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AIDS, part 2 ROYAL R. RIFE  by ASHTAR Back to our subject of AIDS and other retroviruses. Royal Rife's work clearly demonstrated specific frequencies associated with particular viruses and disease organisms. In addition, his universal microscope, using evanescent waves, or waves with only hyperdimensional components, had no wave length limitations on its resolution. Consequently, it could see directly into the virtuous state past the limit of the photon. Indeed, it could not only see the exceedingly small point cells that lie between ordinary cells and are just barely visible to the "best" orthodox light microscope, but it allowed visualization of some sixteen internested, deeper and smaller levels of structures within the point cell. Nothing before or since has achieved sucha penetration. There are two or three of these scopes around that can be brought into repair. Using this microscope he could see virtual state energy forces functioning and moving. The biology his microscope revealed was far beyond the state of biology today. It was unorthodox in conception and presented a great threat to your orthodox medical and scientific communities. If you are going to create and spread an incurable disease to fit your purposes you most certainly do not desire the cure to get there prior to the infection. Oh yes, that is exactly what occurred, little dreamers. With his scope, Rife could not only "see" the little varmints but he learned to manipulate and control the living internal structure of living electricity. Now please refer to the Nobel prize this past week for the ability to isolate a single unit of electricity and stabilize it. Honors be to that one. Learn what you can from that researcher---you are going to find that electricity units are living structures. Transcription of PJ's is an abundanthope.net project. Since internested levels of virtual state are also "higher" spaces, or hyperdimensional, Rife's microscope was the first and only instrument to allow vision directly into higher dimensions and observe the higher dimensional living forms. -- PJ 65 -- page. 105 In Rife's time such a thing was unthinkable to medical science, yet today with substantial evanescent wave technology already utilized in wave guides and with a well developed body of evanescent wave theory, you could prove that Rife's microscope was capable of doing precisely what he and other scientists reported. But what happens? It is further hidden to cover the lack of interest and ridicule of the past actions. Perhaps nothing in history ever changes except the names and places. It is important to note here for the less sophisticated reader: "evanescent" means to dissipate like vapor--tending to vanish like a vapor. Before I go further I will return to the phase conjugate waves and phase conjugate replicas of ordinary waves and signals. I have a tendency to move too rapidly even for my secretary and I apologize, Dharma. Included in those exceedingly complex modulations and spectrums, every cell has a complicated electromagnetic radiation spectrum. An abnormal cell has an abnormal change to that spectrum. If you subtract the normal cell spectrum from the abnormal cell spectrum you have a specific delta that then, introduced into a normal cell, will convert that kind of abnormal cell. When you have such a single pattern for cancer conversion, for example, you can irradiate a normal cell with it and turn that cell into a cancer cell. However, suppose you phase conjugate that cancer conversion single pattern. The phase conjugate replica will be the pattern that precisely converts that sort of cancer cell back to a normal status. With phase conjugate replicas of cancer cells specific delta frequencies are fed into the cells of a body having that cancer, the cancer cell's master cellular control system will modulate with these time reverse specific signals. That will return the cancer cells within the body to the proper master cellular control system of the animal. Thusly, the cancerous cells will be immediately destroyed or reverted back to a normal cell. A very similar process exists for just about every disease bacteria and infectious agent, including the viruses of AIDS. As a matter of fact, the viruses are more easily disrupted due to their crystalline formation. In the Soviet Union it has been proven that any cellular death and disease pattern can be induced by a specific pattern carried on an electromagnetic signal. If the target cells are bombarded with the pattern carrying carrier signals for enough length of time. In Australia these experiments have been fully replicated and extended. These documents should be easily obtained, say by Cathie of New Zealand, and nab onto the researchers. In Australia they have induced cellular death and diseases between cell cultures at a distance of over a hundred feet--a most convenient distance indeed. Unfortunately, these experiments-thousands of them, were done in military institutes; but I see no particular problem in obtaining them. Scientists in West Germany have also replicated these cellular experiments. However, the important missing link is that these experiments have some unpublished data to be gathered; that portion was the corresponding Soviet work showing electromagnetic REVERSAL of cellular death and diseases conditioned by irradiation by phase conjugate replicas of the pattern carrying induction signal. Briefly: If an action in forward time induces a condition