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Commander ASHTAR, part 4 MASTER CELLULAR COMMUNICATION SYSTEM The intrinsic virtual state of cellular control has already been discovered and pointed out. This massive communication system controls all cells in a body and all the functions thereof. This is a "life electromagnetic" system. Your new researchers wish to call this system "Scalar", we have no objections, therefore, I will refer to this as SEM since you ones do enjoy your alphabet. The SEM conductivity pattern is not through the electron shells of the atoms but is directly through the nuclei SEM pathways. The SEM pattern's organized signals, non-specific vector electromagnetic (EM) waves, which externally sum the zero vector on already existing waves, can be constructed for virtually any specific purpose. This includes the ability to destroy a particle such as a virus, cancer cell, leukemia, bacteria--anything within or without individual cells--these frequencies can be created which will actually alter the very DNA/RNA. Through this approach the immune system and repair system of the body or cell, itself, can be reached and manipulated selectively. Thus, the entire biochemistry and functioning of a cell, including its genetics, is totally engineerable. Further, a specific "charge pattern" can be designed and utilized to charge up the nuclei of the biosystem to fabricate specific immunity response. This charge, once established, is then maintained by the "master" system to allow for permanent immunity--in other words, you change the master computer to include the new and reject the old data. To understand this just stated concept, you need to know something about brain, mind and thought basic functioning. It has been isolated and described on your place sufficiently to scientifically organize it. It, of course, is crude in isolation for it is the etheric aspect of life itself and you ones are not given to understand it in actuality. The concept is sufficient for this discourse. MIND AND THOUGHT DESCRIBED You ones continue to search in difficult helter-skelter fashion to isolate something which is so simple you cannot find it. You look where it cannot be found. Search within the limits of where a thing can be found and since all life i s electrical energy in one format or another, look there first. Look within the electrical system. Consider the ionic discharges in and across the tremendous numbers of synapses of the human nervous system--it is wondrously constructed by creator, and the slower discharge and migration of ions across cellular membranes. If you take it as a single biological ensemble, you will find these are much like a vast array of continual and ongoing spot discharge vectors, charged current vectors, et cetera. Overall, within the microscopic space occupied by the body, these electromagnetic vectors sum almost to entirely zero resultant. Now, don't let this throw you into confusion. This is a general explanation intended for ones who do understand it, to know they are on the correct path and give further insight while giving all of you an overall view of -- PJ 65 -- page. 98 the whole. We, too, must unfortunately work in mysterious ways our wonders to perform---we are not allowed to "do it for you"! Dharma, you will note that we speak here in terms of zero, nonzero, sub-zero and plus-zero. I would wish that you would relate this in concept to Paul's theories. And, yes, the tape you transcribed is not the final one as was given to you by him in March of '85. But it will suffice for the concept is correct and we shall ultimately give him credit for his contribution was of the ultimate physical separation. He shall be honored for that which he has given unto this mammoth cause for he was "out of his time" and for those blessed beings it is pure torment of inability to adjust or "fit-in". It requires those ones to stimulate actions of others into their accepted and intended tasks. I hope this helps you to understand, chela. When I say that these electromagnetic vectors sum almost to entirely zero resultant, it is that only a tiny non-zero vector residue remains. However, this vector zero summation has incredibly rich enfolding signals and channels and dynamic relationships and structures within it. This zero vector summation is the biopotential of the body whole. It is constantly and dynamically changing. For those of you who perceive in esoteric terms, this is the "auric" field---the aura. It has multiple virtual state levels, it is anchored in and resides within the atomic nuclei of the mass of the body. It is a virtual-state "engine" activating, structuring and dynamisizing the virtual particle flux of the charged particles of the body. Hence it is finely structured and controls the body's dynamic charges and charge distribution. This, then, is the fashion in which it controls and erects the body's biochemistry. Dharma, I am being