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Commander ASHTAR, part 3 Our technology is based upon the natural physical laws of the universe which includes the Light which flows out from the Creator God and the energy of magnetism. Because of our knowledge of universal law, our very being consists of a higher level of "vibration" than does Shan humans. You see, every particle of the universe consists of molecules whose center contains an atom around which electrons and protons revolve. Each molecule of a differing molecular structure "vibrates" at a different frequency also. You do have some major misconceptions about many things--for instance, you think you are "drawn" into a given " spon “. No, you are compressed and contained. For instance, if you remove or puncture your capsule of skin and muscle you will fly all apart and scatter helter skelter. Further, all is a cycle of moving outward and returning in pulsating sequence. But that is for another lesson, or three thousand. Let us say a molecule itself is identical in makeup to the universe. Planets revolve around central suns; solar systems, around galaxies; galaxies, around a central sun. Each molecule "vibrates" at whatever frequency is appropriate for that particular existence. As one becomes more "spiritual" in nature, you will tend to thrust to the without, instead of sucking all into the within self. As this happens the molecules of that being will vibrate at a tremendously higher rate of speed. As we know in our dimension, it is possible for these molecules to vibrate so rapidly that the frequency becomes naught but pure Light. We depend totally upon the Light from the Source--The Creator, God, for our very existence. As to light and color frequency, I would make a point here. If you wish a red light you might put over the light red filters or even a red bulb light source. Think of the polished, diamond for a moment. As light (pure white or sunlight, any white light) reflects or refracts through and off the crystal surfaces it is converted into color--the diamond changes not its color, the light of total purity but is fractionated into color perceptions--you cannot pick it up, but you most surely can see it--further, with proper instrumentation you can measure the frequency of the vibration. That, for instance, is not mystery or magic, it is physical law. -- PJ 05 -- pag. 25 EVACUATION DURING CLEANSING We have come forth to fulfill the destiny of this planet which is to experience a short period of "cleansing" and then to usher in a new existence. We are here to lift off the surface, yes, and the inner world, during this period of cleansing, those souls who are walking in the Light on Earth and choose to move with us through the time of transition. The period of which I speak is imminent-- even unto the midnight hour. I will speak of those changes in a moment, but first I will speak of the Dark Brotherhood. There are beings from the lower realms whom we refer to as the Destroyers. Evil is not given to "create", but only to destroy. These ones must be avoided. I will speak at length later, regarding Evil. -- PJ 05 -- pag. 26 -------------------------- You fear that I and my colleagues "are not working in the light of Christ." Son, I AM the LIGHT! Further, I humbly serve in the service of Hatonn, who is a fourth dimensional Commander but is in higher truth---ATON. ASHTAR IS CHIEF COMMANDER OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSAL SPACE FLEET IN YOUR SECTOR OF THIS UNIVERSE. I HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO ANGER--DO NOT PRESS ME. -- PJ 12 -- pag. 99 --------------------------- Now as to the workings of this transition time and Command-line as you interpret higherarchy. We do not recognize anything such as you have on Earth-- however, we have to use structure and identification which you can somehow understand. That means that I have to utilize military structure, predominantly, for your government gives even worse example. Number one: we have no “Royalty” although on some planets there is an accepted “King”--for you have no better word to identify a top-person. We are given functions according to our capabilities and no other reason--not seniority nor “education”. We simply serve where we are capable but you do have to have ones “in- -- PJ 31-- pag. 67 charge” to maintain flow in orderliness. For instance, there is gross misunderstanding regarding ‘Ashtar” and I make a lot of Earth enemies at this point for “Ashtar” speaks to a lot of Earth-based people--or used to! “Ashtar Command” is exactly that--a “Command”, a structured “command”. There will be one who heads the Command and that one is known as “Ashtar”. This can be hard to accept if you think it to be a specific beauteous dark-haired, widowed-peak masculine human who looks like a handsome God. He may or may not. “It” is a total comprehensive computer system of incredible magnitude. I do not know how you would recognize a computer which is some equivalent to ten square miles if manifested. That does not mean that the entities in charge are a computer. The one you would call “Ashtar” is an entity of extremely high status. THAT “COMMAND” is in overall charge of the various fleets come for observation and fleet operations if evacuation is required spontaneously. It is further at standby for what we can refer to, for lack of better description, lift-off for reason of global devastation, etc.