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WW II - THE HOLOCAUST, part 14 "FACTS" ARE LIES With this admission by none other than the responsible head of the Auschwitz State Museum, one of the most sacred “facts” of history has been destroyed. It is the major historical “fact” on which the foreign and domestic policies of all of the Western nations since World War II are based. It is the basis for the $100 billion in foreign aid the United States has poured into the state of Israel since its inception in 1948-- amounting to $16,500 for every man, woman and child in the Jewish state and billions more paid by (West) Germany in “reparations”--not to mention the constructing of Israel‟s national telephone, electrical and rail systems, gifts of the German people. It is the basis for the $10 billion “loan” (read “gift”) made to Israel for housing immigrants in occupied territories, while Americans sleep on streets and businesses are bankrupted by the thousands. Germany is paying “reparations”--and the United States is making major contributions--to atone for the “gassings at Auschwitz” and elsewhere. If the “homicidal gas chambers” were postwar creations, in which no one was gassed regardless of race, creed, color or country of national origin, then these “reparations” were unnecessary, and were based on fraud. The videotape on which Piper makes his revelations was taken in mid-1992 by a young Jewish investigator, David Cole. It has just been released, on January 1, 1993, although Cole announced his project at the 11th International Revisionist Conference at Irvine, California last October. Cole‟s production follows 12 years of intensive investigation by dozens of historians, journalists and scientists who have tried to get to the bottom of what really happened at Auschwitz. In 1979, the Institute for Historical Review (IHR) was founded which coordinated these investigations in an effort to “bring history into accord with the facts.” [H: Be sure, readers, that certainly there is great DENIAL and denouncements and cries of anti-Semitism and on and on-- just as with the Zionist Protocols which are also claimed to be false but are the very PLAN ITSELF!] ***************************** (CL) THE PROTOCOLS of The LEARNED ELDERS of ZION, Pdf. http://abundanthope.net/pages/Books_...Zion-Pdf.shtml ***************************** Since then the IHR has published dozens of papers and books, none of which has ever been refuted, concerning various aspects of the “holocaust”. A major aspect that has been investigated concerns the gas chamber theory, and the biggest and the busiest gas chamber was supposedly at Auschwitz. The activities of the IHR have been so controversial that on the night of July 4, 1984, after two years of harassment and vandalism, it was burnt to the ground by Israeli agents. Miraculously it was able to continue operations after some months of inactivity. INSTRUCTED FROM YOUTH -- PJ 62 -- page. 22 Like most Americans, since his youth, Cole had been instructed in the “irrefutable fact” that homicidal gassings had taken place at Auschwitz. The number of those so executed--also declared irrefutable--was 4.1 million. Then came the Leuchter Report in 1988. This was followed by a “reevaluation” of the total deaths at Auschwitz (down to 1.1 million). As a budding historian--and a Jew--Cole was intrigued. Previous to 1992, anyone who publicly doubted the 4.1 million “gassing” deaths at Auschwitz was labeled an anti-Semite, neo-nazi skinhead (at the very least). Quietly, because of revisionist findings, the official figure was lowered to 1.1 million. No mention of that missing 3 million. In 1988, Ernst Zundel was put on trial in Canada for “publishing false news”. He wrote a book which questioned the legitimacy of the Auschwitz gas chamber. Helping with the defense were internationally known historians including Robert Faurisson, David Irving and Mark Weber. Zundel went looking for an expert on executions, particularly gassings. He found Leuchter, who specializes in the design and fabrication of execution hardware used in prisons throughout the United States. Leuchter was commissioned to visit Poland and conduct a scientific examination of the so-called homicidal gas chambers. On February 25, 1988, Leuchter left for Poland together with his wife Carolyn, his draftsman Howard Miller, cinematographer Jurgen Neumann and Polish interpreter Theodor Rudolph. They returned on March 3. Then he wrote his controversial report. NO GAS CHAMBERS His conclusions were clear: The evidence was overwhelming that there were no execution gas chambers at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek and that the alleged gas chambers at these sites could not have been, then or now, utilized or seriously considered to function as execution gas chambers. In the words of Dr. Wilhelm Staglich, another internationally known historian, “the extermination thesis stands or falls with the allegation that Auschwitz was a „death factory‟.” Leuchter says: “The purpose [of the investigation and subsequent report] does not include a determination of any numbers of persons who died or were killed by means other than gassing or as to whether an actual Holocaust occurred. It, further, is not the intent of this author to redefine Holocaust in historical terms, but simply to supply scientific evidence and information obtained at the actual sites and to render an opinion based on all available scientific, engineering and quantitative data as to the purpose and usages of the alleged execution gas chambers and crematory facilities at the investigated locations.” With this in mind, Cole took his video equipment to Auschwitz and interviewed official personnel there. Piper was the most important of these interviewees. Following his