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WW II - THE HOLOCAUST, part 10 THE CONVENTION IN 1979 The convention--the first of its type ever held anywhere--attracted scholars from Britain, Germany, France, Australia, Mexico and the United States. In addition, 70 laymen and students attended who paid $100 to observe the historic proceedings. The university provided board and room. Guests and speakers ate in the university dining hall and met in the library auditorium. A second convention was planned for the following year. FIRST SPEAKER Dedication of the convention to the memory of Harry Elmer Barnes, the greatest revisionist scholar -- PJ 41 -- pag. 33 ever produced in America, was made by his lifelong friend, Dr. Martin A. Larson. We often have spoken and given honor to Dr. Martin Larson who still writes with great vigor and insight although attempts have been made against his life as late as year before last. Larson extolled the intellectual powers of Barnes, who during his lifetime wrote hundreds of books and pamphlets, many of them revising the official view of the causes of the First and Second World Wars. Barnes began his career in the fields of sociology, economics and criminology. Because his great intellect was in the early days applied to liberal causes, he was very popular and became prosperous. When he began recognizing the influence of political Zionism in history, he began to suffer the same fate that befalls everyone who ventures into this area. Barnes was too honest to back down, even when he saw that continuing to tell the truth would badly hurt his career. It was controversial enough for Barnes to prove that Hitler had no intention of invading Britain, much less America, (you must understand that Hitler did not know the British Zionists Banksters controlled both Britain and America), but when he ventured even further into the mass of historical lies which had been pumped out as wartime hate propaganda and began openly questioning the 6-million myth and the part that political Zionism played in the war and in the modern world, things started to happen to him. Soon, Barnes was being smothered by the well-known "blackout tactics" that the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith is so expert at applying. The usual personal, anonymous rumors and smears which always attack anyone who questions Zionism began to circulate, spread by cowardly colleagues and Zionist agents. We are, in this place, fully aware of these tactics since we encounter the threats at every turn of our experience--from death threats to closing of Radio and TV stations if they allow our speakers on the airwaves. Many people have lost their positions as a result of the bombardment and threats of the ADL. Herein I am speaking in present tense: US! But Barnes kept going. By the time he died his income had shrunk to royalties he earned from his previous books because no Establishment journal would print any more of his writings. LARSON AND HIS WIFE, EMMA, WERE WITH BARNES WHEN HE SUDDENLY DIED IN THE MIDDLE OF A CONVERSATION AT HIS SEASIDE HOME IN MALIBU. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS THE RESULT OF HEART ARREST CAUSED BY PULSED BEAMS--DELIBERATELY! IN OTHER WORDS, THIS MAN WAS MURDERED! It is indeed wise to ask God's protection as you embark on this work against the evil adversary--for you don't have any protections to counter those pulse beams and WE DO. BUT--YOU HAVE TO ASK! "Let this convention be a memorial to this great and courageous man," said Larson. "And let his great spirit, which never was daunted by obstacles or threats, permeate our own work while we are here". BOMB THREATS Larson's words were in the minds of the speakers and guests the following day, Saturday, Sept. 1, when the Jewish Defense League (JDL) telephoned the university and threatened to close down the -- PJ 41 -- pag. 34 campus "unless those filthy Nazis and anti-Semites are thrown out", to quote the words of Iry Rubin, a JDL leader. Jewish hoodlums were seen circling the university in cars. The following day another JDL terrorist telephoned the university and said that a bomb had been planted close to the auditorium where the convention was taking place. Police were called. They searched the building but not even a booby-trapped bagel was found. Meanwhile, the convention proceeded. The speakers and guests put as much credence in the JDL's threats (there was not even a demonstration) as they did in other Zionist propaganda. You see, these ones will