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Hitler in the Pj's  3 The question which comes to me from you ones who have privy to the daily writings is, "Well, what does Nazi Germany and Hitler  have to do with the mess of the Conspiracy?" Lots! Great bunches!  It moves beyond the mysterious and becomes entangled with your very currency. As you will recall, in a prior chapter we spoke of encounters with German submarines in recent years and many of the German personnel who fled Europe have since been located living in South America quite comfortably and in great abundance. Recall also, that in Europe, there exists a registration obligation for each member of a community. Precise and detailed records are kept where a person lives, number of children, sex, age and so forth, as well as place of employment. Also noted, are details of closest relatives. In Europe, therefore, it is relatively easy to trace and locate anyone and at short notice. True, there was a temporary breakdown in the last few months of the war due to heavy bomb damage and the refugee problem, but conditions rapidly returned to the usual bureaucratic precision. In fact, these very records allow for the ferreting out of the "Nazi war criminals". Taking into account casualties and deaths from all causes (and this includes the million plus "other losses") there are still 250,000 missing persons and almost all were young people in their late teens to early twenties. That missing group has been widely re-ferred to as the "last battalion". Remember, in addition, that when the "last battalion" departed for places of Antarctica and later to slip quietly into Argentina and integrate into the population, counterfeiting plates were taken with them. My dear ones, the Falkland Island war had nothing to do with Argentina--it had everything to do with old war remnants of the second" variety. Also a major distraction at a most critical time, as we shall note later. The continuous rumors about German U-boat activity in the region of Tierra del Fuego (Feuerland, in German), between the southernmost tip of Latin America and the continent of Antarctica are based on truth and were written up most critically as truth by France's Agence France Press on the 25th of Sept., 1946. One of the more startling facts proving quite definitely that W.W. II did not end on May 8th, 1945 is an account some one and a half years after cessation of hostilities in Europe. the Islandic Whaler, "Juliana", was stopped by a large German U-boat. The Juliana was in the Antarctic region around Malvinas Island when a German submarine surfaced and raised the German official naval Flag of Mourning -- red with a black edge. I urge you not to take exception if I repeat a few incidents for they are indeed most important from several aspects and are often missed the first reading. - PJ 13 -- pag. 86 The submarine commander sent out a boarding party which approached the Juliana in a rubber dinghy, and having boarded the whaler demanded of Capt. Hekla part of his fresh food stocks. The request was made in the definite tone of an order to which resistance would have been most unwise. The German officer spoke correct English and paid for his provisions in U.S. dollars, giving the Captain a bonus of $10 for each member of the Juliana crew. While the food stuffs were being transferred to the submarine, the submarine commander informed Capt. Hekla of the exact location of a large school of whales. Later the Juliana found the whales exactly where designated. This, too, was reported in the French press. Now comes the hook-up. Huge amounts of money were clandestinely invested by Nazi Front men all over the world, but especially in South America. KNOWN are 300 million dollars to Spain, Sweden 250 million, Switzerland 100 million and Portugal 50 million and this represents only about 25% of the known investments which were mostly centralized in South and Central America. Billions of dollars were invested (and are being currently, 3/27/90) in large tracts of jungle and pampas real estate, factories, transportation, airlines, shipping and other assorted companies including food processing and agriculture. ALL PAID FOR IN AMERICAN DOLLARS--BY THE BILLIONS. It is not drug money being laundered through the South and Central American Banks that is the target of the U.S.