PROCLAIM MYSELF SOLELY IN TILE SERVICE OF HOLY GOD AND ENJOY THE RIGHT TO CALL MYSELF THAT WHICH I PLEASE UNDER THE FIRST AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION LAID FORTH UNDER GOD. NOW, AS A JEW, UNDER CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH, I DECLARE THAT THE HOLOCAUST IS NOT AS THE “ZIONISTS” HAVE PROJECTED IT TO BE. WE JEWS, WILL NOW SPEAK OUT AND TELL IT LIKE IT IS. IN ADDITION, I AM GOING TO TELL YOU THAT NO OIL LASTED IN ANY LAMPS FOR SEVEN DAYS SO LET'S START CLEANING UP THE STORIES AS TOLD TO YOU THROUGH THE VOWS OF THE KOL NIDRE TO CONTROL YOU NICE “JEWS” WHO ARE NOW MY FELLOW-BROTHERS. UNDER THIS NEW SHELTER OF TERMINOLOGY--I AM ANYTHING I CHOOSE TO BE AND CAN BE SO UNDER THE CONSTITUTIONAL OBLIGATION OF THE LAW OF THAT CONSTITUTION TO PROTECT ME. WELL, WHERE DID THE IDEA OF AN EVERLASTING SUPPLY OF OIL IN THE SEVEN LAMPS COME FROM, THIS IDEA OF THE “MENORAH”, THIS SEVEN LAMP -- PJ 39 -- pag. 60 CANDLESTICK? It stems from an ancient Greek dialect of language pertaining to an advanced Bronze Age civilization (Minoan) and the design of the “candle-holder‟ comes from a plant which shoots up nine flower stems equal in growth from opposite sides of a stem--which grew in the lands called “Holy”. This particular plant inflorescence (A flowering: flourishing --the mode of arrangement of flowers in relation to the stem or axis) which sample racemose is that of a Corymb. I also wish to point out that “Christ‟s Birthday” was NOT IN DECEMBER, MOST ESPECIALLY THE 25TH OF--. ISAAC NEWTON WAS, HOWEVER, BORN ON THE 25TH OF DEC. AND A WORTHY EVENT TO NOTE. -- PJ 39 -- pag. 61 NEXT PAGE