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GAIANDRIANA, part 4 SPELT-BREAD, AND OTHER "PRODUCTS" PJ 130, CHAPTER 17 GAIALYTE CONTENTS AND USE Let us divert from the day's "urgents" and consider one of the "products" which we will bring in (hopefully) October: GAIALYTE. What is it? Can we just use MO-GU tea? Why is it more expensive than any simple fruit juice? Who conjured such a boggle of "stuff"? In order: GaiaLyte is brought forth from that which was called Kargasok Tea. This was what was grown in the ultra-high lands in a LOT of ultraviolet (and higher) rays of solar origin. This IS the basic component or MU-GU tea as we have used the tea by that name. There are so many "names" that we specify simply for definition. The FACT IS, it is NOT the same for we are now growing the resource from an entirely different growing medium. The GaiaLyte will be a fully integrated electrolytic liquid, The "drink" which will be brought as a "concentrate" (3 to 1 minimum--as much to one as you like maximum) contains EVERYTHING supplemental to Gaiandriana--INCLUDING A GROWING-PROGRAMMING BASE OF GAIANDRIANA AND BASIC DRIANAS. It will also contain enough Carbragaia to equal a full schedule of what is being used in Mexico-- (shark-fin cartilage). If you are using MO-GU- -keep on--it can only enhance your full-rounded intake--but it WILL NOT be the same. However, the "new" drink will supply all you need without it. Do as you wish for this is NOT A MEDICAL PROGRAM OF ANY KIND. We are not physicians as in Medical Doctor; we are not anything--except hopefully, sharers of information. The GaiaLyte will have a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, Ginkgo, Echinacea, Chlorella, Oxygenators, Aloe Vera--everything necessary to "program" the cells in the tea membrane AND the Gaiandriana included. No, this does not replace the Gaiandrianaused otherwise. This is a PERFECT medium to enhance the ability of the Gaiandriana you already take to enhance itself--reinforcement fuel, if you will. There is a lot more included but this is sufficient to give you an idea. We are efforting to keep the "quantity" base to a quart for shipping purposes and economy. You can dilute the concentrate with water AND/or anything you like. I ask that you ADD two things to the reconstituted drink: apple juice (unfiltered preferred) (at least a fourth cup per fourth cup of concentrate) AND Cranberry juice (at least a fourth cup per fourth cup of concentrate). [This would increase each serving by a minimum of 1/2 cup.] The apple juice is directly needed to flush out the gall bladder and the cranberry juice flushes out the bladder (urine). You may use as much as you like of either OR both and I would hope you would do so on a continuing basis because of the value of these two products and their focus of use. I believe you will find it a very tasty beverage but I ask that no matter how "good", just keep to the "program" amounts or you may find yourself a bit "woozy" immediately after intake. This is due more to the Aloe Vera present than the tea itself--but as you know, even the MO-GU tea can make you quite light-headed. There is no alcohol in the beverage although you may very well think so as the body rushes to uptake the fuel supply. This is not a medical-chemical concoction so you could take the entire bottle without damage or hazard--but you might well not feel so great for a bit afterward and it is totally UNNECESSARY for any expected positive response. Readers, please consider this statement carefully: This is not like taking an antibiotic with flu or sore-throat. This is a well- body systemic enhancement. It sometimes, as with other persons' elixir--takes weeks or months to feel any difference. ONCE balanced, however, you will note that at onset of infection, cold, etc., if you take around six ounces of Gaiandriana and double up on the GaiaLyte--you will probably note positive response in about an hour. Remember--you are activating the enhanced immune system and it takes a while to accomplish this task. If you expect instant perfection, disappearance of scar- tissue, long fingernails to paint in pretty pictures, return your hair color to what it was at 15-yrs., you are barking up the wrong Gaia- tree. Most of you have worked 30, 40, 50--60-80 years to mess up yourself to the extent you have--give GOD a chance to work WITH you for a couple of weeks at least. We have one precious friend from right in our immediate circle in the hospital RIGHT now as we speak. She was not feeling well a few weeks ago and I asked to have her run through the "program". She is in the hospital and a massive amount of "stuff' was drawn from one of her lungs. The interesting part is that the substance being removed is causing the hospital staff grief--because they don't find what anyone would expect. They realize that something was going on in the lung in point--probably massive infection or tumors but the removed substance is confusing for it