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GAIANDRIANA, part 2 SPELT-BREAD, AND OTHER "PRODUCTS" PJ 130, CHAPTER 15 GAIANDRIANA In 1986, the J.D. Bernal Peace Library organized a conference on the dangers of biological warfare research. Ritchie Calder said then that among the weapons being stockpiled were some designed to bring about genetic changes. He said the "doomsday bug was under wraps" and that there was "a conspiracy of silence about germ weapons because the implications were so frightening". He told the British Daily Mirror after his address that "somewhere in the world a germ is being cultured to which we would have no natural resistance and to which there would be no sure defense". [H: Ah so--and therefore there must be something presented which will create its own defense while targeting the very mutated cells introduced. Remember that the HIV virus MUTATES WITH EVERY INDIVIDUAL IT INFECTS--THEREFORE PROVING IT TO BE SELECTIVE IN ITS ABILITY TO CONFORM AS NECESSARY. SO, TO ALTER THAT PATH OF DESTRUCTION YOU HAVE TO INTRODUCE SOMETHING LIKEWISE CAPABLE OF INDIVIDUAL SELECTION WITHIN THE VERY CELLS CONTAINING THE VIRUS AS WELL AS GIVING FULL RESTORATION OF THE VERY IMMUNE SYSTEM AFFECTED. THAT IS WHAT IS OFFERED HERE--GAIANDRIANA--THE VERY STRUCTURE THAT CHANGES ITSSELF INTO THE IDENTICAL PERFECTION OF THE DNA/RNA BLUEPRINT OF EVERY LIVING CELL. IT HAS BEEN RETURNED TO YOU--BY US, THE HOSTS--AND WILL BECOME EVEN MORE PROFICIENT IN ITS SELECTION AS YOU ENTER INTO THAT DAMNABLE "PHOTON BELT" AS IT THRIVES ON THE INVISIBLE HIGHER ULTRA VIOLET FREQUENCIES. Simple? Indeed! But, you aren't going to get it in a hospital ward, chemical house, pharmaceutical house of death drugs, or in the pits of Gay-ville or Lower Somalian food lines. By the way, do you ones realize that almost NONE of the needy villages in Somalia have received any food help AT ALL? What might that tell you about that Somalian operation? Villages have been simply driven by and passed up to get to the media directed towns selected for show and tell.] GAIANDRIANA There are other products which support and aid in the workings of Gaiandriana which we shall also make available, but, if you can only have ONE--get the Gaiandriana for it renews the very cellular structure of your own body and then, all the rest can be utilized to perfection. We are receiving reports daily of ones who have witnessed improved function in everything from Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, to simple improvement in the feeling of "well-being"--and this in only a couple of days of intake. Miracle? YOU are the miracle! May insight be your guide. SATURDAY, JANUARY 30, 1993 PRIORITIES I would remind you ones of MY mission so that you might better understand why our presentations do not always match your own perception of what should be done and in what order to accomplish same. Ours is to prepare, bring Truth out of the shambles of the tampered-with disinformation and misinformation--in other words, we call it THE WORD. Next, we must awaken the sleepy-heads who do not see that which has come down upon your globe through powerful, controlling influences in a totally humanistic issue of slavery/master. We must speak of that which is WRONG, analyze it and then when we see and understand that which has come to be--consider what can be done to counter the rolling blob of would-be freedom and Truth killers. The enemy must be identified and his modus operandi studied and a defense planned, orchestrated, and instrumented. Further, it means that to regain individual sovereignty--you MUST start where you CAN DO SO. You must see what can be done at community, county and then state levels of organization of government--THEN, you can bring pressure to bear on the Feds. The government has become totally topsy-turvy and you are now run by the government, not the government by you-the-people. In addition--you are forced to pay for your slavery. In addition to these insights, we are to point out some changes of natural evolution--i.e., this so-called "Photon Belt" now creeping upon you with very damaging X-rays (for lack of better definition in understanding). Yes, we can and have brought information and structured substance to allow you to do very well in those frequencies of light rays. The same thing will allow cellular good health and enhancement of the living immune system. I note that Chlorella is listed first in the discussion regarding some recommended "things" to assist you to good health. That is error in placement for it would indicate its priority of importance--it is NOT first in importance--it might well be last. It is a