comment that the “homicidal gas chambers” were fabrications, Piper reveals, on camera, how walls were knocked -- PJ 62 -- page. 23 down, holes made in the ceiling and “Zyklon B induction chimneys” installed on the roof so that the building could be exhibited to tourists from all over the world as a proof of the “final solution”. And Piper doesn‟t stop there. He describes other “proofs” of the “final solution”, which are also “reconstructions”. He discusses the routine use of Zyklon B to delouse buildings and the personal effects of the internees, and he admits, on camera, that the Leuchter Report‟s findings concerning Zyklon B residues in the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz are right. PARADOXICAL BELIEFS He then, paradoxically, affirms his belief, not only in homicidal “gassing chambers”, but also in the “human soap” tales and the stories about “human skin” lampshades, both of which allegations long ago have been totally debunked. And the revelations go on. In the video, you tour Auschwitz with Cole and hear him being told that the main camp “gas chamber” (Krema I) is in its “original state”. You will see the undaunted Cole ask so many questions about the obviously ridiculous nature of this “gas chamber” that the guide feels it necessary to call her supervisor over to answer the young historian. Cole says: When I went to Europe in the autumn of 1992 to conduct my own investigation of the sites of the alleged “gassings” of Jews during World War II, two ideas were paramount in my mind. The first was that the trip be recorded on videotape so that, rather than bringing back a bunch of colorful anecdotes to bore my friends, I would bring back an objective record of what I found. What I expected to be a great learning experience for me could be one for others too. My discoveries could become your discoveries. Hopefully, I would ask the questions that you would ask if you were to make the journey yourself. The second idea was that I would go as a Jew. No two peoples have been affected more by the Holocaust story than the Germans and the Jews. We know how difficult it has been for Germans themselves to expose the deceptions of the Holocaust Lobby. Germans are forbidden by law, in their own country, to state publicly that they do not believe in the orthodox gas chamber stories; forbidden from discussing their own history. Jewish organizations have decided that they must have a monopoly on the Holocaust issue. I reasoned that if I went to Auschwitz as a Jew rather than as a “revisionist”, that I would have a better chance to cut through the misinformation and lies that so distort what really happened in the German camps during the war. Perhaps, I thought, if I were to approach the Auschwitz officials as a Jew, my pointed questions, tactfully put, would be interpreted not as the debunking questions of a revisionist, but rather the sincere questions of a righteous Jew wanting to get the real facts to answer those back home who say there were no gas chambers. (I remember at one point standing in Krema and telling the supervisor of guides at Auschwitz that “You must tell me the whole truth so that when I get back home I can speak with authority against those who say „all this‟ never happened.”) So, donning my yarmulke, and not letting anybody in Poland know where my sympathies were, I began my journey. -- PJ 62 -- page. 24 The Cole videotape proves that the people who run the Auschwitz State Museum had made a practice of fabricating “proofs” of homicidal gassings. Keep in mind that, over the years, millions of tourists have been told that Krema I is in its original state, while the officials knew that this “original state” is a lie. The political, religious, financial and historical ramifications of this proof of no gas chambers at Auschwitz cannot be measured. Coupled with the Leuchter Report, the Cole videotape proves that what every Western government has taught since World War II is a lie. It proves that what televangelists such as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson have been telling their flocks is simply not true. No one, regardless of race, creed, color or country of national origin, was gassed to death in any building so designated at Auschwitz. And without “homicidal gas chambers” at Auschwitz, where is the reasoning for the special treatment afforded the secular state of Israel? !!!!!!!!!! END OF QUOTING So, readers, do you think this will make headlines on Larry King Live? How about CNN? Do you think the Jewish controlled Israel First media will headline the truth?? Oh, well, do you think the Administration who has given Israel BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of dollars will admit that there is error? Come, come--how many years did it take for the Catholic Church to recognize the TRUTH OF GALILEO (within the last couple of months!!) So, what will YOU do with TRUTH? I wonder?! David Cole‟s video is on VHS for $49; available from Liberty Library, 300 Independence Ave. SE, Washington, D.C. 20003. The Leuchter Report, $20, from IHR, P.O. Box 2739, Newport Beach, CA 92659. And, no, these ones here do not have a copy of either! -- PJ 62 -- page. 30 --- HOLOCAUST What about that “old Holocaust” that won't die and go away? Every time we write on the subject we are flooded with threats against lives, denouncements, outright attacks and so on. Yet, none of the numbers add up, none of the stories are backed by anything other than shouts of Anti-Semitism, bigots and “down with Christianity” and equal rights for Atheists. So again, in defence of my scribe and staff, comes more information for thoughtful insight. We have published these things prior to this--but we have new Readers with “inquiring minds” and we shall offer again the thought-provoking questions regarding the “Holocaust” as presented to you-the- world. 