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GAIANDRIANA, part 1  SPELT-BREAD, AND OTHER "PRODUCTS"  ( This GAIANDRIANA supplements are not available any more today, it will be given again to Earth after the Big Stasis !! ) PJ 130, ch.13 GOD'S TANGIBLE GIFT TO YOU I am herein making an announcement of God's gift to you, HIS faithful. I have worked hand in hand (actually mind to mind) with our most beloved Wendell Hoffmann (for I desire that he have credit and appreciation for his open willingness to "give me a hearing") and we have ready for you something which none other on the planet yet has in its "whole" form. My blessed children are working as quickly as possible here and are working hours without end to arrange to get this to any who desire it-- immediately as the mails can move it. There is much to be worked out but we have been petitioned to NOT hold the supplement for details. YOU NOW HAVE THE "WHOLE" SUBSTANCES WHICH WILL GIVE RECREATION TO YOUR CELLULAR STRUCTURE INTO WHOLENESS AS RENEWED. The basic structured product is to be called: Gaiandriana. The substance made with this addition was added to the "bread" substance sustaining the children of Moses in the desert, called "manna". As our children will package it for you, the mixture can be added to "Life Crystal" so that the product already in possession can be utilized without loss to any of you. Instructions will be given. The details shall be given directly but OUR ONES JUST BACK FROM WITNESSING AND MAKING ARRANGEMENTS ASKED THAT WE GIVE YOU "KNOWING" TODAY, CHRISTMAS. The next question will obviously be, "Will it be marketed widespread through stores, etc."? I would guess that, to meet your regulations, it most likely will, at some time, be offered--or through a network or something similar. The point is to offer to ALL who wish healing and better life quality in bodily stamina, etc. We also must be sure that all costs are covered for ones have gone without resources to accomplish this task. We are not through perfecting the "products" but we know that you do not wish to wait for perfection of packaging, etc. "If" ones will take the new product, supplement, with chlorella, with or without the addition of hydrogen peroxide, you have all that you MUST have to begin the re-creation of perfection in the cellular structure and recovery of imperfect immune systems. All substances utilized are pure and simply substances without chemical additions. This is WHY there will be effort to stop the flow of the product itself. So, use discretion in how you speak of this supplement so that we can have the value without the "war". Thank you. Perhaps a notice will be readied for this paper's edition--the holiday interruption makes it difficult for the workers to handle the added load. Kathy and Dave, Diane and Jack have volunteered to do the work and I bless them for their continued service without complaint or stinting. KNOW, chelas, that in the "giving" comes automatically the reward in like kind. Ah, if man would ever but learn this simple fact of "being". When the receiver is ready for the GIFT--so then shall GOD provide! MONDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1992 GAIANDRIANA Yes, for you who are waiting for the supplement: We are working as fast as little hands can move. We do, however, require protection of the products and full control over all advertising so that nothing is done or said which takes this out of the supplement category. What seems most appropriate to do is integrate capability of utilizing that which you already have acquired from this resource and shift over. Supplies are being built but it takes time to meet regulations of labels, etc. Be a bit patient, please. We will also be bringing forth a chlorella with introduced cellular programming specific to each consumer. The DNA will reprogram its crystal-program to individualize. This will be a "whole food" product--not drug, not "chemical" and fully NATURAL. It will reclaim in wholeness the cellular structure specific to type of cell within the body. This means that the immune system will reclaim itself. There will be specific supplement already programmed for various compromised organs, i.e., liver, kidney, etc. But that will need more attention before it can be released without being stopped in allowed distribution. Since the supplements will reclaim the immune system, the immune system will function without being compromised so all mutant- cell diseases and viral activities will be targeted and the body will reclaim itself. Remember that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Well, also, when the people are ready for God to assist--HE will not fail! Please do, however, allow us to work out things properly and