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WW II - THE HOLOCAUST, part 12 blatantly refuse to allow truth because facts present truth and numbers don't lie--then you must make laws which disallow the matter to be refuted in any manner. So, let us look at what happened immediately after presenting in the Times that "Holocaust historians have long considerd the photograph a sort of sacred document." Dr. Lucjan Dobroszycki, a historian with the prestigious Yivo Institute of European Jewish history in New York, declared that "This great photograph of the most dramatic event of the holocaust requires a greater level of responsibility from historians than almost any other. It is too holy to let people do with it what they want." Like perhaps, tell the truth? In other words, historical facts must not be allowed to diminish the picture's emotional impact and political usefulness in the name of truth. Poor Dr. Nussbaum was simply not prepared for the almost hostile skepticism. "I never realized that everyone puts the entire weight of 6 million Jews on this photograph," he said. "To me it looked like an incident in which I was involved, and that was it." WELL REMEMBERS EVENT Dr. Nussbaum can recall the incident shown in the famous picture very well. In response to persistent rumors that the German authorities planned to exchange Jews for German citizens abroad, Nussbaum and some other Warsaw Jews emerged from hiding and gave themselves up in 1943. Their names were put on a so-called "Palestine List", and the group was sent to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany. The photo was taken when the group departed from Warsaw. I remember there was a soldier in front of me, and he ordered me to raise my hands," Nussbaum recalls. After his uncle intervened, the seven-year-old boy was allowed to join the rest of his family. The young Nussbaum was liberated from Bergen-Belsen in 1945 by American soldiers. He spent the next eight years in Israel, but moved to New York in 1953, where he became a doctor. Without a shred of evidence, countless millions have been told that the Jewish boy in the famous photograph was murdered by the Germans. That claim has now been exposed as nothing but malicious slander. And the reaction of Jewish historians to Dr. Nussbaum's revelation once again underscores the self-serving, subjective and emotional nature of what passes for "holocaust history". Worse, ones who simply question the possibilities of things not being exactly as presented are met with such hate accusations as to be bewildering and international laws are set forth to prevent even speaking on the subject-- WHAT IS BEING HIDDEN FROM YOU? HAVE YOU NOT HAD ENOUGH OF THE LIES? ARE YOU NOT READY TO REGAIN TRUTH AND FREEDOM? SALU. -- PJ 49 -- page. 104 ----------------------------- 'NO HOLOCAUST' [H: Me thinks this man has a hang-up of some sort for out of some sixty he can't seem to get -- PJ 51 -- page. 130 rid of a nagging urge to beat this to death--something like does the ADL (branch of British Intelligence), WZO, WJC, and "hate crime" squealers. Do not you readers find this interesting? A "UFO" journal and no mention or curiosity is even SHOWN about possible UFO knowledge or possibilities of gleaning some information regarding the cosmos--JUST DEAL WITH GARBAGE, LIES AND DISINFORMATION AS NEARLY AS I CAN DISCERN. If YOU were given possible chance of information from a Space-command officer and a "Host" of Holy God who knows enough to see to it that the very workings of God and Universe is put to JOURNAL--would you ask about the numbers in Germany in the 1940's? Would you not think it wise to choose something which would actually be of interest to the masses and possibly give you insight to what confronts you as a species and civilization? So be it.] There were no death camps in Germany or Poland, according to the Phoenix material. [H: Mr. Ecker: you are full of it, as you later say about "me". There were camps in which death was incredibly massive so I suggest you GO READ THE MATERIAL AS WRITTEN AND POSSIBLY EVEN WRITE WITHOUT SELECTED TAKE- OUTS, THE WHOLE LOT OF MATERIAL--I HEREIN GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO REPRINT EVERY WORD I HAVE WRITTEN AND MY "BROTHERS" AS WELL! IN FACT, IF I HAD THE TIME I WOULD INSIST THAT YOU DO SO--IN YOUR SO-CALLED RESEARCH JOURNAL!] "There were not even six million Jews in all of Europe prior to the start of the war," Green stated. According to him and Hatonn, the copious number of photographs that showed the world the horrors endured by victims incarcerated in the Nazi concentration camps were misinterpreted; the mountains of dead, starved bodies, the tattooed numbers on the arms of all inmates, even small children, were all a fabrication. [H: Mr. Ecker--it is hard to believe you could twist statements to THIS extent by utilizing the term ALL, etc. Do