then the time reversal of that action will reverse the condition. (YOU SEE, YOU ARE DEALING IN HIGHER DIMENSIONS WHERE THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TIME AND SPACE!) The concept is so laughably simple that it -- PJ 65 -- page. 106 eludes you ones. The time reversal of an electromagnetic disease process is a specific electromagnetic healing process for that particular dis-ease. This is exactly the technique under intense research by the group mentioned by Commander Hatonn in preceding discussion in this book. You can develop a cure for AIDS along with a cure for cancers, leukemias and just about every other disease known to man-- you can even clear those blocked passages in the circulatory system. A BIT ABOUT PRIORE'S EQUIPMENT In his device, Priore internally structured the carrier photons themselves, making them vacuum engines. This structure contained the dynamic delta for the disease. By introducing these spectrum to a giant rotating plasma he then phase conjugated his vacuum engines and then passed these time reversed vacuum engines down and through a strong magnetic field which thoroughly penetrated all cells of the biological organism being treated. The scalar components that are the structured photons representing the time reversal of the disease were absorbed and re-radiated in all cells, charging up the nuclei of the atoms and organisms to some potential level of that exact healing and reversing pattern. In that way he passed a specific cancer reversal phase conjugate replica into every cell of the body, charging the cellular biopotential and producing a permanent healing delta onto the body's cellular master control system. In the process that cancels that in leukemia pattern, charging the nuclei was cancelled and discharged. The new time reverse charge also destroyed the cancer cells or converted them back into normal cells. That, my friends, cured the disease even in terminal instances---all of them. Yes, I said ALL OF THEM! Further, for the disbeliever; he could cure sleeping sickness and any viral disease, et cetera, et cetera. In other words, the process represented a severe stress against any cellular control system delta encountered. This caused a return to the normal cell's and master cell's cellular control system of the body. BUT WHAT HAPPENS TO THE NORMAL CELL WHO HAPPENS TO BE THERE? Encountering the normal control system in normal cells there was no delta--therefore there was zero stress. Encountering the abnormal control system in tumor cells it produced great and specific stress on it and reverted it to the normal control system of the body's normal cell. If the cancer cell could not withstand the stress it died promptly. Thus, to a normal cell the Priore signal pattern acted somewhat soothingly as a stroking to normal cell structures and no interference occurred with the normal cell---that is, one whose scalar control pattern is locked to the body's master cellular control system and in phase with it. The Priore signal stimulated and stroked the normal cell but did not injure it in any manner. On the other hand, the scalar potential pattern in and of an abnormal, say cancerous cell, is out of phase with the body's master cellular control system and is not phase locked to it. Hence the Priore signal causes direct interference with the abnormal cell's independent scalar control system. The -- PJ 65 -- page. 107 interference pattern constituted the reconstruction of normal energy directed to the cancer cell and also jammed its abnormal scalar life signals. This destroyed the cancerous cell by two mechanisms: 1. Physical energy was channeled directly into the abnormal cells causing direct mechanical damage, and, 2. The cancer cell, being an independent living "critter", had its scalar life-channel connected to his primitive mind which connected his primitive mind to his body, jammed and terminated. ABNORMAL RETURNED TO NORMAL If the cancer cell was reverted to a normal cell by the Priore stress before being destroyed, it became just a normal cell and the Priore stress had no further effect upon it. Any disease with cellular, biochemical or genetic basis can be cured in like manner. Priore's method, for example, was clearly shown to be able to completely reverse fatty deposit clogged arteries and further, lowered cholesterol levels to normal even in the occurrence of abnormally high cholesterol diets. Every cell of the body, however, even the hair must be irradiated and treated, that is, charged up with the signal for the disease pattern is located in every body cell. The master cellular control system is holographic. The pattern that is substructured and potential with its dynamic and oscillating component is in each component, that is, in each atomic nucleus, hence is in each and every cell. Every structural level of the body larger than a cell also has its own correlated pattern of modulation on the overall. The biological organism can regenerate lost limbs, for example, if it can utilize its natural recovery process in a Priore manner. Even though Priore's work was presented to the French Academy of Sciences, it was far beyond the group's ability to understand the device or its function. Friends, I do not speak of ancient history--I speak of the 1970s. The academicians knew nothing of scalar electromagnetics and phase conjugation and that is exactly what the Priore device was. More the medical world saw a phasing out of their very expensive services--a dual motivation to squash this