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ASTROLOGY WASTE NOT TIME OR FUNDS NOW, THERE IS SOMETHING I WANT TO POINT OUT TO YOU THAT IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE. YOU WILL FIND TRUTH IN THESE BOOKS AND YOU WILL FIND MUCH ADVERTISING FOR OTHER BOOKS. BECAUSE I ASK YOU TO GET A BOOK FROM A PUBLISHER DOES NOT MEAN I APPROVE OF THE PRESS OR PUBLISHER. ANY "METAPHYSICAL" NEW AGE BOOKS ON CRYSTALS (OTHER THANFOR BASIC USE), ASTROLOGY, ASTRAL PROJECTIONS, CELESTIAL CORRESPONDENCES, ETC., ETC.,--DO NOT WASTE EITHER YOUR TIME OR FUNDS. THERE IS NAUGHT BUT YOU AND GOD, FRIEND, AND SITTING A CERTAIN WAY, OPENING UP YOUR RIDICULOUS CHAKRAS, CHANTING AUMS, PLOTTING YOUR STARS, ETC. ARE THINGS OF CHILDREN'SGAMES--NOTHING MORE! YOUR PHYSICAL FORM IS SIMPLY A HOUSE FOR YOUR SOUL. A VEHICLE. IT WILL RUN BETTER IF TENDED--IT WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR SOUL YOUR SOUL WILL CHANGE DIMENSION ACCORDING TO ITS GROWTH AND LESSONS ACCOMPLISHED---BETWEEN YOU AND GOD. PHYSICAL ACTIONS IN INTENT OF PERFECTION ARE NEGLIGIBLE UNTIL YOU CLEAN UP YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. YOU WILL MAKE THE TRANSITION INTO HIGHER DIMENSION THROUGH GRACE, NO OTHER WAY. WHERE YOU GOIN THE OTHER DIMENSIONS IS ACCORDING TO YOUR SOUL GROWTH, NO MORE AND NO LESS.SOUL DOES NOT KNOW DEATH, ONLY TRANSLATION. DESTINATION OF TRANSLATION ISDETERMINED BY YOUR SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIP TO THE CREATION AND CREATOR. SO BE IT. THIS IS NOT THE FORMAT FOR THESE PARTICULAR LESSONS. I SAY THESE THINGS FOR I WISH NO MISUNDERSTANDING: IF I RECOMMEND A PUBLICATION OR LESSONS FROM CERTAIN ONES. IT MEANS EXPLICITLY THAT! FURTHER, I DO NOT EVEN AGREE WITH ALL IN ANY PUBLICATION, SAVE MINE OWN, AND OTHERS FROM MY INNER GROUP; THEREFORE, USE INTELLIGENCE--I RECOMMEND THESE BOOKS FOR THEY HAVE LISTS AND QUANTITIES, ETC. FOR SURVIVAL OF THE HUMAN CREATURE IN THE MOST EFFICIENT MANNER. --PJ 04 -- pag. 58 ----------------------------- The study of astrology is distorted and, let me remind you--you cannot trust star locations at the present time for most of your so- called major heavenly bodies are naught but our craft projected between them and you.This is not a time of dreamy eyed crystal gazers, mystics, soothsayers, fortunetellers and false gurus. THERE IS ONE GOD AND A WORLD IN HEINOUS TROUBLE, MOVING INTO TRANSITION. NO MORE AND NO LESS. WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO EAT WILL EFFECT YOUR BODY PHYSICAL AND THEREBY LIES THE WHOLE OF IT. THE DESIRE IS TO LIVE IN BALANCE AND HARMONY WITH THE CREATION---YOUR SOUL ESSENCE (INFINITE ENERGY BEING) IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT IN NATURE OF EXISTENCE AND YOUR EATING HABITS, FOR INSTANCE, ARE OF NO CONCERN TO US. FURTHER, ALL PHYSICAL FUNCTIONS ARE COMPLETELY CONTROLLED BY THAT CENTRAL ELECTRICAL SYSTEM CALLED MIND. AS IN AIDS, IT IS SIMPLE LIGHT FREQUENCY CONTROL OF GENETIC ENGINEERING AND STRUCTURING. THE MIND CAN CREATE AND THE MIND CAN DESTROY---OR, THE MIND CAN ENGINEER THE EQUIPMENT IN PHYSICAL FORMAT TO UTILIZE SEPARATE AND APART FROM INDIVIDUAL FOCUS. DO NOT PLACE VOO-DOO HOCUS POCUS ONANYTHING--GOD IS INFINITE AND YOU, AS MAN, ARE HIS DIRECT FRAGMENTS. THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ON THE PHYSICAL PLANE THAT "BUYS" YOUR WAY TO THE HEAVENLY REALMS--ALL IS THROUGH THE GRACE OF "ALLOWING" FROM YOUR CREATION. WHAT YOU DO IN THE PHYSICAL ONLY ALLOWS THE KNOWING OF THAT WHICH IS REFLECTED IN THE HEART AND IT IS MOST CAREFULLY WATCHED. YOU CAN EAT NAUGHT BUTW HEAT GRASS AND CHLORELLA, LOCUSTS AND HONEY FOR ALL YOUR DAYS, AND CARELESSLY HOP INTO BED FOR A LITTLE FUN AND GAMES FOR PHYSICAL PLEASURE AND NEGATE ALL THE GOOD INTENT OF THE DIET. YOU ARE ALSO VERY APT TO END UP WITH AIDS AND THEN BLAME GOD FOR YOUR MISFORTUNE. AIDS IS A "CONTACT SPORT", NOT A SEXUAL DISEASE----A CONTACT DISEASE AS EASILY SPREAD, OR MORE SO, THAN