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CONDOMS & AIDS Your greatest advocate of condom use in prevention of AIDS spread (and remember AIDS first exploded in the homosexual community) and control thereof, Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, made the following statements, "Prophylactics have extraordinarily high failure rates among homosexuals and offer them no assurance of safe sex.' Later, he continued: "I don't like to acknowledge mistakes, and I don't want to use the word ' mistake' in reference to that report - - but - - - -!" and then he further said, "Since the initial report was written, I am surprised to find a near complete lack of research on condom failure rates and causes. Only one study in progress has ever been designed to study the various issues of condom breakage (leakage and flaws) rates as they relate to AIDS." -- PJ 08 -- page 45 * MOST COMMON MISCONCEPTION ABOUT AIDS VIRUS AND CONDOMS * The most common misconception being foisted upon you people right now concerns sexually active people. You are told that if a man uses a condom the transference of the deadly virus is virtually eliminated. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. OF THE BODY FLUIDS THAT THE AIDS VIRUS IS FOUND IN, SEMEN CONTAINS THE LEAST!As fact, there is no significant amount of virus in anyone's ejaculate; perhaps about one virus per milliliter (a small portion indeed), a statistically irrelevant amount. A most copious ejaculation might produce only one or two viruses. Oh yes, you can substantiate in your own medical literature. Now for worse news: You will here pretend that there are millions and billions of AIDS viruses in an ejaculation---woe is you; a condom is riddled with microscopic or larger holes natural in manufacture. THE SMALLEST HOLE FOUND IN CONDOMS ARE TWO TO TEN TIMES LARGER THAN THE AIDS VIRUS ! IT BECOMES SOMETHING LIKE SHOOTING PING PONG BALLS THROUGH A BASKETBALL HOOP. CONDOMS HAVE NOT, WILL NOT, AND CANNOT PREVENT AIDS! ASIAN TIGER MOSQUITO Swamp fever, malaria, sleeping sickness - - - - all are borne by insects, namely the blood sucking mosquito. How is it that your "experts" tell you a mosquito does not carry AIDS?  The "father of AIDS virus, bovine leukemia virus, and visna virus (sheep brain-rot virus) which is the "mother" of AIDS viruses, are borne animal to animal through blood-sucking vectors such as mosquitos. The AIDS virus is most certainly spread through blood transferral by mosquitos and most especially the one known as Asian Tiger Mosquito, which in fact, was intentionally introduced into America specifically to spread the disease. It is most selective in its dinner plate and feeds mostly on human blood. HOW ABOUT JUST MAKING A VACCINE? How about a rundown on why there can't be a vaccine. The AIDS virus arose by recombination (mixing), of bovine leukemia virus and visna virus. The fact is that the genes of the AIDS virus contain approximately 9,000 base pairs, each base pair then has four choices, which means that there are 9,000 X 9,000 X 9,000 X 9,000 different AIDS viruses.  That means that instead of being a single virus, there is an entire "field" affect of viruses. There is a menagerie of viruses and that, of course, explains why every AIDS virus that has been isolated to date, is different. Because they are all different therein lies the inability to isolate and produce a vaccine. AIDS is not a stable virus such as found in smallpox. Smallpox virus is the same today as a thousand years ago; same with chicken pox, mumps and measles and so forth. But the actual fact is that every AIDS -- PJ 08 -- pag. 46 virus isolated from every patient, more or less, has been different. The reason is because the virus reacts individually with the tissue within which it is growing. If it is growing within YOU it reacts and individualizes to fit YOU. They spontaneously mutate incredibly. There simply can be no SPECIFIC vaccine for there would have to be greater than 9,000 to the 4th at minimum. The recombinant nature of the beast precludes successful vaccine. Further, the virus was created to have these characteristics. The virus was developed that would intentionally and collectively destroy the cells which are responsible for processing the virus and that is what AIDS is. In your blood system you have cells which are called macrophages. It is the job of the macrophages to process this virus and present it to the T-lymphocyte for development of immunity. But what happens is that the macrophage cannot kill the virus, it grows inside the macrophage instead, the macrophage is then actually injecting it into other cells throughout the body. This leads to the death of T- 4 lymphocytes as well as other cells, such as a rather important group of cells called the brain. The defect is not primarily in the human lymphocytic system but rather lies in the macrophage system, the very cell responsible for processing the virus. The macrophage system's job is to process the virus and send it out in a form that the body can utilize to develop immunity. What is happening now is that if one is infected with AIDS virus and you have an antibody directed against that virus, those form a conjugate (reproduction) if you use a vaccination against the virus---that is the actual purpose of a vaccine, to produce these antibodies directed against the AIDS virus. If you are vaccinated against AIDS, you have these conjugates formed, that allows the macrophage to ingest those antibody antigens more easily. The entire complex is ingested instead of the macrophage. The macrophage then processes the antibody, the virus grows inside the cell, and you die more quickly than if you had not been vaccinated. Vaccination against AIDS would be impossible for you at this time and would prove to be most detrimental. You now have been given rational and clear reasons why an AIDS vaccine can never be practical nor actually developed. Firstly, you have astronomical numbers of mutations of the virus which means a specific vaccine, for a specific virus, cannot be made. Secondly, the way in which the virus is processed within the human body would make AIDS infection even more rapidly fatal when treated with a vaccine. Of course this is disappointing to those efforting around the clock to make a vaccine. IS IT NOT MORE FOOLISH, HOWEVER, TO BLINDLY PURSUE A VACCINE CURE THAT CANNOT WORK, THEREBY DELAYING RESEARCH OF ALTERNATIVE METHODS OF TREATMENT AND CURE? FURTHER TAMPERING WITH THE VACCINE WILL ALSO CAUSE EXACERBATION OF THE DISEASE PROCESS ITSELF. Dharma, might we have a break, please. This is a most unpleasant subject and we will perform better with regular pauses for whole body exercise and mental refreshment. Hatonn to stand-by -- PJ 08 -- pag. 47