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WW II - THE HOLOCAUST, part 13 be discredited". Times Editor Neil said it would have been more convenient if an uncontroversial historian had offered the newspaper new extracts from the diaries, but Irving came up with "a world scoop" and he wasn't about to turn it down. Neil said Irving was one of the few people who could decipher Goebbels' spidery handwriting and shorthand. Irving said it had taken him two years to learn how to read it. Actress Miriam Karlin, a member of the Anti-Nazi League, who protested outside Irving's house on Saturday, said he was totally unsuitable for translating accurately because of his denial of the Holocaust as it happened, in which her mother's family died. [H: Does this make HER possibly a better translator?] Irving countered: "My opponents say, 'There you are, he's going to give it a right-wing slant'. But you can't do that because you'd leave yourself open to immediate detection". Neil said The Sunday Times has done extensive checks against already published sections of Goebbels' diaries and is convinced the new extracts are not fakes. In 1983, the newspaper bought purported Hitler diaries, which turned out to be forgeries. "It's not a mistake the paper could afford to make twice," Neil said. End of quoting. -- PJ 52 -- page. 96 ----------------------------- REVISIONISTS? Most of you will read the preceding heading and know of that to which it refers. I take exception to the term in general use other than as it confirms what I give to you regarding the "taking of words" and changing meanings to suit the need. The Zionists Ultimate World Order groups proclaim any and all who question the numbers, facts and possible distortions of truth in the World War II prison camps are labeled "revisionist". This cannot be correct because "Revision" means: to consider or look over something written to correct or improve. Revisionist therefore means one who does these things. Certainly it can only indicate that a "thing" as written is simply being looked into as to factual or incorrect information as possibility. Certainly "facts" should present truth in any such investigation so in any instance where researchers are looking into that which is presented as historical truth they are simply doing that which should be done for correct outlay of history. Next, let us again identify "holocaust": Thorough destruction especially by fire. Now, from this definition, how did the actions in, especially Soviet-run prison camps labeled "Hitler's death camps" become "THE HOLOCAUST"? Let us "reason" together. Firstly, the prison camps were not death camps--through fire. Nor did the intenders even come close to "thorough destruction" of anything--if indeed that was the intent. So you have ones writing history to suit a need or CAUSE. THAT is what I would loosely refer to as "revision". That would be a fabrication of truth to suit needs and would by its obvious intent represent revision of facts. Therefore, ones now looking into factual history and documentation of what did occur, CANNOT be revisionists but returners of truth into the equation after the "revisionists" rewrote the history to suit their desires and needs. THE HOLOCAUST was neither "THE" only one ever known to man even if it were correct in presentation but only dead bodies were burned--and they were not even burned in open fires. So you have a full facade of misstated information. Simply by this account you have neither "THE HOLOCAUST" as stated to have occurred nor do you now have "REVISIONISTS" efforting to find the original truth. Next, you have a Constitutional right to speak about these things regarding ANY subject AND YET, THE ZIONISTS HAVE INSULTED THE PEOPLE WHO SEEK TO FIND TRUTH AND CALL THEM PRACTITIONERS OF "HATE CRIMES", ANTI- SEMITES, REVISIONISTS AND MAKE LAWS AGAINST YOUR OWN CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS TO SILENCE YOU WHO WOULD QUESTION. I did not say "deny", I said "question". Along with this surge of constraint on historical research comes the abuse of such ones as John Demjanjuk who was accused of being "Ivan the Terrible" from a "death camp". This man was -- PJ 55 -- page. 85 denied his U.S. citizenship rights, shipped off to Israel and is innocent of all wrong doing, the victim of total lack of Constitutional protection from his own nation, the United States of America, sentenced to death by false and "no" documentation (now being accepted as incorrectly accused--by information presented by ones in the U.S. who have risked their own necks to keep defending this innocent man) in a Tel Aviv, Israel court of injustice. Then comes the thrust for "laws" pushed through by "voice vote" to label "questioning" of