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WW II - THE HOLOCAUST, part 1 The cover-ups shall come forth from the rotten wood with the termites who work in dark places. I make no objection to opinions unless man is unwilling to accept truth when it is proven unto him. Let us take the holocaust of which the Jews are this day reminding everyone to never forget--it simply is not the way it has been projected. Heinous? Indeed it was and no war is remiss in heinous activities on either side. But how do ones explain such incidents as those who were claimed to have been gassed to death as victims of the holocaust being very much alive and well and politically active? Example? Very well, let us consider just one, Simone Veil. After being officially dead for over three decades as a victim of the holocaust and was "gassed to death", somehow he was "resurrected" and presided over the European Parliament, quite alive and well in 1979, after being the French minister of health. Another: The picture of a young lad, being arrested, was circulated worldwide by Jewish propagandists, and still is, to generate sympathy. However, the "ghetto boy", as he was labeled, was arrested for stealing and then released, unharmed, to his mother. Today that lad is a grown man, wealthy and successful and resides in London. His name is Israel "Izzy" Rondel. To say horrors did not occur is absurd, but facts simply do not carry through with the stories of cover-up. Why, in one instance, a paper trying to have a sensational headline showed the picture of a man all but starved to death--a skeleton--but was he actually a Holocaust victim? Nay, he was a prisoner at -- PJ 14 -- pag. 114 Andersonville, liberated at the close of the War Between the States. Union victories disrupted supplies to Confederate prison camps, causing mass starvation. How do you think the food supplies might have flowed smoothly in war-torn Europe during the war?? Please, chelas, I do not wish to have you abandon compassion but I do intend to allow you to abandon absurdity.There were starving millions because there was no food.There were dying and cremated bodies because there was widespread disease and Typhus broke out in pandemic numbers.Do not be blinded by the lies, for if you are to heal your world you must look beyond and unto God with reason. You are continually distracted in order to gain sympathy while the elite and Zionists are achieving just what they have set forth to do--control your world--GLOBAL 2000. Go Dharma, and I shall move to stand-by. You ones shall be sustained through the shadows--so be it. Salu, Hatonn to clear, please. -- PJ 14 -- pag. 115 --------------------------- (5) There is another group, and it is the most important group. That group consists of what the professionals refer to as the "Little Jews". The small minority of self-proclaimed "Big Jews"--that is, the active Zionist leadership in the U.S.--work on the emotions of all the others. They do their best to keep all Jews scared, and therefore herded together defensively. The so-called "Big Jews" talk incessantly about the holocaust, making sure that fears and doubts never die. By means of emotionalism, the small Zionist minority has been able to persuade most Jews that Israel is somehow their "cause". -- PJ 19 -- page. 55 ----------------------------- "... a new approach, both to the problem of the relations between the Khazar Jewry and other Jewish communities, and to the question of how far we can go in regarding this Khazar Jewry as the nucleus of the large Jewish settlement in Eastern Europe. . . The descendants of this settlement--those who stayed where they were, those who emigrated to the United States and to other countries, and those who went to Israel--constitute now the large majority of world Jewry". The above was written before the full extent of the holocaust was known, but that does not alter the facts in the matter. The facts only confirm and document, with proof, the assumption that the majority of the surviving Jews intent upon establishment of world domination ARE OF THE KHAZARS origin. This means that their ancestors came not from the Jordan but from the Volga, not from Canaan but from the Caucuses, once believed to be the cradle of the Aryan race; and that genetically they are more closely related to the Hun, Uigur and Magyar tribes than to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. SINCE THIS IS TRUE, THE TERM "ANTI-SEMITISM" IS VOID OF MEANING! AS THE STORY OF THE KHAZAR EMPIRE EMERGES FROM THE PAST, YOU MAY AS WELL PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR THE MOST CRUEL HOAX WHICH HISTORY HAS EVER PERPETRATED! So be it and Selah (It is the word and so it is!). I trust you begin, now, to understand more fully the cause and reaction of that which is displayed before you in unfolding confusion? YOU ARE PEOPLE TRAPPED WITHIN THE LIE! MAY GOD ALLOW THE SHOWING OF TRUTH UNTO A WEARY AND CONFUSED PEOPLE OF EARTH PLANET! I STAND READY FOR I KNOW MY PURPOSE AND I AWAIT YOUR CALL. I AM HATONN/ATON -- PJ 20 -- page. 14 ------------------------------ Tourism is one of Israel’s main sources of income. The largest group of visitors are American Jews. But, there are also many American Christians who want to visit the holy shrines and to see the land of God‟s Chosen People. These Christians come away very impressed and filled with religious fervor. While in Israel, Jews and Gentiles alike are carefully watched so that they do not stray and happen to see the sordid side of Israel-- the true Israel. Like