KNOW, PLEASE, there will likely have to be many changes in these early stages of labels, packaging, pricing, etc. The INTENT is to keep this within our own operation somehow, in order to disallow greedy marketers from ripping-off the public. We desire to get the pricing such that ALL can have the supplements and this is really difficult in this world in which you live because a natural item is easily copied. We MUST have a healthier "living" citizenry or we will continue to have a dying nation and world. The chemical/drug houses have destroyed the well-being of all bodies on the globe. CHAPTER 14 REC #2 HATONN THU., JAN. 14, 1993 11:16 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 151 THU.. JAN. 14. 1993 GAIANDRIANA  AND MITACHONDRIA I honor ones who have worked and served in the past in this presentation of substance--it is, however, imperfect to now and greed has entered into EVERY circumstance to now. He who lives by greed shall perish in greed--therefore, we shall serve God in all instances. This means not that ALL men will not gain benefit from that which is offered--but NO MAN shall be allowed to divert, take unto himself for grievous use or cause this natural substance to be given into the hands of the Adversary. Therefore, ALL caution and care will be given in ALL instances to make NO CLAIMS other than "support of better physical and emotional states of being" as in "makes you 'feel' better as would balanced nutrition". I am not at this time, however, interested in offering you a bunch of hoopla on "nutrition". I KNOW what the body needs to balance its cellular reproduction and recreation to its original blueprint (DNA/RNA mapping). This Gaiandriana IS the catalyst which gives the varied "instructions" to each individual structure. I do not practice medicine, law, nutrition or any other so-called "professional" career activity. We do not deal in any type of produced drugs or chemicals as presented through any pharmaceutical development or offering. We do not claim "cures" or any form of induced "healing". At any rate, man "heals" self--supplements, be they natural, chemical or impacting in any manner--are only tools to assist in such "healing". I do need to point out clearly, that the "mind" is in ALL instances the "directive" order-giver. This means that the physician or teacher can lead, teach, hope and pray--but the individual "mind" will do the work or it won't get done. Therefore, I suggest that with all substances and supplements that any individual utilizes that the mind give the instructions to the remainder of the vehicle. In other words, just as adding various solutions to your gas tank in your car--the various weighted liquids will go to various places of work--i.e., cleaners to the carburetor, gas to the combustion chambers, lubrication to this or that, etc. Gaiandriana changes and integrates with any and all cells and becomes the perfection of THAT particular cell. The Gaiandriana will actually take the shape suitable for structuring or recreating the cellular "whole". The introduced cells will immediately go to wherever there is malfunction or mutation--just as does the proper cells of the immune system. I have no intention of giving you scientific breakdown on this paper for if I do, the distraction will cause you to improperly use the supplement. I will, however, share these technical properties as we find time and space--my scribe has neither at present. We do not wish to longer hold the product awaiting perfection of instructions save to make sure you understand how best to utilize that which you will have. YOU CANNOT OVERDOSE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE--HOWEVER, there is enough natural product which would cause you to not "feel" very well if you gulp down the whole bottle at once. It might even ultimately be better for you to do so but you might find yourself nauseated and wishing you had not done so. For you who already have what is called "Crystal Life"--you have a good base for "mixing" and therefore can utilize whatever liquid you have remaining. I do suggest, however, that as you begin to use the new product that you start with a bit different regimen. You who feel good and have noted response already--are out ahead. Therefore I suggest you simply continue on with 8-10 drops of BOTH under the tongue as you have been doing. If you are suffering from an assault, such as a "cold" etc., you will want to hit it hard with say, one to two ounces a couple of times in a day. If you take it in juice, say apple, you will neutralize the stomach acids to some extent and that will allow the Gaiandriana to pass in more quantity into the intestine where it can then rapidly move into the circulatory system. You who knowingly