events as "hate crimes", a felony offense subject to imprisonment or even death if violence ensues from issues--with only "circumstantial" or false testimony as the only convicting elements. Please bear with me for this has EVERYTHING to do with the subject in point of THE ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER FROM The Jewish Utopia and PUBLIC LAW 104-14 WHICH PLACES AMERICA (THE U.S.) UNDER ENFORCEABLE LAW FOR ALL CITIZENS TO COME UNDER THE "LAWS" OF THE JEWISH TALMUD/TORAH. THIS TOTALLY DOES AWAY WITH THE PORTION OF YOUR CONSTITUTION WHICH SAYS "FREEDOM OF RELIGIOUS CHOICE" AND "THERE SHALL BE NO NATIONAL RELIGION". If you believe these are simply little "Jews" at work, then you had best open your eyes--for there are damned few "Jews" among them who would pull down your nation. Those "little Jews" are planned to be the first exterminated by the Zionist Elite. I believe an example is better than a thousand words so please just look at the following and see if you can see WHY historical events need such remarkable effort into the finding of Truth. If there is NOTHING TO HIDE then the only thing found will be that the ORTHODOX VERSION AS THE JEWS PRESENT IT--IS TRUE AS IT STANDS, and perhaps even WORSE. To cover research under threat of "laws levied against such research" is obvious in intent to HIDE THE TRUTH for THEY know that the story will NOT STAND as thrust upon the world. Some ones now feel enough pressure, as in the Southeast Asian POW situation, to call a gathering to look into the matter. I use an article chosen, actually, at random (for there are so many) from SPOTLIGHT, Sept. 21, 1992 as example of both misuse of terms and which represents an announcement of such a meeting--to which all of you should attend. QUOTE: Revisionists Set 11th Conference. The following is a press release issued by the Institute for Historical Review, detailing the upcoming Eleventh Revisionist Conference. [H: By the way, a prior conference was interrupted by a bomb set by the ADL and so, too, was the building belonging to the Institute for Historical Review set to "holocaust". In other words, "thoroughly destroyed by fire", claimed to have been done by the B'nai B'rith ADL. What would happen if it had been the Ku Klux Klan? The White Supremists? The Black Panthers? But, because it was done by a "Jewish" league it was "justified" as defense against hate-crimes being thrust against them for men were questioning the truth as presented by that group and the lies and liars protected by cover of LAW.] A stellar line-up of historians and activists from near and far promises to make the Institute for Historical Review's (IHR) forthcoming Eleventh Revisionist Conference one of the most memorable revisionist conferences ever. -- PJ 55 -- page. 86 On the weekend of October 10-12 in Southern California, IHR friends and supporters will see, hear, and meet with the most prominent figures in the international revisionist movement, which disputes the generally accepted "holocaust" extermination story and focuses attention on other suppressed aspects of 20th century history. MAKING HISTORY Founded in 1978, the IHR is a serious, non-partisan, educational enterprise that continues the tradition of revisionism pioneered by distinguished historians such as Harry Elmer Barnes, A.J.P. Taylor, Charles Tansill and William H. Chamberlain. The purpose of the IHR is, in the words of Barnes, to "bring history into accord with facts". The IHR promotes the cause of international peace by encouraging greater understanding of the root causes of war. It firmly supports the First Amendment right to free inquiry and free speech. MAIN SPEAKERS Dr. Robert Faurisson, who has survived murderous physical attacks as well as legal and economic assault, will report on the latest developments in revisionist scholarship. Prof. Arthur Butz of Northwestern University, whose path-breaking book HOAX OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY remains the standard revisionist text, will explain how the evidence looks today, 17 years after he finished the book. David Irving, the intrepid, world-renowned British historian, will give conference-goers an inside look into his work on the memoir of Adolf Eichmann. Fred Leuchter, the American gas chamber expert and execution engineer whose forensic tests at the camps at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek shattered the holocaust story, will return to tell the inside story of the international holocaust lobby's campaign of economic, professional and legal harassment to punish and silence him. Jerome Brentar has done more to unearth evidence and eyewitnesses to clear Ukrainian-American John Demjanjuk than anyone else outside of Demjanjuk's own