natural algae and could be substituted out with other algae forms. ANYTHING with Gaiandriana (this is not just a trade-name) is FIRST and LAST in importance. If you had nothing other than this one substance you could do nicely. Our staff, in an effort to "underplay" the significance of the offering to keep clear of regulators--are not ever going to give you more than a smattering of its importance. I am now, however, writing on the subject and shall continue to give you a full explanation of what it is and how it works. I have given explicit and very technical details to the researchers so that testing and perfection of product can be accomplished. Phenomenal claims are pouring in from ones who suffer the debilitations of a myriad of malfunctions from Diabetes, Carcinomas, etc., to head-colds. I am happy to share the results but I remind EVERYONE--Man cures self and anything utilized by Man is simply a tool. It is simply a giving of the substances "missing" which accomplishes the ability to reclaim a measure of good health. If you go forth and claim "miracle cure"--you will be in gross error for you will simply make sure you DO NOT HAVE IT FOR YOUR USE. GAIANDRIANA These improvements in health and well-being are nice--but the thing we need attended is that allowance of the cellular structure as is to be able to speed up its frequency levels to more nearly match the rays pouring in upon you--that is what is made possible with Gaiandriana--a living cellular structure which duplicates any DNA blueprint in every and all living cells. Instead of mutations when attacked by something or other such as a virus--the cells are able to destroy the virus because of the capabilities naturally of a strong immune system. These little friends match an individual's cellular DNA according to body location and individual. The cells can cross cellular walls and reach the invading virus, etc. It acts just the opposite of what could be exampled as the HIV virus which mutates to every individual attacked. The invading virus, for instance, is a "foreign" influence and must be discarded or devoured-- the Gaiandriana perfects the cells and does the foreign body removal--just as do the normally operating immune system cells. EVERY "disease" is caused by "foreign" invasion and/or MALFUNCTION. This can occur at any time from conception to day of death of the body. If genes are damaged then some cells will not produce and reproduce. If this occurs in formation of a fetus-- obviously you have malformations. Nothing is apt to help that which is not formed--but anything formed and caused to malfunction by foreign body intake--can be given proper recovery of itself. This will not, however, be true of some heavy metal poisons, radiation death of cells, etc. However, it can allow restructuring and recovery of all DAMAGED cellular structure. This will assist in all sorts of a myriad of incapacitations. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 3,, 1991 RESPONSE TO INQUIRIES ON T-CELLS GINGKO Before we close out these updates, let us consider Gaiandriana and T-Cell count improvement. We have many responses that utilizing the Gaiandriana is giving almost immediate response in numbers of T-Cells--but with the lowering of amount of intake the count will not maintain itself and falls off. This will not happen if utilized with at least 3 tablets of Gingko per day. There is a direct and immediate response to the addition of the Gingko in this arena. Ones are finding the best results come from four ounces of Gaiandriana liquid in a day followed by daily intake of one ounce per day for the following 12 days. During this two weeks period also intake 3 Gingko tablets per day. After this two weeks (13 days actually) continue with 8-10 drops of Gaiandriana under the tongue for about three minutes AND continue the 3 daily Gingko. If the T-Cell drops--do another run-through of the 4-1-1 etc. To maintain the level of T-cell improvement this is the best approach. After a while it will balance itself out if other impacts are not present. It takes a while for the body to improve and reverse its functions. Many are claiming miraculous results--please do not do this for if there are "miracles" happening--YOU are the miracle. You are simply restructuring and normalizing the normally functioning original cellular structure of your body. As to your inquiries regarding the use of Gaiandriana in "Valley Fever", I would suggest the same regimen as above for you need a good immune system in any event. A specific target Gaiandriana "little friend" is being targeted for study--but a healthy immune system is the goal to achieve at any point. Valley