you not think that even a deceiver would be more cautious than to make such encompassing and stupid statements? It seems the term "all" in both instances is YOURS, not Mr. Green's.] In a casual tone of voice, Green told UFO that those corpses were actually dead Germans that Gen. Dwight David Eisenhower, World War II Supreme Allied Commander and future President of the United States, had once interned in the former Nazi "work camps". Then, Green Said, Eisenhower allowed them to starve to death. [H: Gads, Mr. Ecker, where have YOU BEEN? Have you been so narrow in your research as to not READ what is available?? Try Spotlight, The New Federalist and dozens of other resources, AND how about the book called OTHER LOSSES by Bacque, which was "banned" in the U.S.? My, my, it would appear it is YOU who dwells in "outer space" and not Hatonn!] *************************************** (CL) The book "OTHER LOSSES" in PDF for free download: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Phoeni...Pdf-book.shtml  *************************************** Of course, Green added, this is not his own information, but facts from the almost-omniscient Commander Hatonn, who stays in orbit and beams down wisdom from the stars. [H: Nope--no information from the "stars"--although I can give you a lot of information ABOUT THOSE STARS! "Almost- omniscient"? Not too bad!] On page 162 of ZIONISM IS RACISM, Cmdr. Hatonn claims the Nazis decided "Since force could not be used (to get the Jews out of Germany) for fear of potential international repercussions, the way to break down their resistance was to instill a distinctive Jewish identity amongst them by systematically promoting Jewish schools, athletic teams, Hebrew, Jewish art and music, etc. Combined with Zionist occupational re-training centers, this would induce the recalcitrant Jews to abandon their homeland." [H: Commander Hatonn "claims" this? Go read again, Mr. Ecker--that was a direct "quote" from an "earth" document and Hatonn "claims" nothing of the -- PJ 51 -- page. 131 sort! This happened to be truth BUT NOW IS USED TOTALLY OUT OF CONTEXT IN THIS ARTICLE IN UFO as the entire article is relative to Unidentified flying Objects and possible Cosmic (space) information and/or focus. If you are trying to discredit me, Mr. Ecker--you are ONLY discrediting self! I am come as a Host of God--and I find you ALSO AVOID THAT SUBJECT LIKE IT WILL GIVE YOU A BAD CASE OF PLAGUE.] HITLER' S 'MEIN KAMPF ' We all know how very unconcerned the Nazi regime was about world opinion in 1936, when Hitler ordered German troops to re- occupy the Rhineland in violation of the Treaty at Versaille. Hitler had spelled out his plan years before in Mein Kampf, the book that became the Nazi bible. In Mein Kampf, Hitler stated for the record that he would "settle with the Jews". [H: Is that supposed to mean "slay them all"?--"gas them all?"--what mean you when you say, for instance, that you "...will settle with Mr. Cooper"--on the AIR yet?! Does that mean that you will murder him? How come you to this conclusion? Taken out of context as you have, perhaps it meant he was going to settle accounts and pay them all they were owed? How about--settling by giving them Germany or Palestine? How is it you come to this particular conclusion which "infers" annihilation? Perhaps that is what it meant--but more likely, as with your own statement regarding Mr. Cooper--you didn't like accounts in some fashion and "would settle...."? You even claimed Mr. Cooper had threatened to "kill" you! and you stated that on an open radio interview--what are you, Mr. Ecker? Perhaps you would like me to share more with our readers, and yours!] In America(n) [sic, sic] West's volume entitled SPACE GATE, THE VEIL REMOVED, it appears that Commander Hatonn is not above plagiarizing. Taking sections from some of the voluminous tracts of Milton William Cooper (Cooper at one point threatened that he was going to sue Green), Hatonn put in his own words that tired old canard: "YES, DEAR ONES, PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY WAS MURDERED BY THE SECRET SERVICE AGENT WHO DROVE HIS CAR IN THE MOTORCADE." (All capitalized) [H: (ALL CAPITALIZED): I JUST WROTE IT AGAIN! THE FATAL SHOTS WERE FIRED BY GREER FROM THE LIMO DRIVER'S SEAT AND BY HUNT FROM THE "GRASSY KNOLL". There were many involved and I have named almost all of them in one place or another. By the way, JUST WHAT IS IT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND, SIR? Funny thing about "plagiarizing"--TRUTH CANNOT BE PLAGIARIZED! Furthermore, I continually get correspondence urging me to look into the fact that "...Cooper is plagiarizing your work, Hatonn!" Can't have it BOTH WAYS, chelas! NOW, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT INCIDENT, I WONDER?? WHOSE SIDE MIGHT YOU BE ON, SIR? YOU SOUND PRETTY SELF-INCRIMINATING TO