in Soviet Russia and other communist countries, visitors to Israel are taken on carefully planned guided tours. They are shown the religious sites, the universities, the lush orchards, the technical accomplishments, the arts, and to stir sympathy, they are taken to visit the Holocaust Museum. But, kept from the eyes of the tourists are the ghettos, the prisons where political prisoners, mostly Arabs and Sephardic Jews, are subjected to the most inhumane forms of torture. The tourists do not see the widespread criminal activities and the corruption and cooperation between organized crime bosses and government and police officials. The tourists do not learn of the true inner workings of Israel‟s Marxist/Fascist government; nor do they see Israel‟s racism. Jack relates one story of an American tourist who couldn‟t help telling about the wonderful religious feeling she had from just being in Israel--the Holy Land. He remarked to her, “Just try giving a Bible to a local Jew and you will see how much religion and religious freedom there is in Israel. If seen by the police doing so, you will be immediately arrested.” Regarding the Holocaust Museum, Jack comments that he could not help but comment: “The Holocaust may not have happened--IF- -(and here grows the seeds of truth from the mire of lies): -- PJ 24 -- page. 55 1. If the Zionist leadership in Germany had not cooperated with the Nazis. 2. If the Zionists, world-wide, had not persuaded various countries to refuse to accept Jews from Germany. The Zionists in America persuaded President Roosevelt to shut the door and not allow Jewish refugees into America before the war when there was still a chance for Jews to leave Germany. It must be added that many people, including Jews, question whether the Holocaust happened as portrayed by the Zionist propagandists--at least not to the extent the Zionists claim. I can most certainly assure that it DID NOT! Dharma, it has been such a long time of writing this day that we must give you some rest. Allow us to close at this point and we shall take up the subject of religion in Israel when we sit to write again. Please, readers, I can only plead with you to read this information in relationship with the writings we have presented prior to this and many, many things will come into focus for you. I honor all of you for your efforts at finding Truth. Good evening, Hatonn to stand-by, please. -- PJ 24 -- page. 56 ------------------------------ World War II would become necessary if the conspirators could not take over world control at the end of WW-I. This war would be brought about by a controversy between Fascism and political Zionism. Here we note again that Hitler was financed before and during the war by the Jewish Krupp family, the Warburg's, Rothschild's and other International Jewish banking groups. The supposed slaughter of six million Jews, which any intelligent, thinking person can see, was an impossibility, did not bother the International Jews in the slightest, since they have always been willing to sacrifice their own people if it would help them gain political control. The "myth of the holocaust" was necessary to create worldwide hatred for the German people and thus bring about a war against them. The conspirators knew that in order to be successful, three great Christian nations would have to be destroyed, Russia and Germany on the European continent, and the United States in North America. It should be of interest to note that World Zionism had already built up a war chest of some $2-billion to be used against Germany, as early as 1902. -- PJ 26 -- page. 65 --------------------------- You will note, please, as we move along with this history that it becomes obvious that there were Judeans dispersed throughout these nations of Europe and would later become the targets for the ones who would split away into what is now commanding recognition as the Khazar Elite--who worked hand in hand with the heinous ones, such as Nazi Hitler, to destroy the fundamental brotherhood of the Judeans. You ones remind me that I said the Holocaust of Germany was not as it is presented; thereby assuming I say it did not take place. I said it was not as presented--there is great difference herein and all the stories and movies such as Never Forget, etc., make not one iota of difference--except, in the mere reminding and continuing the stories ever more heinous in presentation pronounces the lies therein. There is simply no basis for fact in the stories and they are continued in order to continue the deceit, gain sympathy and control over the minds of the populace. So much for that subject at the moment but before we finish our work, we will tell you of the so-called Holocaust and that which a group do unto their own in the name of power and control. Satanic evil is not noted for its kind behavior except to lull you to sleep. -- PJ 28 -- pag. 191 ---------------------------- DURING THE PERIOD OF TIME BETWEEN 1921 AND 1925, OUT OF EVERY 100 MARRIAGES INVOLVING JEWS IN GERMANY--42 WERE MIXED. IT IS NOW PROVEN THAT IN THE HOLOCAUST THERE WERE A MAXIMUM OF SOME 300,000 PERSONS KILLED--EXTERMINATED. THESE WERE THE JUDAISTS, MANY OF SEPHARDIC LINE, OR "TRUE" JEWS. THEY HAD SOJOURNED IN SPAIN FOR MORE THAN A MILLENNIUM. THE ASHKENAZI JEWS OR "KHAZARIAN" JEWS WERE THE MAJOR EXTERMINATORS IN THE GERMAN HOLOCAUST. HATONN WILL BE WRITING ON THIS AT GREAT LENGTH IF YOU WILL BE PATIENT. (GERMAIN) -- PJ 37 -- pag. 147 --------------------------- Why do I call this series of JOURNALS the TRILLION