WAIT as long as necessary to REALLY MAKE THEIR POINT. HARD TO INTIMIDATE The equanimity of the attendees of the convention is easy to understand because they are not the type to be intimidated by threats. Each of the speakers at one time or another has been threatened with murder or other physical violence and all of the speakers have suffered tragic professional setbacks because of their unwillingness to capitulate to the forces of Establishment mendacity. The first speaker, Prof. James J. Martin, alluded to some of his experiences over the years trying to break through the wall of media and academic suppression and distortion. Martin--a protege of Harry Elmer Barnes--had his major work, the two-volume "American Liberalism and World Politics", published in 1964 (by Devin-Adair). This painstakingly-documented work shows how American liberals followed the Communist Party line before and after the German-Soviet peace pact prior to U.S. entry into the war. After that, Martin wrote and published other valuable revisionist books, such as "Revisionist Viewpoints" and "The Saga of Hog Island". He next wrote on the little-known Rafael Lemkin--the inventor of the "genocide" concept. Martin was certainly considered to be the dean of revisionist scholars after Barnes's death. Martin pointed out a number of little-known facts in regard to "holocaust" propaganda. "There are two '6-million' atrocity stories," he said. "In Soviet Union propaganda the gassed 6 million are Slays, not Jews. The Kremlin uses the myth to buttress the Soviet policy of keeping Germany divided and disarmed". 'HOAX' AUTHOR SAYS IT'S SIMPLE Dr. Arthur Butz, author of the highly important work, THE HOAX OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, reviewed highlights of his book and recounted some of the efforts that have been made to keep it off the market, to suppress news of it and to keep him from speaking. "It's not really a complex subject at all", he said. "I wrote a long book on a simple subject. The Jews in Europe were still there after the war. It's easy to prove; what is difficult is getting people to think--to accept the plain facts. Their minds are set and they don't want to be confused with the facts ". During the question period which followed, Butz was asked why he wrote the book, which has brought him so much hate and vituperation at Northwestern University, where he is a professor. "I read some books by authors who endorsed the ' holocaust' thesis," he said, "and found so much that was contradictory that I went deeper into the subject. These contradictions bothered me--I couldn't -- PJ 41 -- pag. 35 get the subject out of my mind until I had enough facts to form an opinion. After I finally got that far I had so much material that I decided that I might as well make a book out of it, and the result was THE HOAX OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY. "I've never been able to understand the hostile reaction from Zionist groups", said Butz. "Jews should be elated to discover that large numbers of their people were not deliberately destroyed". The ADL has stifled the sale of the Butz book; consequently it may only be obtained by mail, unless you can have your bookstore procure it for you. In some places, however, civic groups are putting it in public and college libraries. I believe George Green can concur with all of this writing--he has received calls recently, telling him that "...you have really done it now, with this new information on the Zionists and the holocaust"! WELL, CHELAS--YOU CAN GO FOREVER AS VICTIM OF THE LIES AND LOSE YOUR FREEDOM--OR YOU CAN STAND TALL AND BRING THE BEAST INTO CONTROL--IT RESTS IN YOUR HANDS AND ACTIONS. THESE JOURNALS ARE NOW BEING "BURNED" BY THE ZIONISTS IN EUROPE AS WELL AS IN AMERICA. I, Hatonn, do not mind the attention because the perpetrators are in a panic at the recognition that GOD HAS SENT FORTH HIS HOSTS AND THEIR DAYS ARE NUMBERED!!! I most certainly suggest that you "put your hand in the hand of the man" who has come to show the way!! FAKE PHOTOGRAPHS From Germany came Udo Walendy, a publisher who has himself authored many books on history and wartime atrocities. Walendy has made a study of "atrocity photographs" and his findings are amazing. He found that in each case the "photo" is either mislabeled, a composite or actually a painting. In one of the most famous cases, for many years a photograph of bodies piled high on a rack was alleged to show victims of the gas-ovens of Dachau. However, two