Fever is a fungus, Coccidioides immitis (a cocci). Cocci are more vulnerable to destruction by our little "Pacman" gophers than are the viruses because there are no cell walls to resist passage of a countering element. What is happening with these newly discovered and hybridized agents of disease is that they overwhelm the immune system and actually have no known countering agent (antibiotic). It is always the concomitant "disease" process which kills in AIDS--not the little lazy HIV virus. "Cure" should not be in ANY medical or even natural healing practice or even self-healing practice. ONLY THE BODY/MIND CAN HEAL OR CURE OF SELF--everything else is only a tool. Further, it has to be established that the tools do not damage as well. In the instance of Gaiandrianas--they are fully natural little cellular forms which are simply specific use tools. This does not mean they cannot be used for many jobs (i.e., a hammer or pliers) but there can be specialized pliers for different tasks--as example. If our offering makes you feel better and seems to enhance your well-being, the pleasure is ours. God bless and keep you in HIS hands for it is from HIS HANDS that these things come forth for your blessing. Take this from the computer and we will effort to get on with more writing for the ending of this week may require that you be elsewhere most of the time. THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 4. 1993, VALLEY FEVER What do I suggest? GAIANDRIANA! There is no known "cure" for Valley Fever! If your immune system is debilitated--Valley Fever will run to epdemic proportion SOON. Why? Because like other "harboring" diseases--once in the body--ALWAYS IN THE BODY--JUST WAITING! If you people don't get that IMMUNE SYSTEM working properly--you will not make it as they dump one thing after another on you. Remember those soldiers coming back from the "Desert Storm"? Chelas, you are in constant jeopardy from these hidden death-dealers. I have no right nor wish to pound upon you blind lambs--but you are going to need to do something or you are going to perish, it appears, at the hands of the would-be KINGS. CHAPARRAL & AQUAGIA Please, you nice herb-users--Chaparral is now removed from the "quantity" health food outlets and herbal stores. What does this tell you? THAT IT IS DAMNED EFFICIENT AS A HEALTH RESTORATIVE. ONE BY ONE "THEY" DEPRIVE YOU OF THAT WHICH YOU MUST HAVE TO SURVIVE IN A DELIBERATELY SICKENED WORLD. There is irony herein, however--for Chaparral is simply a name meaning a "thicket of small low-growing shrubs". What the point is, is to get the Creosote bush (Larrea tridentata of the caltrop family of Mexico and the Colorado desert) away from you. Now, if you live in this area affected with Valley Fever you will note that it is thriving near the desert areas--which is overgrown with creosote bushes! Use your heads, chelas, and save your lives! Should you rush out there and start grazing on these bushes? I wouldn't suggest it because you can make yourselves very, very sick by such unintelligent use--of anything. But, you CAN find ways of helping your own health--so investigate those ways. I DO suggest you help yourselves with a little Gaiandriana and mitochondria (Aquagaia). It is better to have a healthy immune system which can handle these invaders than all the "treatment" and proclaimed "cures" in the world. So be it. FRIDAY, APRIL 16, 1993 GAIANDRIANA We will be, very shortly, offering more "in-depth" information regarding Gaiandriana as we have had it available long enough to get the next bombardment of response and inquiries from you readers. We find that many are taking too much, others not enough-- others simply do not follow directions. In all instances, we must remember, that there are two types of, say, "cancer" cells and causatives--artificial (or "constructed") and "natural". The "natural" bothers are things such as caffeine in coffee, etc. The "constructed" and worse are the additives of "constructed caffeine-like substance", say, in the cola beverages. Gaiandriana allows immediate attack of your immune system against the "naturals" (especially if not overwhelmed by great intake) but it is all but impossible for a "natural" substance to break-up and dissolve the causative agent when "man-made" through genetic/DNA manipulation of the invader--IF THE RECIPIENT CONTINUES TO ABUSE BY CONTINUED INTAKE OF THE DAMAGING AGENTS, I.E., OVERUSE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES (SURPRISING AS IT MAY SEEM, EVEN THOUGH ALCOHOL IS DAMAGING IN ITS OWN RIGHT) IT IS THE "ADDITIVES" WHICH CAUSE THE MUTATION OF CELLS, TOBACCO ADDITIVES, ETC. Further, please