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Commander ASHTAR, part 1 We of the lighted brotherhood of the Cosmic and Galactic participants are ready to make our presence upon your place. We travel and act in the direct service and under Command of Esu Jesus Immanuel Sananda. Sananda is aboard my Command Craft from whence He will direct all evacuation and transition activities as regards the period you ones call the End Prophecies of Armageddon. He has organized placement for His peoples and will oversee all operations as regards His people. All Intergalactic Fleets are under His command, and for purposes of evacuation, those details are in most capable hands of one called, simply. Commander Ashtar. -- PJ 03 -- pag. 6 ------------------------ COMMANDER ASHTAR Ashtar present. I trust you recognize me as we are elder friends, you and I. I move most rapidly so slow me up if need be, little sister. Let there be no discomfort on your part that things do not present the possibility of joint communiqué at the present time. I can function even more astutely by utilizing the same receiver as Commander Hatonn. We work in total integration and it is only in effort of your comfort we would separate input. It is not necessary. As information and instructions for the upcoming times will be sent forth from this sector of your planet. As regards this sector of your planet, I shall be experiencing alongside Aton, Sananda and Hatonn, as well as Korton, Soltec and selected Commanders (not to leave out Semjase, Asket, Leah and the other ladies in our Commands). I am not a bigot. We have no need to consider such things for ours is a very well balanced community within which we function. -- PJ 05 -- pag. 7 --- NO ROYALTY UP HERE In these Higher Frequencies, we use labels only for your convenience. We recognize solely by energy patterns. We not only do not bear "Royal" titles, but find them abhorrent. A simple summons of "Ashtar" or "Hatonn" rings our frequency circuit "on switch". We only function in a post of expertise and duty, not one above another as entities. Ones who place such "Royal" titles upon our beings are doing so in self Ego in order to pronounce their self proclaimed importance for working with us. There must, however, be means of description and sometimes definition of words have been misrepresented. For instance, the word "priestess" means, simply, a mediatory agent. You ones make it into some royal hoopla that means great splendor and degrades the label itself. "Commander" is only a designation of function; not some high label of your type of "pecking -- PJ 05 -- pag. 8 order". It designates an area of responsibility and a given segment of authority. No more and no less. Any energy that comes to you with such title as "His Royal Omnipotent Highness", watch out. Further, take care that you don't swallow what thy fellow hu-man tells you. Often labels are falsely placed by ones in power to cause you to denounce others. Sometimes, even I am referred to as "Lord". That is a designation of master teacher or leader of prominent rank. You ones must have some method of identifying us and you only have "words" with which to do so. Unfortunately, the Dark Adversary has corrupted the words so that you have no longer a correct definition. Just as with "Jesus", that is a word that is Greek and means "The Anointed One". It was neither accurate for the one, Immanuel (who now bears the identifying' insignia of "Sananda"), nor His name. It has grown to be accepted as His name, and incorrectly so. It has further been so misused and abused that it rings untrue with the masses because of the incorrect "stories" attached to that name. His name was called Immanuel (spelled Jmmanuel). He has now fulfilled all initiations and has reached His perfection. Creator calls Him Sananda--is that not good enough for you? He is known by many, many names. It matters not to the energy form by what name you label him for He responds to the energy vibration of the call. You must look beyond the limits of your insufficient manifestation. So it is. -- PJ 05 -- pag. 9 --- WHO IS ASHTAR? Who is Ashtar? I suppose great volumes of "stuff" have been written about Ashtar, the entity, I will endeavor to identify myself so that flourishes are not added by cherished ones, I have been called a "Christian Commander from Venus", a "Supreme Director in charge of all of the spiritual Program" for your planet. (That, I believe, came from your own beloved Gabriel Green.) I am honored, but I believe it would be more suitable to state that I am a dominant commander from the Etheric realms, Here, I always confront trouble, for your words do not actually define my position, I shall attempt at simple explanation. I have been around for a very, very long time, under the sponsorship (I suppose is a good enough word) of Lord Michael and the Great Central Sun government of this, your galaxy. I suppose I rank overall second in command, I am not a discarnate energy (spirit); I am an etheric being. I have never taken human embodiment upon planet Earth, Many have inferred such; it is not true, I have been far too involved with affairs of the Universe to prattle around in human format on Earth, I serve at a very high involvement as a member of the Councils scattered throughout this