--it is an effort to stop the flooding of the counterfeit money. The U.S. tells you the new money will be for the purpose to stop drug dealers and stop counterfeiting among the drug dealers---nay, nay, NAY--it is the only way to stop the German printing presses in your own hemisphere. How many of you are further aware that the U.S. GAVE currency printing plates to Russia? I thought not. Check it out--it will do wonders for your confirmation of old Hatonn's input. -- PJ 13 -- pag. 87 Ah, the Germans were a busy lot, from whom you ones at this time in history, could well take lessons in preparation. Added to their tucking away of treasures, extensive research was immediately launched into areas of artificial food cultivation, in huge greenhouses, with everything grown only on "chemical soil" an under artificial light. "Butter" was produced from coal and dry milk was one of their very survival inventions. A method was also invented to indefinitely preserve wheat flour. Great strides were also made in Freeze Drying all types of food and this was carried out particularly in experimental plants located in the area of Helmstedt. Hitler was keenly interested in these projects, visiting them frequently. In a very short while, Germany was more or less self- sufficient and for the first time in centuries. NO GERMAN EVER EXPERIENCED WANT AND HUNGER AGAIN UNTIL THE ALLIES BURNT OR ROBBED ALL THE HUGE WAREHOUSES OF THEIR CONTENTS IN 1945 AND AFTER. LIES OF THE LIBERATORS Any German who lived through that dreadful time will tell you what the humanitarian "liberators" of Germany doled out as food rations after their victory. In the French zone of occupation it was officially 850 calories a day, in the American zone it was "officially" a little more, whilst the inmates of Hitler's concentration camps (whose bony corpses you are still seeing daily on T.V. and in the newspapers), received more than double that amount of calories daily. The resultant famine and death from starvation, particularly among the elderly and infants, is well remembered by the German population. They call it a "peace crime". The food supply for any secret UFO force, (which is what Hitler himself called the "last battalion"), had already been solved. -- PJ 13 -- pag. 89 Let us look into the counterfeit situation. Hitler had again already planned, with great foresight, for this inevitability. In captivity in concentration camps such as Dachau, Buchenwald and Auschwitz, were Europe's best-known and most skilled forgers, ---- many of them JEWS. They were geniuses at their particular craft. A secret order was issued from Berlin code-named "Operation Bernhard". All the forgery experts were collected and were offered life and freedom if they cooperated in producing for Hitler, perfect forgeries of some of the allied currencies, but in particular, forgeries of the British pound and the American dollar, in various denominations. At first the forgers refused, but one by one they cooperated and in an astonishingly short space of time, they produced what seemed to be perfect forgeries. The German government supplied from its own papermills what is usually the stumbling block to perfect counterfeiting -- high quality paper. The plates and paper were perfect, but not satisfied with their own judgement, a secret agent was sent to neutral Switzerland with a suitcase full of "German-made" pounds and dollars as well as other currencies in all denominations. This agent went to one of Switzerland's largest banks and requested to see the manager and stated: "I am negotiating a business deal with a man I suspect of being a Nazi agent, and he intends to pay me in this currency with these bills. Please test them and see if they are genuine." -- PJ 13 -- pag. 90 TOP SECRET NAZI EXPEDITION Let us again turn our attention to the location of the bases. Even in this area Hitler had planned far ahead and at long range. Obviously guided by the possible occupation and subsequent loss of Germany itself, he had cast around for land still available for colo-nization and found that Antarctica was, at that time, the only continent still unclaimed. With his usual dispatch, a polar expedition was organized, the preparation of which was kept secret. The force consisted of several large vessels, at least two of which were aircraft carriers, not the present-day type but rather large ships with float-equipped airplanes on board. The planes were rocket-catapulted off special ramps at the end of the ships and retrieved out of the water via a crane. This secret Nazi Expeditionary Force was headed by Kapitan Ritscher and took place in 1937-38. The force landed in the area of Queen Maud Land and established bases there. Large float planes of the Dornier-Wal type, with the unusual pusher-puller propellers were used to explore a huge area of Antarctic terrain. Over 11,000 photographs were taken for mapping purposes. Significantly, a Swastika flag was dropped every 20 kilometers to substantiate the German claim to that land, comprising over 600,000 square kilometers in all. In this way, not only was