doesn't seem to fit anything "ongoing"--even testing for "mystery disease". So, what is it? Well, I might suspect that it is the result of a breaking down of mutant cells from tumors, blood clots from some type of injury or isolated infection in the lungs. We have noted, as has Merkl, that when tumors or infectious clumps break down--they reduce the tumors to "mush" and then have to be either surgically removed sometimes or go through a long period of self-removal in the "waste" systems. Will this mean "she" is totally healed and awaiting the OK to come home? No--it DOES, however, mean that she is alive and would probably otherwise be quite dead with this much build-up of fluid--one lung was all but useless for air intake. Ongoing illness and "cure"? Come now--I am not in the medical business--nor even the "diagnosis" business. You would have to ask HER. Further, she may well undergo all sorts of things while hospitalized, such as X-rays, antibiotics, etc. These are accepted treatments in a medical setting so "who knows?"--we just pray that she will rally her own resources and heal. Beloved ones, it is ALL anyone can do-- doctors do not "cure" nor "heal"--THE PATIENT DOES--all things done by a physician are tools to aid the body to do its own healing. I conjured the boggle of "stuff" and Dharma has worked day and night as if in a laboratory and, now, we have it with everything it now needs. As we move along we will also enhance its own frequency level which will transfer to the body of anyone taking it--just as with Gaiandriana--only in a much different manner of utilization. Remember, you are now in the time of having to brace yourselves against the pulses and electromagnetic fields being structured against you--such as those "towers" we have been writing about being placed all over your globe. This will also enhance the ability to utilize the higher ultra-violet, and above, rays without simply converting them to cancer and skin atrophy. This does not mean to stop protecting yourselves to the best of your ability for there is so much left to thrust upon you that you must utilize all care and possible protection at every occasion. Your immune T-cells are very, very prevalent in the skin, friends. Further, if you can--use PABA-based lotions for skin protection (sunscreen) because it is marvelous for the immune cells within the skin as fuel to keep them working. It is not just a "sun-blocker", the point is that it also enhances the dermal immune cells. COST: This is an expensive concentrate to produce as anyone using Aloe Vera and other of the ingredients would note right off. We tried to bring the cost lower but until we can find better resources, we are stuck with that which IS. What you have is a far, far better and more comprehensive product than Crystal Life ever began to be--just as is--even if it did not have living Gaiandriana in it. That product was, I believe, costing in the neighborhood of 80 dollars a bottle (quart). You will now have a gallon for less than an eighth the cost. Frankly, it COULD be used exactly like Crystal Life--in drops--but it is not so effective used that way--especially as you are efforting to BRING YOUR SYSTEM into balance and enhancement. Besides, I BELIEVE (Merkl does not) that you must have vitamin particulate present from which to program production by the cells--after they have lost their full-spectrum capabilities. We will walk, together, through the maze as best we can to reach full balance and capability. We are not yet to SURVIVAL mode--we are simply efforting to get prepared and realize what we can do for selves in an ongoing, noncompetitive manner with the big-boys, and have whole-body enhancement along with offering the mind that which it needs to "sharpen up". WHY HAVE TO MIX IT IN IMMEDIATE USE AMOUNTS AND NOT THE WHOLE GALLON? Because it is reactive with the juices and water. It will literally "change color" and it will not be appetizing even if taste is unchanged. It also will separate into component parts and MUST BE AGITATED (SHAKE IT). IT HAS LIVING CELLS HOWEVER, AND UNREFRIGERATED WILL EFFERVESCE (form gas). When your bottle arrives, I suggest you chill it FIRST-- then remove top, replace top and shake well [then refrigerate]--or you may have GaiaLyte all over your ceiling and cupboards! It will react just as a shaken can of pop or champagne. On this note, I would say, that the concentrate mixed with any flavored "pop" of any kind--is very, very tasty and delights the children--as well as with any punch mix or juice mixture. You will have calories which must be considered in diabetic situations. I further suggest that you give a teaspoon, at least, of AQUAGAIA, along with the drink--to any diabetic because AquaGaia is "mito-chondria" which is a basic manipulator of blood sugars and balancer of glucose-insulin producing glands. As for calories, they come from the necessary sugars used as medium base. The sugars are radically "changed" but still