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WW II - THE HOLOCAUST, part 11 High on the list of priorities of the Sephardics is the open and forced annexation of the West Bank. Sharon has endeared himself to their cause, and has suggested as a way to get rid of the Arabs, that the testicles of every male Arab on the West Bank be torn off. The fact that the West Bank is being slowly but surely annexed is not enough for the Sephardics, they want it done immediately and with force used to drive off the Arabs. [H: It gets very hard to discern as to who is behind what for you will find one group being prodded by the Elite and they fall into ranks and step with that which they do not even understand. You have "religious" fervor unlimited pushed by the pressure of the Elite evil controllers. In this way you end up with a people totally without "reason" or "compassion"--it becomes blind passion with any means being -- PJ 43 -- pag. 32 justified in the name of "religion" even if it be genocide against others of God's creations.] The Sephardic claim to the West Bank Arab land is being supported by over 40 million Christian Fundamentalist cultists led by Jerry Falwell; Billy Graham and a number of other preachers. Israel has been able to keep a chokehold on the USA with the help of this group, who support the holocaust story and the belief that the Jews are the people of the Old Testament, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Moses. Perpetuation of this misleading doctrine by Falwell and other "fundamentalists" is what keeps them on the TV screens of America and ensures the Israeli government of a large pressure group which will always support it, no matter how it acts, as we saw in the case of Lebanon. It is a pressure group which can be counted upon to tell any U.S. President not to stray too far off the pathway of support for Israel. Unfortunately for the Arabs, they have no such force in the U.S. which is available to them. [H: Do not "poo-poo" this information. I wrote in great detail about this movement and WHY Jerry Falwell headed the "Moral Majority" in Washington at the White House. You note he is no longer there since Bush (but that is another story and not necessary herein). Just note that Falwell made an announcement on TV to the entire world---"I am proud to say that I AM A ZIONIST!" Keep in mind--Zionism is actually a POLITICAL PARTY--not a religious order.] The most effective ambassador which Begin has in America, is Jerry Falwell, backed up by Copeland, Van Impe, Bakker, Robertson and the powerful Billy Graham. These are the "mullahs" of America with a following of 40 million fundamentalist cultists. They are being trained to lead America into a holy war, in an alliance between Zionist extremists and Christian extremist-cultists against Muslim fundamentalist cultists. The spark to ignite the conflagration is the conspiracy of the Dome of the Rock Mosque, hatched by the Temple Mount Foundation run by Terry Reisenhuver. Even the Kimche brothers of Israeli intelligence do not pose as much a threat to the Arab nations as does Reisenhuver's crazy scheme. [H: Please do not embarrass yourselves by claiming, "This is Christianity". There are NO actions involved herein that even remotely smack or smell of Christ-like behavior or a reflection of any one, much less all, of the commandments of God. Remember also, God supposedly gave THOSE VERY COMMANDMENTS UNTO MOSES! How is it that they no longer seem to have any merit or value to either the Hebrew Jewry or to the so-called Christians?? YOU HAVE BEEN HAD, WORLD!] -- PJ 43 -- pag. 33 --- If everyone wants to be completely "Hung-up" on such things as space-cadets and political party arguments--then I suggest ones don't truly desire ANSWERS to current, past or future inquiries. I can't communicate at all if you refuse to look at problems and are already predisposed to not believe anything anyway. I do suggest, however, and especially in Canada that you THINK MOST CAREFULLY--YOU HAVE ALREADY ALLOWED LAWS TO BE PASSED TO MAKE IT ILLEGAL FOR YOU TO SO MUCH AS QUESTION ANY PRESENTATION REGARDING THE HOLOCAUST OTHER THAN THAT WHICH ISRAEL PRESENTS TO YOU. THIS, OF COURSE, IS FROM AND THROUGH GREAT BRITAIN WHO PASSED THE LAW IN ENGLAND FIRST. WHY? WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? AREN'T YOU CURIOUS TO NOTE THAT THERE ARE MORE "JEWS" RECEIVING RESTITUTION THAN WERE EVER IN GERMANY? THIS IS BY "THEIR" COUNT--NOT MINE, BUT IF 6 MILLION (NOW THIS YEAR: 6.5 MILLION) WERE KILLED IN CAMPS--HOW CAN IT BE? THE NUMBER IN POINT IS MORE THAN WERE IN ALL OF EUROPE AT THE TIME OF THE SECOND -- PJ 43 -- pag. 37 WORLD WAR--BY THE COUNT OF THE JEWISH COMMITTEE.I have no notion about the facts other than it seems to me mankind would like to have those numbers