ME.] THE TRILLION DOLLAR LIE. THE HOLOCAUST, again supposedly the dictums of Commander Hatonn, delivers rhetoric that sounds terrifyingly close to fascist propaganda. In it, we get the text of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", which purport to be a blueprint for a "Zionist" or Jewish takeover. Redundant quotes include, "Anarchy is something that the Jew promotes relentlessly. While in complete control of the financial powers of the state, they promote internecine strife..." [H: What would you have me do, misquote a document utilized as an action blueprint for centuries?? I did not WRITE THE PROTOCOLS but you seem to present this as if somehow I DID! Nope, sorry--they came right along before and with the Communist Manifesto, Nazi Manifesto and now your New World Order--New World PLAN 2000.] Later, on page 153, -- PJ 51 -- page. 132 Hatonn says that after a state exhausts itself during war or civil war, "IT CAN THEN, IN ANY CASE, BE ACCOUNTED AS IRRETRIEVABLY LOST AND IN THE POWER OF THE JEWS." Yet, Hatonn bills himself as an extraterrestrial bringer of light, condescendingly referring to his readers as "misguided children". Could Hatonn be a mouthpiece for someone else? [H: Yes, I COULD be. But I am not. I do suggest however, that I would not deprive you of the privilege of holding that honor, Mr. Don Ecker!] Part Two of this article will examine more of the information offered by America West. Don Ecker will attempt a direct interview of Hatonn, as well as speak to several survivors of the "non-existent" Jewish Holocaust. * * *END OF QUOTING. Attempt an interview of Hatonn???? Attempt?? It seems any who have efforted to speak with Hatonn have received gracious time and service, although often I have been invited to attend your "interviews" and only have received threats, insults and stupidity in return for the reception. If this is your thrust and intent of dealing with such a subject in point--wherein you will "interview several survivors of the 'non-existent' Jewish Holocaust" I suggest you are really "reaching", Mr. Ecker! I have yet to witness A SINGLE "SURVIVOR" WHO SAW ANYTHING PRONOUNCED AS HAVING HAPPENED AS TO DEATH CAMPS! I DO NOTE, HOWEVER, THAT THOSE "SURVIVORS" ARE VERY WILLING TO EXECUTE INNOCENT PEOPLE SUCH AS DEMJANJUK FOR CRIMES "NOT" COMMITTED. I would appreciate you readers giving me even ONE good REASON why I should subject my people to this nerd? He wants to know my relationship with my people? How about his relationship with one Vickie Cooper of UFO? When we speak of Hatonn, it should be noted that ones need to begin to think in terms of God, God's COMMANDMENTS and Creation's Universal LAWS. YOU, Mr. Ecker, do NOT WANT AN INTERVIEW WITH ME--you want more games in order to discredit Truth and cover your own insecure and ridiculous assets. You seem to tell the audience WHO HATONN IS--when will you tell them WHO YOU ARE? Ones such as you, Mr. Ecker, have turned what could have been a worthy JOURNAL information into what is nothing more than a rag-sheet of drivel and misinformation of the highest form. The articles are without merit, basis or truth in almost all instances and you dishonor anyone who would give you truth through just such articles as the foregoing. I do not judge you--I simply "judge" your work and actions and I find them sorely wanting value or truth. Your thrust is obviously toward misinformation and Elite involvement to cover-up and disinformation--in order to further deceive readers seeking truth. Your world is coming apart and you would utilize trite misguidance and that would appear to me to be only a mammoth discredit to your own integrity. I would guess, herein, however, that Mr. William Cooper and I are in pretty much identical harmony concerning the type of writer as are you. I sanction neither of your behaviors--but I do suggest that, at least, in spite of flammable temper, problems of control through many means and misguided direction--HE AT LEAST TRIES TO -- PJ 51 -- page. 133 BRING TRUTH WHEREIN YOU DELIBERATELY BREAK IT DOWN INTO A RUBBISH HEAP OF YOUR OWN GARBAGE. Now, rightfully so--as you so often quoted above: this is "...in Hatonn's opinion". I would, however, measure my some sixty books against your representations of almost everything you "cover". So be it. Consider this to be "PART II" of your "series". I don't think you actually want a personal interview with me--unless you can change the content and, therefore, it seems most unwise of me to do that to my people already being quite aware of a "fixed" setting. In fact, you desire self-ego stroking with your clever articles and accusations of false thrust and worse perception--please feel free to print this as Part II. You have stirred up others on the "Get Green and Hatonn Trail" and it is going to be most costly and painful to them, also, and I think they will not thank you for