must be considered just as you would have to consider wine, sugar, pop or anything. Reconstituted, with WATER, you will have calorie equivalent of reconstituted Tang, fruit juice, punch, or any other beverage (such as regular pop). So, dilute with sugar-free beverages and consider the fruit juice addition and you will be fine. THIS IN NO WAY EVEN BEGINS TO SUGGEST YOU CHANGE YOUR MEDICAL REGIME FOR DIABETES--ANY SUDDEN CHANGE TO A REGULATED "PATIENT" WOULD BE VERY NEGATIVE AT UPSTART. "IF" changes and refunction become apparent--the doctor will note it--DO NOT TREAT THIS LIKE A MEDICINE--IT IS NOT! If it is more suitable, say, with children, to give the juices separately (or even leave them off entirely) just go with what is comfortable for you. I REPEAT: THIS IS SIMPLY AN ENHANCEMENT TYPE OF PROGRAM--NOT A MEDICINAL REGIME NOR ARE THERE ANY CLAIMS OTHERWISE. EXERCISE: It is up to you. Obviously if you start off ILL, you will not feel like exercising. Any "body" is better off in having some exercise--but this has NOTHING to do with exercise--we leave that to the "fitness" proponents. This is likened to equating medicine with running or exercise with vitamins--they DO different things. THIS IS NOT AN EXERCISE ADJUNCT OF ANY KIND with one exception: THE ADDED OXYGENATION QUALITIES WILL ENHANCE STAMINA INCREDIBLY! Thank you for your inquiries and we ask your patience. Our workers are volunteers and there is only a handful to do this massive load of preparations. Even our provider of the Gaiandriana and AquaGaia is sucked into IRS court these days in another "state"--so we will have to adjust as we can. The "youngsters" are doing an IMPOSSIBLE task of structuring some kind of order in distribution, etc. I CAN promise you one thing--ALL will be well tended and timely--for that is what our volunteers are dedicated to provide in order to share with the rest of you, our team. We need YOU and, here, we understand WHY and no amount of work is spared in order to fill my necessary requests--I bless this team, for they are the very life-resource which will see our own troops through this "gathering" period. They serve with every adversarial arrow shot at them in addition--I simply, myself, do not know how to thank them for I give them one "impossible" task following another, superhuman tasks in "time" alone, jobs for which they have little or no background and ask them to both make it possible and learn it if you don't know it. What saves "the day" here almost EVERY day? A sense of humor and realization that if I ask them to do a thing--IT CAN BE DONE! AND IT IS! FOOD POSSIBILITIES You are going to end up in a terrible bind for "food". Food is the controlling factor in all wars--and in peace if the controller wants to manipulate YOU. Hybridizing of seeds is the first most horrendous thing which has come to pass--for the seeds from a crop are worthless except for the eating. They will not reproduce. This is why we are working on Spelt (and a specific type of Spelt--there are only four kinds) for it was the first food grain brought to your planet. ALL except the "common spelta" is "toxic". This means that it measures its environment and grows accordingly. This is a "thinking" grain. The "toxins" show up in varying degrees and once toxicity is established at a plus 2 or plus 3 (meaning contaminates such as pesticides and chemicals, etc.) it will not reproduce itself well, it will not make good breads, and so on. Genetically, the "common" variety (of which there is not very much around anymore) will continue to maintain itself in a "non- toxic" state or WILL NOT GROW. Spelta is radioactivity resistant and utilizes the higher wave light frequencies to advantage--not to store radiation for the unsuspecting "eater". PROTEIN NEEDS Now, this is fine for "grain" but what about proteins? It is interesting to note that the proteins in the Spelt are not as useful as might be thought. It is for other things that Spelt is valuable--not protein. There are several proteins in the grain but we consider that some of the proteins which "become" present in the "toxic" grain are what causes it to be labeled "toxic" in the first place. So, you will need chlorella (algae), possibly yeast, and of course, you knew I would eventually get there--lentils (red preferably) and SOYBEAN curd, sprouts, tofu, milk and thus and so. So, I annoy the planters (who are not farmers but are becoming so) with, "Now, get some non-hybrid quality from the same "Common Spelt" resource--and lay out some fields as soon as we can have enough funds to lease them as purchasing is out of the question this season. The Spelt needs to go in the ground very, very soon to attend its winterizing. THIS is why it is so hard to not have the resources which George Green has taken from this Institute. The Institute was established for the specific purpose of making available the resources for these projects. It reminds me of the thieves taking from the church donation