summoned and therefore request a break. Thank you. Ashtar to stand-by status -- PJ 65 -- page. 99 --- MIND AND THOUGHT FUNCTIONS I was speaking of non-zero residue. Modern scientists consider this residue and try to ascertain where and how mind and thought are accomplished by the residue. No, that is the incorrect approach. The residue, the ENH field remainders, are simply garbage--waste. It is the engine operating inside the vector zero summation that must be considered. These exhaust by-products are not the functions of the mind/thought process itself but rather they are the spillage resulting from the function of the process itself. If you put the mind into a state of rest and photograph the components of the zero vector summation, actually see the highly complex enfolded structure (pattern) of these components; then take a second "frozen" time photograph of the same components a very, very short time later, subtract the previous "frozen" pattern (the delta --"difference") between the two patterns represents the myriad of thoughts or specified forms in the virtual state. In a general sense, this represents the contents of the thinking mind. Each entity will have a varying thought pattern for each individual has relatively different thought impact from a given exact trigger thought point. But you will be able to understand better, the actual electrical circuitry of the function itself. Further, the speed from "normal" to "impaired"; "fully functional" to "retarded"; "normal" to "substance damaged" etc., can in fact, be ascertained and damaged circuit synapses isolated. -- PJ 65 -- page. 101 The mind is the overall functioning and changing of the entire pattern substructure and the ability of the organism to have such and do such. The ability of the organism to "do" such and such requires a couple more "nested" levels of virtual state, two or more higher dimensions which in essence has the same meaning. Basically all those electromagnetic component vectors are in, at least, the fifth dimension and therefore can be referred as higher dimensional or in some definitions, hyperdimensional. I personally do not like the term "hyper" for it denotes exaggeration or ballyhoo instead of "higher". But you will run into it often in Earth literature. "Supra" or even "super" would be a better designation. HIGHER DIMENSIONAL Every component driving the vectors themselves is higher dimensional. A thought is an "exact" change of a vocalized pattern. The thought must come prior to the vocalizing of the sounds which form the verbal thought. Except, in the case of direct "channeling" as with this scribe--the pre-thought is mine and she has no pre-thought about the contents. This is, how-ever, a most significant proof of the status of "higher dimensional form at work", the "super/supra" consciousness. It goes beyond the subconscious level of function. Most thoughts are totally without consciousness, multiple, simultaneous or parallel. A few could be considered serially ordered, singularly considered and processed--depending on the consciousness involved. The subconscious mind is totally a parallel processor--bunches of thoughts at once. The conscious mind, on the other hand, is totally a serial processor; only one thought can be handled at a given instance. Most persons never reflect on this matter, that they can only perceive one single thought at a time in the conscious state. In a healthy, alert state the conscious mind is so rapid that by habit, persons believe they perceive many things at once. However, what is occurring is that the conscious mind is perceiving only the ONE while the subconscious is intaking ALL data surrounding the thought, from the room, the clothes, the accent of the speaker, on and on ---, and running a continuous library. Now, when the conscious mind regards the subconscious contents it sees something which has multiple meanings--at once. That is symbolism. The subconscious offers symbols which have many meanings in its effort to communicate an idea to the consciousness. Dreams are an excellent example---or even "daydreaming"---efforting to get an idea into the consciousness. Only the individual having the "dream" can actually analyze it for it is the most personal of personal. It may take the skilled "dream work" therapist to allow the consciousness to receive the projected thought, but beware of psychiatrists and psychologists who "INTERPRET" YOUR DREAMS FOR YOU---ONLY YOU ACTUALLY KNOW THE MEANING OF YOUR DREAMS AND THAT MEANING CAN BE BROUGHT FORTH, BUT ONLY BY YOURSELF. Why do I go into this material? Because change and master function of the body, through the tiny-most cell, is controlled by the mind and thought. A confused mind will produce an infirm physical response; likewise, a clear mind can heal an infirm body by clearing any defects from the control system. -- PJ 65 -- page. 102 POTENTIAL IMPACT OF SEM WAVES The potential lays at the SEM ability to