justified and as long as you in the Americas are providing full funding for these people in Israel that you should have a bit more clarification. I would expect it myself--but it is your business what of your questioning rights you are willing to toss out the window. I can only say that for Greens or myself to be anti-Semitic is like saying the Canadian white Englishman is Anti-White!!! It has absolutely no meaning--NONE! It cannot be relevant because we both have lineage from both the Shem Semites and Judaeans. It appears that the ones beginning these wars of hate-mongering have not bothered to find out the historical truth involved here and, therefore, it has to be assumed--the INTENT IS TO CAUSE CONFUSION AND DISCORD-- NOT GLEAN INFORMATION ABOUT POSSIBILITIES OF YOUR SPACE BROTHERHOOD CONNECTIONS. -- PJ 43 -- pag. 38 --- To those with any intelligence training, the whole scheme smacks of the handiwork of British intelligence, is a typical Tavistock plan, in fact is a carbon copy of the successful operation which toppled the Shah of Iran. Stanley Goldfoot actually confirms this, although he does so inadvertently. Goldfoot said, "Reisenhuver is in the oil business and believes there is enough oil in the U.S. to dispense with Arab oil (which would then of course pass to the control of Israel and the British). [H: i.e. British Petroleum owns Alaska. It is also mandatory for you readers to go back and read what I gave you on "British Israel" because you are going to find that the manipulation of the world in the name of Zionism and Anti-Semitism is di-rectly from the British Committee of 300. In fact, this very day, Greens are in Canada and are being, by Law, forbidden to even respond to public questions about the Jews and/or any reference to the Holocaust. They are warned that "the Jewish Zionist have a strangle hold on the Canadian Government and Business community and the laws are stringent and totally enforced". U.S.--pay attention, this law is already in force in all British colonies and YOU ARE UNDER THE GUN RIGHT NOW TO HAVE THOSE IDENTICAL LAWS RUN THROUGH CONGRESS--THEY ARE ALREADY PASSED IN THE UNITED NATIONS!! It doesn't have ANYTHING TO DO WITH JEWS--IT HAS EVERYTIHNG TO DO WITH FREEDOM AND CONSTITUTIONAL LAW!] -- PJ 43 -- pag. 55 --- McCalden, the self-described Holocaust revisionist, charged that as a result of pressure and threats from the Jewish groups, the library association canceled his exhibit at the Bonaventure Hotel. McCalden died of AIDS last year and his widow, Viviana, is continuing to press the suit. [H: How strange that he would die of AIDS??? Surely the enemy would not arrange for more discounting of the accuser!] Four of the court's 28 members issued a blistering dissent that evoked the horrors of World War II's Holocaust--[H: And do you still think that the judiciary system is not overcome with unConstitutional law enforcers? Is it not logical that if truth is present in the now 6-1/2 million Jewish deaths that it would be proven in all documents and would make an even greater impact on the revisionists and public when false accusations are made--i.e., that there could not have been that many slain on any account? WHY MUST THERE BE LAWS THAT NEGATE YOUR VERY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS TO HIDE ALL SPEAKING OF POSSIBILITIES? PUBLIC--YOU MUST THINK! WHAT IS THIS INSANITY? IF 'TRUTH IS ON THE SIDE OF THE JEWS--WILL NOT THAT TRUTH COME OUT IN THE QUESTIONING? TO NOT ALLOW THE QUESTIONS PRESENTS THE TRUTH, DOES IT NOT? THE TRUTH, MUST THEREFORE BE, THAT THE ORTHODOX PRESENTATION OF THE HOLOCAUST BY THE JEWS IS A LIE!]--during which Nazis killed 6 million Jews. [H: It doesn't say perhaps, probably, maybe or allegedly--it says "killed 6 million Jews", without documents, proof, wincing or thinking.] The dissenters also charged that the court majority was stifling the Holocaust survivors' free speech and that, by allowing the suit to go forward, the majority was threatening the 1st Amendment rights of an array of individuals and groups, particularly the news media. [H: Funny thing--I don't recall the Jews standing up for the rights to be heard of the White Supremist groups, the KKK, the Holocaust revisionists or any other group who speaks out against so much as supporting $10 billion to Israel to build houses in Palestine. In fact, it seems to me there is a great outcry to those ones as Anti-Semitic and great denouncing and rabble- rousing. Further, how is it that this group in point can call themselves Jews, Zionists and other things such as "chosen of God" but when another speaks the terms or claims the right to participate--it is against the laws of the land! You had better wake up, world--it is too late in Canada, Australia, England, New Zealand, the Soviet Union (well they