Universal Sector, serving in an advisory capacity at strategic levels of intergalactic affairs. I share responsibility with Esu Immanuel (Jesus) Sananda for the airborne divisions of the Brotherhood of Light. When I mention numbers of involved extraterrestrial persons involved in this Earth project, attached to my command, I usually lose my audience--for you have no concept of the massive fleets of ships involved. I speak in multiple millions. I, like my other compatriots who command massive fleets, am labeled for definition by the eat Central Sun Hierarchy, "Ashtar", for that is the planet of my original manifestation. It is near your solar sister, Venus. The Christ Teacher of this galaxy is my Beloved Commander in Chief, and His Word is my Law. To Him I have pledged my service. I am but a leader chosen by Him to fulfill the Program of Light for Earth Transition through the flight commands of the Great Brotherhood. Part of that mission is to return the Master to your planet and collect His brood, if you will. I commanded the ship which -- PJ 05 -- pag. 10 bore his soul energy to your place for His Earth Experience some two thousand years prior to present calendar. There is a great quantity of mystery; it appears, regarding my personal information. That mystery regarding my person is of absolutely no consequence to me, but it seems of interest to some of you. I am somewhat small of stature compared to Hatonn for I am only approximately seven of your counting "feet" in height. A physician would consider me quite anemic on your plane, for I am almost "white" in complexion. I am etheric, so I do not carry a dense format as do you of your density. I am human in conceptual form, pale of eyes (blue) of the Michael ray. Unlike Hatonn, I have hair upon my head, but in the etheric vision I probably might appear to have none. I do not know how to describe myself and my brothers, here, are having great sport at my expense. I have a few good attributes, however. I am considered to be compassionate and understanding. I am impatient, quick of movement and totally passionate to unbending, regarding the teachings and principles of Our Radiant One, Sananda. I am probably considered severe only to a slightly lesser degree than is Hatonn. Unpleasant as this may be to you ones, Sananda is more severe than either of us. He is total perfection so there is no comparison to be made, but, you follow the Laws of The Creation and The God Law or you get some severe knocks upon thy ears! ETHERIA/ETHERIANS The fleets of Etheria stationed within the Sector known as Schare represent what is now called the Confederation of Planets for Peace. (By the way, your planet is more frequently referred to as Shan.) We are a branch of the greater Federation of Free Worlds which comprises the totality of the Space Commands throughout the Omniverse. While my own administration is local to the Commands of this solar system, I am not restricted to this sector in my service, for I represent our system in the councils of other galaxies and universes throughout the vast cosmos. From time to time I have served in positions of higher responsibilities in those councils. I would like to further discuss "Etherians" for there is always misunderstanding thereof. I do not have a fleshly body like yours that is, bounded by flesh. But it is possible for me to make my being quite visible to your optics by changes in my vi-bratory rate to coincide with a specific optical frequency. I am normally invisible to you just as are our ships. I am often asked if other etheric beings are visible to me. Yes, of course, for those who serve closest to me will have equal etheric vibration patterns. I do not have optical vision of them as you would recognize it, but yes, of course, I see them. I simply have evolved beyond the stage of physical and astral body form. Do not confuse "etheric" and "astral". I will discuss this subject later; there is a great difference. I do not possess a physical casing of the dense type such as yours of Earth human. I am definitely etheric, as are all people on other planets in this solar system--please hold that very close in your memory--all other planets in this solar system. However, this does not mean that we are invisible to each other as we are to you under normal circumstances, and as you evolve into higher dimensions you will retain recognizable forms. You have been so filled with lies that you no longer have concept of Truth. We see each other and we live much as you do, but we do not have a dense physical casing which you possess. -- PJ 05 -- pag. 11 The benefits and comforts of this living are enormous. The compression and irritations of the fleshly envelope are most uncomfortable, I am told by my brothers who experienced there. Unless we choose to convert the vibrational frequency of our bodies (or anything else about us) to one which is visible to your optics, we remain invisible to your people. Highly evolved people, with a good "psychic eye", as you might refer to it, can sometimes see us in vaporous form, although we may remain invisible to one in the same location. Further, if one can see us, it is usually intended and the conversion is so complete that a physical person encountering us will perceive that we too are physical. Dharma, it is