suffer from viral (and HIV) caused debilitation or active mutation of cells as in malignancies--give your body a break--take as much as you can tolerate without nausea several times a day for the first three days and then taper it. The little friends reproduce themselves to their own perfection so overdose won't help--just waste. To an already compromised system, however, the need is great so treat it likewise. We get constant responses of "miraculous", "total resolution" of all manners of insults to the body--however, we decline to accept this in such terms--you have only given your body what it needs to create its perfection in working cellular recreation. What, actually, represents good health to you? Is it not "feeling good--or 'fit"? Remember also that, as the reclamation becomes active, there can be symptoms that you might think "illness" as the radicals and mutated cells are cast off. There are items which will assist you if you want them. There is a natural combination which we CAN offer you and which I have asked to be put on "hold" for we have no intention of being in the healing "business". And, further, we do no advertising through the paper except for those things made available through other entities. We will never offer you any "solutions" without means of obtaining use thereof. To tell you "baby buntings" will cure arthritis and then not tell you where to get "baby buntings" would be insult to your intelligence. I can also promise you in guarantee--that you will always be given, through anything we suggest, that your costs will be below anything on the market and the quality, perfection, or as nearly perfect as hands can make it to be. We must help in healing one another that we might serve our Father and for THIS cause HE allows our sharing. We also ask that you be as patient as possible as our children take on this massive job of distribution for in the beginning there is no resource for mass "anything". I will leave it to the ones who must bear the work to give instructions as to acquisition. Now, in addition, our "researcher in charge" is working with me directly--to produce various medium "bases" which will automatically produce "target" Gaiandriana. One will cause immediate awakening of the estrogen producing glands. If you are interested in obtaining specific target gaiandriana product--please inquire. I believe the cost will be minimal and can simply be introduced WITH the "regular" product. It is not necessary except wherein the present structures have ceased to function. Of course, if the structure, say the glands themselves, have been surgically removed--I think you are not ready for full reproduction. That is, of course, up to you! It is imperative at this time, surely, to have at least one blueprinted cell intact even if non-functional in your own system under discussion. Again, we make no claims of any sort other than a better feeling of well-being. I know that chlorella is available through this resource and, again, it is a whole-life substance which has protein necessary for good muscle stamina and fuels body function. At this time we won't pre-introduce Gaiandriana to the chlorella for there is no need for you who already intake Gaiandriana--it will introduce itself. However, there are a couple of other things which I would suggest. One, if you wish, is get Gingko. It is massively important to the free use of mitochondria which converts "sugars", etc. I have written about this before and will not bore the audience. I have asked that THAT be also made available to you. Then, the one that I have on "hold" is a basic anti-oxidant to handle the free-radicals released from the toxins sluffed off. We can make it available if enough of you tell us you want it. Hydrogen Peroxide is very important but with this NEW Gaiandriana is not nearly as important as before. The new product has a medium base that produces H202. I think, however, that with a compromised body or in the instance of arthritis, Alzheimer's and/or some of the "elderly" symptoms--it is necessary to have larger amounts until symptoms seem improved. Again, that is up to you--we certainly are NOT in competition with any profession. I certainly am not in competition with Chiropractic--because aligning the skeletal structure will enhance all body reclamation. A damaged "nervous system" and injured spinal cord are capable of "repair" or, at the least, improved function if intact at all. All we are doing is offering the body some necessary tools to repair itself at a cellular level. I have noted, however, on occasion after occasion--those who expect miracles--cause miracles--and you, after all, are THE greatest miracle of Creator. He would never give unto you his perfection and keep from