don't count in the new downfall), Germany and many other nations. WELL, IT IS UP TO YOU, AMERICA--WHAT WILL YOU DO? IT IS YOUR CONSTITUTION OR YOUR ENSLAVEMENT! IT ACTUALLY HAS VERY, VERY LITTLE TO DO WITH JEWS OF ANY NATIONALITY, RACE OR RELIGION.] "I had thought it inconceivable that one could be held liable for planning and organizing a political demonstration", wrote Judge Alex Kozinski. He wrote for himself and three colleagues who contended that the case should be reviewed by an 11-member panel of the appeals court. Kozinski said threats to hold a political demonstration are clearly constitutionally protected. He said no one should be surprised that people would mount a militant, perhaps disruptive protest, in response to McCalden's claims. [H: What if Mr. McCalden simply said "The world is flat"?] "Those who carry the mark of Auschwitz tattooed on their forearms, or who survived Treblinka, Dachau or Buchenwald; who were hunted down like animals in the streets of Warsaw; who saw loved ones perish during Kristallnacht or in frozen boxcars on their way to the death -- PJ 43 -- pag. 71 camps that are the shame and horror of modern times--they cannot be expected to react calmly, with deliberation, with gentility to one who would tarnish the memory of those butchered in the Holocaust by pretending the whole thing didn't happen", wrote Kozinski, who is Jewish and came to this country from Romania when he was 12. [H: If this doesn't make the point of intended world control without recourse--I haven't seen another so blatant. IF THESE ATROCITIES ALL DID OCCUR--WOULD NOT RECORDS STAND ON THEIR OWN TO DENOUNCE THE STUPID DENOUNCERS? WHAT HAVE WE HERE? THERE IS NO ALLOWANCE OF EVIDENCE, RECOURSE, LAW AND ORDER, DATA--JUST DENIAL OF ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW ALLOWING ANY AND ALL ACTIONS WITHOUT EXPECTATION OF ONES TO ACT WITHIN CONSTITUTIONAL BOUNDARIES.] Kozinski also said it was ludicrous to characterize the center's threats to hold a disruptive demonstration as extortion. The center's statements, Kozinski said, "were aimed at achieving a political objective, not exacting protection payments". Appeals Court Judge Stephen Reinhardt wrote that demonstrations from the Boston Tea Party to the Vietnam War protests were often disruptive but served the important purpose of bringing important issues into the public spotlight. The dissenters approached the case in a sharply different fashion from the majority. Norris' majority opinion described the issue facing the appeals court as a technical legal question of whether McCalden had made allegations sufficient to move his case beyond the first hurdle--a motion for dismissal filed by the defendants. He wrote that federal pleading rules are quite liberal and a motion to dismiss the case has to be evaluated in the light most favorable to the plaintiff. Norris' opinion, joined by Judge Dorothy Nelson, said McCalden's claims merited hearings on his charges of interference with his contract and civil rights violations. But Reinhardt said that in cases where free speech rights are threatened, the plaintiff's pleadings must be subjected to greater scrutiny than in an ordinary civil case. [H: Does it not strike you as strange that a "Maplethorpe" exhibit of pornographic material (by statements of the artistic group in point) was alleged Constitutional and yet one lonely man wishing to express doubts and possibilities that the Holocaust might not be completely as stated--is unCONSTITUTIONAL? You have some serious dirty-work at hand here, chelas!] "The majority's routine treatment of the plaintiffs complaint--as if the action involving nothing more than a dispute over a bill of lading--is at odds with the last 30 years of 1st Amendment jurisprudence", Reinhardt wrote. The Jewish organizations had been involved in a long-running political battle with McCalden by the time the library association controversy arose. During the course of the dispute in 1984, they convinced the Los Angeles City Council to unanimously pass a resolution urging the library association to remove McCalden from the conference and to end the city's participation in the conference. Soon after, the association canceled McCalden's contracts to rent exhibit space and to present -- PJ 43 -- pag. 72 a program entitled "Free Speech and the Holocaust". McCalden had frequently charged that Jewish groups had suppressed discussion of the Holocaust. In 1986, McCalden sued the Jewish organizations, the library association, the city and the Bonaventure Hotel, where the convention was held. WAKE UP, WORLD! END OF QUOTING. -- PJ 43 -- pag. 73 --- If you cannot see what is afoot, then I can't help you very much, dear ones. This actually gives all government, all laws made or ever to be made into the hands of your