a terrain claimed by Germany, larger than Germany itself, but more significantly, for the first time, ice-free oasis (warm lakes) were found by this secret Nazi expedition. They were photographed along with Alp-like mountain ranges of over 4,000 meters in height. Naturally, the explored areas were given German names and so you have today places like "Ritscher Gipfel", or, "Ritscher Peak", named after the leader of the expedition. The hot oasis amongst the eternal ice was called "Schirmacher Seen Platte" -- "Schirmacher Lake Group". These are also often referred to as the "Rainbow Lakes". The different colored appearances of these inland lakes are caused by algae found floating in the sweet water and vary in color from lake to lake as the algae color differs. The waters are warm enough to allow swimming and bathing with just bathing suits and swim trunks. Added credence to the secret bases thesis is found in remarks attributed to Joachin von Ribbentrop at the outbreak of the war. "In accordance with Germany's long-range political strategy, we have taken into firm possession the Antarctic area, called New Swabia (New Schwabenland) to ensure a safe retreat in case of necessary." If you compare the German area to the size of the United States it is huge in comparison. Other factors intake Antarctica an ideal place for these bases. There is no rust, no germs, and consequently very little illness or decomposition. Food remains edible forever, since the entire region acts rather like a giant freezer. The shed, for instance, where Scott spent some months pre-W.W. I, before he launched his ill-fated antarctic expedition, was recently discovered. The food which remained in the shed, from almost 70 years ago, was still as fresh and edible as on the day it arrived in Antarctica, and wooden boxes, tin cans, cups, candle and paper (in fact everything), are as well preserved as if by inanimate suspension. Antarctica has no flies, no bugs, and no bacillus can survive the cold temperatures of the surface location. -- PJ 13 -- pag. 92 20TH CENTURY SECRET? Could all of this have taken place in the 20th century without detection? Hardly! What steps were taken to discover the truth? What has been done on your placement to do something about the secret bases now that their existence has been established and established beyond a doubt? Why did the world not hear about these incredible events? Good questions indeed and it is surely past time that you the people, open your eyes and look around. Obviously, Hitler's escape was discovered immediately, otherwise the statements of Stalin and of Eisenhower and all other quoted sources would be an exercise in insanity. It has even been totally recognized that the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials were staged, to a great extent, in the hope that the "Last Battalion" could be drawn from their impregnable, inaccessible hideouts, and thus force the Fuehrer's hand. A large armed force of elite troops surrounded the whole of the Nuremberg area during the long agonizing months of the typically-Bolshevik show trials. Perhaps there are readers who will be able to recall from newspaper pictures or newsreels the "tight security" that existed in the whole of Germany during those trials. Some S.S. men were actually caught, tried and convicted for attempting to free their leaders, but when the cry of strangulations and torture was over, the Fuhrer was still no-where to be found. Some UFO overflights and activities were reported but no actual armed clashes or incidents took place. Washington, Moscow and London then decided to really "get into the act"; in fact, eight countries in total decided to do some "scientific" work in Antarctica, of all places!!! A large expedition, lavishly financed, was quickly put together. It consisted of over 4,000 specially selected elite U.S. navy troops along with an eight month food supply. Thirteen ships under the overall command of Admiral Byrd made up this purely "scientific" expedition, composed mostly of military-types and very few scientists. The U.S. Antarctic battle fleet left Norfolk, Va, on Dec. 2, 1946 -three distinct battle groups, comprised of the Mount Olympus, Admiral Byrd's command ship, the ice-breaker, "Northwind", the catapult ship "Pine Island", the destroyer "Brownsen", the aircraft- carrier "Philippines Sea", the U.S. submarine "Sennet and the two support vessels, "Yankee" and "Merrick", as well as the two tankers "Canisted" and "Capacan", an additional floatplane carrying ship, "Currituck" and the destroyer "Henderson". At the same time it was announced officially that a similar English-Norwegian force was operating in a support capacity in Antarctic waters