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AIDS, part 1 NOW--AIDS You cry out in wise assessment--"How can they not at least isolate and quarantine until help can be gotten, for these infected people, TO STOP THE INSANE SPREAD?" and, "They require quarantine as in Scarlet Fever, Smallpox, Typhoid Fever, and on and on and on--now, today!" Chelas--it is PART OF THE PLAN. They can now come forth with this "NEW VACCINE" and promise this and that--but what they will really do is integrate the disease among ALL sectors of the population and then, abruptly state: "We were WRONG--this is a transmitted disease and we will have to quarantine--in special facilities. We will do it only briefly for we now have a cure and a vaccine so it will hardly inconvenience you." Then, when the population is in confusion and into incarceration camps it will be too late for you to act in any manner whatsoever. CAN YOU NOT SEE--THIS HAS BECOME UNCHECKED AND ONLY ASSISTED IN SPREADING-- THROUGH THE ENTIRE WORLD? WHY DO YOU THINK THERE IS AN IMMEDIATE THRUST TO PLACE, BY DEMAND, GAYS INTO THE MILITARY SERVICES? THIS ONE ACTION WILL BOTH DEMORALIZE AND INFECT THE ENTIRE MILITARY--THUS INSURING DEMISE OF SAME. FIRST HAD TO COME THE "MORALIZING" OF SUCH UNGODLY AND EVIL PORNOGRAPHIC ACTS TO MAKE IT ALL ACCEPTABLE AND, ACTUALLY, DEMANDED BY YOU-THE-PEOPLE AND THEN YOU CAN SEE THE LOGICAL ADVANCEMENT OF THE PRACTICES--INTO MILITARY, GOVERNMENT, EDUCATION, SPORTS, ETC., THEREBY SUCKING THE MASSES INTO HELPLESSNESS THROUGH INCIPIENT SEEPAGE OF THE POISON THROUGH THE "HOLE IN THE DYKE" (no pun intended--check your dictionary). In the event of reverse discrimination, we turn all such information sent to this resource over to the Constitutional Law Center--who is, by the way, working diligently on a class action suit for military personnel who wish to resign from the military on the basis of false information and Gays representing a hazard to non-gay individuals because of the percentage of possible AIDS carriers. --PJ 60 -- page. 74 The "AIDS and GAY LOBBY" worked diligently and got passed some new laws under the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Civil Rights Act of 1991. This all happened while you were sleeping and now IS LAW OF THE LAND! If it is to be "undone" YOU WILL HAVE TO DO IT--I CAN DO NOTHING! --PJ 60 -- page. 75 ----------------------- AIDS AIDS has spread beyond "high-risk" groups and remember, it can take years for the disease to come into symptoms. In earth terms you are all but beyond the point of "no-return". It must be clear to you as a populace that the diseases related to the AIDS (so-called) infection are beyond the groups such as homosexuals and drug users and are running rampant in poverty-stricken populations. We have one case of "AIDS" recently diagnosed within the realm of local family friends, who was with a woman some six years ago for one brief night--she had acquired AIDS from a boy friend with almost as brief an encounter. A condom was utilized to prevent pregnancy--the young man is now dying of side-infections. You have been lied to over and over--condoms do nothing to prevent AIDS! And you threw stones at those who said these ones with infection must somehow be isolated just as with Typhoid Fever or Tuberculosis and you screamed, "Lock up the bigots"! The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) (the very ones who created the disease in the first place) led the medical establishment in insisting that only homosexuals and drug users could get AIDS. They denied that environmental factors played a role. They denied any link between AIDS and tuberculosis. They denied any link between AIDS and syphilis or other venereal diseases. They PUSHED "safe sex", "condoms" and 'clean needles", and blocked the only programs that could prevent the disease from spreading generally. STUPID STATISTICS -- PJ 20 -- page. 36 The WHO now gives you some "revised" statistics. You must know that the statistics are only the tip of the iceberg. At the end of June of this year, the WHO revised upward its estimates of the global spread of AIDS, from 6 million to over 10 million. The new estimate was based on figures from sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and lbero-America. In 1988, the WHO was claiming near-zero reported AIDS cases in Asia, but now must admit to well over 500,000 "reported" cases. In sub-Saharan Africa, it is estimated there are well over 5 million cases against less than 2.5 million at ending 1987. WHO also is now warning that they were "wrong" and the disease