things happened. First, it has been so well established that Dachau never had any gas chambers THAT EVEN THE ZIONISTS NO LONGER TRY TO CLAIM THAT THERE WERE--AND SECOND, THE PICTURE WAS ACTUALLY OF CORPSES OF GERMANS WHO DIED IN THE HORRIBLE SATURATION- BOMBING OF THE UNDEFENDED ART CENTER OF DRESDEN WHEN AT LEAST 200,000 WOMEN, CHILDREN AND OLD MEN WERE SENSELESSLY BURNED TO DEATH OR SUFFOCATED IN THE FIRESTORM CREATED BY ENGLISH AND AMERICAN BOMBERS. Walendy demonstrated that often light and shadow are contradictory in atrocity "photographs". Often there are two or more versions of the same "photograph" showing minor--but devastating--variations. For instance, a "photograph" showing an alleged pile of shoes is described as taken at Auschwitz. However, a nearly-identical "photograph" has two German soldiers added to the pile. This one is said to have been taken at "the Lublin extermination camp". The photographs are obvious forgeries and probably paintings. Somehow the "originals" or "negatives" are never found or produced. If one questions in the slightest manner the authenticity of this information as it appears, he is immediately labeled "anti-Semite bigot" followed by a refusal to discuss the matter or allow debate of any kind. "What would one expect from the people who operate Hollywood"? asked Walendy. "They have the means, the ability and obviously the will to confuse and lie to the world with their faked 'evidence' -- PJ 41 -- pag. 36 which has brought hundreds of billions of dollars to Zionist coffers". This is why it is so important and strategic that the PROTOCOLS and MANIFESTO be followed in sequence. To pull off this mass lie--the media and press, as well as the educational centers--MUST BE UNDER TOTAL CONTROL AND GIVEN EXACTLY THE INFORMATION DESIRED FOR THE MASSES. IT HAS WORKED TO NEAR PERFECTION. UPROAR IN FRANCE From the University of Lyon came Robert Faurisson, a professor of classics who had literally taken his life in his hands since he became interested in exposing the biggest lie of all time. For 19 years prior to this Convention, Faurisson made a detailed, on-the- spot study of the gas chamber myth and categorically states that gas chambers did NOT exist in wartime Europe. Faurisson pointed out that until 1960 it had been maintained that all of the internment camps (such as Oranienburg, Buchenwald, Dachau, Mauthausen, etc.) had gas chambers. But in that year the "holocaust historians" were forced to admit that NO CAMPS in Germany had gas chambers; "only the ones in Poland did". The falsity of even this reduced claim with pictures has since been proven beyond debate, with pictures from the national Archives of Auschwitz, located in Poland, as well. This lecturer, who speaks excellent English, discussed the nature of Zyklon-B, the gas allegedly used for the killings. Actually, the gas has been standard in the German Army for more than 70 years as a "delousing" agent. If the Germans had wanted to gas Jews they could have used some of the deadly gas they had stored for retaliation if the Allies had used gas. This human-killing gas is so deadly that a brief exposure on the skin brings instant death. Why do you think you worry about Saddam? Well, it all started through the "allies", funded by the Zionist Elite. Faurisson explained in detail the problems the Germans would have faced and procedures they would have had to use if they had actually had a program to gas 6 million Jews. The so-called "gas chamber" at Auschwitz is an obvious fraud because it is made of wood, not steel; it has no adequate ventilating devices and it is far too small. It was constructed after the war, not during it. This is even admitted by the Zionists and Communists. IF THE GERMANS HAD TRIED TO USE SUCH A "GAS CHAMBER" THEY WOULD HAVE KILLED THEMSELVES AS WELL AS ANY JEWS. Faurisson showed a picture of the evacuation of the inmates from Auschwitz on Jan. 17-18, 1945: 60,000 well-fed and healthy prisoners were removed and sent to other camps while some 7,000 other inmates sick with typhus were left behind for the Allied troops. It was these sick and dying prisoners who were photographed by publicists as being the "typical inmates of Auschwitz. Many of the worst pictures were actually from the "Eisenhower" "death camps" after the war when over a million people were starved to death deliberately. Mainly, however, at the onset it was these sick and dying prisoners. Auschwitz, you must remember, was an important manufacturing center for Germany; it was there