around Bahia Marguerite. A Soviet contingent was also participating in the "research". U.S.A. CONVOYS IN ANTARCTICA The Soviet participation is an interesting one, since Winston Churchill had already spoken of an "Iron Curtain" and felt that "they" -- the crusaders to Europe had "killed the wrong pig". Obviously Churchill realized that they should have destroyed Bolshevik Russia and not Germany. So be it. The general public (YOU) was told that the "RESEARCH” mission was interested in locating uranium and studying the weather. Admiral Byrd, who had already undertaken a similar, though much smaller and speedier, investigation of the north pole was asked why he had recommended the establishment of armed observation camps. His reply, "Because the pole lies between us and our -- PJ 13 -- pag. 93 enemies" -- El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile, July 7th, 1947. Further questioning as to which enemy meant, since the Axis powers had just been defeated and had "unconditionally surrendered", brought no response from the "great" man. It was soon learned, however, that as well as the scientific jobs, the mission had the task of "observing the activities of a foreign power in the South Pole Region". Questioned further on this part of the expedition's activities, Adm. Byrd reportedly replied, "To break the last desperate resistance of Adolf Hitler, in case we find him in his Neuberchtesgaden inside 'New Schwabenland' in the Queen Maud Land region, or to destroy him." How interesting indeed. Also most interesting, the Byrd expedition was equipped with the very latest devices, amongst them were thermo-magnetic detectors. The U.S. expedition duly arrived and landed in Antarctica. With them the very latest in military gear, gadgets and troops. With them the very latest in military carriers, helicopters, floatplanes and every other conceivable military apparatus. Bases were established and quickly expanded. Observation planes were sent out all over the region. Thousands of photographs were taken and mapping missions flown. One particular flight stands out amongst all those reported and one with Adm. Byrd, himself, aboard. The instruments went totally haywire and the performance gauges and altimeters behaved in a most erratic manner, causing Adm. Byrd to abort the flight and return to base on "visual" control. All instruments returned to normal as soon as open terrain had been reached. It was reported, and it is true, that Admiral Byrd located the Secret Nazi Base (among other things we shall speak of later) and was approaching it when the above incident took place causing abandonment of the flight, but not before he dropped an American flag and a bomb or two on the approximate spot of the base. This was done, of course, to warn Hitler he was not entirely safe even in his Shangri-la. See this Russian video about, with English subtitles: http://youtu.be/MwUpPwyyvLw (Christ.) -- PJ 13 -- pag. 94 He was among the first victims of a long string of prominent people "removed from circulation" for their honest belief in Unidentified Flying Objects and encounters with higher forces. You can gain great insight into important conclusions from the foregoing: 1: The final outcome of W.W. II is yet to be decided. This is borne out by the late General and former President Eisenhower's statement--"The second world war has not yet ended," and corroborated by Admiral Byrd's alarming phrase "in the case of a new war". Hitler's Last Battalion is waiting for its golden opportunity to be "the tip of the scale" in any conflagration yet to come. SO BE IT, BROTHERS, SO BE IT! 2: Hitler has defended his secret lair as successfully against Byrd as he had his numerous headquarters in Europe, during the war against the Allies. Byrd was forced to retreat and to acknowledge the superiority of the UFO's, and their secret weapons. 3: The over fifty small wars since 1945 including Korea and Vietnam, were supposed to provoke a premature "showing of hands" by the Last Battalion. 4: The "New Third Reich" has maintained its crucial time/technology advantage over its W.W. II adversaries -- even decidedly increased it. 5: Idealism (spirit) has triumphed already over Materialism (money), since only the German state was destroyed but not the ideology of National Socialism. 