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GAIANDRIANA, part 3 SPELT-BREAD, AND OTHER "PRODUCTS" PJ 130, CHAPTER 16 HYDROGEN PEROXIDE: USE FOR PURIFICATION OF "STUFF" NECESSARY INSTRUCTIONS: GAIANDRIANA AND OTHER "PRODUCTS" As we sit to pen this information I am at a loss as to how to keep you from thinking me idiot-material. However, you who already have past information, say, regarding Hydrogen Peroxide and its antiseptic-antibiotic properties, please be patient while we offer information to those who have not received same. Further, Summer is upon you and such as Gaiandriana and the Mo-Gu starters and-or tea need updated care instructions. We have gotten back from ONE who said he had the "stuff" tested and found a few bacteria, a virus or two and some E. Coli in the test-run. If it were the Gaiandriana I question that result very, very much. It is important for you to know that in the culture medium utilized there is a combination of items which CREATE AND PRODUCE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE in the Gaiandriana transformation. This will purify the liquid. This does not mean that you cannot contaminate the bottle in some manner. However, since intake decreases, usually, let us consider the "setting" bottle, etc. Of course it is recommended that you store the larger quantity in refrigeration facilities. HOWEVER, if you have no refrigeration facilities, etc. Place the equivalent of 10 drops of food-grade (35%) hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in a small quantity (approximately an ounce) of water (to first dilute the H2O2) and then add this diluted H2O2 to the 32- ounce Gaiandriana or Aquagaia bottle. Remember to scale down the number of H2O2 drops utilized for the smaller 16-ounce and 8- ounce product bottles. The Gaiandriana or Aquagaia will continue to thrive and the unwanted bacteria and-or any virus will be destroyed and then actually removed by ingestion by the Gaiandriana or Aquagaia activity. The "tea" (Mo-Gu) is a very different matter. You are making a very sweet growing medium for the membrane and in addition you are growing it in a warm condition (necessary) and further you are setting it for a couple of weeks or so, give or take a bit. What do I suggest? Well, I suggest that probably you won't want to ship much "tea" during the hot months because of lack of refrigeration in route. But, you CAN purify the water used in making the tea with the general rule-of-thumb water-purification formula of 7-10 drops of 35% food-grade H2O2 per gallon of water—which will additionally help enhance the membrane growth. Then, later on, as you process or "harvest" the finished Mo-Gu tea product, and store it in the refrigerator, add another 7 to 10 drops (say, for a gallon storage container of Mo-Gu, with scaled down number of drops for smaller storage containers) of the 35% food- grade H2O2. Again, first dilute the H2O2 in some water before adding to the Mo-Gu. You will not taste it and neither will it hamper the value. I always suggest, in adding any 35% food-grade H2O2 to anything, that it be DILUTED FIRST. Just as you must NEVER drop concentrated anything into the mouth (for it would damage living cellular structures), neither do you dump it full-strength into living culture medium. Dilute it in a bit (say, an ounce) of water first and STIR rapidly whatever it is you are dumping the diluted H2O2 into for purification purposes. Naturally, if just purifying a gallon of water, there is no need for active stirring, though a little closed- container agitation (a few shakes) won't hurt. GETTING “SLIMED” Another question: What about that slimy goo in the bottom of the bottle of Gaiandriana or Aquagaia if left out of refrigeration? GOOD GOO! I suggest you now go get some FOOD-PROCESSED ALOE VERA LIQUID. Take a half cup or so of it (some of it is even orange or lemon-lime flavored, etc.) and dump in the "goo" and last portion of a Gaiandriana or Aquagaia bottle. Or, strain the "goo" out of its original bottle and place it into the new aloe vera "home". Leave set for a couple of days and you will have a concentrated batch of Gaiandriana or Aquagaia product which will be an addition to the original bottle. This is NOT a replacement for the original batch you get for it will not contain all you need. However, in ones who intake products which tend to kill off a portion of the Gaiandriana in the body (like caffeine in coffee)—this will enhance the potency--even if you just drink a little. Remember, Aloe Vera itself has a tendency to make some people feel "queazy" so DO NOT OVERDO how much of this you drink!! However, a full-blown AIDS victim could take ten times a "normal" amount and only improve--for perhaps "feeling good" is a very relative state of being. Some people