boxes for the poor. How can ones steal from God's people when all they are doing is providing a foundation upon which a remnant can survive in wholeness and the masses can recover if they so-choose. Well, I always, like you, ask--and of course we all know the answer. We were never promised an easy go of it...! TUE., OCTOBER 26, 1993 POINTS TO PONDER: GAIANDRIANA It has been brought to my attention that I need to give you a few more instructions on Gaiandriana. Dharma handles a lot of the research experiments with the "mother" cells and she got a real shocker today. Yesterday was too busy to attend much work on the Gaiandriana so all she did was add the additional water I told her to use to "hold" it. Today is a beautiful, clear and "sun intense" day at this altitude. By mid-afternoon the cells had grown and "crystallized" to the point that the entire 3 gallon container was acting as a giant refracting magnifying glass. She has 12 of them and every one was focusing such an intense laser that there are actually etched burns ready to flame on the wooden tables. These were smoking and moving in a line at the speed of the orbit, smoking and ready to burst into flame. The reason I tell you readers this is to warn you who would think you can "upgrade" your own drianas--be careful for if you put the liquid into a crystal container (as in hand blown, uncut, crystal) and place in the sun--you can very well start a fire and burn your house down. Treat it EXACTLY as you would a high-quality magnifying glass. This has burned into the wood and therefore ruined the surface finish of the furniture and might very well scorch formica if not attended. I would not expect this to happen but these are large three gallon containers and the power is tremendous. It is nice, however, for confirmation reasons that this happened--for it proves beyond doubt that you have active crystals reproducing so quickly that the replication frequency measurements are "off- scale". I always have her temper the solution with other ingredients and color to gage "readiness" and prevent this from happening. It is a good experience, however, to SEE the results and life reproduction right in full eye view. If you think this will not raise those frequencies within a body cell to such an extent as to rapidly dispatch a foreign form (virus, etc.), then think again. These people (four of them) literally watched the cells line up in solution, into "stands" to intensify the laser. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF GOD IN CREATION nor what God will make available if HIS people would but accept the gifts. HE would never leave His creations without messengers or that which you need to make transition--unless His own turn from HIM. In that instance HE has NOT denied--HE has BEEN denied. CLONES I find it most amusing to watch and receive the input from the past week's revelations in the "news". Cloning?? Twins, triplets or more? Come children, these are NOT NEW capabilities--it is simply that this technology is now being made public to counter the revelations and happenings to come which would overwhelm the senses. We thought it especially amusing in that the releases of cloning news came from the same journalists who covered a large meeting which Rick attended and all but four or five speakers were clones--some now without the original. Cloning is EASY, RAPID and downloading "memory" even more easily accomplished than down-loading a computer program. I have been asked to make a detailed discussion on the subject. No thank you--we have had detailed discussions on that very subject over and over again for five years. FRI., OCTOBER 30, 1993 AIDS CAUSES I remind you that WE are the only ones who have told you the truth of it and HOW the AIDS virus is passed. Today, however, they claim they have "found" that the AIDS "HIV" virus is passed within a living cell PROGRAMMED to enter into the safety of other cells for protection and sets up a barrier against treatment, while mutating to change with every DNA change (of host(s)). KEEP UP YOUR GAIANDRIANA AND STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE "TOO THIS AND TOO THAT" TASTE OF THE GAIALYTE--IT IS NECESSARY TO ALLOW PASSAGE OF THE NEW CELLS TO MOVE THROUGH THE BARRIERS. YOU HAVE THE GIFT OF KNOWING AND OF LIFE--IF YOU ALLOW IT TO BE ACCEPTED. I repeat to you beloved readers who wish to share with us as things are offered for your choosing or denying--we are NOT in a mass- marketing thrust, we are not in a MEDICINE chest thrust, we are NOT TRYING TO "SAVE" ANYONE OR ANYTHING. We offer that which may well help you feel better and enhance well-being--NOTHING MORE. If it happens to cross the barriers of the protective structures guarding an HIV virus--so be it. It only allows the body to structure itself properly to create the capability--the bottle of "stuff" doesn't do anything. The contents, if utilized, CAN--there is a big, big difference. MON.. NOVEMBER 8. 