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EGO is..... I come that ye might have understanding. The Father has promised that man shall be given the Truth and the Word before the ending of the cycle. He promised it would go forth unto every corner of the Planet and so it shall. Man will then be given an opportunity to choose in knowledge that which he wills to choose. At the time of the ending he will then have made his choice of placement in the universal kingdom for each will have a level of understanding and soul growth which will place him at his station of proper dimensional achievement. It is level of soul proficiency, not placement of "one higher or above another". We of the higher planes do not have the problems facing man of the "human EGO".  Bringing under control the human ego is the challenge of the human experience in density of dimensional vibration known as Earth level. This is why ye were given of free-will choice, that ye could grow and learn correct choices which would bring you back into the purity of Christ Spirit that would in turn allow return unto Father Source in perfection. -- PJ 05 -- pag. 83 -------------------------- A very, very wise man upon your place said something well worth repeating: "Yes, with realization (direct personal spiritual experience--gnosis), but not with book knowledge. He alone is learned who knows Him. As letters are symbols of speech, so are various forms of manifestations of God. He is the Enjoyer of all sense-objects. He is within and without all beings. He who knows God is all and in all and consequently loses all sense of otherness, he alone escapes from the prison of I-AM-NESS. In selfhoo (egoism) is bondage; in losing the self (ego), is freedom"! This very wise man said these words at nine years of age in your counting. -- PJ 11 -- pag. 48 --------------------------- THE THREE EGOS CHILD: This is the original and perhaps the central ego state, the part of you that you refer to when you speak of the "real me". It is the feeling part of your being. The Child feels all your normal emotions: hurt, anger and fear as well as their opposites, happiness, love and -- PJ 12 -- pag. 204 security. As the component that provides the drive and energy for your creative activities, it is probably the only ego state observable at birth, although the other ego states are developing as fast as the moments pass. The Child stands before the bar of justice as the defendant in your court of the mind because only the Child ego state experiences feelings. In fact, that is exactly what the Child is being accused of -- having feelings. This is the very state of being which is required by God in order to enter into His kingdom for the other ego states are stripped away. The PARENT: Very. early in life the Parent ego state develops in response to contact With people in the outside world, chief of whom are your parents or surrogate caretakers. This ego state is modeled upon people in the immediate environment, the most important of whom is usually mother, since she is so close to the Child during the early learning period. This internal Parent becomes very similar to the important persons in the child's world. It merits its name since it is almost identical in thought and behavior to the true parents. A very important ego state to the individual, it provides him with a ready reference to the likely responses of the true parent. This enables the Child to know in advance what effect his behavior is likely to produce in his parent. Each individual commences life with an instinctive feeling self. The expression of the self, the Child ego state, is very much modified by its interaction with the Parent ego state. The function of the Parent is to gather all the information it can about the people in the immediate environment of the Child so that the Child can respond in an harmonious manner to these people. The Child must get on well with these important people since it depends upon them for its survival. The Parent ego state therefore strictly mimics these people and adopts their attitudes and beliefs. It is vitally important for the Child to maintain his parents' approval and to avoid their disapproval. The internal Parent acts as an excellent means of monitoring and modifying the Child's behavior to conform with the true parents' ideas and beliefs so that it can get along well with them--exactly the same as going along with any authorities rules, whether right or wrong. At some point the Child cannot discern which is right and which is wrong and, to keep peace and within the acceptance of the "law" of the parents, he simply accepts their guidelines. The Child is aware of his great dependence upon the true parents for his very existence and they continually reinforce this by example or power with intention, and his greatest fear is that they will abandon him to his own helplessness and isolation. This possibility holds very real terror for the Child. The importance of the Parent ego state can never be underestimated. Because of its sometimes hypercritical attitudes, it may be judged a negative and destructive element in the personality. This is more apparent than real because the Parent ego state primarily intends to protect the Child, although the manner in which it fulfills this function is frequently archaic and responsible for much mental ill health. The failure of many therapists to appreciate this important point has limited their understanding of the clinical problems presented to them. At first it is difficult indeed to accept the idea that each of you has more than one aspect to your personality. You can rather easily accept the Child ego state since most of you are aware of some of your feelings, and you can therefore appreciate your feeling self, the Child. However, it may be most difficult to recognize the other ego states in yourselves, and this is particularly true with regard to the Parent. You can perhaps more readily recognize these ego states in others than in yourselves. Children at play, for instance, are happy, sad, angry or scared, clearly in the Child ego state. At other times, as they mimic parental attitudes and behavior, they are operating within the Parent ego state. Witness -- PJ 12 -- pag. 205 the little girl playing with her dolls. She will cold them for some imagined transgression or praise them for some notable accomplishment. Further observation will reveal that she loves her dolls and cuddles them. Her