--to simply get you off the place prior to devastating changes as the planet goes into major cleansing and detoxification phase. Anything short of atmospheric annihilation can be cleansed by simply rotation of continents into/out-of the sea and re-establishinglife-forms. This is where comes the perception that Man evolved from the sea--because it appeared after great cyclic changes that all available life-form was from the sea--and so be it. But there was also the establishment--again, of rather primitive Man to re-establish experience anew for all newly created souls must have experience and teachers and thus and so--this is the thought projection of God-Creator as Creation is formed in various facets of existence. Soul is immortal but new beginnings of perception must be accommodated. -- PJ 31-- pag. 68 ------------------------ What will happen to those who do not choose to travel with our crew? That is between that one and God. Remember something-- when God decides to change His mind--that which was, is no more! Ponder it. However, once experienced as a projection of God- thought--it is forever stored in God‟s data banks to be reactivated, or forever left to the archives. That is exactly that which Ashtar IS! This is why the evacuation of a planet at any given time of chosen salvaging, is left in that Command's capable hands. -- PJ 33 -- pag. 32 The very term “ASHTAR” means storage of the records and I have long experienced as “Record Keeper”, for those of you who wish to check out my credentials, for I have been sharing in a most physical manner, as in this transfer of information, for many decades. The Commander in charge of that Command is referred to as “Ashtar” and he DOES NOT EVER flit around Shan with any twin- flame. If you could see the entire picture, it would be most amusing to you to even consider such a thing. But that is not my concern herein. At times of a necessary or “chosen” evacuation by fleet--Ashtar takes control of all fleet compatriots. Now why, if ones are thought projections of God in experiencing format, would there ever be evacuation? Because God chooses to experience the exercise and further, Man has tinkered until he can cause disturbances which can direly injure the “soul” energy fields of thought manifestation and that is a no-no. You ones can conjure all the fantastic fantasies you wish but facts is facts and pigs is pigs and TRUTH is not mystical nor fantasy-- no magic, just simple electrical wave pulses in universal frequencies of suitable elemental construction. I fail to understand why any supposedly intelligent individual would choose to count on a mystical trip to perish in the clouds against a solid lift-off in a very physically manifested spacecraft of which countless thousands have been witnessed. So be it. -- PJ 33 -- pag. 33 --------------------------- I (Hatonn) serve aboard the Command Ship, Phoenix, and I head the Fleet Command. I am Commander of the United Federation Fleet, Intergalactic Federation Command. I link with other Commands, i.e., the referenced “Ashtar Command”, only in time of imminent planetary destruction at which point that Command will be in charge of any evacuation of general nature. Our Command will bring all of God‟s people into security. I have no responsibility to the “adversary” nor his followers and no evil shall be brought into the places of Lighted God. Evil is a manifestation of “human” and we do NOT allow evil within our orderly God-revering societies. This does not, however, mean that ones who are in deciding will not be taken into a placement which can preserve “soul” survival. -- PJ 39 -- pag. 18 --------------------------- This alleged ET calls himself, according to George, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander in Chief, Earth Project Transition, Pleiades Sector Flight Command, Intergalactic Federation Fleet--Ashtar Command. [H: He has a couple of things misconstrued-- like being in the Command of someone named Ashtar. Ashtar is only a label given the entity who heads the evacuation Command and Central Computer system and I only have occasional need to participate with that fleet in any association. That association has been explained in detail in the JOURNALS. Further, I am IN COMMAND--not Commander-in-Chief. This is just for a bit of clarification for you readers of THIS document. Moreover, I am only occasionally in "orbit around your planet", if the difference is important to you. ] Earth Representative to the Cosmic Council and Intergalactic Federation Council on Earth Transition. (But, he says, you can just call him "Hatonn.") [H: Ah so! Would it be so "strange" if this author introduced himself as Mr. Don Ecker and said, you may call me "Don" or "Ecker"? Do you condemn a being for being courteous and using good manners? I do note that not many gracious manners are utilized by this one toward me and/or George Green and we have done NOTHING TO OR WITH HIM OR HIS MAGAZINE. HOW DOES HE HAVE INSIGHT ENOUGH TO PRONOUNCE SUCH CARNAGE UPON OUR PRESENCE AND RIGHT OF EXISTENCE? OR, IS THIS THE TYPE OF JOURNALISM NOW FULLY ACCEPTED AND RESPECTED IN YOUR CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT OF DISINFORMERS?] -- PJ 51 -- page. 129 ----------------------------- Good day. Ashtar to