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AIDS! This is the most important one item facing mankind this day. As serious as your other problems may seem, if no one is left to experience them, they become most insignificant. You are into your LAST GREAT PLAGUE---AIDS. I shall be setting many misconceptions to right and also will likely readjust some thinking regarding the matter of who has done what and to whom it is done unto.You continue to be people of the lie with little recourse, and the lies become more and more lethal; well, truth may be your only recourse and therefore, we shall spare no feelings or words for the survival of your peoples depends upon what we do about this horrendous problem. Most of the opening information and description of your plight is already known upon your place in one format or another, but for all readers' information, much must be in repetition. You must have background, status, projections, prognosis and integration with the "times". WHAT IS AIDS AND WHAT ABOUT A PLAGUE? AIDS is, by all definition, a "plague"! It will affect society in ways that you cannot now even imagine. There is no cure within your grasp as a people and no prospects of a vaccine--both of which will be thoroughly discussed as we move along. Even by scientific optimistic projections it is not even hoped for within the next fifteen to twenty years, at best. It is projected by Public Health experts that over 2.4 billions of people, half the world's population, will die from AIDS viruses and mutations of those viruses within that period of time. Not a pretty picture by any standard. Economic devastation is impending for the medical health systems, insurance facilities and all related services within the next decade. Now, some shocking information for most of you newly interested readers who feel safe and secure with your singular relationships and the comfort of a cosy condom. If things do not change radically and immediately, what you are really destined for is extinction. AIDS is NOT prevented, nor hardly even impacted, by use of condoms. AIDS is NOT a venereal disease. AIDS is NOT a homosexual disease and AIDS did not come from any monkey bite in far off Africa.It came right out of a man organized laboratory by cross breeding cattle and sheep viruses--(it will not grow in the green African monkey). The AIDS virus was specifically requested, produced, deployed, and now threatens extinction of the species.You are headed for the worst catastrophe in the history of your world. Yes, there is a cure---100% cure, but your government and controlling factions will not allow it to come forth---it is being held secretly for the privileged few. And since the purpose is to annihilate selected groupings of persons deemed unsuitable, you will not be given the methods of cure until it so pleases your guardian leaders. As background for this material I must request that you obtain prior writings by myself and Commander Ashtar as well as some of the higher dimensional entities. If you don't know what the problem is, you cannot even hope to solve it. We are not in the book business but our intent has been to give information forth in proper sequence that you might understand our truth and as the material gets heavier and heavier we don't have to continually deal with disbelief in our status. HOW DID IT GET HERE? The first officially diagnosed case of AIDS was in San Francisco in 1981. Actually, it went something like this: The AIDS virus appeared in New York in 1978, San Francisco and Los Angeles in 1980. It appeared in young, white, male homosexuals who were between the ages of twenty and forty and permiscuous in behavior. Simultaneously with its appearance, there was conducted a Hepatitis B vaccine study in New York in 1978 and in San Fran*cisco and Los Angeles in 1980---among young white male homosexuals who were between the ages of twenty and forty. You must surely ask yourself if there is a relationship between the Hepatitis B vaccine study of the United States and the subsequent outbreak of AIDS in the same population groups and at exactly the same time. Further, this followed right on the steps of the outbreak of the disease in third world areas such as Africa and Haiti in the 1970s. West coast gays, particularly from San Francisco, made Haiti a main playground and vacation spot during that ensuing period of time, thereby being hit from two directions. WELL, HOW DID IT GET TO HAITI? I am going to tell you and then I will explain about viruses and why you are in such devastating predicament. In your mid 1970s the outbreak of smallpox in Africa was epidemic and spreading into many other sectors. An organization was created called the World Health Organization (WHO), which made an all out effort to inoculate thousands and thousands of people, among which were some 15,000 Haitians who were working in Africa at the time. Now, before you jump off into accusations of "assumptions" let me point out a few things which are readily documented in hard physical fact and I expect you to do some checking for your own comfort and confirmation. ABOUT THE SO-CALLED AIDS VIRUS/VIRUSES You have to have some understanding of viruses, bacteria, human cell origin, tissue culture and manipulation of all those things within the laboratory.I hereby give confirmation to Dr. Robert Strecker for this simple and most adequate discussion regarding the subject. He has isolated the mechanism and actually knows, further, the cure in concept. We shall help in fleshing out that which is missing from the present data. In the addressing what the AIDS virus is, the virus has a morphology which is actually a D-type retrovirus. So what are viruses? Some of you people are convinced, and I shall not confuse you, that viruses are the smallest replicating micro-organism. That means they are thought to be the smallest replicating organism that require other cells in which to grow themselves. That viruses are not capable of reproducing themselves on their own, outside of living tissue, is the conviction of the scientists today. Viruses must inhabit another cell for potential growth and reproduction. Bacteria, fungus, and some other organisms are actually capable of growing outside of tissue, in other words, they don't have to inhabit other tissue to reproduce themselves. They can grow on tissue culture plates such as bacteria. The viruses must grow inside of tissue which requires that there be living human or animal tissue in which they may replicate. Retrovirus means that it is a small replicating organism which grows inside of living tissue. So what does the term "retro" mean? In the case of this particular virus, it stands for the fact that contained within the AIDS virus, and other so-called human retroviruses, or other animal retroviruses, are small enzymes known as reverse transcriptase. That is where the word "retro" comes from. The reverse transcriptase, which is where the "re" comes from "reverse" and the "tro" from transcriptase. That is an enzyme in the AIDS virus which actually is responsible for duplication of the genes of the AIDS virus which are in an RNA form, different from human form. Human genetic material grows in a DNA form. If the AIDS virus is to insert itself into human material, somehow after infection of the cell, what happens is this enzyme duplicates the RNA of the AIDS virus into a DNA form and actually inserts that into the human DNA. The AIDS virus genes get in and are actually duplicated into DNA form, copied by the reverse transcriptase. That information is then inserted into the genetic makeup of the human cell. This is now an AIDS virus residing within the human genes which then sends out a signal for production of a NEW AIDS virus. Read carefully---NEW AIDS VIRUS! Beyond AIDS the genetic information of all retroviruses is copied into the DNA form by the reverse transcriptase inserted into the genes and subsequent production of new viruses. Let me generalize a bit of information here for better understanding. Virology is the study of viruses which deals with tiny living organisms visible only with the use of the most powerful electron microscopes on your planet as you now recognize the scientific limitations. Millions of AIDS viruses can easily fit onto the head of a small pin. The AIDS virus is particularly deadly to you humans because of its ability to not invade and neutralize human cells, but the virus' ability to put its own genetic material inside the human cell's genetic structure, thereby allowing the virus to use the human cell as a kind of virus factory, reproducing from a human cell's raw materials. Unlike larger organisms, as with bacteria, viruses do not respond to conventional medical treatment. Much like your common "cold" virus, it cannot be treated effectively by drugs. The difference, however, in its attack is that the immune system is overwhelmed, which I will also present here. Dharma, might we please have a break at this point and resume at a later session? Thank you. SALU, HATONN TO STAND-BY PLEASE --PJ 08 -- pag. 26 -- 29