family. Now that the case against Demjanjuk is falling apart, Brentar will update attendees on the behind-the-scenes fight to clear Demjanjuk and his prospects for injustice in Israel and a safe return to America. OTHER SPEAKERS Historian Mark Weber, editor of the Journal of Historical Review, will once again serve as master of ceremonies, keynoting the event with a look back at the recent accomplishments of the IHR and revisionism, and a look ahead at the bright prospects for the future. Dr. James J. Martin, historian, author and educator, will dedicate this conference to the memory of George Morgenstern, the longtime Chicago Tribune editor whose Pearl Harbor: The Story of the Secret War remains an unsurpassed study of Franklin Roosevelt's treacherous role in the December -- PJ 55 -- page. 87 7, 1941 "day of infamy" and America's entry into World War II. IHR editor Ted O'Keefe will speak on the second Mel Mermelstein trial, focusing on the vital evidence that knocked the props from under Mermelstein's $11 million suit for libel, malicious prosecution, conspiracy and intentional infliction of emotional distress against the institute. [H: Not to be outdone, think about the fact that there is over $215 million set aside by the University of Science and Philosophy with a member of the Board of "300" on their Board, to bury the PLEIADES CONNECTION series and the outlay of Light and God. Everything about the "case" is being handled by Zionist lawyers and judges. Where there is this much "fire" chelas, there must be a holocaust brewing--against the WORD of Truth so that it never reaches you-the- sheeple.] IHR Media Project Director Bradley Smith, who is also head of the independent Committee on Open Debate on the Holocaust, will speak about his headline-making Campus Project, which has published full-page ads challenging aspects of the holocaust story. He will describe the controversy that erupted at the universities where the ad appeared. This conference's mystery speaker has been for many years a tireless crusader for justice and historical truth. On the basis of his own intimate relationship to the case, he will tell the captivating story of one of the great enigmas of World War II. END OF QUOTING * * *-- PJ 55 -- page. 105 [H: No, I am NOT that "mystery guest". I bring truth to awaken you to your need for correct information--I do not have political interests except as to bring God's people home and that requires that you of the people get the truth in information. I am accused of denouncing the holocaust (by UFOs Don Ecker, as example) and claiming that it did not happen. No, this is typical black information and disinformation in full blown force with intent to destroy. I have repeatedly said that there were great horrors done unto ones in that war and in those camps. No worse, however, than was done in the camps AFTER the war unto civilians at the hands of your own military machine. Moreover, I have objected to the lies because they, in themselves, lessen the respect and reverence unto the ones who WERE victims in death and torture in those terrible places. If it be ONE, it be too many! Six billion is no more than the ONE in intent for the ONE it is 100%. Can you see? Moreover, one child or kitten down a well-core is more heart-rending than 6 million down a well-core for the mind cannot comprehend the numbers and the heart is hardened by the assault (which is the exact intent against you). There simply were not 6 million Jews available to have been slain and, after all, there are more "Jews" receiving money annually from Germany in retribution than were listed as being in the camps--now, people, that means someone has made errors--intentionally or unintentionally. As a matter of fact, this past year the number of 6 million was increased by 500,000 (half a million). Since you don't hear much about the "new" counting number then it must have been "better thought of not to overload the mentality of those about to wake up and smell the stench of the dead fish broiling in the sun. Indeed this has EVERYTHING to do with the subject in point and that to which we will again now turn. Continuation of THE ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER as Pictured in"The Jewish Utopia" -- PJ 55 -- page. 88 ----------------------------- PERSONAL . . . FROM THE EDITOR (Spotlight, Jan. 11, 1993) QUOTING: For years, we have been accused of not believing in the “holocaust”, which has become the equivalent of a state religion in American society and in most countries in the West. You can question everything else--in fact, you are encouraged to when it comes to morality or Christianity or patriotism--and courageous defenders of “free speech” will line up behind your right to peddle