unsettling crazy man. Sad for mankind, in 1974 the funding was withdrawn just as Priore was completing a device which could irradiate an entire human body. It would have been capable of curing almost all human diseases. Ah, but then, you might not have been able to enjoy this plague and tribulation and the cycle ending would undoubtedly have been postponed. Man, unfortunately, rarely changes the probabilities in a positive way--just runs headlong into disaster faster and faster. In that particular machine Priore utilized a lamp, in which 17 specific frequencies were mixed and modulated upon a 9.4 gigacycles carrier. The machine was large enough to irradiate humans over their whole body. It should have been capable of curing cancer, leukemia and AIDS in two, five minute irradiations--a week apart. While Priore was still in your dimension (physically alive), a major thrust was made to bring the device to market and into medical research and into utilization. The devices were to be assembled in France and then shipped to purchasers, who would be large research and development laboratories where they could be brought into local specifications. I think it is sufficient to note that "big brother" put a stop to the funding for the project and the work had to be shelved. -- PJ 65 -- page. 108 It is a fact that such signals can reverse nearly every cellular illness or condition of the body. The program to produce the cure for AIDS in this manner only requires the necessary funding and the assembling of the persons (left un-named for obvious reasons) to do the job. WHAT ABOUT THOSE SOVIETS? Well, the Soviets proved conclusively that any cellular disease or death pattern can be transmitted electromagnetically and induced in target cells absorbing the radiation. They also found they could do this from great distances of some several thousands of miles. Do your cells cringe every now and then? The Soviets reported their effect using near ultra violet photons as carriers. The ultra violet photons were those emitted in death by a diseased or damaged cell as it dies. That is the bioluminescence which carry the property substructure. Photon bombardment of the target cell culture by the death pattern photons, and remember these conditioned photons are specific vacuum engines, induced the exact disease pattern in those shells after a charge-up of kindred period of time. During that charge-up time the atomic model in a target cell culture was charged-up with tailored photon vacuum engines which carried the exact cellular death pattern. As charge-up proceeded, the death pattern was gradually introduced onto the master cellular control system, at the cells in the target culture. The West German scientists utilized infra red waves, that is, the infra red conditioning photon vacuum engine. Please, particularly note that it is already well known in quantum mechanics, better known as electrodynamics perhaps, that when a photon is emitted from the surface of dielectric body, the entire dielectric body participates in that emission. Another definition please: "dielectric": A non-conductor of direct electric current. Also, "dielectric heating": The rapid and uniform heating throughout a non-conducting material by means of a high-frequency electromagnetic field. (He who has eyes, please let him see!) If a photon is absorbed on the surface of the dielectric body the entire dielectric body participates in that absorption. Note also, that whether or not cellular disease conditions can be corrected by time reverse signals must certainly have occurred to your friendly Soviets, since this has already been widely utilized in the Soviet's giant Scalar Electromagnetic weapons---oh yes, the same ones that backfeed. THE BEAUTY OF RIFE Rife's microscope could easily allow visualization of viruses for it could easily defeat the wave length limitation of the light frequency utilized. It has now been proven, in your own physics studies, that the wave length limit in optical instruments can be violated by utilizing evanescence complex waves. Rife's microscope utilized such waves and thusly, normal light wave length was not a limitation. When an instrument is utilized to make complex waves, it can also be utilized to make phase conjugate waves. Rife's microscope could also be utilized to determine the exact color fre-quency pattern associated with specific disease organisms. There is great knowledge herein for it allows for the exact matching of frequency patterns. -- PJ 65 -- page. 109 Well, Rife got the usual warm treatment by his fellow man in payment for his services. He was bound over into prison and when he was later released he was a broken and discouraged man. He lived out his remaining life in retreat and his death was hardly noted. You are fortunate if you can act quickly enough, for there are ones still living who have direct knowledge of the workings of the scopes. If you get busy you can recover and replicate the work. If you tarry your population will be devastated by the plague called AIDS and you will find no open space large enough to spread your memorial quilt. Dharma, it is late and we are both weary. Please let us close this and we will make our enemies on the morrow. In loving care and appreciation, I move to stand-by. Commander Antheose Xandeau Ashtar to clear frequency. Good evening, Ashtar to out. -- PJ 65 -- page. 110 --------------------------- The Rife Machine, Pdf.  Download Pdf: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Enviro...hine-Pdf.shtml