most difficult to believe you put all mine brethren through this interrogation. Perhaps Hatonn trained you too well. Well, I wish you to be as informed as possible, so let us continue. We have all the elements you recognize from your planet and many, many more. The etheric form of these metals differs in atomic and molecular structure--just as do we as beings, defined by the term "etheric". For example, the distance between the nucleus and the orbiting electrons of the etheric "iron" "nucleus" substance (I effort at exampling something to which you can relate) is much greater than in iron as you know it on Earth. This permits the atoms of earthly "steel or other Shan metals" to pass through the atoms of etheric II steel" in such a manner that nothing happens to either form. All etheric matter vibrates at a much higher rate than does its Earth counterpart. Under certain circumstances, however, as in the presence of certain atmospheric conditions and gases, our ships will be visible. Or, the controlling intelligence of the craft can cause visibility. While in the etheric form, even a spacecraft measuring many miles in diameter cannot be damaged or injured by physical matter-nor can its contents for all are vibrating at equal frequency. When the vibration is slowed to match Earth manifestation=all are vulnerable just as would be your own manifested matter. Normally our ships remain invisible in form for several reasons. There are millions of ships out here and if we functioned in your visual frequency, you wouldn't be able to move off the ground. This way, we do not interfere with you children playing pilot. Further, it would terrify you ones in mass consciousness. You have to now move without your solar system to encounter other humanoid forms like yourselves. All of your other planets at this present time in your solar system are inhabited by etheric beings. I speak of outside the earth-moon system in your solar system. As you know, on your Earth planet there are two kinds of beings--physical and astral. At the present time almost all of the astral realms of your planet have been taken to safety elsewhere. -- PJ 05 -- pag. 12 --- SEE YOUR GOAL Above all, you must have belief and desire, and then you must move forth with persistence and tenacity. You must allow resilience and endurance to be your sustenance. See your goal and never take your eyes from it. Put your hand and trust in The Master Teacher for He will lead you through the quagmire of evil about you. It is the only way you shall make it through the Earth experience in wholeness. I might give you insight at this point, from experience in this particular commission under which I now function. I will tell you that which I told my crew with whom I served in the early beginnings of this mission. Commander Soltec was given a great and "impossible" task of bringing current all records of Earth changes and plotting probable upcoming changes. In addition, he would serve as a full commander within the ordinary functioning of a fleet, be ready for evacuation of our people from your place in the midst of great upheavals. Etc. We only had a small task force of ships allotted to Earth supervision. I told him what I now tell you. We will endeavor to expand ourselves and to be everywhere at once with our unlimited abilities to do so. You must have dogged determination in any situation, under all stresses. You are "MAN" and you have been created to excel in all manner and measure. I demand never to hear you say, "I cannot". Man was created infinite and unlimited; take your banner and become that which you were created to be. We grew in those times and we will fill the needs of this time. We became the eyes of God surrounding your little planet and we expanded our highest level and we were literally where we were not. We relied not on our craft for that limited us to inferiority of function. We became unlimited as is our creative right. Eventually more craft were added, divisions of responsibilities were assigned, and the mission expanded continually unto the point of tremendous scope that it is today. We found that if one chose to relinquish portions of his agreed upon function, or fell to the wayside for any reason--we filled the gap and moved onward. We simply make a way where there is no way. You will do likewise. There are few of you to do the "impossible"--you are doing it now, one step at a time--one day at a time. I know of that which you are capable and you shall simply grow to that -- PJ 05 -- pag. 15 capability. If ones do not participate or fail to carry their fair share of the load, we will pick it up and waste no time with fiddling; we will simply move forward. We are speaking of a transition of a planet and the placement of millions of your species. If I appear to have the discipline of a hardened military personality, so be it. Without discipline and determination of goal for accomplishment, you will always be but unfinished perfection. My eyes are always to total victory for the forces of Light, the balance of The Creation and for the Totality of God and the Laws thereof. I "allow" much except "I cannot". I will even accept "I will not", but not graciously. Ye are not in my service to be rebellious nor seditious. MY MISSION My mission, dear friends, is to spiritually