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Hitler in the Pj's  4 Charles Higham's book, TRADING WITH THE ENEMY, offers ample documentation of the Rockefeller activities during the Second World War. While Hitler's bombers were dropping tons of explosives on London, they were paying royalties on every gallon of gasoline they burned to Standard Oil. Nelson Rockefeller moved to Washington after your involvement in World War II, where Roosevelt named him Coordinator of Inter- American Affairs. Apparently his principal task was to coordinate the refueling of German ships in South America from Standard Oil tanks. He also used that office to obtain important South American concessions for his private firm, International Basic Economy Corporation, including a corner on the Colombian coffee market. He immediately raised the price, a move which enabled him to buy seven billion dollars worth of real estate in South America and also gave rise to the stereotype of the "Yanqui Imperialissimo". It also gave rise to several billions of dollars worth of drug-growing real estate. -- PJ 15 -- page. 86 I have been asked over and over again, "Why do you just write mostly on the United States and America?" I do not play favoritism, beloved friends, it is just that the United States of America was founded on principles which would have enriched and freedomized the entire globe if man had adhered to the Laws of God, The Creation, the Commandments of Life and The Constitution of Freedom. Now, as falls the Constitution, so will fall the ordered individual freedom of man. I had a beloved son of Norway asking me if I couldn't include Norway in my discussions. Well, I have, and yet one would not think that a northern country would have much going on to call attention to itself, would you? Not so, one of the most important "crashed space craft" sites was on the shores of Norway. Interestingly enough, German bases were established in Norway and Adolf Hitler  did, in fact, leave with his entourage from Norway on his way to the Antarctic and South America under financing from the Rockefeller Cartel. Yes, I know, the world fancies Norway as the home of sardines but you will find that the entirety of your globe has been manipulated, murdered and setup by cartels out to rule it all. Therefore, we must take one feeble step at a time here for the scribe can only type at human speed. -- PJ 15 -- page. 95 You can now see that there were two factors in the unfastening of the cohesion of an English Establishment which had so long dominated British politics and had formed the British end of the Anglo-American network. One of these was disillusionment about Adolf Hitler's actions and aims; Hitler, they felt, had made their situation impossible. The other factor was the increasing anti- German pressure from centers of Jewish high finance (Zionists) in Britain. -- PJ 15 -- page. 171 Winston Churchill seldom said anything of truth or honesty, in fact, but he did make one statement in 1922 worth repeating for you, "This worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and -- PJ 15 -- page 176 for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence and impossible equality has been steadily growing...There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others...The majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover the principal inspiration and driving power comes from Jewish leaders." I think you might be able to understand at this point, why he would feel this pressure--because the British idea was dead and being taken over by the Jews. Believe me, chelas, England and holders of the World Order ideal, including America, wanted to get rid of the Jews a lot worse than Adolf Hitler ever dreamt of. The plan backfired is all that actually went wrong--the Zionists were able to turn the scenario of the "death" camps into their prime brainwashing tool.Are you not beginning to see it as we unfold it in logic and reason?  Hatonn anti-Semitic? Please, chelas, I was a Jew. My commander was born a Jew and the Zionists tried to destroy Him--keep within your balance and focus on the point--which is the intent to destroy your Constitutional FREEDOM! -- PJ 15 -- page. 177 ----------------------------- Both were forged into living entities in the crucible of World War I. Both have common roots which claim to be Jewish but are not and both of those political forces use the community of all Jews as a cover for their own activities. The Bolsheviks, with headquarters in America, work hand in glove with their Zionists brothers who control Israel. THEIR JOINT GOAL IS ABSOLUTE DOMINATION OF THE ENTIRE WORLD. We have discussed the deadly competition underway in early 1980 in the U.S. between the Bolsheviks and the Rockefeller Cartel. Against all odds, the Rockefeller group was succeeding in regaining total control in many economic areas--and the economic power was intended to translate quickly into political power. If the Rockefeller interest could have their way, America was on the road to Fascism. Their pattern for America was that of Hitler's Germany. That was their alternative which they were pitting against the drive toward Marxist dictatorship in the U.S. by the Bolsheviks. Remember, Adolf Hitler was brought, to power in Germany. It was done through the power of giant industries secretly controlled