66 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ON THE HOLOCAUST 1. What proof exists that the Nazis practiced genocide or deliberately killed six million Jews? NONE. The only evidence is the testimony of individual “Survivors”. This testimony is contradictory, and no “survivor” claims to have actually witnessed any gassing. There is no hard evidence whatsoever: no mounds of ashes, no crematoria capable of doing the job, no piles of clothes, no human soap, no lamp shades made of human skin, no records, no demographic statistics. 2. What proof exists that six million Jews were not killed by the Nazis? Extensive evidence, including that of a forensic, demographic, analytical and comparative nature, exists proving the impossibility of such a figure, an exaggeration of, perhaps, 1000 %. 3. Did Simon Weisenthal once state in writing that “there were no extermination camps on German soil”? Yes. In Books and Bookmen, April, 1975 issue. He claims the “gassings” of Jews took place in Poland. 4. If Dachau was in Germany and even Simon Weisenthal says that it was not an extermination camp, why do thousands of veterans in America say that it was an extermination camp? Because after the Allies captured Dachau, thousands of G.I.s were led through Dachau and shown buildings alleged to be gas chambers, and because the mass-media widely, but falsely, stated that Dachau was a “gassing” camp. 5. Auschwitz was in Poland, not Germany. Is there any proof that gas chambers for the purpose of killing human beings existed at or in Auschwitz? -- PJ 62 -- page. 88 No. A reward of $50,000 was offered for such proof, the money being held on trust by a bank, but no one came up with any credible evidence. Auschwitz, captured by the Soviets, was extensively modified after the war and mortuaries were reconstructed to look like large “gas chambers”. It is now a big tourist attraction for the communist Polish government. [YOU WILL PLEASE RERUN THE ARTICLE ON THE PROOF OF THE LIE OF AUSCHWITZ--AGAIN--IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THIS LISTING OF QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. MAN IS GOING TO HAVE TO “FACE” TRUTH WHETHER OR NOT HE LIKES OF IT IF HE IS TO SURVIVE ON THIS PLANET.] 6. If Auschwitz wasn‟t a “death camp”, what was its true purpose? It was a large-scale manufacturing complex. Synthetic rubber (Buna) was made there, and its inmates were used as a workforce. The Buna process was used in the U.S. during WWII. 7. Who set up the first concentration camps, and where and when? The first use of concentration camps in the western world was apparently in America during the Revolutionary War. The British interned thousands of Americans, many of whom died of disease and beatings. Andrew Jackson and his brother--who died--were two. Later the British set up concentration camps in South Africa to hold Dutch women and children during their conquest of that country (The Boer War). Tens of thousands died in these hell-holes, which were far worse than any German concentration camp of WW II. 8. How did German concentration camps differ from American relocation camps which interned Japanese and German- Americans during WW II? Except for the name, the only significant difference was that the Germans interned persons on a basis of being a real or suspected security threat to the German war effort whereas the Americans interned persons on the basis of race alone. 9. Why did the Germans intern Jews in concentration camps? Because the Germans considered Jews a direct threat to their national sovereignty and survival, and because Jews were overwhelmingly represented in communist subversion. However, all suspected security risks--not only Jews--were in danger of internment. The “Jews” actually “declared war” against the Germans as well. 10. What extensive measure did world Jewry undertake against Germany as early as 1933? An international boycott of German goods. 11. Did the Jews of the world “declare war on Germany”? Yes. The world media carried the headlines, “Judea Declares War on Germany.” 12. Was this before or after the rumors of the “death camps” began? Nearly six years before. Judea declared war on Germany in 1933. -- PJ 62 -- page. 89 13. What nation is credited with being the first to practice mass civilian bombing? Great Britain--on 11 May 1940. 14. How many gas chambers to kill people were there at Auschwitz? NONE. 15. How many Jews were in the areas that came to be controlled by the Germans before the war? LESS THAN FOUR (4) MILLION! 16. If the Jews of Europe were not exterminated by the Nazis, what happened to them? After the war the Jews of Europe were still in Europe except for perhaps 300,000 of them who had died of all causes during the war, and those who had emigrated to Israel, the United States, Argentina, Canada, etc. Most Jews who left Europe did so after, not during, the war. They are ALL accounted for. 17. How many Jews fled to deep within the Soviet Union? Over two million. The Germans did not have access to this Jewish population. 18. How many Jews emigrated prior to the war, thus being outside of German reach? Over a million (not including those absorbed by the USSR). 19. If Auschwitz was not an extermination camp, why did the commandant, Rudolph Hoess, confess that it was? Time-honored methods were used to get him to tell his captors what they wanted to hear. 20. Is there any proof that torture was used by American, British and Soviet captors to force “confessions” of German officials after the war? There is extensive evidence of torture having been used both before and during the famous Nuremberg trials--and after, in the case of other war crimes trials. -- PJ 62 -- page. 90 NEXT PAGE