educate your backward planet and the Ascension of your inhabitants through initiation and gathering of information designed for that purpose. There can be no separation of purpose--especially at this point of evolution. You can not hold to one job thinking it isolated and separate from another. There is no longer ability for separation, there is simply one phenomenal job to be accomplished in a very short period of what you recognize and label "time". It is the time at hand where man moves on--or off. We of the cosmic brotherhood of Light are at station and on constant alert. We are ready--now we get you polished and prepared--quickly, quickly, quickly. Ye have great and grand glories and experiences to bring into your consciousness--things which are long forgotten - for you "old" souls and team-mates. You will enjoy your journey back home, old friends. I have ever been the one in command of the star ship which is peculiarly the etheric navigational vehicle for the Beloved Master. I was placed in command of that ship which brought and released the soul of Immanuel Sananda. I brought Him home when that experience was finished and I shall bring Him forth again. He has commanded the hosts of these realms as we have prepared sufficient space and facilities for each of the beings of Earth; it is now time that we remind the humans of their direction and allow knowledge and Truth to return into consciousness that they might avail themselves of these gracious preparations. God has promised man a last opportunity--chances are all gone. Last lift-off opportunity. Aton is benevolent and generous but unbendingly JUST! I am interested in your spiritual status only as it relates to my mission and responsibility. If you choose to move with the dark brotherhood, so be it. Our job is to see to it that you are allowed to know the difference. If you deny the truth, 'tis of your own doing. The mission to be accomplished is the factor of import where we are concerned and not the quarreling over who thinks what and argues his bigoted thought patterns. I do not care if you function with us or do not. If, however, you are not willing to fill thy' task you will be moved aside. Indecision of personal entities will not be allowed to hinder the task of another to completion for when one slows it impacts all others. That could be dealt with in the past; we are moving past the point of dallying while individuals make lingering decisions regarding placement, participation, etc. If you have forgotten your commitment, I suggest you be in the remembering or the removal of your body from our pathway. We have enormous boulders to surpass and crawl over; do not leave your indecisive selves in the path to pull your brother down. -- PJ 05 -- pag. 16 ALL EOUAL IN THE SIGHT OF GOD Like all of my other brothers and sisters within the Program of Light, for lack of better definition, we are not to be worshipped or thought of as Gods (any more than you can think of yourselves as Gods). We are your comrades in the Light of the Radiant One of Perfection, equal all, in the sight of the Creator-each with a job to be fulfilled, a mission to be completed. It is regrettable that there is a tremendous tendency of humanity to focus attention upon a messenger rather than upon the message. Do not dawdle upon who brings Truth--pay attention to the Truth. Do not grab up these manuals to see "who" brings "what" --snatch them quickly up unto your consciousness that you might learn Truth and receive of your instructions. Let us build no more stupid "churches" of half-truths or total lies. Ye have paid enough for those errors. Overemphasis on personal revelation weakens the strength of the Mission, which is geared to the spiritual growth of mankind that he might find his placement. If I could label my responsibilities in order of importance to the overall, I would take the one as Protector and Defender. My mission is as a protector of humanity and the fate of planet Earth (at this time), as well as a defender-protector of the Solar System and its affairs. Fortunately, or unfortunately as the case may be, you are both. My experience is at a high administrative level with the Archangels. Some have even projected me to be Gabriel (I think because of my connection with Sananda). I am not Gabriel, but Gabriel is most close to my space at all times. There is, however, another of the Archangels with whom I am what you would call, interchangeable. That has naught to do with this subject and I request that you ones in my command give no further thought to it at this time. When we meet in conference, I want no personal tidbits in thy minds. The Mission is great; my personal interchanges are of no consequence to you whatsoever. I am efforting at clearing up prominent questions that we may drop the subject henceforth--I hope you hear and understand my meaning in clarity. Do not prompt forth my sternness and severe personality aspects. You are not on a "current day", "new age" romp through the metaphysical bookstore to play with your cards and sticks and crystals. I care not which colors you put upon your bodies; I care not if you put nothing upon your bodies. I suppose I prefer you cover yourself for your brethren are so easily distracted by such garbage. -- PJ 05 -- pag. 17 NEXT PAGE