you, forever, the means of maintaining that perfection--BUT NEVER EXPECT HIM TO PERFECT OR RE-PERFECT THAT WHICH IS DEDICATED TO THE SERVICE OF HIS ENEMY--GOD NOR HOSTS WILL SERVE "SATAN". If your intent be "right" your reclamation will also be "right" for you shall have the balanced state of being which will allow reclamation. If your intent is simply to "heal" enough to continue with your unGodly actions and intent--I think you would probably simply sluff off the cells. Can this "stuff" be actually "seen" or is it one of those "spiritual gimmicks"? It not only can be microscopically seen in individual cells--as they multiply and program but they can visually be seen growing into cellular "strings", "clumps" and membranes of living form. No, they won't grow up into puppies, toads or chirping pets. They will never be more than individualized programmable "cells"--exactly what they are created to be. Herein, please, let me sketch a few specifically individualized cells and you can get an idea of various recognizable forms. These can be seen and isolated under a microscope. I could agree, that the product is so mild in taste, and quite pleasant to bland, that you might be fooled into thinking "Willard Water" or some other inoxious "stuff'. No, it is quite viable and quite provable and exceptionally "useable". Just a side idea: Ladies, take a teaspoon amount and "wash" over your face. Now, take a "liquid" vitamin E solution (not oil and not thickened supplement--just liquid "E" as you will find in a dropper bottle from "Schiff" or a "GNC" store) in the amount of a few drops. Smooth this over the face immediately. You will "not believe" the results in a matter of hours. This same exercise on rashes, stretch marks in pregnancy, etc., will note very pleasing results. USE GOD'S PRODUCTS--EVEN ASPIRIN (A NATURAL SUBSTANCE FROM THE WILLOW BARK). Aspirin used properly relieves pain and regulates the blood viscosity. Many of you ask for nutrition input. I don't want you all going off the "deep end" on anything. I am not a touter of "meatless" or, any other extreme. Treat your body properly to balance it and the rest will take care of itself, precious ones. Good nutrition is, of course, a fine goal. But, you may find times when you cannot practice that which you desire. Be prepared with that which will give you sustained energy and whole-cell access. We are now growing here, right now, spelt. this is "Triticum Spelta" as separated from "Triticum Sativum" (which is wheat). So, it is a form of wheat but it is the oldest known grain to man. It is not a hybrid so can produce its own seed, etc. It can be gotten easily in health food outlets or ordered. I suggest, if you want to give it a try, home-made (or purchased) spelt bread. If you have facility for grinding--get the whole grain and grind it into flour and use as you would any flour of wheat. You can purchase the whole grain flour I'm sure. Tinker with your bread-makers, you who have them, or any way you desire to use--but have the equivalent of at least two large thick slices, or cereal, or whatever grabs you--EVERY DAY. More would be better. Butter that bread with BUTTER! if you have it. You need what is in the natural butter. If you have a hang-up about it--put anything you want on or "nothing". Why? Because spelt has a large supply of cyanogenic glucosides or Nitrilosides, called the "anti-neoplastic Vitamin B17". (Enough said?) This is best utilized "broken down into useable form" in the presence of substances found in "butter". Also, sprinkle your diet liberally with soup made from RED lentils. If you can't get "red", use "brown"--but what you are wanting is what makes the lentil "red". Isn't all this fun? By the way, CHUBBY is BETTER than SKINNY! It is said that "You can't be too skinny or too wealthy." WRONG!! ON BOTH COUNTS! IF YOU BALANCE THAT BODY AND BRING THAT "MIND" INTO CONTROL--THE REST WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF. IT IS BETTER TO HEAL THAT WHICH CAUSES YOU TO BE UNBALANCED AND THAT MEANS THE OTHER OLD SAYING HAS TO BE CONSIDERED: "IT IS NOT WHAT YOU ARE EATING THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM--IT IS WHAT IS EATING YOU"! Salu P.S.: THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OTHER THAN NATURAL SUBSTANCES--PROBABLY FOUND IN 99% OF ALL PANTRIES IF YOU KNEW HOW TO USE THEM--AND THEN, THE WONDROUS GIFT OF LIFE ADDED TO THIS AMNIONIC LIQUID. GOD has returned this gift to you for your use in this journey in its proper sequence--HE CAN ALSO TAKETH IT AWAY! The life-forms themselves are as old as "time" itself and it is precious indeed--don't abuse this gift, I petition you. And remember, there is no place for "greed" in the house of the Lord. So be it. NEXT PAGE