is spreading rapidly among women and children. A recent CDC study found that one of every four men, aged 25-44, admitted to surveyed hospitals in New York City tests positive for AIDS infection. Among the black population, aged 25-44, 24% of men and 8.1% of women were positive. Once again you can go back to your wondrous bankers and thank them. All the way back to 1973 you were warned about the consequences of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund austerity policies in Third World countries, such as the Central African states, the countries that later came to form the "AIDS belt" of the African continent. How about an update of a 1974 report prepared by the Fusion Energy Foundation (FEF), "The Potential Threw of Biological Holocaust" which predicted that under those IMF austerity policies, old and new plagues would arise. Well, of course, it was set up that way intentionally. In 1985, a Biological Holocaust Task Force updated the '74 report, "Economic Breakdown and the Threw of Global Pandemics". It was evident from the demographic distribution of the disease that AIDS was an environmentally based disease, not a sexually transmitted disease. Two wondrous doctors, Caroline MacLeod and Mark Whiteside in Belle Glade, Florida, a dilapidated rural slum with the highest ratio of AIDS cases in the world, showed that over half of the afflicted did not belong to a "risk group". In that particular area infested with mosquitos, it was deemed insect transmission was the most likely cause. For reporting the results of the most careful and thorough environmental studies of AIDS to date, the doctors were subjected to ostracism. But the evidence was clear: in conditions of environmental collapse, AIDS was and is no respecter of persons. Immediately AFTER the defeat of California Proposition 64 (an initiative to apply standard public health procedures to AIDS) in November 1986, Dr. *Halfdan von Mahler, Director General of the WHO, admitted that AIDS was “out of control”, especially in Africa. MODEL DEVELOPED In late Fall, 1986, a task force was formed to collaborate to develop a model for forecasting the future spread of AIDS. The team produced a preliminary model in early 1987, breasting that the infection would spread in two waves in the U.S.: an initial rapid spread in the "risk groups", followed by a slower, but inexorable spread into the general population. In the initial stages of the epidemic, when few people were infected, efficient behavioral means of transmission were -- PJ 20 -- page. 37 necessary. But once a critical mass of carriers was reached, infection would spread by less efficient environmental means, especially if the environment were in a state of collapse. A refined version of the model projected an "autocatalytic" reaction between HIV infection and tuberculosis with HIV activating latent TB, and reciprocally, TB activating latent HIV. The scientific and political challenge posed by the task force did not go unnoticed and in October, 1986, heavily armed local, state, and federal officers seized the offices of ones involved in the task force on "unrelated charges". DEAR ONES, AIDS IS A CREATED DISEASE AND ENJOYS THE BLESSINGS AND PROTECTION AND INSURED SPREAD BY THE GOVERNMENT AND THE WORLD CARTEL.IT WAS CREATED TO GET RID OF THE OVERPOPULATION OF YOUR PLANET. WHY DO YOU THINK IT GETS SO LITTLE ATTENTION IN THE HALLS OF THE GOVERNMENT? THE CARTEL INCLUSIVES ALREADY HAVE ANTIDOTE FOR THE DISEASES INVOLVED--'TIS YOU THE PEOPLE LEFT TO DIE. AIDS IN MEXICO While we dwell on the subject of AIDS and have been writing about the plans for joining of the U.S. and Mexico we must speak of the matter. The Mexican chapter of the Schiller Institute (one of the strongest Trilateral/Global Cartel organizations in the world) launched a high-profile campaign in about April of this year of your counting, to expose the coverup by the Mexican authorities of the AIDS epidemic, and to force the government to impose public health measures to stop the virus from spreading further. This would bring a good belly-laugh if it were not so tragically terrible. The campaign started with a tour of Dr. Berta Farfan in the northwest states of Baja California and Sonora, and is now about to heat up and boil over in the central states of Jalisco, Michoacan, Colima, Nayarit, and Aguascalientes. Marivilia Carrasco, president of the Schiller Institute in Mexico, is giving radio interviews, public presentations, and press conferences on the AIDS crisis itself, and on the ways in which President Carlos Salinas de Gortari's economic policies are causing the expansion of this terrible disease. Carrasco has demonstrated that as long as Salinas's economic policies are in place (and they are in place at the enforcement of the U.S.