THE ORDINARY, COMMON THING YOU CALL "COLD". --PJ 08 -- page 43 ---------------------------- I am going to purposely offend many of you. Especially those who want to dine on the lies of perfectionin being--just "being'. Good luck, because you are dwelling on scenarios that will not be in consciousness. Satan has set up his programs to take power from you and give it unto all things other than assuming responsibility for self and appropriate actions to change from his plan for you. You ones will useperfectly wondrous tools such as astrology, crystals, psychic communications and never think twice as to WHO might be on the other end of the line. The Master Deceiver will always tell you he is God, and he is--but it is the God of darkness. Further, you readily give your power unto human fragments who also deceive you. GIVE YOUR POWER TO NO ONE. GOD DOES NOT WANT YOUR POWER--HE WANTS YOU TO USE IT FOR HE GAVE IT UNTO YOU. FALSE CLEARING OF YOUR SPACE WILL NOT CUT IT, MY FRIENDS. RATTLING OFF A BUNCH OF "CLEARING WORDS" WILL NOT CLEAR YOUR SPACE BUT RATHER MAKE YOU A VICTIM IN WIDE OPEN INVITATION TO THAT WHICH YOU CLAIM TO DESIRE TO PUT FROM YOU. OH YES, I SEE ONES OF YOU "TRYING" SO HARD THAT YOU BLAST CHASMS IN YOUR SHIELD. STOP YOUR SETTING UP OF "HATONN TESTING", CLEAR YOURSELVES AND ENTER INTO COMMUNION WITH AN OPEN MIND INSTEAD OF CONSCIOUS EFFORT AT SPECIFICS. WITHOUT EGO INVOLVEMENT, I AM A FAR SUPERIOR "TESTOR" THAN ARE YOU. I KNOW WHEN YOU ARE "SETTING ME UP"AND WE HAVE NO MORE TIME FOR THIS TRIVIA. IF YOU DOUBT ME--FINE! WAIT WITH AN OPEN MIND AND PERHAPS YOU WILL CHANGE YOURS. IF NOT, I ASK THAT YOU SIMPLY WITHDRAW AND LEAVE US TO OUR WORK AND YOU GO PLAY ELSEWHERE. WE FORCE NO MAN, NOR DO WE PLEAD, BEG OR BEND UNTO GAMES. THE LOAD HEREIN IS TOO HEAVY AND WE WILL NOT CARRY A LOAD FOR ONES WHO SIMPLY WANT TO "RIDE" RATHER THAN SHARE. PJ 15--page 39 --------------------------------- ASTROLOGY I have told you that the star signs have great meaning but not for "fortune-telling". How can ones, let us say,who are a particular star sign according to the charts--be so similar or have dominate traits. For many reasons, but it is not usually due to something being in "a house" or another . I did not say that it cannot somehow be a tool but I can assure you that we do not utilize the stars for that purpose of fortunetelling but even the clues of the "signs" can give you information. Let us take a "Scorpio": this is a symbol which can represent the highest or the lowest--the soaring eagle or the crawling lizard--perhaps indicating the opposites of "God/Evil", so you will have personalities who seem to serve one or the other with great passion being birthed into that cycle--but the planning goes on at a greater level than you are aware. This is simply example for I certainly do not wish to get into astrological forecasts--which by the way, are very often correct-- especially if the person giving the reading is perceptive. However, the tool itself is one to conclude "control" and great leaders are said to use the methods--TO CAUSE YOU TO ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE CONTROLLED BY THE METHOD, i.e., it was alright for Ronald Reagan--so it must be OK. Then you unsuspecting little people go forth to find your seer and find that the trap has been laid and you are trapped. YOU WILL COME INTO KNOWLEDGE THAT YOU WILL FIND NOTHING YOU SEEK EXCEPT WITHIN SELF--ONLY YOU WILL DECIDE HOW A THING WILL BE AS RELATES TO YOU. Evil "tempts" and pulls you down--from the physical aspects of all things outside self being (energy/soul). God "allows" the experience--for HE HAS CREATED YOU WITH THE STRENGTH TO BE GODLY AND HE ALLOWS THE JOURNEY AND EXPERIENCES TO HAPPEN AS YOU DESIRE UNTIL YOU FIND YOUR WAY FOR HE ALSO GIVES YOU ABILITY OF PERFECTION BUT YOU WILL CLAIM THE PERFECTION WITHIN HIS LAWS. PJ 22--page 10 --------------------------------- (1)A One World government-New World Order with a