1993 GENETIC REALIZATION. (PERHAPS YOU WILL WANT TO TRY GAIA-SOURCE) What do you have today from the "real" world of medical "breakthroughs"? Three things from CNN this morning: "1) Alzheimer's is a GENETIC malfunction. 2) Heart disease is NOW LINKED TO GENETIC MALFUNCTION and, 3) Breast cancer is linked to GENETIC problems". Interesting?!? So, what will be the next step in this unfolding drama of life and death? Yes indeed--years of RESEARCH and NEW DRUGS to further alter the genetic structuring, along with outrageous surgeries ad nauseam. WOULD IT NOT BE BETTER TO SIMPLY TAKE GAIANDRIANA, LET THE BODY SORT ITS PERFECT GENE-DNA STRUCTURE AND RECLAIM AND RESTRUCTURE ITS OWN PERFECTION?? IT SURELY SEEMS MORE REASONABLE, INEXPENSIVE AND PROBABLE IN PERFORMANCE THAN MUTILATION, DEAD-BLOOD-GIVING AND POISONING THE ENTIRE SYSTEM TO RECALL ONE OR TWO GENETIC FRAGMENTS! That, too, of course, is up to you. GOD CREATING YOU, of God, are given great gifts with your birthing onto this stage of experience. You are given "reason", "choice in free-will" and ability to CREATE. You can create good health or allow your enemy to destroy it. You can act in such ways as to cause the adversary to have no power over you or your nation--OR YOUR GLOBE. But do you remember "how" to Create? Creation is never violent, forceful or negative to any God-Creation. GOD CREATES NEW AND BETTER WAYS--SATANIC FORCES CAN ONLY USE THAT WHICH IS ALREADY CREATED AND FUNCTION IN TOTALLY PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS. IF YOU WISH TO CHANGE A THING--YOU MUST CREATE THAT WHICH WILL BRING IT INTO BEING--IN GOODNESS. GOD HAS THE "POWER" OF THE UNIVERSE--YOU ARE OF GOD CREATOR--THEREFORE, YOU ALSO HAVE THIS POWER WHICH SURPASSES ALL--IN THE UNIVERSE. IS IT NOT TIME THAT WE USE THESE THINGS GIVEN FROM CREATOR TO CREATE OUR PERFECTION? Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn November 8, 1993 (Day 84, Year 7 and counting--) SAT., NOVEMBER 20, 1993 GOOD HEALTH There is no substitute for good health in the form of good nutrition and abstaining from all "harmful" substances. Man is simply not going to abstain until he is sick unto death and is forced to do so. We can't wait until everyone is dead before we offer something to BALANCE a bit better that WHICH HE CONTINUES TO INTAKE. So, let us recognize that man will not act on simply "good advice" but I promise you that if you offer other solutions to his dilemma by the addition of "something" to neutralize the action of these damaging things--he will do so. What is happening now is that people continue their "vices" and negate a great amount of the validity of the Gaiandriana. This is because that with the addition of these particular substances which affect the nervous system, or the instructions to the cells, you have original focus of the drianas to negate the invaders--FIRST--and then the focus can be changed to the healing or perfecting of the "cells". There is no way to counter the immediate effect, for instance, of the burned tar from a smoke, no matter what the smoke. This is introduced damage makers--but the immune system and body healing cells CAN overcome if given enough of a head start. It becomes a mechanical "thing". These named invaders, however, move rapidly within cells and, although they don't belong there, they set up a whole string of events. For instance, none of the substances as itemized would be particularly damaging, except in mental response, if left circulating long enough to be rendered harmless. This is not the case with poisons, toxins and such as caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, etc. Do not get the idea that when I say neutralize the atom or molecule of caffeine that I mean negate the response of the body to a cup of coffee. I simply mean that it will give the drianas "equal" opportunity. These substances work on the nervous system, knock out the molecules which give full flow to the nerves and central nervous system "home office". I am not interested, at this time, in offering some kind of drops to allow people to continue their vices--however, this will do it. It will not keep a person from getting intoxicated by alcohol but it can prevent, totally, the damage to brain cell connections. The same with Alzheimer's physical nervous response, muscular dystrophy, Lou Gehrig's, Parkinson's and other “nervous” incurable diseases. It is a protein substance that interferes with the nervous system connector relays. The most auspicious results, however, will be seen with ones wishing to cooperate in their own well-being and utilize the "program". Dharma laughed and suggested "fat drops"; well WE CAN DO THAT--this WILL DO THAT. IF ones would take as directed, the full "program", they would lose appetite; moreover, the body would be able to balance out the unnecessary fat absorption. What people do is overwork fat cells and they expand--to properly balance, the cells must learn (be programmed) to accept only the sufficient