are going to run fevers and have "crisis" symptoms as healing takes place. If this goes on for very long, look to other health problems for the cause. First, treat the "liquid batch" with hydrogen peroxide as above described. THEN start on a regimen of hydrogen peroxide according to the instructions given again herein [following after next paragraph]. (see PJ) I happen to know that you do not need to work up to any 25 drops as the instructions [following] claim UNLESS you are suffering from flu, infection, or other maladies. If you are "well" and "anything" makes you feel bad--either stop it or, certainly, decrease the amount. USE YOUR REASONING MIND!! Like anything of this nature--TOO MUCH WILL MAKE YOU SICK OR BE DETRIMENTAL--EXCEPT WITH GAIANDRIANA--AND THEN EVEN THOUGH YOU MIGHT NOT FEEL GOOD (BECAUSE OF THE OVERDOSE OF ALOE FROM THE CULTURE MEDIUM), YOU WON'T HURT YOURSELF. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE — H2O2(35% Food Grade) Purchase a small eye dropper bottle at the drug store. Fill your small dropper bottle from the large bottle as needed. The large bottle may be stored in the refrigerator or in the freezer inside another plastic container. The small eye dropper bottle should also be kept in the refrigerator. Always use caution when handling 35% hydrogen peroxide! DO NOT use with carrot juice, carbonated drinks or alcohol. For best results, take on an empty stomach 1 hour before a meal or 3 hours after meals. Formula: Mix the number of drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide into at least 6 oz. of distilled water, juice or milk and stir vigorously, then drink the mixture. Some people eat 1/4 to 1/2 of a banana immediately after drinking the solution. You may prefer something else to eat. If your stomach gets upset at any level, stay at that level or go back one level. Then proceed to increase your daily dosage again. When free of complaints you may taper off by taking: 25 drops once every other day for 1 week. 25 drops once every 3rd day for 2 weeks. 25 drops once every 4th day for 3 weeks. A good maintenance could be 5-15 drops per week, or whatever makes you feel good. If you get the 35% hydrogen peroxide on your skin rinse it under running water for several minutes. Soak feet: 1-1/2 oz. 35% to 1 gal. of water. Bath: 16 oz. 35% to a tub of water to detoxify. Colonic: 1/2 pt. of 3% per 5 gal. of water. Douche: 6 tablespoons of 3% per qt. of water. Candidiasis: 1 drop of 35% 3 times a day; then increase schedule. For the more serious complaints, stay at 25 drops 3 times per day for 1 to 3 weeks. Then graduate down to 25 drops two times per day until your problem is taken care of. This may be from 1 to 6 months. If you have a weak stomach you may experience nausea similar to that in pregnancy. Also as dead bacteria or various forms of poisons are released you will experience a cleansing effect as they are released through the elimination organs of the body: skin, lungs, kidneys and bowels. Some reactions to the cleansing effect could include skin eruptions, nausea, headaches, sleepiness, unusual fatigue, diarrhea, head or chest cold, ear infections, boils or any other ways the body uses to loosen toxins. This is a natural cleansing of the body and should be of a short duration as you continue to maintain your program. Formula to make a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Put 1 oz. of 35% hydrogen peroxide in a pint jar. Add 11 oz. of distilled water. This will give you 12 oz. of 3% H2O2. Use also for brushing teeth and applying to skin sores. Do not use 35% H2O2 if you have had a transplant. TO THOSE OF YOU WAITING FOR NEW STRENGTH OF PRODUCT Because I have mentioned that work is being done on strengthening the Gaiandriana, some of you are backing off and waiting. Please don't do that for research is being done and it will be a while. In addition, one of the items in the medium is being removed in order to enhance the strength. This will mean that you can get the same basic result by adding some food-processed aloe vera to the initial product which will allow a higher level of Gaiandriana presence. Gaiandriana will only grow to its level of fuel (food) available--so just treat the product accordingly. I am, further, requesting that all further product be receiving hydrogen peroxide for purification purposes. Any that YOU ADD, however, will only enhance--not damage. OTHER PRODUCTS We have tried to make available other products to use in conjunction with the Gaiandriana. USE YOUR REASON HERE ALSO!! If something makes you feel bad--don't use it!, cut back on amount or forget it altogether. These are all natural substances so remember, if you are eating anything that makes you feel bad--you quit eating it, right? Just continue the Gaiandriana--I promise