your "service" unto them. When in a "nest of thieves" the "thief' cannot find the foolishness of his visible projection. I am pleased to see that you are reading some of our material, however, and hope that some of it rubs off on your intelligence seeking brain system. One more presentation of a "sighting" from the 40's or 50's is going to make me heave-up. Do you not think the world and space has perhaps changed since half a century? Who cares about 1950 when you face the New World Order TODAY? In fact, how can you remain chained to a 1940 scenario as above--when the REAL HOLOCAUST is descending upon you? Ah indeed, I have no need to interview one with such limited vision and narrow insight--I would consider it a disservice to the readers seeking Truth. If this be your leadership representatives, readers, I have only compassion, or perhaps simple "pity", for you of mankind. Blessings upon you of vision who can understand the circumstances confronting your species and globe. Blessings upon you who can see the dangers to your Constitution and your freedom--Pity upon you ones who dwell in the dark places and insist ALL OTHERS REMAIN IN THE DARK WITH YOU. Salu. -- PJ 51 -- page. 134 ----------------------------- GO READ YOUR LESSONS Instead of reading a "few" of the volumes and papers and then barraging me with questions--even about ones such as Billy Meier, etc. Why do you not avail yourselves of ALL the information and you will KNOW the answers? I have no interest in dawdling over one speaker or another--the world is made of over 6-1/2 BILLION people--each needing, needing, needing - - -. Does MY opinion of, say, the BOOK OF ENOCH or OAHSPE actually mean so much to you? If you have read my projections and used the never- changing guidelines--YOU WILL KNOW THE VALUE AND/OR THE ERRORS. The great Wisdom keepers are knowing that there are many ways to present "truth" and most often the best way to discern Truth is through the blackest lie. How can YOU gain in this wisdom if you attend the details of "man's" blatherings without giving guidelines to the reception and sorting into valid, possibly valid and erroneous or false? To get my opinion on those things is exactly that--my opinion. Some of you want my opinions so that you can confirm your own or, somehow prove ME WRONG. I am in no contest for anything and I am here to prove nothing- -I have a mission and I am doing it to the best of my capability (which is quite adequate). Truth is a strange commodity—it stands alone and seems always to be attacked in the most heinous manners when it would be obvious that were it NOT Truth--no one would pay a second glance at the circumstance. EXAMPLE? QUOTING: Wednesday, July 8, 1992, The Honolulu Advertiser: Historian says the Holocaust -- PJ 52 -- page. 95 never occurred, JEWS ACCUSE GOEBBELS' DIARY TRANSLATOR OF BEING BIASED. Associated Press: LONDON--Revisionist historian David Irving's key role in getting Joseph Goebbels' diaries published has sparked protest by Jews, and provoked debate over the accuracy of translations by a man who claims there was no Holocaust (as presented). The Sunday Times (London), which paid Irving for transcribing previously unpublished extracts from the diaries as well as a "finder's fee" for delivering them to the paper, has been attacked for dealing with the controversial historian. The state archives in Moscow, where the diaries were discovered, has also become embroiled in the controversy because of its dealings with Irving. The cash-strapped archives, which allowed him to work for free, now says it should be paid. Sunday Times Editor Andrew Neil said the controversy over Irving has obscured the potential impact of the previously unpublished segments of the diaries, which Oxford historian Norman Stone says fill "the largest outstanding gap in the documentation of the Third Reich". Since the rival Independent newspaper revealed details of the publishing deal last week, Irving's house has been picketed by Jewish Groups and the Anti-Nazi League [off-spring of British Intelligence]. The protesters say Irving's views make him unsuitable to translate the diaries of Hitler's propaganda chief. [H: What would make his "suitable"? Would changing the truth to lies make him more suitable, perhaps?] Irving said yesterday that windows have been smashed at British bookstores selling his works. He also said members of underground Jewish organizations, disguised as telephone engineers, raided his apartment and smashed down the door with a sledgehammer. Irving, who has written many books about World War II and is preparing a biography of Goebbels, denied accusations that he was an "apologist for Hitler". But he stood by his contention that there was no Holocaust as presented. In an article he wrote in Tuesday's Guardian, he predicted that "one year from now the Holocaust will -- PJ 52 -- page. 96 NEXT PAGE