amount. This can easily be done but the substances are NOT ALLOWED YOUR USE--so a new product with target capability WILL NOT BE ALLOWED--so we have to label it something else, don't we? You will never be able to take everything I ask you to take daily in the bread, GaiaLyte and chlorella alone--and lose weight if you continue to consume a cake with every drink. OBESITY is a mind-game--a total brain drain program. Obese people do not eat because they need food--they need love and solace. BALANCED NERVE-MIND FUNCTION PRODUCES PERFECT BODIES BALANCED IN POSITIVE MANNER OF RATIOS PROPER FOR SKELETAL STRUCTURE--ALWAYS. Mental unbalance followed by intake imbalance is what causes obesity, underweight--whatever. A balanced-working body will attend itself--except for the CONSCIOUS/SUBCONSCIOUS training of the person in point. I have hesitated to offer this to you people because some of you who must attend my needs and are under bombardment by electronic wave beams--NEED THE FAT CELLS AROUND THE AREA OF THE MIDSECTION FOR PROTECTION! As you come along, we can handle that problem but we have caused so many changes in ones closely working here--that one or two more is like the backbreaking single straw added to the load. When we get the countering frequencies established and raised beyond that which the enemy uses for bombardment--we can put you on "automatic" self-adjusting and negate need for all this other effort. Until we can do that, however, it will require that some extra substance, extra thought (even to meditation on balance and wellness) be continued and with the majority they will ALWAYS need the boost. It is fine, beloved ones--it is fine. If you turn to the balancing substances we offer, you will find a lessening of your energy and financing expended to that which doesn't work at any cost! Do you understand? If your coffee is important to you and allows you to "feel" better--realize that there are healing qualities in caffeine--but it does not positively interact well with Gaiandriana, just the opposite, it negates. It will be ever thus--but it can be "neutralized" energy-wise, molecule by molecule. Would this be good for ANYONE--say, those who do not want Gaiandriana? Of course, because I fully intend to have the stuff LOADED with Gaiandriana--or mitochondria, depending upon that with which we are working. Alcohol will respond better with mitochondria (Aquagaia) because of its energy conversion capability. The alcohol molecule neutralizer would be excellent to be utilized in diseases of, say, the liver, the pancreas, the spleen, kidneys, etc., which deal with detoxification of the system--regardless of whether alcohol is present or not. It is not needed however, because if you are taking the other things offered, you are "covered". What we want to accomplish up front is the ability to keep these additives from damaging the value and potency of the Gaiandriana or mitochondria (Aquagaia). If you can balance the toxin prior to intake you are far, far ahead for there are some molecular structures which absorb a tremendous amount of energy to negate. Will this allow you to go from 5 cups a day of coffee, to ten? WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU EVEN WANT TO CONSIDER SUCH A THING? THERE ARE OTHER THINGS BESIDES CAFFEINE IN COFFEE WHICH AIN'T SO HOT FOR YOU. The "acid" alone in coffee and some teas--is enough to destroy your system. Are you searching for suicide or healing? WHY? A couple of glasses of wine are healing and calming--a couple of quarts at a sitting gets you drunk. Even the occasional "drunk" will not hurt you as much as the drunken driving likely will. REASON, LOGIC and WISDOM had better become your code-word rule of thumb(s). Will the negation of the items in point keep you from addiction? YES! So, there is, after all--a Tooth fairy--but only useful with "I" teeth. The proper use of Gaiandriana itself will stop an addiction in its tracks, properly utilized WITH MIND-CHANGE. "Intoxication" and "alcohol damage" are not interchangeable terms, my friends. Neither are they the "kind" of "diseases" as established to relieve responsibility, as claimed by your nut-niks. "Disease" is now a cop-out diagnosis to offer excuse for lack of responsibility--as are all ADDICTION. So, Hatonn, is getting mean in your old age? Yes! I do not accept excuses...TWICE! An EXCUSE is good for ONE TIME ONLY! We are WATCHING one die of Lou Gehrig's disease (which is, by the way, a total misdiagnosis in the first place as that is not what is wrong with the man!) right in front of your eyes when, yep, about 20 drops of this and a bottle of Gaiandriana would stop this nonsense. But, I too believe a man has the right to commit suicide any way he chooses--if one ceases to desire to live in the play granted by God--then it is between him and God. I have little patience with giving attention to such foolishness and I consider it the highest form of irresponsibility to others, including God. NEXT PAGE