you--it is not making you ill. If you are reacting, then it may be due to the "base" or "combining" substance in tableting, etc. CHLORELLA We get complaints about chlorella causing indigestion, etc. Chew the tablets or dissolve in a bit of liquid before intake. Now again, use reason. Are you still eating in addition to the chlorella? Well, perhaps you will wish to reduce the intake. It is better for you than food but you DON'T NEED EVERYTHING. We are efforting to show you what you could take with NO food in survival situation AND STILL BE ABUNDANTLY HEALTHY. Adjust your intake accordingly. If you are caught in an emergency and need survival sustenance--now you know what to take for health needs. You can subsist on chlorella and water alone. Add Mo-Gu tea, a bit of spelt bread and some lentils (preferably red) and you can live healthily ever after--in other words, it would not be malnutrition that would "getcha". AND ALWAYS KEEP FOOD-GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE AVAILABLE TO PURIFY EVERYTHING. REMEMBER, 7 DROPS OF 35% FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE TO A GALLON OF WATER WILL PURIFY IT AND THE WATER WILL PICK UP A MUCH IMPROVED "FLAVOR" OF FRESHNESS UNDER MOST CIRCUMSTANCES NOT EVEN NOTED AT ALL. THIS is why one of the first items confiscated from health food stores, labs, and so on--IS HYDROGEN PEROXIDE IN FOOD GRADE. I remind you readers of long standing: the best treatment for arthritis and other seemingly "incurable" diseases is hydrogen peroxide therapy in accompanying regimen of Gaiandriana which moves in and restores the cellular restructuring of self. CRYSTAL LIFE That is an exceptional product but has become almost out of sight expensive. However, the best results with Gaiandriana are being reported with continued, even if remarkably decreased amounts, of Crystal Life continued right along in conjunction with the Gaiandriana--mixed or otherwise. About 8 to 10 drops mixed or separate under the tongue three times a day is excellent. In illness, however, increase within reason. If I did not already state it prior to this--add 7-10 drops of hydrogen peroxide per quart to the Crystal Life also--especially if non-refrigerated, after opening. This will decontaminate any possible "unwanted visitors" and not damage the product. WATER I cannot urge you often enough to TREAT your faucet water. Even if you have a reverse-osmosis unit--treat that water with proper amounts of hydrogen peroxide for YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS IN THAT WATER. IT WON'T HELP CONTAMINATION BY TOXINS BUT IT WILL TAKE CARE OF THE VIRAL OR BACTERIAL CONTAMINATES. IT IS CHEAP AND NON-TOXIC IN PURIFICATION AMOUNTS. The best mouthwash and gum enhancer is a mouthwash of several drops of hydrogen peroxide in a fourth cup of water (or so) and cleanse mouth after brushing (or just do it several times a day as convenient). If the solution is "light" just swallow the wash--it can only help you unless you have an active mouth infection. Moreover I suggest keeping some hydrogen peroxide near and handy to drop a few drops of undiluted peroxide on your toothbrush a couple of times a week--or daily--whatever. You will have a sterilized brush and stop spreading germs and recontamination. SPILLING If you spill full strength (35%) peroxide on your skin--it will burn you. Rinse immediately under water and it will be fine. It will bleach so rinse anything that gets spattered in water. It is simply one of those substances which needs to be handled properly. Peroxide offers so many "cleaning" uses that I won't even effort to list them--but you will find it about the most useful item around your kitchen, bath, etc. You can find information at health food stores and vitamin supply outlets. Our people may also be able to direct you or help you with product or information; I do not attend those things unless brought to my attention. We offer these things as a service rather than a major business so we are perhaps remiss in full-range material. We can do better when the full load eases a bit. Thank you for your patience and loving support of the ones who have taken this load on in addition to their other tasks--ever without complaint and ever wishing to help and please. At present they are trying to build refrigeration facilities to bring you exceptional product as the months heat up and yet do so with very, very limited resources--so we do thank you for your patience. With Georges Green's attack on the Institute a lot of things have had to wait or be actually closed down until the audits are over and the reclamation can begin. As you might realize, the impact has been great on all entities in these projects. It is fine--rewards will be in like measure to that which is given forth. NEXT PAGE