begin, please. Most of the ones on your placement who are delving into the proper approach to retrovirus cures on your place, continue to relate it to war "beams", frequencies and thus and so. Yes, these things exist and should be spoken of, however, I do not wish to get into lengthy discussions of war machines except as relates to AIDS. Suffice it to say, you keep trying to get massive receiving systems into space to receive and further disperse these weapons. You have mammoth problems for you cannot handle the accidents which occur. For instance, at Chernobyl and the laboratories in Livermore, California. These beam systems require mammoth amounts of power to make the projects feasible and, therefore, facilities are usually built very close to atomic plants or major electrical installations, i.e., your San Clemente system. This is your most deadly toy and, out of control„ causes chain reactions which can pulverize your planet in a matter of seconds. You have no known method of controlling such a chain reaction. I will point out a few in-terventions, at Earth request, with which you can recall and relate and then we will move on with the subject. The worst hazard is that the beam, itself, feeds upon itself and backfeeds along its own path right back into its source. At Chernobyl this is exactly that which occurred. This also will give credence to the information Commander Hatonn has already given many times to you ones---we of the space command were asked to stop the reaction--we did so, but not until far too much damage had been done to quietly shut down the system without great penalty to both you and to the fleet craft. You see, for one of our craft to get close enough to the source of the beam thrust, we must move into the electronic field which disables our stabilization controls. Once manifested into visible form we are a "mass" vulnerable as are you in human form. In December of 1988, space command was again summoned by the Soviets, and at this intervention we lost a Pleiadean craft with crew. Nine of the dozen or so crew members were killed outright and the remaining ones were severely burned and injured. The Soviets, however, treated our men with great respect, care and brotherhood. We sent in our own physicians and treated these crew members until they could be safely transported home. A second ship was sent to retrieve our people and it was a most appreciated action. Again, just prior to your major summit meeting, there was to be just another little show of force to you ones and again they had a backfeed problem. We were again summoned for intervention, we responded and again we were disabled and our craft was brought down. This time, however, there was relatively minor damage and repairs were undertaken and we were able to salvage the craft. Then at your own research lab, as mentioned above, you got a test completely out of control which blew your capacitors and transformers and headed for annihilation. We were called in by your government on this occasion and were, in fact, able to stop the reaction without loss of craft or crew. This was also in 1988 and was announced in your media as an electrical problem. -- PJ 65 -- page. 95 Oh yes, your leaders know us well, friends, very, very well. We have representatives, usually myself and Commander Hatonn, to all high level meetings--albeit in holographic format any more for you made a bad blunder of "capturing" us at one such meeting----we are higher forms of vibration and you cannot hold us---you can hold our manifested representatives of a bit lower dimensional format. Why would we respond? Because these are the beams which will blast you into oblivion. You would become a mass of problem to the corners of the universe. We would at that point of explosion have massive atmospheric reaction about your planet that we could not stop. We would encapsulate your sphere within a plasmic shield and hope we could contain you enough to continue your orbit and lessen impact to your solar system. You, as man and civilization, would be vaporized. We are not allowed to stop your little atomic-seek, find and destroy, war games; we are ordered to intervene in planetary annihilation situations. All of this information has been abundantly given unto you ones in the hours of instructions and communications with ones on your placement. Dharma and group have thousands of hours of such, recorded in time segments of action at the time of the occurrence of the event--in minute detail. Someone must organize and pull forth in proper cataloging of information that we do not need repeat and restructure for you for we have no time for repetition. It does, however, require ones who are self-sufficient for there is not yet industry to support individuals. This is the problem of you ones who go from place to place with lots of good intent and no means of support. The work and actions are backward. At the time of the Master in Galilee there were no facilities and therefore, the speakers went from place to place abiding and surviving from another's labors in exchange for the receiving of the word. Now ones appoint themselves to hop, skip and jump about at random bearing their perceived calling. You cannot reach the masses in that manner and it is all but useless, worse, it causes your brothers to ridicule and place you in a grouping perceived as