by the Rockefeller combine. The Governmental structure set up by Hitler was Fascism, in which big industry was a privileged partner of government. The Corporate Socialists were working feverishly to repeat that pattern, only more so, right in the U.S. This time they intended for their corporate empire to be so powerful as to be beyond control by the government--and, through their own agents within government, they planned to have their own way against the Bolsheviks. -- PJ 19 -- page. 56 What it came down to was this: The Bolshevik/Zionist elements in America had acquired so much power that they were going too far. They surfaced in spite of themselves, and the Rockefeller Cartel intended to use that mistake to destroy them. The Administration would be forced to turn increasingly Fascist On the domestic front; and as the echos of Adolf Hitler would grow wilder and louder, there would be a rebirth of what used to be called "The Jewish Question". Well, the "Little Jews" blame the "Big Jews" because "they went too far". They had taken over all the reins of power in Germany. There was nothing they did not control, so the good apples had to suffer with the bad. This is the very reason the German government went after the Jews. They had taken control of the business and bought up the property and were suppressing the German natives. It is indeed sad for a group to be shattered by those they thought to be their own. The Zionists, I remind you, are NOT original Jews! -- PJ 19 -- page. 57 Now, let us consider the situation. You have exampled a state of WAR! WAR is not pretty, dear ones. War is the epitome of EVIL. What do you expect in war? Do you expect the conquering army to smile sweetly at the "enemy" while the enemy blows his head off and works with the enemy armies? Rape, ravage, pillage and plunder are traits of WAR and the experts from the Israeli Mossad have trained the world in RRPP. Further, I have terrible news for all of you who desire to continue the comparison with "Hitler". Adolf Hitler was an evil man in all true context--however, Adolf Hitler did not begin by seeking war--HE DID NOT WANT WAR! HE WAS PUSHED INTO WAR AND THAT WAS WHEN IT BECAME A HOLOCAUST. Perhaps I shall have opportunity to relay some of these truths to you as we find time, for the truth is interesting indeed. -- PJ 20 -- page. 140 Most Americans are unaware that Hitler's hostility toward the Jews originated in the Zionist leaders having pushed the U.S. into World War I on the side of the Allies. This is acknowledged by Samuel Landman, secretary of the World Zionist Organization from 1917 to 1922 in London, who writes in his GREAT BRITAIN, THE JEWS, AND PALESTINE: "The fact that it was Jewish help that brought the U.S.A. into the war on the side of the Allies had rankled ever since in German-- especially Nazi--minds, and has contributed in no small measure to the prominence which anti-Semitism occupies in the Nazi program". Thus, as the leader of a once-defeated nation, Hitler hated the Jews as the source of the German defeat in World War I. The German General Staff generals were just as anti-Semitic as their leader. So the seeds sown by the Zionists in 1917 came to fruition in the New Germany. Now, perhaps you can better understand why all the statements originating from Israeli and Zionist sources-- ALWAYS REPRESENT SADDAM AS HITLER! IT IS AN EXPLOSIVE AND KNEE-JERKING MEMORY-CONNECTING DATA KEY! -- PJ 20 -- page. 214 In 1941 America's leaders were spawning for an even bigger war than America had ever fought before. The reasons had to do with Saudi Arabian oil, first and foremost, as has been detailed in the past. The Rockefeller Standard Oil interests had been locked out of the Persian Gulf by British boycott tactics. To cure that problem the Rockefeller cartel had helped create a threat to Britain in the form of Adolf Hitler. By 1940 the threat was doing its job. The battle of Britain was underway, and Churchill was finally willing to come to terms. If the U.S. would intervene and stop Hitler, then after the war America could have the Saudi oil. -- PJ 20 -- page. 230 ------------------------------ In the Hegelian system conflict is essential. Furthermore, for Hegel and systems based on Hegel, the STATE IS ABSOLUTE. The State requires complete obedience from the individual citizen. An individual does not exist for himself in these so called organic systems but only to perform a role in the operation of the State. There was no freedom in Hitler's Germany, there was not freedom for the individual under Marxism, neither will there be in the NEW WORLD ORDER. And if it sounds like George Orwell's 1984--IT IS. -- PJ 22 -- pag. 69 The Germans, not being exactly stupid, knew to whom they had sold their homes, farms and business for what quickly became bags of worthless Marks. Consequently, when the little corporal -- PJ 22 -- page 144 appeared pointing a finger in the right direction, he became quite popular (for they recognized the ones now labeled, by themselves, self-styled "JEWS"; NOT JUDEANS--SELF-MADE, SELF-STYLED "JEWS". AH, BUT THE SELF-STYLED ELITE MADE SURE THE HOSTILITY CAME AGAINST THE INNOCENT JUDEANS OF JUDEAN HERITAGE. AND WORSE, THEY STILL THRUST THE LIE UPON YOU AND YOU BELIEVE IT!). Seeking to control Hitler, the AB's initially financed his rise to power. However, after achieving