unified church and monetary system under their direction. Not many people are aware that the One World Government began setting up its "church" in the 1920's/1930's, for they (Editors: please do not correct s's to z's as John writes in the"King's English" and spells thusly) realised the need for a religious belief inherent in mankind to have an outlet and, therefore, set up a"church" body to channel that belief in the direction they desired. [H:The changing of spiritual impact and thrust into the physical "blood""death", crucifixion", "no responsibility for actions"and "rapture", "mysticism", "astrology" and "Jewish homeland at all and any costs" is a direct offshoot of this "new" religion. In other words, a shifting of goals from the spiritual into the physical display and actions for achievement.] PJ 43--page 15 ---------------------------- ************************************** In the Urantia Book (963.4) 87:5.9 The intention and will of the spirits were studied by means of omens, oracles, and signs. And these spirit messages were interpreted by divination, soothsaying, magic, ordeals, and astrology. The whole cult was a scheme designed to placate, satisfy, and buy off the spirits through this disguised bribery. (972.7) 88:6.7 Gradually science is removing the gambling element from life. But if modern methods of education should fail, there would be an almost immediate reversion to the primitive beliefs in magic. These superstitions still linger in the minds of many so-called civilized people. Language contains many fossils which testify that the race has long been steeped in magical superstition, such words as spellbound, ill-starred, possessions, inspiration, spirit away, ingenuity, entrancing, thunderstruck, and astonished. And intelligent human beings still believe in good luck, the evil eye, and  astrology. * (988.1) 90:2.5 The medicine men put great trust in signs and omens, such as, “When you hear the sound of a rustling in the tops of the mulberry trees, then shall you bestir yourself.” Very early in the history of the race the shamans turned their attention to the stars. Primitive astrology was a world-wide belief and practice; dream interpreting also became widespread. All this was soon followed by the appearance of those temperament alshamanesses who professed to be able to communicate with the spirits of the dead. (988.3) 90:2.7 Again and again did the Caesars banish the astrologers, but they invariably returned because of the popular belief in their powers. They could not be driven out, and even in the sixteenth century after Christ the directors of Occidental church and state were the patrons of astrology. Thousands of supposedly intelligent people still believe that one maybe born under the domination of a lucky or an unlucky star;that the juxta position of the heavenly bodies determines the outcome of various terrestrial adventures. Fortunetellers are still patronized by the credulous. (1043.2) 95:1.7 This defeat of the Salem gospel was immediately followed by a great increase in the cult of Ishtar, a ritual which had already invaded Palestine as Ashtoreth, Egypt as Isis, Greece as Aphrodite, and the northern tribes as Astarte. And it was in connection with this revival of the worship of Ishtar that the Babylonian priests turned anew to stargazing; astrology experienced its last great Mesopotamian revival, fortunetelling became the vogue, and for centuries the priesthood increasingly deteriorated. (1337.1) 121:5.5 3. Astrology. This pseudo science of Babylon developed into a religion throughout the Greco-Roman Empire. Even in the twentieth century man has not been fully delivered from this superstitious belief. (1680.5) 150:3.3 1. The courses of the stars in the heavens have nothing whatever to do with the events of human life on earth. Astronomy is a proper pursuit of science, but astrology is a mass of superstitious error which has no place in the gospel of the kingdom.