pornography, defame Christians or burn the flag. But if you question the validity of the accepted version of history concerning the alleged murder of 6 million people in Germany in World War II, you will be cast out of society, those “free speech” defenders will line up to shut you up or destroy you, and in many countries you can be slapped in jail. But now things are different. In this issue we report on the admission by Dr. Franciszek Piper, senior curator and director of archives at the Auschwitz State Museum, that the gas chambers displayed to visitors and in which it is claimed that 4.1 million people perished are fakes, built AFTER THE WAR. Even those associated with the museum at Auschwitz no longer claim the 4.1 million figure; they revised it downward to 1.1 million....but even that figure is wrong.... END OF QUOTING * * * I am going to publish this because my scribe has been tormented, terrorized, ridiculed and attacked by the ADL, labeled a heretic, anti-Semite and even had our writings entered AGAINST her as “preposterous and lies” in a court case--regarding residency rights to her home. WE HAVE NEVER SAID THERE WAS NO HOLOCAUST--WE HAVE SAID OVER AND OVER AGAIN THAT THE RECOGNIZED “JEWS” OF TODAY ARE ACTUALLY ZIONIST KHAZARIANS AND THAT THE HOLOCAUST “DID NOT HAPPEN AS THE ORTHODOX STORY IS PRESENTED AND THAT THERE WERE NOT EVEN 6 MILLION JEWS PRESENT IN THE AREA AT THE TIME!” I write this in “her” honor for the assaults are painful and have been unceasingly battering but I want her to always remember that in our work--AS WITH ALL THINGS--TRUTH WILL OUT! It -- PJ 62 -- page. 20 often takes long--even unto the ending of a planet‟s cycles for all Truth to come forth--but God sees to the evolvement of Truth before all is lost to darkness. I ask that ALL note this statement: Judge Jason Brent (who summarily ruled against Ekkers in a court of law) called them flakes, deadbeats, and other names (in front of many witness in the courtroom--but then “lost” the tapes bearing the statements) also held a news conference and in the Bakersfield paper called the writings preposterous, neo-nazi in content among other accusations. This was published in a major newspaper. JUST HOW CAN A PERSON FIND JUSTICE IN A COURT JUDICIAL SYSTEM THAT PRONOUNCES EXECUTION BASED ON SUCH BIGOTRY? THIS SAME PAPERWORK AND BACK-CHAMBERS COLLUSION HAS FOLLOWED EVERY STEP OF THIS CASE THROUGH ALL THE COURTS AND THESE PEOPLE HAVE LIVED IN PURE “HELL” FOR NEARLY FIVE YEARS! I OWE DHARMA THIS DEDICATION BECAUSE WORKING FOR ME HAS NOT BEEN AN EASY FUN-AND-GAMES TASK. THANK YOU, FRIEND, FOR NOT TURNING AWAY FROM ME THOUGH THE VALLEY OF SHADOWS WAS WIDE AND DEEP. SALU You will note that basically the “Soviets” perpetuated the “story” of Auschwitz--interestingly enough. Could it be now the “payoff” to “get the Jews” after sucking them into the trap? The Soviets despise the Bolshevik Zionists and it is “they” and not the “Judaists” that are the point of this revelation to humanity. It is the Soviet Khazarian “Communists” (Socialists) who also are in control of America--so it is a good opportunity for a few of you sleeping Americans and World to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE AND TOAST! YOU HAVE BEEN “HAD”!--AGAIN! QUOTING: MAJOR HISTORICAL FACT UNCOVERED SHOCKING AUSCHWITZ TESTIMONY What was the most important historical event of 1992? Don‟t answer until you‟ve read this story. (Exclusive to the Spotlight, by P. Samuel Foner) The director of Auschwitz has been filmed on videotape admitting that the so-called gas chamber there was constructed after the war. In the dramatic and unprecedented filmed interview, Dr. Franciszek Piper, senior curator and director of archives at the Auschwitz State Museum, admits on camera that “Krema I”, the alleged “homicidal gas chamber” shown off to hundreds of thousands of tourists every year at the Auschwitz main camp, is, in fact, a reconstruction, fabricated after the war by the Soviet Union--apparently on the direct orders of dictator Josef Stalin. What Piper said, in effect--and on camera--was that the explosive Leuchter Report was correct: No homicidal gassings took place in the building designated “homicidal gas chambers” at Auschwitz. -- PJ 62 -- page. 21 ************************* The Leuchter Report 1, Pdf. Direct download Pdf:http://abundanthope.net/artman2/uplo...r-report_1.pdf The Leuchter report, Critical Edition. Direct download Pdf:http://abundanthope.net/artman2/uplo...ter_report.pdf ************************* Ironically, for someone to even suggest such a thing could bring a jail sentence in more than one country--including enlightened nations like France, Canada and Germany. (Just ask Ernst Zundel. But more about him later.) NEXT PAGE