penetrate the nuclei and actuate internal changes within the substructures (thoughts). The nuclei are in continual "charge up". The particles change their states; they charge up to their impressed potential, including the potential of each component of that impressed potential. Mind, thought and memory all reside in, and are recorded in, the atomic nuclei. The biopotential of the dynamic mind uses "negative" energy and "negative" "time". SINCE THE NUCLEUS IS POSITIVELY CHARGED, POSITIVE ENERGY AND POSITIVE TIME ARE NEGATIVELY CHARGED CREATIONS. That is exactly what you get from photon interaction with the electron shells of the atom. Since it operates in negative time, the mind biopotential in negentropy, it can restore order from disorder, or chaos. In this manner, the life blueprint of the living organism can maintain order in the midst of the entropy (a measure of the unavailable energy in a closed thermodynamic system so related to the state of the system that a change in the measure varies with temperature in the ratio of the increment of heat taken in to the absolute temperature at which it is absorbed). This def-inition is given herein so that you can carefully consider temperature as an important component of "blasting" a specific particle, such as a virus. Further, keep in mind this additional definition of entropy: The measure of a disorder of a closed thermodynamic system in terms of a constant multiple of the natural logarithm of the probability of the occurrence of a particular molecular arrangement of the system that by suitable choice of a constant reduces to the measure of unavailable energy. The living organism must be able to maintain order in the normal physical components of the cells of the physical body. Since the "AIDS" virus and mutations thereof, alter the actual DNA in all cells of an infected body, the overall body must be cleared. I assume I make my point. Thus, the functioning mind and biocontrol system--the master cellular communications system, the immune control system, the acquisition system and the repair control system, all reside in the nuclei in dynamically interacting pattern potentials, or pattern charges, complete with resonances and frequencies and et cetera. ANTOINE PRIORE'S "MACHINE" Priore constructed an electromagnetic treatment machine and demonstrated a close to 100 percent "kill" (cure) of all kinds of carcinomas, leukemias, etc., in thousands of laboratory tests utilizing animal forms. These tests were openly shared with American scientists as early as your 1960's. At the time of the research, the French government funded several millions of dollars for Dr. Priore's research. Into a tube containing a plasma of mercury and neon gas (hold this combination in your hearts for Xxx Xxxxxxx will expand on this subject later), a pulsed 9.4 gigacycles wave modulated carrier frequency of 17 megacycles was introduced. These waves were produced by radio emitters and magnatrons in the presence of a 1,000 Gauss (the cgs 'centimeter-gram-second' unit of magnetic induction equal to the magnetic flux density that will induce an electromotive force of one one-hundred millionth of a volt in each linear centimeter per second at right angles to a magnetic flux) magnetic field. Dr. Priore exposed experimental animals to this magnetic field during irradiation and a mixture of waves, some seventeen or so, coming from the plasma tube and modulating and riding the magnetic field, passed through the animal's body. Among other things, as plasma can convert a transverse wave to a longitudinal wave, also phase conjugate, time reversal waves can be produced. -- PJ 65 -- page. 103 Phase conjugated electromagnetic waves carry negative energy and negative time. They exhibit negentropy and move from disorder back to order. The proof is already in the hundreds of technical papers in non-linear phase conjugate optics in the orthodox scientific literature but ones continue to misinterpret the true definitions of terminology. Dr. Priore's apparatus produced a SEM signal with deliberately constructed, unfolded components including phase and conjugated electromagnetic waves. Further, keep in mind that just to send out waves is inconsequential unless you have a correctly tuned receiver crystal for exacting frequency. You must integrate the information into a single functioning apparatus. Dharma, I request a break at this time as I have other pressing appointments. I would like to cover some discussion of Dr. Rife's material today, however. Thank you for your attention. I understand that this is a most difficult task for you in that you must work without any technical knowledge. Trust that this information is of great value to those working on this project. In your service, I move to stand-by. Commander Ashtar clearing frequency. -- PJ 65 -- page. 104 ----------------------------- The Rife Machine, Pdf. http://abundanthope.net/pages/Enviro...hine-Pdf.shtml