DOLLAR LIE: THE HOLOCAUST? Because, at best, it expresses “fact”--at the fullest intent, it is a portion of the PLAN to destroy your world, bring One World Government to those who currently call themselves Communists and Zionists. The Zionists were created, as was Israel, to be used as a “bringing down” focus for the “Free World”, specifically focused on the United States of America. The thrust of the “Holocaust” as an issue can only be attributed to the intent of the Soviet Communists to focus attention and sympathy toward what would become the silver bullet of destruction to the United States. FACTS have been available to disprove the entire myth of the Holocaust as Israel has presented it to be. In fact, Israel was NOT A NATION AT THE TIME OF WORLD WAR II AND YET THE REPARATION IS PAID DIRECTLY TO ISRAEL FOR THAT WAR--IN THE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ANNUALLY. HOW CAN THIS BE, UNDER LAWFUL ORDER? Moreover, millions of “Jews” receive 5,000 German Marks annually--each, for “damages arising from the holocaust‟. More are receiving that money than were in Germany during the period of time—further, you have to be quite alive and personally petition for that money--so WHO MIGHT BE TAMPERING WITH NUMBERS? -- PJ 39 -- pag. 7 --- “In the recent suit brought by one Mel Mermeistein (ADL) against Liberty Lobby and dismissed by -- PJ 39 -- pag. 9 the judge, Mermelstein attorney Lawrence Heller ARGUED „PUBLIC POLICY‟ IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE FIRST AMENDMENT. “And because public policy falls on the side of the professional holocaust advocates, he argued, there should be no disputing the orthodox account of the holocaust.” [Hatonn: This is obviously to be enforced BECAUSE the orthodox view of the Holocaust is a blatant and proven LIE. The only way to insure the silence of TRUTH is to legally prevent anyone speaking of the matter. You will find in these documents total and unequivocal proof that almost EVERYTHING told to the public about the Holocaust is blatant LIE! I can only ask that you read with an open mind for the stake of the future is with the Jew of the Lie as much as with the masses of populace. The intent is to destroy the “regular Jew” as they express your titles, ones of the Torah, so that you cannot rise up against the lie and/or the liars. “The man-written Talmud shall be our blueprint to achieving Zion,” is the cry and banner. Therefore, it is you the “Jew” who must awaken to your death knell. I ask only that you read without denial until you have read it all and then, only then, discern possibilities. God has patience and awaits his children. So be it] “Yes, Heller suggested the First Amendment doesn't mean what it says and in effect counts for NOTHING. “In the same column for October 7, I also wrote, „Every one of us who pays taxes should know more about the role the holocaust plays in what we shell out to support our burgeoning federal government.‟ “I developed the position that in this instance the story of the holocaust, often unclearly defined, is used to garner billions of American dollars to support Israel. And during the 43 years of its existence, „Israel has cost the U.S. taxpayers $53 billion (just on the holocaust), and this does not include the untold billions in private aid, nor the billions Israel receives in reparations from Germany and other European countries, nor the billions of investments in Israeli bonds by municipalities, states, labor unions, universities and savings and loan institutions.‟ “Now a reader has sent me a clipping from the Australian Jewi sh News of September 17, in which Jeremy Jones, secretary of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry and Sydney (Australia) director of Australia/Israel publications, has asked the Australian Law Reform Commission to make denial of the orthodox version of the holocaust a hate crime‟.” “Said Jones: „One of the most insidious and evil forms of anti- Jewish racism is the claim that the holocaust never occurred and that the „Christian West‟ has been the victim of moral blackmail and financial extortion.‟ “Thank you, Jones. For those of you who thought we made some pretty far-out charges, read that again. Thank you, Mr. Jones, for proving my point. Yes, Americans do have a stake in the holocaust. Such DENIAL IS ALREADY ILLEGAL IN France. Germany. England and probably other European nations, and in Canada and the Soviet Union. -- PJ 39 -- pag. 10 “But none of those countries has our Bill of Rights and its unique First Amendment placed there by shrewd Founding Fathers who understood tyranny and oppression. “And so revisionist scholars in the United States and journalists and media people who believe in a free press enjoy a right found in no other country. “Scholars in the United States have paid dearly for exercising that right. Many people have been threatened with death and beatings. On July 4, 1984, the Institute for Historical Review, a California-based think tank of internationally renowned scholars, was burnt to the ground for its pioneering work in honest scholarship. [H: And thousands of non-replaceable documents were destroyed in hopes that TRUTH would be forever silenced.] “Liberty Lobby and the SPOTLIGHT have never feared the truth. We will continue to report legitimate news, no matter how controversial. “You must use your rights of free speech too. Speak out. But have the facts. Use the ammunition we give you, and your voice will be heard. Remember, your influence counts. Use it.” -- PJ 39 -- pag. 11  NEXT PAGE