note--that if you use Mogu (Mugu) tea--do NOT overdo it. If you drink it like you would a juice or a drink of water--you defeat the work of the Gaiandriana as it will move directly to take up residency and fuel supply from the ingested tea which is often it's very living foundation. Why work on "aliens" if you keep abundantly supplied in your favorite life- fuel? Also, MANY THINGS cannot well be adapted in conjunction and either negate the other or simply are not compatible. We find, especially ones with HIV are so eager to get better that they are swamping their bodies with everything and while they are "feeling" better are not showing sufficient increase in the immune cells. The researchers are going to take the whole of this week to work on variations to increase the Gaiandriana per unit, reducing the solution's "fuel" supply to cause better intervention of the cells as they move into the body. You must understand that as this passes through the stomach--30 to 50% of the cells are killed. To help avoid such massive loss--a bit of apple juice is suggested but most ones forget to use it. Also you must remember that many "patients" continue to take medications which are chemically damaging to the cellular structure as it efforts to move within its own DNA structured cells. I can equate this somewhat to a sperm efforting to get past all the birth control devices to fertilize an ovum. I told you not to EXPECT miracles--YOU ARE THE MIRACLE and it requires your own cooperation. If you continue to abuse and insult the body you are working not only for the disease invaders--but the disease enhancing additives in your intake. Ones who have been pronounced "terminal" are showing massive return of good health but also show willingness to balance their intakes of "body debilitating" substances. We will ask our Doctor to draw up a listing of harmful substances. If you can't give up your "addictions" then begin to "taper off" and as you feel better the nagging addiction CAN come under control. It will mean you will have to invest in greater intake amounts (of the correct items), not just at random "overtake" anything. Also, if you are showing no, or poor, results--change your intake methods to hit very hard with under the tongue amounts four to five times a day--leaving the liquid under the tongue for at least 3 minutes. If you are working with a child or animal of whom you can't require this--use many times a day under the tongue and it will take up into the bloodstream. WED. SEPTEMBER 1, 1993 GAIANDRIANA AND SPELT-BREAD So, what has Dharma been doing that she couldn't trip through and over the keyboard? We have been perfecting the Gaiandriana  and that which needs go WITH IT for full-bore offering. I spoke of it at length on this past Sunday so will not be repeating here. We will be writing about IT and also that which is suggested you do along with the Gaia-drianas and drias. We have waited for ones of your place to meet our needs and offered to meet theirs--but we only get more conflict and discrediting. We are not interested in "saving" anything but will offer God's gifts to anyone who desires to share in HIS work and journey. We are going to offer to do so in convenience and pricing which will be less than anything you can purchase anywhere. A MAJOR part of my suggested "program" is SPELTA BREAD. Spelta is a grain all of its own unique being. It is the best fiber resource, has large amounts of B-17 (anti-carcinoma)--it is the grain GOD gave to the planet as "manna" when you were put upon it. The Spelta is more mildly flavorful than wheat and even ones allergic to wheat will have no allergy to Spelt. It is, however, VERY EXPENSIVE for it was all but removed from the market. We will arrange to find a conduit and keep you informed. We are finding that, in general, the cost is upwards of a dollar per pound--even in large batches for the most part. This means that in some health- food resource stores it is $2.50 a pound and up. Our people need another job like the proverbial hole-in-the-head but we see no other way to make this available to you. We can consider packaging in smaller than the usual amount of 25 (min) pounds of the flour. As we grow and harvest from our own fields we can grind it and offer it for less but, with Mr. Green's antics this year, we lost most of the harvest quantity. We are indebted beyond measure to the Millers, who made an irrigation system available albeit almost too late to salvage the fields. Don't worry about keeping "track", people--GOD KEEPS GOOD RECORDS! In addition to the above, the PLAN is to offer a good bread-making machine at below cost of even the discount