enemies and prevents you from so much as uttering a sound against them--or be shot. This is exactly how the "Control of Speech" got passed in Canada, Germany, etc., regarding your inability to disagree with any statement other than the "ORTHODOX JEWISH" projection of either Zionism, religion as regards Jews, and/or the Holocaust. The Jews and Zionists can speak against, and pass laws against, EVERY other group of persons on the globe--BUT YOU CANNOT! YOU HAD BETTER PAY AT-TENTION BECAUSE THE SO-CALLED "HATE CRIMES" BILL MAY ONLY BE YOUR RESTRICTION AND NEGATION OF YOUR FIRST AMENDMENT BILL OF RIGHTS. YOU ARE DEALING HERE WITH THE NEW CON-STITUTION IN FULL FLOWER! All I can do is remind you--please go read R.R.P.P,--several times! -- PJ 43 -- pag. 126 ---------------------------- HOLOCAUST TATTOOS To Ms. Goodman, the most ungracious and insulting person who wrote saying that she was tattling to the World Zionist Organization regarding our filth and lies, I thank you for your bothering to write. I do not take exception--I only demand that YOU GIVE ME FACTS TO DISPROVE THAT WHICH I SAY!! THE WORLD ZIONIST ORGANIZATION IS, BY THE WAY, A FINGER OF THE ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE STRAIGHT OUT OF BRITISH INTELLIGENCE IN SERVICE TO THE CROWN OF ENGLAND---AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH "JEWS". IF YOU ARE SO SECURE IN YOUR BELIEF THAT A FEW TATTOOS PROVE ANYTHING--I SUGGEST YOU GO TO ANY NAVY PORT--A TATTOO PROVES NOTHING. I have never said there was no Holocaust--I SAID: THERE WAS NO HOLOCAUST AS PRESENTED TO THE WORLD TO BELIEVE. CERTAINLY ONES WERE DAMAGED--WAR DAMAGES AND KILLS--EVEN WARS PAID FOR BY YOUR OWN ELITE MONEY-MONGERS. IF THE HOLOCAUST IS AS YOU ONES PROJECT IT TO BE--FACTS WILL PROVE YOUR POINT AND DISPROVE MINE--FAIRLY BY FACT--NOT UNDER LEGAL COVER DENYING DISCUSSION AND FREEDOM TO INQUIRE. I personally have no interest in your Holocaust--MY MISSION IS TO BRING TRUTH AND I SHALL PRESENT IT AS IT IS-- NOT AS SELECT GROUPS PREFER IT TO BE TOLD IN THE TOTAL ABSURD CHANGING OF HISTORY AND EVENTS OF HISTORICAL NATURE. You who wish to remain uninformed and cast stones upon the questioners--so be it for the ultimate "loss" will be yours! -- PJ 46 -- page. 54 --------------------------- HOLOCAUST AGAIN? I am, however, asked to comment again on the Holocaust of World War II. I don't know what is your problem that you have such trouble dealing with that which is factual. I do not discount the value of each and every person's life or limb in any altercation--but children, when facts are presented to counter errors or outright lies, why do you not rejoice in finding that so many LIVED, rather than that one should submit that not so many perished? Is it possibly that someone or someone(s) gain much by the error in perception? The "pictures" in great measure against which all stories are based are very influential in placing blame and horror. This is why you must be SURE from whence come the pictures and of whom they are. For instance, we have written of this before with this same truth but just this week I am blasted and then presented with a picture of this child as "proof" of the fate of the multitudes. The picture in point is the famous "little ghetto boy". So, now for some FACTS: This picture in point is probably the most famous "holocaust" photo of all: a bewildered Jewish boy with his arms raised, standing on a Warsaw (Poland) street under the watch of an armed German soldier. The poignant picture has been reproduced millions of times, in countless magazines, films and newspapers. The world has been told over and over again that the little boy's fate was sealed: He became one of the 6 million Jews exterminated by the evil Germans during the "holocaust". The historic picture was one of several dozen taken by official German photographers during the military operation against the Jewish Warsaw uprising of 1943. Then, it happened--almost 40 years later, Dr. Tsvi C. Nussbaum, a physician in Rockland County, New York, said that he is the famous boy in the photo! UPSET THE PUBLICISTS When the story of truth broke it broke big, friends, in the New York Times on May 28, 1982. The -- PJ 49 -- page. 103 report was that Dr. Nussbaum's statement upset the Jewish "holocaust" publicists who utilized the picture and who were "convinced that the symbolic power of the picture would be diminished were the boy shown to have survived." Despite the striking physical resemblance and similar circumstances of Dr. Nussbaum and the boy in the photo, the publicists "refuse to consider it at all". Perhaps this is identical to refusal to allow speaking out with actual numbers proving that someone for some reason has miscalculated with proper arithmetic. You see, when ones -- PJ 49 -- page. 104 NEXT PAGE