--who by the way, plans to forgive about $15 BILLION of Mexico's and Ibero-Americas debt). there is no hope for those infected with HIV, and the risk of contracting AIDS is growing. International Monetary Fund austerity conditionalities have caused a severe breakdown in Mexico's infrastructure and public health system. CONTROL THE MONEY AND THE OIL OF THE WORLD AND YOU CONTROL THE WORLD--NO MORE AND NO LESS! IT IS IN PLACE, IS IT NOT?? As an example of the case in point, the daily paper El Financiero reported that public expenditure has suffered "a squeeze without precedent" since, in the first quarter of 1990, Mexico's deficit was reduced by 31%--compared to a planned 10% reduction for the whole year. During hearings of the Education, Health and Social Assistance Committee of the Federal District -- PJ 20 -- page. 38 legislature, Hector Ramirez Cuellar said that "social expenditures have been reduced 45% nationally, which has led to a situation in which Mexico ranks fifth in poverty in Latin America". He reported that 90% of the children born in the capital are undernourished. CITIZENS AGAINST AIDS Dr. Farfan's tour has been widely reported as are all planned pushes by the Cartel. Hundreds of people have heard her public health proposals to halt AIDS--but where are the other millions? Now let us pick up the wondrous results: 126 citizens signed a petition published July 7 in the Sonora daily Ell Imparcial. Somewhat underwhelming, I would suggest! The petition, addressed to the Governor of the state of Sonora and the state congress, proposes an "Emergency Program Against AIDS". Among the signers of the petition were doctors and state legislators. The petition calls for modifications in the state's Public Health Law, which includes traditional public health measures to treat other communicable diseases but does not include AIDS as one of those diseases. It also calls for an emergency program which includes measures proposed by the Schiller Institute over the past three years. Indeed, the Schiller Institute has been one of the few institutions internationally to insist that AIDS be treated by the public health laws in the same way that TB is: made reportable and, under some circumstances, quarantinable. BAJA JOINS FIGHT After the success in mobilizing citizens in Sonora, the campaign continued in the state of Baja California, where another petition was published in the local newspapers. The petition, addressed to the state governor and state legislature, asserts that the signers decided to make the call for a modification of the law based on what the "Schiller Institute has been doing in our region to inform and propose public health measures that stop the expansion of the disease while medical science finds a cure or a vaccine for such a terrible sickness...." The modifications that Baja California citizens are asking for are different from those in Sonora. First, Baja California laws don't say anything about communicable diseases; second, Baja California borders the U.S. state of California. Since California has such a high rate of HIV-infected people, the petition calls for screening all people crossing the USA- Mexico border in Baja California. The petition is signed by representatives of the four state municipalities: Tecate, Ensenada, Tijuana, and Mexicali. Among the signers are the municipal president of Tecate and the president of the Northeast Medical Confederation. HOW CAN YOU CONTINUE TO MISS THE POINT? MY WORD, CHELAS, HOW CAN YOU MISS THE POINT? YOU THINK YOUR -- PJ 20 -- page. 39 GOVERNMENT IN THE U.S. IS DOING TOO LITTLE REGARDING THIS DISEASE WHICH THEY CREATED? THEY ARE DOING EXACTLY THAT WHICH THEY PLANNED FROM THE BEGINNING--REMEMBER THOSE CONCENTRATION CAMPS? THE PLAN IS TO WAIT UNTIL THE DISEASE IS OUT OF CONTROL, CALL A NATIONAL EMERGENCY (THE EXECUTIVE ORDER IS READY AND WAITING) AND ALL PERSONS REACTING "POSITIVE" TO NATIONALLY REQUIRED TESTING, WILL BE PUT IN QUARANTINE--COMPLETELY SEPARATED FROM THE CITIZENS OF WHICH THERE WILL BE FEW REMAINING. ALL NATIONAL "RIGHTS" WILL BE SUSPENDED "FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE PUBLIC' AND YOU WILL HAVE ACCOMPLISHED A MAJOR STEP IN THE GLOBAL 2000 PLAN OF TOTAL CONTROL--THAT GROUP, OF COURSE, WILL PERISH! WHAT DOES IT REQUIRE OF ME TO GET YOUR ATTENTION? -- PJ 20 -- page. 40 ---------------------------  NEXT PAGE