6: There has been a 30-year cover up by brain and more often by brawn, about the true identity of the UFO's or at least many of them. Their origins have been known, but deliberately suppressed by the rulers of the Unholy Alliance of 1939-45. -- PJ 13 -- pag. 95 7: The real and only reason for the insane UFO cover up, now falling apart, is to be found in most UFO's German origin. The Allies in East and West have told so many lies about the barbaric, sadistic behavior of the Nazis, that they now fear wide-spread panic amongst their populations, should the truth become known. After all, if the Nazis are still around, would it not be logical and natural for them to take revenge one day? With U.F.O. power? Come now--what does the symbol of a swastika really mean? LIFE ONGOING AND WITHOUT END!No, I did not say that I adore and cherish the Third Reich--I said that the swastika means Life!  All the liars are not yet out of the woodwork, my friends. -- PJ 13 -- pag. 96 No man of the calibre of Adolf Hitler, deeply committed to the survival and resurgence of Western Culture, would ever allow this tragedy to happen to the White Race if he could at all help it. There is a most interesting aside which I might note for you. Perhaps a few of you readers will already know the following, that in the region of the South Pole (Antarctica), and to a lesser extent the North Pole, it is possible to escape from the earth's magnetic pull and death through radiation because the Van Allen Belts open up, funnel-like, at both of these extremities. It is possible to launch a spacecraft, with very little radiation protection from this area avoiding enormous weight, a crew needs no radiation-protective gear. Now I am going to lay forth some other speculations which might bear contemplation. You must remember that Hitler had massive feasibility studies of space stations, based on very specific and valid data.  He authorized launching an artificial satellite to be rocketed into space in 1947 with the A9-A10 rocket, in a steep angle away from the axis of the earth, and counter to the earth's rotation. From this point it would have been possible to observe any spot on earth within any given two hour time period, and hit any spot on earth with accurate missiles, bombs, radar-guided or other gadgets such as "mirror beams" or "death rays".  The Rosenbergs mentioned these platforms in their testimony during their espionage trials. They called them "Warships of space". Where did they get this information about top secret plans, not realized by the Allies until some 25 years later? From the same documents that gave them the atomic bomb, of course. Yes, this would definitely seem as if spaceflight was already known to a mysterious group of beings, would it not? -- PJ 13 -- pag. 98 ---------------------------- "For those of you who feel the word holocaust applies only to the slaughtering of some two and a half million Jews in Germany (Interruption. NEVER state that Hatonn has told you that the "holocaust" in Germany did not occur. I have said it did not occur as you have been told. A. Hitler was a basket case of evil and he practiced it most openly. However, he was a "divine" being. Ah, shock and stutter! All beings are divine! Now, the extermination camps and gas chambers are the magnificent hoax--not the incarceration and deaths of millions of people--keep your facts straight if you quote Hatonn, please.), you had better give some second thoughts to its meaning and the prophecy of these times. -- PJ 15 -- page. 45 One scholar of the Nazi era, Antony Sutton, has focussed heavily on German supporters of Hitler, while ignoring the crucial role played by the Bank of England and its Governor, Sir Montague Norman, in financing the Nazi regime. Sutton's position on this problem may have been influenced -- PJ 15 -- page 84 by the fact that he is British. In view of the outspoken statements from Adolf Hitler about Jewish influence in Germany, it would be difficult to explain the role of I. G. Farben in the Nazi era. Peter Hayes' definitive study of I. G. Farben shows that in 1933, it had ten Jews on its governing boards. It has been previously pointed out that I. G., from its inception, was a Rothschild concern, formulated by the House of Rothschild and implemented through its agents, Max Warburg in Germany and Standard Oil in the United States. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands joined the SS during the early 1930s. He then joined the board of an I. G. subsidiary, Farben Bilder, from which he took the name of his postwar supersecret policy making group, the Bilderbergers (ee-gads, does it simply never stop?). Farben executives played an important role in organizing the Circle of Friends for Heinrich Himmler, although it was initially known as Keppler's Circle of Friends, Keppler being the chairman of an I. G. subsidiary. His nephew, Fritz J. Dranefuss, was the personal assistant to Heinrich Himmler. Of the forty members of the Circle of Friends, which provided ample funds for Himmler, eight were executives of I. G. Farben or of its subsidiaries. -- PJ 15 -- page. 85