drop-outs, hippies, leeches and worse. Just as Immanuel Jesus Sananda will appear in a uniform of space command instead of flowing robes of sack cloth, you ones must stop your foolish hogwash. Ah yes, Commander Ashtar is severe and blunt----we of these realms KNOW how it is, you paint the pictures as you HOPE it might somehow be---and you dear ones, are on the very brink of total devastating, agonizing annihilation. Further, millions of your so- called "Christian" brothers will be waiting for some big "lift-off, up and away" into some glorious cloudbank and what will really happen is that they will turn us (the real thing) away and choose to go into the void with the dark brotherhood in their ignorance. GOD DOES NOT MAKE SLOPPY, DRIFT AROUND ON CLOUDS, PLANS. A PLACE IS PREPARED FOR EVERY ONE OF YOU AND YOU PLAY AT LET'S PRETEND GAMES. "LET US JUST PRETEND, CHANT, PRAY, HOLD HANDS, SING SONGS, WEAR WHITE, BLUE OR PURPLE AND MAYBE IT WILL ALL JUST GO AWAY!" IT WILL NOT GO AWAY. IT IS ALL COMING DOWN THE PIKE JUST AS EXPECTED AND WORSE THAN YOUR WILDEST IMAGINATION COULD CONJURE. OH, THERE WILL BE GLORY AND WONDROUS EXPERIENCE FOR THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH OF IT BUT THOSE WHO BLIND THEIR EYES, PLUG THEIR EARS AND TURN GOD'S EMISSARIES AWAY WILL FIND THAT ANGEL LUCIFER HIMSELF, HAS BEEN PLOTTING THEIR PATH FOR THEM WHILE CONSTANTLY URGING ONES TO BELIEVE "WE" COME IN EVILNESS--NAY, BROTHER, WE ARE YOUR WAY OUT AND THAT IS -- PJ 65 -- page. 96 THE TRUTH OF IT. IT TRULY IS NOT EXPECTED THAT VERY MANY, RELATIVELY, WILL RECOGNIZE THE TRUTH BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. Back to our subject with only one comment regarding your current "market" problem. Watch what happens now; the effort will be made to shore up the problem with a bit of plastic tape. Paper money will pour into mutual funds, etc. to effort at holding the line on withdrawals and cashouts. This will, if it works, place the funds in worse jeopardy. You are in a most precarious monetary mess. Pray, however, that it works for we need a bit more time prior to the overall collapse. We need major funding for our projects and we need a few more weeks to get that in order. Dear ones, please understand that YOU ARE IN IT! IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU NOW---YOU EITHER ACT ON THE INFORMATION WE BRING OR BE PREPARED TO PAY GREAT PENALTIES---GET OUR INFORMATION OUT THERE. GET THESE DOCUMENTS READ AND OUT TO THE MULTITUDES. DON'T TRY TO COPY THEM INDIVIDUALLY; GET A RESOURCE OR SEVERAL AND TELL PEOPLE WHERE TO OBTAIN THEM---WE ARE GIVING YOUR INSTRUCTIONS TO WALK OUR ONES THROUGH, AS MANY AS WILL HEAR AND WALK WITH US, THESE ENDING CYCLE CHANGES AND INTO, THROUGH AND BEYOND THE TRANSITION. SO BE IT, SO BE IT. WHAT ABOUT AIDS? You ones are facing a magnificent problem of mammoth proportion. It requires instant action and funding in large amounts, but because the workers are life motivated instead of greed motivated, surprisingly less than you might anticipate. We are prepared to divert any profits from these documents right back into the programs involved--therefore it would be good if ones would purchase the books or contribute directly to the research teams. This will never be supported by your government funds, whereas a shelter system might be, therefore, plan your input well and place assets in the most priority manner. Only a handful of researchers are available who can do the work. You will be prevented from having the already developed hardware so prepare yourself for that aspect; don't expect it and you won't be left twiddling your fingers. When you have about perfected your machinery, the big boys will probably come forth so that they can again, "save the day". You have to keep in mind that the controlling few are very selected and most of your congressmen, et cetera, are as misled as are you. But to do anything in time to save the masses is out of the question, as your governments now function. Even working around the clock, you will still lose great numbers of lives to this plague and that is inevitable. Proper electromagnetics is your only solution and it must be set up most quickly. You have had ones pass before this time and some within your format now, who have done the work. Drs. Tesla, Xxxxxxx, Rife and Priore have done it, if only you will assess it carefully. You do, however, have to bring your current workers into a unit--Strecker, Cathie and others who are too much in danger to name in this document. I name these ones for they are already most public and already understand their jeopardized situation. Earth-man, you have many gallant and daringly brave ones who continue to work in your behalf in spite of the constant impending danger to their lives and those within their family units. These documents would already be before you but ones continually fell away in fear and terror. TO LIVE AND WORK FOR A CAUSE, DEAR BROTHERS, IS FAR MORE PAINFUL AND -- PJ 65 -- page. 97 DIFFICULT THAN TO DIE FOR A CAUSE. DEATH IS NAUGHT BUT CHANGE. PONDER IT, PLEASE. Expanded prana electromagnetics can solve the problem if you dare get on with it. If you can pull your nucleus of knowledgeable researchers together, you can find thousands who can do all of the other support tasks, such as testing, control studies---all sorts of backup tasks. NEXT PAGE