markets--direct from a manufacturer. It looks like perhaps the best turbo machine may come in at well under $200 (it sells for $300). This is NOT set yet--I am only mentioning it for you who diligently effort to follow necessary instructions. I have had Dharma into the Gaiandriana preparation but also standardizing a recipe which can be utilized in any machine or, at the least, TWO varieties (the round and the square leaders on the market). It is difficult for whole-grain Spelt is harder to deal with than is whole-grain wheat. The loaves will be "heavier" but after dozens of loaves of bread she has developed one that appears to package into individual machine-ready ingredients for a large loaf of just around, or just under, two pounds. To get better "rising" we are of necessity adding a bit of bread flour from wheat so all should keep that in mind when ordering the pre-packaged ingredients. We have not been able to establish costs for the product because we haven't reached a stabilized recipe. By the way, the ones who have served you so well up to now, Kathy, Diane, Jack and on and on, are willing to run the extra load of accounting and ferreting out the machines and will offer them on a "time" payoff arrangement if possible and it appears to be possible. Of course, you will be able to utilize the ingredients by hand as well so don't get up-tight about it. Also, you can get Spelt  flour and make cookies, muffins, biscuits or any flour product. This other is simply for convenience and FOR MY PURPOSES-- FOR I PREFER YOU HAVE BREAD WHICH YOU CAN SLICE AND THEN TOAST. In the toasting comes a release of the substances which make the grain so incredibly good in the first place--AND THEN, BUTTER IT. I said BUTTER, not margarine. There is a substance in BUTTER which allows utilization of the important substances and allows the body full utilization--no other oil has it. As we get closer to being able to offer the full-range regime and do the labor (for we have to "nursery" the drianas and other mandatory life-forms and it takes TIME for full growing cycles) we have no facilities and even though there are willing hands to help, we remain limited by ability to get "quantity" and the preparation of thousands of packages by hand is an overwhelming prospect for these already overextended people. Your patience will be appreciated and we know that you will be gracious and understanding as always. We are hopefully looking forward to early or mid October to begin. Do NOT concern that the product you have will be outdated--it won't--it will be the same as utilized for "maintenance". I believe, especially for you CONTACT subscribers, there is a special offer which is being set up in some manner. It will henceforth PAY ones to subscribe because there will be ongoing discounts, to ones who do so, on everything which is accepted by the CONTACT to back publicly--the JOURNALS also. We will keep you informed as we move along here. SAT.. SEPTEMBER 4. 1993 SPELT Please, readers, understand that this is NOT Dharma's only task--writing for me or my compatriots--I have her actually putting together the life substance resource of Gaiandriana that you might have that which WE know to be necessary and correct for all purposes of good health. Someone has to do the actual measuring and testing and she is NOT a chemist or scientist any more than she is an author. She must also perfect the required product of SPELTA (Triticum spelta) and not Triticum aestivum or (T. sativum) which is the grain of what you call WHEAT. This is done so that YOU will be able to utilize the product in some measure of success since the grain seems to be highly "hidden" (because it is a most wondrous product sent to you from God). It is the most delicate of flavor, surpassing wheat in its flavor and unmatched in its health-positive perfection. She is working to perfect right proportions for what I demand as well as a product that you can utilize in your bread machines, by hand (in your oven), or in other cooking. "We" are "there" with the bread loaves--it is just the final product testing daily and the problems of packaging which confronts her now and, here, she has help so it should move right along. We have a typical "team" in working here--she takes credit for the "good" baking and causes "me" to look bad with the "hockey pucks"! Ah, a ghost gets no respect! Worse yet--there have been lots more "hockey pucks" than soft, fine loaves of manna. She plans to offer you some other recipes as the flour becomes more available. It is very expensive to purchase--WHEN YOU CAN GET IT--and must be utilized as "whole" grain product to be suitable. NEXT PAGE