that Buna rubber was made from coal--vital for the manufacture of tires. With a great shortage of labor in wartime Europe, the Germans were far more interested in producing material for HItler's war machine than in gassing potential workers. No people were ever gassed at Auschwitz or any other German internment camp, and there was never any policy of extermination of Jews. The industries, I remind you, were owned by Zionists of the Elite Bankers who were also financing both sides of -- PJ 41 -- pag. 37 the war. KATYN--A REAL ATROCITY Louis FitzGibbon, English author of KATYN--the definitive book on the cold-blooded murder of 14,000 Polish officers by the Soviets--spoke next. FitzGibbon made a deep study of this atrocity, which the Communists tried to blame on the Germans and even tried to convict them for it at Nuremberg. Thanks to the efforts of English and American Stalinist and Communist apologists, the Soviets have ONLY RECENTLY BEEN ISOLATED AS THE PERPETRATORS--HALF A CENTURY AFTER THE FACT. COULD THERE NOT BE OTHER ERRORS IN PROJECTED STORIES? This was, in fact, only a repeat of other Soviet mass- murders inside Russia ever since the Bolshevik takeover in 1917--financed by your own Bankers and Zionists. The picture is not so pretty, is it? I'm sorry--I do not make history--I just bring it to your attention. During his address, FitzGibbon referred to the Soviets at Vinnitsa, Ukraine, in 1937. Here, some 10,000 Ukrainian leaders were killed in cold blood and buried in a mass grave. The killings at Katyn and two other Polish prison camps followed the successful scenario at Vinnitsa. Do you see how practical of the Soviet Zionists to blame the Germans? Strange thing, is that the German Zionists were basically the AshkeNAZI so-called Jews, also. This is, however, WHY the story could be so well orchestrated and the lie a blanket success. Your own military rulers and Elite politicians were all part and parcel of the whole scenario. The Establishment anxiously keeps proven Soviet atrocities hidden from the people of the West whereas, on the other hand, the atrocity-propaganda against the German people is kept at full blast even though it has not a grain of truth. A LUCRATIVE LIE Dr. Austin J. App, for years a tireless writer and scholar who chronicled the truth about the vindictive aftermath of the war, gave the final lecture. He pointed out that no German has ever planned anything as atrocious as the Morgenthau Plan--Roosevelt's official plan to starve 30 million Germans--or numerous other bloodthirsty plans urged by "Talmudists" against Christian Germany. He cited the wartime crime of the expulsion of 14 million Germans from the German Sudetenland (3 million died on the road) as the worst war crime, exceeding even the firebombing of Dresden. App branded the "re-education" of Germany as unique in history but necessary to make the energetic Germans a slave nation for the support of postwar Communism and Zionism, neither of which can survive without German support. App estimates that Zionist blackmail of Germany has produced about 100 billion German marks for Israel in aid of all sorts, including the entire telephone system of Israel, the rail system, diesel locomotives, boxcars, 59 ocean-going ships, a dry dock, a copper plant, all electrical plants and many other gifts, including a generous pension for every Jew who says he or she "escaped Hitler's gas ovens"--including those who left with all of their property and others who have NEVER EVEN BEEN IN GERMANY! It has been the greatest theft in recorded history--a theft which should be of intense interest to all taxpaying Americans because you, too, are captives of Israeli aggressors--thanks to such hate-mongering organizations as the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL). -- PJ 41 -- pag. 45 JUST WHAT IS THIS "ADL"? The ADL is an arm of the state of Israel, illegally operating in the United States as an unregistered agent. Each year it spends millions and also coerces others into doing its bidding free in order to keep the American taxpayers obediently lined up for shearing. Working with the Mossad--Israel's spy network (a part of the Soviet KGB), the ADL operates its own spy-and-dirty-tricks department above the reach of the American government. The ADL has established iron control over the editorial policies of every daily newspaper, every weekly news magazine, every radio and every television network through its active members who control companies or agencies which buy advertising. The