behavior reveals her developing internal Parent, which has modeled itself upon her own parents. In addition, she is adopting some of her parents‟ attitudes towards herself and is being critical, praising, or loving of herself. Clearly her Parent is interacting with her Child. The ADULT: Let us now consider the third ego state that can readily be recognized in all human entities. Probably maturing a bit later than the Parent it develops from that part of the mind concerned with collecting information about the world around you and filing it away in the memory banks for future reference. Every minute of the day you are using your five senses and collecting information, which proliferates each and every day of experience. This data, accumulated without prejudice, is independent of other people's opinions and beliefs, much like the other knowledge that comes the individual's way. This is in direct contrast to the Parent ego state, which is totally con-cerned with learning exactly how others think and feel, then recording the in-formation. With ample data at its disposal, the Adult ego state is similar to a highly complex computer which can and does arrive at new conclusions whenever it is presented with a fresh problem. These conclusions are based upon the immense amount of information which has been amassed over the years. An understanding of the Adult role is particularly important for the analytical consideration in resolving problems which the Parent and Child have created. With ample data at its disposal, and unlimited additional information available for the researching, the Adult ego is basically unlimited as to capability if not somehow closed down by the other ego states for one cause or another. Ideally, all three ego states should be acting together in harmony for the greatest well-being of any individual and these three ego  states are always present in all humans although in varying states of maturity. They can best be equated to three separate points of view which step forward whenever a situation requires a definite course of action. The Child ego state within you will have a definite feeling about the situation, often expressed as a "like" or "dislike"---with expressions of "I like" or "I want" or the opposite, "I don't like" or "I don't want". The Parent ego, as I have said, is very concerned with what others expect and want and it utilizes words that indicate this concern. When you find yourself saying such things as "I ought" or "I should" or, alternatively, "I ought not" or "I should not", you are using phrases that express your concern for other people's expectations of you. You are using your Parent ego state. This ego state also comes into play when, like the little girl with the dolls, you counsel, advise or criticize others in a parental manner, or whenever you take responsibility for others. When operating from your Adult viewpoint, you are either giving information in a purely factual manner or presenting conclusions that you have reached from information in your possession, You say things like "I can" or "I will" or “it is”, you may offer the opposite statements of fact or intention e.g. "I cannot”, “I will not" or "it is not". From the foregoing I trust that you can agree with me on the premise that you are not just one person with a single point of view. You carry within you more than one point of view about any given situation, and these viewpoints can declare war upon one another. Consider how quickly a Child's "I want" may clash violently with the Parent's "I should not". Incidentally this is the basis of -- PJ 12 -- pag. 206 much Parent/Child conflict of which we still have volumes to present unto you. Actually, it has all been presented unto you, you probably just haven't found it all in the set of instructions which came with your new self! Alright, now you have met the three states of ego, which all of you possess, so it is now possible to consider the role that each plays in the continuing saga of the court drama being played out in the mind. -- PJ 12 -- pag. 238 --------------------------- Let us begin, please. I am Sananda, I come in Radiance, I come in the light of the Father, which I Am. Blessings be unto all children of the Word, for the glory shall be theirs. Forever and ever, amen. I wish to speak to ones, this day, on acceptance, tolerance, judgment, and discernment. This writing is intended to be for the smaller group, but may prove to be of value to a wider circulation...I place that in your hands for decision. The human ego is a dangerous adversary to man. Let me divert. I always refer to man meaning hu-man, men and women equally, always. Please do not get "hung-up" on the term. For man, when he comes into truth, particularly so, feels somehow superior. Always remember that all are equal before God. It is always a question of balance, ever walking the path in light with the Laws of the Creation. Man ever wants to live his truth, which in most instances, when a little knowledge has been gained, means foisting it aggressively on every passer-by. No! There is a direct correlation between ego and aggression. For protection of the ego is primal to man...ever have the layers of insulation been gathered about him to ensure safety of self within "the world". When I said, "Love ye one another," and "Judge not lest ye be judged," I did not say, "Love ye one another except for so and so." I did not say unto thee, "Judge not except for him and her and him." All comes back unto self! All! When will man put away such foolishness and learn to live and work together, for the journey contains great difficulty. Honor one another, do not attack one another, honor one another. Hear me! -- PJ 15 -- page. 149 ----------------------------- You begin with the pure desire to KNOW Truth. In order to come into knowing, you must recognize that your conscious "altered" ego is limited in its perception of Truth and that GOD KNOWS the best way and the path for you in His service. So you must then surrender your WILL to that which is GOD's Will. In your daily prayer you must ask GOD for the LOVING LIGHT of protection, guidance, power, wisdom, knowledge, Truth, integrity and courage in order to best serve HIS will and not YOUR will. Then, dear ones, you must WAIT upon the Father to give you that which you need to sustain in HIS service. Do you see? Your will and HIS will must become ONE again. -- PJ 27 -- pag. 43 -------------------------  NEXT PAGE