power Hitler doubled-crossed the AB's and instituted a debt-free money system. This enabled Germany to go from being an impoverished nation to becoming the most powerful military nation on Earth in less than five years. Hitler had to be destroyed. And so he was. But in order to do so, it was necessary to involve the U.S. in the war before the Nazis (National Socialists) in Germany could destroy the Communists (International Socialists) in Russia. If your leaders had been acting in your best interests you would have let the socialists destroy each other and then picked up the pieces. Most Americans now know or suspect that the Japanese were instigated into attacking you at Pearl Harbor, but do nothing. You KNOW by now that the Japanese responded to Roosevelt's "back door" method of involving you in the war, which most Americans opposed. As planned, Russia was the real victor of WW-II. England supposedly declared war on Germany because of Hitler's invasion of Poland. But Roosevelt and Churchill treasonously connived with Stalin to turn, not only Poland, but all of the Eastern Europe as well as east Germany over to communist Russia. -- PJ 22 -- pag. 145 --------------------------- There will also be recognition of the two most terrible men in the history of the world in the 20th century, and the reading will go: "Stalin and Hitler". BS; the end of your time came with the prominence of the Khazarian Rothchilds out of the line of the Satanic Tribe reestablished on your globe. Remember that the SAME people have financed ALL OF THE WARS WHILE THE CULPRITS OF THEIR RACE AND CREED SCATTERED AND TOOK OVER GOVERNMENTS, IDEALS, AND BURIED GOD in their disinformation. The WORST ONE EVENT was the dumping on a MANUFACTURED personality they named "Jesus". It even became part of your traditional story-telling, that "Jesus" was born and he was called Jesus. No, HE was not, if you speak of the representative of CHRIST. That ONE was called Esu Immanuel! The usurpers of the Bible and the Tradition changed and pronounced HIS name to be "Jesus". But, what is in a name? A lot if you balance your existence now and THEN upon a false tale conjured to bind you to the shackles of intended deceit. "THAT" man (Jesus), AS A CHRISTED MANIFESTATION, has another name from old Egypt in expectation of the NEW NAME which will be borne by the returning GOD, as SANANDA! Don't believe me? Where did YOU get YOUR INFORMATION? -- PJ 222 -- page. 41 ----------------------------- The Ashkenazi Jews who migrated to Israel from Russia brought with them the ideology of socialism/communism and have put into practice much of that ideology. -- PJ 24 -- page 52 The Ashkenazi Jews who migrated to Israel from Germany, while sympathetic to communism and support it, tend to favor the practices of Nazi-style fascism. During World War II, in Germany these elite Zionist Ashkenazi Jews worked closely with Hitler‟s Gestapo in persecuting the lower class German Jews and delivering them to concentration camps.Now living in Israel, these elite Zionist Jews, who were well-trained in Nazi-style fascism and favor it, have imposed many facets of fascism on Israel. To give the impression that Israel is a democracy, members of the Knesset (Israel‟s Congress) are elected--an odd type of election. This is where Israel‟s so-called democracy stops. It doesn‟t make any difference which party wins an election, the LIKUD or Labor, the elite Zionist Jews rule in a dictatorial manner--giving favors to the elite clique and brutally suppressing any dissent. -- PJ 24 -- page. 53 ---------------------------- World War II would become necessary if the conspirators could not take over world control at the end of WW-I. This war would be brought about by a controversy between Fascism and political Zionism. Here we note again that Hitler was financed before and during the war by the Jewish Krupp family, the Warburg's, Rothschild's and other International Jewish banking groups. The supposed slaughter of six million Jews, which any intelligent, thinking person can see, was an impossibility, did not bother the International Jews in the slightest, since they have always been willing to sacrifice their own people if it would help them gain political control. The "myth of the holocaust" was necessary to create worldwide hatred for the German people and thus bring about a war against them. The conspirators knew that in order to be successful, three great Christian nations would have to be destroyed, Russia and Germany on the European continent, and the United States in North America. It should be of interest to note that World Zionism had already built up a war chest of some $2-billion to be used against Germany, as early as 1902. -- PJ 26 -- page. 65 ------------------------------- "CONFESSIONS‟ UNDER TORTURE Altogether more disturbing, however, were the methods employed to extract statements and confessions” at Nuremberg, particularly those from S.S. officers which were used to support the extermination charge. The American Senator, Joseph McCarthy, in a statement given to the American Press on May 20th, 1949, (and this, as much as any „communist‟ investigations was his personal downfall), drew attention to the following cases of torture to secure such confessions. In the prison of the Swabisch Hall, he stated, officers of the S.S. Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler were flogged until they were soaked in blood, after which their sexual organs were trampled on as they lay prostate on the ground. As in the notorious Malmedy Trials of private soldiers, the prisoners were hoisted in the air and beaten until they signed the confessions demanded of them. On the basis of such “confessions” extorted from S.S. Generals Sepp Dietrich and Joachim Paiper, the Leibstandarte was convicted as a “guilty organization”. S.S. General Oswald Pohl, the economic administrator of the concentration camp system, had his face smeared with feces and was subsequently beaten until he supplied his confession. In dealing with these cases, Senator McCarthy told the Press: I have heard evidence and read documentary proofs to the effect that the accused persons were beaten up, maltreated and physically tortured by methods which could only be conceived in sick brains. They were subjected to mock trials and pretended executions, they were told their families would be deprived of their ration cards. All these things were carried out with the approval of the Public Prosecutor in order to secure the psychological atmosphere necessary for the extortion of the required confessions. If the United States lets such acts committed by a few people go unpunished, then the whole world can rightly criticize us severely and forever doubt the correctness of our motives and our moral integrhy.” The methods of intimidation described were repeated during trials at Frankfurt-am-Mein and at Dachau, and large numbers of Germans were convicted for atrocities on the basis of their admissions.. The American Judge Edward L. van Roden, one of the three members of the Simpson -- PJ 40 -- page 95 Army Commission which was subsequently appointed to investigate the methods of justice at the Dachau trials, revealed the methods by which these admissions were secured in the Washington Daily News, January 9th, 1949. His account also appeared in the British newspaper, the Sunday Pictorial, January 23rd, 1949. The methods he described were: “Posturing as priests to hear confessions and give absolution; torture with burning matches driven under the prisoner‟s fingernails; knocking out the teeth and breaking jaws; solitary confinement and near starvation rations.” Van Roden explained: “The statements which were admitted as evidence were obtained from men who had first been kept in solitary confinement for three, four and five months.. .The investigators would put a black hood over the accused‟s head and then punch him in the face with brass knuckles, kick him and beat him with rubber hoses.. .All but two Germans, in the 139 cases we investigated, had been kicked in the testicles beyond repair. This was standard operating procedure with our American investigators.” Are you readers STILL UNDER THE DELUSION THAT THE JEWISH ISRAELI MOSSAD ARE NICE PEOPLE? The “American” investigators responsible (and who later functioned as the prosecution in the trials) were: Lt. Col. Burton F. Ellis (chief of the War Crimes Committee) and his assistants, Capt. Raphael Shumacker, Lt Robert E. Byrne, Lt. William R. Perl, Mr. Morris Ellowitz, Mr. Harry Thon, and Mr. Kirschbaum. The legal adviser of the court was Col. A.H. Rosenfeld. The reader will immediately appreciate from their names that the majority of these people were “biased on racial grounds” in the words of Justice Wenersturm--that is, were Jewish, and therefore should never have been involved in any such investigation. Despite the fact that “confessions” pertaining to the extermination of the Jews were extracted under these conditions, Nuremberg statements are still regarded as conclusive evidence for the Six Million by writers like Reitlinger and others, and the illusion is maintained that the Trials were both impartial and impeccably fair. When General Taylor, the Chief Public Prosecutor, was asked where he had obtained the figure of the Six Million, he replied that it was based on the confession of S.S. General Otto Ohlendorf. He, too, was tortured and his case is examined below. But as far as such “confessions” in general are concerned, we can do no better than quote the British Sunday Pictorial when reviewing the report of Judge van Roden: “Strong men were reduced to broken wrecks ready to mumble any admission demanded by their prosecutors.” -- PJ 40 -- pag. 96 These allegations have since been elaborated; it is now claimed that the murder of Soviet Jews by the Einsatzgruppen constituted Phase One in the plan to exterminate the Jews. Phase Two being the transportation of European Jews to Poland. Reitlinger admits that the original term “final solution” referred to emigration and had nothing to do with the liquidation of Jews, but he then claims that an extermination policy began at the time of the invasion of Russia in 1941. He considers Hitler‟s order of July 1941 for the liquidation of the Communist commissars, and he concludes that this was accompanied by a verbal order from Hitler for the Einsatzgruppen to liquidate all Soviet Jews (Die Endlosung, p. 91). If this assumption is based on anything at all, it is probably the worthless Wisliceny statement, which alleges that the Einsatzgruppen were soon receiving orders to extend their task of crushing communists and partisans to a “general massacre” of Russian Jews. -- PJ 40 -- pag. 97