ADL sees to it that American advertisers, many of them unwittingly, are used to blackmail all of the media in America by threatening to withhold advertising unless the desired pro-Israel views are forthcoming. It is easier today because the media is totally controlled and nothing against the "orthodox" views of the Zionists are allowed on the air. Just enough "fringe" data is occasionally "allowed" to be immune from total and obvious control--but it is "shown" at unreasonable times, against other more-viewed showings and/or totally reduced to "no comment" or "allowed follow-up". The ADL also controls the views of public and political organizations (certainly including politicians and political organizations who are considered "conservative") and candidates for office by making it well known that anyone who dares to take a stand for the taxpayers and against American meddling in the affairs of the Mideast is immediately branded an "anti-Semite" or "Nazi" or "Fascist". Why do you think that the Establishment media and Establishment press continually referred to Saddam Hussein as another "Adolf Hitler"? It is to keep the lie of atrocities dumped on the non-offender and away from the light of day as to just WHO was committing atrocities. I repeat--Saddam Hussein was the ONLY one telling the truth of the Iraq War. This universal terrorism has silenced all but a very tiny few. In 1979, for instance, there was a lawsuit against the ADL by Liberty Lobby for forcing the Mutual Broadcasting Network to take the Lobby's radio program off the air. Evidence is abundant showing the un-American, police-state methods used by the ADL in its aim of controlling the U.S. and you ones simply seem to refuse to see it. SENTIMENTS ENDORSED Leading off the plenary session, where the guests and speakers discussed many of the specific issues relating to the need for dissemination of historical truth, was an Aussie, John Bennett. Bennett is the secretary of the Victorian Council for Civil Liberties which, in Australia, is comparable to the original American Civil Liberties Union before it was swallowed up by the Zionist League groups. Once convinced of the integrity of the "holocaust" myth, Bennett's thinking was reversed. Bennett allowed as how in Australia as in America and Europe no one will debate the issues but instead will attack the truth-seeker personally. By the way--Australia also now has a law against any question raised against the "orthodox" view of the Zionists. This is called "hate crime" and is a felony and is punishable as such. Even with this in mind, however, Bennett points out that press suppression is worse in the U.S. than in any other country. The only prayer of surviving this dilemma is that Truth is on the side of the "People". -- PJ 41 -- pag. 39 Devin Garrity, president of the noted publishing firm, Devin-Adair Co., traveled from New York to attend. He has been cited as being "indispensable" in the survival of revisionism and truth bringing. His firm, which published books in many areas, has published some of the best books on recent American history, including the uncovering of the lies about Pearl Harbor--an event you are ready to celebrate again--as the LIE. PEARL HARBOR WAS PLANNED AND ORCHESTRATED BY YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT! I, and Garrity, point out that international peace is impossible without Truth. Peace "anywhere" is impossible without Truth, no matter how difficult it may be for courageous individuals to stand against official lies. He gave personal memoirs of the great revisionists, including the much-maligned Joseph R. McCarthy, who gave a devastating, book-length speech in the Senate concerning George Marshall. The speech was later published by Garrity as AMERICA'S RETREAT FROM VICTORY. It is time, dear ones, for the Truth to come forth and, finally, in spite of the seemingly omnipotent opposition of the totality of the Establishment, will be generally accepted and all Americans--including Jews--will be free from the bondage of a ghastly and vile lie which is too onerous to continue to bear. This is a good place to break this chapter. I will remind you of how those "confessions" were obtained from the German officers for the Nuremberg trials. If you don't get a clear picture of the truth of history--YOU ARE DESTINED TO REPEAT IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN--THIS TIME, HOWEVER, THERE WILL NOT BE AN "AGAIN"! SALU. -- PJ 41 -- pag. 40 ------------------------------ NEXT PAGE